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napster style file sharing utility

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    1 Review
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      27.06.2001 21:57
      Very helpful



      Hey look I have managed to get yet another item added to the wonderful world of dooyoo. Having anticipated the demise of napster I started to plough through all of the napster 'clones' that I could find. Now I dont want to write an opinion on filesharing or it's politics/legality etc. I would however like to write about a product that seems to do just what i needed from napster in the first place. Now as you may or may not know there are oodles of file sharing utilities out there and the vast amount of usage is to aquire mp3 music. Swaptor was a reasonable size download and claimed to support every type of file extension (you can get anything at all so long as someone out there is sharing it) When I first got swaptor there were very few other users sharing files but I searched for adam and the ants AND the ozric tentacles and found some of each.This is always a good measure of the softwares ability as one is really old and the other is really obscure. After I had been using it a while and recommending it to all of my friends swaptor upgraded their servers so some technical details needed to be changed in order to connect at all. I would have thought that new downloads would have been altered accordingly but this was not the case. The settings changes were difficult to discover and (for some) very complicated. I found that this was simply putting people off using it in the first place.Otherwise I was adjusting the settings for them. All that aside this is extremely usefull software. My favourite feature is the file-resume feature. Users of the napster will love this idea. This means that if you get disconnected from someone (for whatever reason) whilst downloading a file, if you find another person with the file you can continue where you left off. Please take note that this resume feature only works if the file you are trying to download has PRECISL
      EY the same name as the one you wish to resume. You can moniter your bandwidth usage for downloads (files you are getting) and uploads (files you are giving) and this updates in real time. I would suggest that if you have a 56k modem or less then try to only download one or two songs at a time as otherwise they can take a long time. The whole thing is supported by advertiusing revenue and volentary contributions. If you use this system a lot and have a lot of files you have got through/from swaptor then, in my opinion, it is only fair to offer some sort of financial support. I stopped using napster and started using swapter quite a while before napster started sinking and I am more than happy with the increase rate of other users. If you get swaptor then I am 'sideards' say hi whilst you are there and I may be able to help you get used to the software. Happy file hunting and may your bandwidth be ever wide.


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