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Individual Software AnyTime Deluxe Edition

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    1 Review
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      28.12.2000 04:47
      Very helpful



      The Organiser that works the way yoo doo . . . Well, thats what it says on the box . . . This is an excellent package, which in my dim-and-not-so-distant past I would have called a PIM (Personal Information Manager) - now, I just call it “. . .absolutely priceless.” Produced by a company called Individual, it combines the accessibility of a diary with the ‘user-friendliness’ of a simple computer application. Load this software onto your computer and you will never forget another appointment and, as it only takes minutes to run and then remove, you can take it into the office or take with you whenever you please. I found out about this latter facility when (around this time last year) - being stuck for pages for my a “Filofax” type diary, I took my AnyTime Deluxe into college with me, “ . . .just in case”: · Just in case one of the tutors would let me install it on their computer, · Just in case it would be a straightforward installation, · Just in case I would ‘get away with’ installing it onto one of the computers in the college METRO, our internet facility ( - dedicated not to use by we students but to the use of ‘outsiders’ such ‘Silversurfers’, Internet ‘newbies’ and other sundry Open Learning types ) Being unable to find a tutor with a spare computer (then again, they mostly use Macs) :-( and there being no one around in the METRO, I cheekily installed my AnyTime there and then. It worked a treat, providing me with printed-out pages for my Filofax that would have cost a small fortune if I had had to buy them from the High Street. Within minutes I had un-installed it and was on my way to class, a very happy bunny indeed. There is an ‘appointment / event section and a ‘to-do’ section, which you can display either individually or on there own, or, as I doo, in the manner of an actual d
      iary. When you boot up, you can have it running as you front-end as part of the ‘Start-up’ of your computer. It will either start as a diary or on the page on which you left it. (this ability is priceless I can never remember where I left it the last time I was on my comp.) The ‘Page Layout facility in the ‘File’ menu provides you with all you need to know how things will print out. From this same place you can also ‘customise’ your layout in a few clicks of the mouse. It even allows you to view the particular time period that you have selected to print out. The Page Layout also allows you to select which size and style of print-out you prefer, so if your friend, partner or business colleague has a different PIM, then it’s possible to run off as many as are needed for them too. (this can prove to be an invaluable tool for those seeking promotion) ;-) In the ‘Page Set-up’, there is far more going on than in the ordinary ‘Page Set-up’. From here you select the type of page which AnyTime will print out pages for. For example, there is the choice between you ‘Standard 51/2 x 8 1/2 page, a ‘Day Runner’ classic or ‘Senior Desk’ size layouts, a ‘Franklin Day Planner’, an ‘Ultimate Organiser’, or an ‘Avery Organiser 41357’; and that’s just in the ‘Organiser size’ pages. Added to this there are ‘Full Size’ pages to choose from or a selection of ‘pocket sized pages to print out. In my case I used the blank pages for my Filofax, but, if you are feeling lazy or if you need a ‘hard copy’ of you appointments or anything that you placed in the AnyTime Deluxe pages, then it’s all there for you. You are in charge and it’s simplicity itself to ‘organise’ (pardon the pun). Seriously, if I can handle it, so can anybody. I’v
      e tried Lotus Organiser and one or two of the other ‘PIM’s that are available, but AnyTime ‘knocks them all into a cocked hat’, as the saying goes. (plus I very much doubt if you could install and un-install the Lotus Organiser in such a simple and quick way, - it’s just too cumbersome) The moral of this tale is find the site on the Internet and get yourself one of these wonderful pieces of software before the New Year leaves you not knowing if you are coming or going. AnyTime is second to none in my book, even when that book is a PIM. GG


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