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Wolf God Vol.1 - Ai Tenkawa

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Genre: Graphic Novels / Comics / Author: Ai Tenkawa / Edition: 1 / Paperback / 200 Pages / Book is published 2010-08-03 by Digital Manga Publishing

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    1 Review
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      23.08.2010 16:32
      Very helpful



      Kyounosuke is on a quest to find his older brother

      Young Kyounosuke has been given a task by his fading Grandfather, to find his older brother, Kokuyou Shirigami, so that once the old man passes Kokuyou can take his place as the rightful leader of the family - the Alpha pack leader. You see, young Kyounosuke is decended not from man - but wolves.

      On his journey Kyounosuke enters the city and the difference from the country air to city air affects him horrifically, making him feverish and rather ill. This is when he happens to smell his brothers scent on pretty little Koyuki. His task of finding his brother seems to involve her on the level of Fate.

      Its a fantastic understated story about humanoid descendants of wolves in a more Japanese context rather than the whole evil werewolf monster story. All the characters and to a certain respect you could call them "races" are very human in origin with obvious distinctive differences in what you could call typical to the genre - the wolfmen (and women) are distinctive by their more angular eyeshape and 'yellow' eyes (which comes across a faint shading) whilst their guardian spirits appear in humanoid form with robes, tails and sterotypical manga wolf ears.

      The story itself was a delight to read, and the right shade of dark for the age setting (13). Although there was some translation issues it wasn't the english it was the fault it was more the context, just for example at one point Koyoki looses her temper as Kyounosuke as he will not rest while he has a fever and calls him by the term "son". In context it was wrong as only a older female in that situation would have called a young man 'son'. That said these we more like miniature hiccups rather than major issues and were more like a 'stutter' in the reading to native english speakers. There was just enough retrospective into the history of wolfmen to be informative without stunting the story for a few pages and the two fight scenes were drawn and choreographed fantastically and I actually left the book imagining that the situatioun could happen.

      The book closes with a oneshot vignette (called "wolf boy" ) which is a few pages involving Kyounosuke and his cousin at school- a nice little slice into the past of the cousins and how 'deep routed' their competitiveness is.

      I would certainly recommend this as a light fantasy, its interesting and refreshing. For the age group its aimed for its certainly not too dark to be gothic but suitibly violent with a excelent storyline.

      I would be very very interested to read Vol 2 when it comes out as the story could definately go in many directions.

      I would like to thank DMP and Emanga.com for providing me with this treat.


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