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1 Review
  • Has A Built in File Sharing Tool
  • Low Bandwidth
  • Must have someone setup and run the server app or alternatively rent a teamspeak server.
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    1 Review
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      14.01.2015 11:48
      Very helpful


      • "Low Bandwidth"
      • "Has A Built in File Sharing Tool"
      • "Best Platform for Comms whilst gamiing"
      • "Easy to Use"
      • "Extremely Customizable"
      • Lightweight


      • "Must have someone setup and run the server app or alternatively rent a teamspeak server."

      The goto choice for comms for any gamer, group or community.

      Teamspeak to me has to be one of the, if not the greatest software for speaking to friends and fellow gamers, I am quite shocked to see that dooyoo has listed this application as a “spyware download” which can be nothing but further from the truth, Teamspeak is a VOIP program and I hope dooyoo will see this and change the description soon. It's main purpose is to compliment game servers where users in a game can chat to each other while in game, but if you are a part of a gaming community or play with many people across a variety of different games it can be an extremely useful tool to use. Best of all it is free, along as you or someone you know is willing to set-up and run a server, and in my opinion beats all the competition in how lightweight it is and the clarity of audio which beats many other programs such as Skype hands down. Setting up a server is easy, but you can also rent servers for your own private group of friends and is more recommended for larger groups of people. But if there is only a few of you, running your own private server is the way to go.

      Team speak is a completely customizable program in which you can change almost every aspect of how it operates, whether you are a server operator or just a guest. You can modify the programs theme, soundset, icons, the individual volume of each user on the server and just about anything else, the program allows for plugins which are made by the community to help improve an already amazing program with even more features, but of my favourite aspects of teamspeak has to be the file transfer, you can upload and download files from teamspeak server (if your server operator allows) which can come in handy if you want to send files to one another and eliminates needing a second program or seeking out an external service to send things to people.

      You can configure you microphone in the options to use a tool called “voice activation detection”, which will cut out background noise when you are not talking which is a feature I really love, as other programs such as skype let the background noise and hiss bleed through, which for me causes ear fatigue after an hour or so long call. There are also other options such as background noise removal (this will attempt to filter out any hiss or noise from you mic) and automatic voice gain control (this will make your mic sound the same level as everyone else in the server) which when used in conjunction with the voice activation can really improve clarity and make you easier to understand, which is a problem I think many have with a basic laptop mic or headset.

      As an server admin, you can do various things also, such as modifying the voice codec quality so you can improve or decrease the bitrate giving you either more clarity or less overall bandwidth usage respectively, “promote” users to give them certain access or restrictions to certain features on your server, the default options are Server Groups : Admin, Normal & Guest and Channel Groups : Admin, Operator, Voice, & Guest all with different permissions which are completely changeable by the server owner and other admins.

      This program, at least In my opinion has no set backs or limitations, as far as I can tell with my experience with Teamspeak, it gives you so much more control and you can make it run the way you want it to which is more than what I can say about some of the alternatives out there. Whether you want to run a server or you just use the client to join others servers you will be set to go. If you want an easy, lightweight program to use while gaming or to use as a place to talk to friends I would highly recommend you get this program, just beware that you need to have server but they are relatively easy to setup or if you are willing to you can rent a teamspeak server from various providers, this could be potentially the only downside and I have marked this as a disadvantage, as setting a server up or having to pay for a service may not be what people want but once it is up and running I don't think you will ever look back.


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