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Uzumaki Vol.1 - Junji Ito

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Genre: Graphic Novels / Comics / Edition: 2 / Paperback / 208 Pages / Book is published 2007-10-16 by Viz Media

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    1 Review
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      21.09.2013 22:19
      Very helpful



      A good horror manga for those that hated High school of the dead

      Before I begin I will say this review contains spoilers but I will also say that this is one of the most graphically disturbing manga that I have ever read or looked at as a series I do not know where the artist got some of their ideas from but they stray away from both traditional western and Asian horror clichés and brings something new and total grotesque. I have collected a as much manga as I could from this artist due to the unique look but this was the first one that I found when I was in America.
      Do not get this confused with the manga naruto this has nothing to do with it.

      The story begins in a small Japanese town perfectly normal typical start to most manga. Our protagonist is a high school girl who is just mind her own business walking home from school when she notices that her neighbour has planted his backside firmly on the ground staring at what looks like a giant snail shell stuck to the wall in a giant alley, he is so close his nose is practically touching the thing. She calls out to address him but he doesn't move an inch. The man's son is her current boyfriend who also begins to act odd in crazy paranoid way, stating "we have to get outa here now before its too late!" everyone thinks him and his dad are just mad of course. His father becomes more obsessed, doesn't leave the house obsessively collecting anything with a spiral plates, shells kimonos and curtains with spiral patterns and demands that he only eats spiral foods like fish sausage (they are the little pink and white usually star shaped things found in ramen noodle soup).

      Even more disturbing he wants the spiral to become parts of his body and begins able to twirl his eyeballs in his sockets in opposite directions. Soon after he is found dead and cremated everybody has been told he fell down the stairs and broken his neck, his son says to our protagonist (Kirie) no we came home one day and he had managed to contort is body in a really inhuman into a small circular bath tub and when he found him dead. Now the image that is depicted is actually too horrible to describe in saying he made himself into a spiral is an understatement he didn't put his head between his legs this man became a slithery limp sack of flesh and wrapped himself around himself to fit in the box. This is only the first chapter you can imagine how disturbing things get. All the water in the town develops whirl pools, the grass grows in spirals and there are tiny little visible whirlwinds everywhere.

      The artwork is all or at least it looks like all of the darker work created by Van Gogh with spirals.


      If you can imagine each of his pieces mentioned in this blog somehow twisted and cursed into a visual story then this is what this graphic novel provides for you. The character drawings don't even look like the normal big eyed characters in modern generic manga if you are looking for some more of the boobs and scantily clad women from high school of the dead look elsewhere this manga is much more intense and it doesn't need sex or nudity to keep your eyes glued to the page.

      As previously stated I have read other manga by this artist and the more I find the more disturbing they become, really the original ring or ringu plots have nothing on this evil curse. I haven't really been able to find anything that I can compare this work to possibly some of the monsters from Pan's labyrinth, The corpse delivery service, Gantz or possibly demons from biblical scriptures from pagan mythology or cult rituals nothing that I can really describe with ought you seeing yourself, but of course once something has been seen it can't be unseen so I haven't included any thinks to pictures in case you do not want to see the grotesque images contained in the book it is horror like you have never seen before. I am thinking that there may also be some link in the human distortions in this and the damage the nuclear bomb did to people and their minds which is a memory that I am sure is still a distant theme in most anime and manga due to it being a large part of the countries heritage however it looks particularly grotesquely represented in this book if my assumption is correct.

      Lastly I don't think I would ever get rid of this book even if it is terrifying it is additively so and I cannot help but look at it every once in a while.

      Definitely not for children though 15+ at the very least it is an adult book with a parental advisory rating.


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