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Napigator is your free navigator to nap servers. It is your exclusive guide to finding the Internet audio you want. Napigator works side-by-side with your favorite Windows nap client, giving you an up-to-the-minute status of all nap servers, including the new and openly free Opennap Network, and the popular Napster Network.

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    1 Review
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      22.09.2001 02:23
      Very helpful



      Everybody who as ever used the Internet will know about Napster and the controversy surrounding it. However recently it has been shut down and looks like it will never return to its former popularity because of the constraints applied to it that users will either have to pay a subscription fee or not be able to download copyrighted music! However there is some good news. Napigator is a program that allows you to connect to a large number of servers (literally hundreds, and you could set up your own) that all run using the Napster engine (Napster released programming information so file sharing could continue!). You can download this small program from Napigator.com and it is smaller than 3mb so is worth doig as that is smaller than an average mp3. Once you have it you will also need the latest version of Napster (10.4 beta) unless you already have it. You can the run Napigator as a standalone (it appears in its own window) or as part of the Napster program (it will appear as one of the menu buttons like "chat", "transfer" and "discover" etc.). What you get is essentially the same, a list of servers with essential information about each such as number of users, number of files available and the size of the database (and these are normally big, the biggest ones can be around 30,000 gigs and threes lots of servers). You then click on a server and it will attempt to connect like Napster used to (if you are running the standalone version Napster will now automatically load up). You then have access to free music, with no filters, so you can get all those songs that Napster used to have! The interface is the Napster one so it's dead simple and clear to use! The one problem I've had with Napigator is it wont always connect because the servers are full and the downloads are slow and frequently interrupted! However I have a puny 56k modem so it takes around 30-45minutes to get a song so there is a high chance that me or
      the person I'm downloading off will disconnect. Those of you with a good connection might not have this problem. Another problem is the file size, most of the songs are in high quality 192+kbps so are larger files, again only a problem if you have a slow connection! These in my opinion are only minor problems that can be ignored because of the fact that you get more of a choice of music because of the greater number of servers and file available! Napster is dead! Long live Napigator!


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