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      22.12.2014 11:52



      Wave goodbye :(

      This is a treatment from the CLARINS range, by the experts.

      With sesame oil and Japanese mulberry this smells wonderful on the skin and aims to provide you with an' invisible glove of protection' this is their selling angle, bless them.
      This will over time is applied on a regurlar basis prevents againg, age spots, lines and wrinkles.
      The added bonus is that is will soften your cuticles and strengthen your nails.
      This product was not bad but unlike the Champneys brand [recently reviewed] this does not have that same impact on first use or thereafter.
      I would go as far as to say I see more of a difference with Nivea or Dove than with a renowned brand like CLARINS.
      Don't get me wrong this smells lovely, you don't need to apply a lot either because it spreads very well with a small amount however my skin didn't feel protected at all and my cuticles didn't personally appear softer or nails stronger. I tried this for five weeks to give it time but sadly it didn't win me over. x


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    • Clarins Gentle Day Cream / Skin Care / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      22.12.2014 11:42



      Try before you buy

      This has recently been rebranded and now advertised as a product for Sensitive skin.

      This sounded amazing and read even better when I first approached the brand to find something for sensitive skin.

      The aim of this product is to be an anti-pollution cream, that will calm your skin from irritations, redness, burning and itching, tackling those internal stresses you face and external pressures that come at you from pollution.
      This product also aims to re-balance your skin using Brown Linseed and Christophine which promotes even skin tone, by helping calm your skin deep within.

      The results?
      Erm.. sorry to bring a downer on a great sounding product, but I couldn't see how this helped my skin at all.
      I travel around London so ticked the boxes where pollutants may affect my skin but I didn't feel as though my skin was protected as when I removed the makeup and build up on my skin from through the day of travelling it was exactly the same amount of grime[ sorry to be blunt- but hopefully you'll know about travelling around London etc the blackness from the tube.] it appeared the same and no better or improvement.
      It advises to apply morning and night to face and neck which I carried on doing for one month but there sadly was no change personally for me, other than for people with sensitive skin this might be good.
      Definitely try to sample this before you buy. x


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      22.12.2014 11:37


      • "Good films"


      • "Bad TV"

      MY 2014 Christmas TV and NY picks!

      Well, I have flicked through the TV Times and it’s not great this year folks for terrestrial TV seasonal viewing, Christmas Day and New Years Even looking pretty light. If you love Mrs Browns Boys and Downtown Abbey then maybe not so dull but those shows are so not for me. In fact most television these days seems to be aimed at people over 50. The big reality of shows have roared to conclusion with the winners never to be seen again, a 28-year-old van driver wining the X-Factor, some bird I have never heard of winning Strictly and a complete knob head winning The Apprentice. Nick Hewer has now decided to leave The Apprentice as the show has simply become a platform for attractive twentysomethings to launch their TV career and not a lot to do with business.

      ===Christmas Eve===

      BBC 1 (8:30pm) The Incredible Adventure of Branestawm’

      Harry Hill returns to TV with ‘The Incredible Adventure of Branestawm’, one for the family as mum wraps the presents. I like Harry and although he has never acted this one seems to be getting good write ups.

      ITV 3 (8:00pm) Film:Skyfall

      Mum may not want to wrap the presents after all as ITV gets the film of the holidays with the welcome James Bond return to form of Skyfall with the rugged Daniel Craig. It’s not as good as the hype but a hell of a lot better than Quantum Solace, hence the needed hype. Bond is humanized and metro sexualized as Sam Mendez bagged the Bond franchise first Oscars for quite a while. Craig has made Bond macho and sexy again and good for a few more films yet.

      BBC 2 (9:30pm) Julie Walters: A Life on Screen.

      I like a film and TV biopic and who doesn’t like Julie Walters.

      FILM 4 (11:40)

      The Raid is the best martial arts movie for a long time, the added dimension of it being a foreign language from the Philippines and a British director making it even fresher. There maybe 100 ways to die in Jacky Chan movies where as here they are 1000 ways as the Manila cops try to storm a near impregnable housing tower block full of druggies and machetes. Even Tarantino got squeamish watching this one. Cracking stuff!

      5* (9.00: pm) Film - Cabin in the Woods

      American horror movies are pretty poor these days but not Cabin in the Woods. Imagine a horror film written by Aaron Sorkin and you are in the right ball park, a smart and clever send up of the genre and that tacky reality TV, producing something very funny and different with a brilliant twist or two. This is not something you will have seen before on film. Definitely one for your set top box record.

      ===Christmas Day===

      BBC 1 (6:15pm) Dr Who

      I must admit I haven’t bothered with the new Dr Who as we appear to be playing out the writers gay mid life crisis. But, like Downtown Abbey (9pm ITV), its deemed essential Christmas Day viewing now and here we all are again crowding in the front room to watch to the distinct smell of Christmas farts and sweaty socks. Matt Smith tried too hard to be David Tennant and Christopher Ecclestone ran off too soon. Peter Calpaldi seems to be more about going back to the old style Dr Who’s and its all about flogging Dalek and Cybermen toys once again.

      Film4 (9pm) Film: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

      This is one of those movies you think will be pretty naff going by the trailer (apes running wild with guns on the Golden Gate Bridge whilst thumping their chests) but turns out to be quite entertaining with plenty of story. Charlton Heston finding the Statue of Liberty on that beach remains one of cinemas most iconic images but the franchise quickly losing its way thereafter. But as with all comic book heroes CGI has rescued the genre and they make for good films now. Not too scary for kids and sets up a decent sequel.

      ===Boxing Day===

      BBC1 (8:30) Film: Avengers Assembly

      If Skyfall is the big movie of the holidays then Avengers Assembly is the best (premiered on Sky movies at 5:45pm), perfect for your new 40inch HDTV smart TVs. As I said, CGI has reborn the superhero genre and these films look incredible, not one but 7 superheroes in this two hour belter. You will be blown away by this one.

      BBC1 (11:00) Match of the Day

      We love our footy and something just for dad here (and Gary Lineker for mom) as his wallet and credit card bend like the crossbar after being hit by a Yaya Toure 20-yarder! The traditional football Christmas football program of game we have always enjoyed is coming to an end as foreign owners and players push for its end so enjoy the festive footy program while you can.

      ===New Years Eve===

      C4 (9pm) ‘Funny Old Year with Jason Mountford’.

      If the unfunny stand-up comic is not naked on his webcam this should be reasonably entertaining. These review shows and Top 50s are always entertaining. If he is not your thing then Chanel 5 are repeating their ‘Top 50 Sitcoms’ run down at the same time with Mel Giedroyc (why do lesbians that work in TV feel the need to look like lesbians on TV?) next door.

      5* (9pm) Film: Tears of the Sun

      Bruce Willis did made one more cool action film in the last decade. Tears in the Sun sees him play an aloof mercenary going down and dirty in Central Africa to extract some western missionaries and charity workers facing the machete from the local militia. But an attack of conscious seems him lead the black folks out to. It was never shown on regular terrestrial TV I recall and shunted onto Freeview back in the day but it’s a really good war movie and one you may have missed because of that camouflage.

      BBC2 (8:30pm) Film: The Help

      We have had a rush of Oscar nominated and winning black history cinema drama films recently and this one of them, the sassy tale of the black nannies of the deep south who decide to tell all on their affluent and lazy white employers in a book. It’s funny, poignant, sad and entertaining at the same time and a good film for a female audience.

      BBC1 (11:15) Queen rock in the New Year.

      Queen rocking in the New Year at Westminster Palace sounds cool. Jools Holland can stuff his prerecorded Hootenanny (they filmed it in September) up his bum. Holland sounds like a parrot when he talks and a pretentious pile of poo line up of bands really grate. Over to you Mr May.

      ===New Years Day===

      The sitcom Miranda was funny and fresh the first time but once the lumpy and gauche Miranda became the handsome chap’s boyfriend in the show it quickly lost its humor and point. We will see how it goes this time. Miranda has already said she won’t do anymore after this. There is also more Mrs Browns Boys for the pensioners with their midnight whiskies.

      ITV (9pm) Film: The Dark Knight

      Batman Begins remains the best ever superhero movie for me and with the Dark Knight the more conventional action and explosions sequel of the three films so far. The brooding Christian Bale refreshes the once camp crime fighter macho style and the sequel here the film the hardcore fans really liked most of the three. Great to see ITV show some expensive movies this Christmas.

      BBC1 (10:35) MOTD

      Match of the Day returns to cover a full program on New Years Day. You almost feel sorry for the players having to go teetotal on Christmas Day and New Years Eve to prepare for match day but once you see their pay packet and how much tax they didn’t seem to want to pay you lose your sympathy. The fact these games draw huge crowds in all divisions suggest football fans protest too much about erratic kick off times through the season.

      Channel 4 (10:30pm) Rude Tube: Welcome to 2015.

      Alex Zane takes us through the best and most popular YouTube videos of the year, including the Wealdstone Raider, who bought out a Christmas single off the back of his fleeting moment of football fan fame. Don’t ask.


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    • Easyprint.co.uk / Online Shopping Misc / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      22.12.2014 11:34


      • " fast shipping and delivery"
      • "safe packaging"
      • "Great service"


      Great service and product

      I ordered some business cards and then after just three days they were ready packed and outside my door. The service was excellent and the software for making them incomparable. i would definitely recommend them further as they are very professional and the quality is great.


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    • Clarins Eye Contour Serum / Eye Care / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      22.12.2014 11:30



      Blink and you'll miss it

      This aims to remove dark circles and puffiness that attacks our lovely peepers through the hard work we all do.
      Using the ingredients of albizia, the oil not the island!, and a CLARINS authorized patent of extra firming cream using a blend green banana and lemon thyme this should in their opinion give your eyes a better chance of a youthful look and tighter skin.

      I thought this product was rather fabulous for the puffiness of my eyes. It worked a lot quicker than I expected. The dark circles I would say looked improved after two weeks, not because my eyes were jet black from writing DOOYOO reviews, but I think this product just took longer to kick in
      For the best results apply a thin layer day and night. A thick layer seemed to aggravate my skin and didn't sink in very well.
      It even helped the fine lines that were creeping in and made a lovely difference. Would recommend this product.


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    • Clarins Beauty Flash Balm / Skin Care / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      22.12.2014 11:12


      • "Award winning"


      Not bad but have used better

      This is a product that aims to restore and rejuvenate tired skin.
      This moistens tightens and brightens your skin due to the ingredients of witch hazel and olive.
      These two ingredients DIFFUSES line and wrinkles that add to your face when tired throughout the day.
      Another ingredients that doesn't seem to be common in all beauty products is Bisabolol and this gives your face the radiant glow it needs after a days hard work.
      The cream is light and sinks into your skin very well, and it is created that way in order for you to apply foundation quite soon afterwards.
      I found personally that this did lift my skin and give it that glow after a day's work. I used it before I went straight out after work and it really made a difference I dabbed some foundation on but would leave it more than five minutes to do so as you may find your skin just a little damp plus you want this product to work instead of product build up straight away.
      This also doubles up as a face mask as recommended by the CLARINS beauty experts, this can be used two to three times a week for more of a long lasting impact.

      For £28 this I would say is definitely worth it.


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    • Clarins Gentle Facial Peeling / Skin Care / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      22.12.2014 10:53



      Only removes money from your wallet.

      This is a gentle face peel from Clarins a well known and respected brand.

      The aim of this product is to smoothe away impurities with a clay mask that contains primrose to calm skin. Ideally this should be great for anyone who suffers with sensitive skin.
      The clay mask itself is very easy to apply if you gently wet your face with warm water this will spread more evenly and glide better.
      Allow this to work into your skin for 1 minutes before attempting to massage and exfoliate you skin, removing again with warm not, hot or cold, water.
      It can be a bit messy to use clay and to remove and clean and I wouldn't have minded if it actually worked but for me I felt no difference when I applied or removed the product from my face.
      I was expecting a smoother appearance in my skin, but I actually had to exfoliate with another brand the day after I had used this, as the foundation was not as smooth on my skin as I would normally expect.
      My skin is sensitive and this actually did not bring me out in any blemishes but it didn't make a jot of difference for me and felt like time wasted and money with is a shame.


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    • London & Country Mortgages / Mortgage / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      22.12.2014 10:46




      M1693625 Excellent service, quick and efficient to sort both the first and second mortgage offers. Made the process as easy as possible and provided good advice on what products we could get


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    • senetic.co.uk / Online Shop / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      22.12.2014 10:43


      • Cheap


      • "I still did not get all my money back"
      • "They are a law unto themselves"
      • "Unresponsive customer service"

      Very bad customer service and the website disguises there true location.

      Be very careful with this company. Their customer services are based in Poland so any issues with your order are difficult to resolve and you may need to phone Poland as I did. I cancelled an order before delivery and it took 21 days to get a PayPal reversal. In the end I had to raise an issues with PayPal which got some attention in the end so I got partial resolution. I am very unsatisfied with the way in which they deal and I would not go near them again. There is a reason why they are cheap!!!


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    • pcspecialist.co.uk / Online Shop / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      22.12.2014 09:57


      • "Excellent online tracking"
      • "Great value"


      Great value and service.

      This is my second purchase from PC Specialist to replace my ageing laptop. Very pleased with my new desktop. Great value and lots of choice to build the perfect custom machine.


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    • Garmin nuvi 205 / GPS Sat Nav / 1 Reading / 1 Rating
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      22.12.2014 09:05
      Very helpful


      • "Garmin nuvi 205w"


      Garmin nuvi 205w

      Garmin nuvi 205w

      The Nuvi 205w is the most fundamental of Garmin's wide screen Nuvi 2x5w line yet regardless it emphasizes a hefty portion of the most paramount

      gimmicks of whatever is left of the line. Most recognizable is the 4.3-inch, askew measured, touchscreen. It has the same 480

      x 272 pixel determination for effectively coherent content and guide presentation and it is perceptible in pretty much any lighting circumstance.

      The touchscreen is responsive and the straight forward client interface ought to be invited by most first time GPS gadget


      The Nuvi 205w shares most operational peculiarities with the all the more profoundly appraised, and pricier, Nuvi 255w with one imperative

      exemption. The Nuvi 205w needs content to discourse innovation so as opposed to letting you know which road you'll be turning on by

      name, it will give a less valuable guideline, for example, "Turn left in 40 yards." This may appear like an insignificant distinction,

      anyhow in work on, knowing the road name without needing to look at the screen is priceless from both a comfort and

      safe driving viewpoint. In spite of the fact that not having this gimmick makes the gadget more reasonable, we accept that the edge of

      security picked up by including content to discourse is worth the extra venture.

      On a positive note, this unit imparts the "Where Am I?" security characteristic with other Garmin Nuvi gadgets. With it you can

      continuously find your exact area in a flash alongside the closest address and convergence and how to spot the closest

      crisis offices.

      The Garmin Nuvi 205w can get continuous movement data however just with the expansion of a discretionary

      FM beneficiary and membership to a movement administration. Its preloaded maps are constrained to the adjacent United States, Hawaii

      what's more Puerto Rico.

      There are a few accommodating gimmicks included with this gadget which aren't connected straightforwardly to route. They incorporate a

      adding machine with coin and estimation transformations, a world clock, and a JPEG photograph viewer.


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    • HP Laserjet 2420d / Laser Printer / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      22.12.2014 08:44


      • "HP Laserjet 2420d"


      HP Laserjet 2420d

      HP Laserjet 2420d


      • Increase work group gainfulness. The natural, two-line

      control board accompanies an inherent help capacity,

      improving print work administration. The print cartridge is

      simple to utilize and keep up: with HP Smart printing


      get programmed cautions when the cartridge is

      low and exploit helpful internet requesting

      with HP Suresupply.

      • Enjoy a printer fabricated for offering. The system prepared


      incorporate a HP Jetdirect Fast Ethernet print server

      implanted on the gadget formatter load up, which takes off

      the EIO opening open for considerably more integration choices.

      • Save time with remote administration instruments. HP Toolbox

      offers an easy to understand interface that helps you screen the

      printer and gives one area to all printer

      data, including documentation and self improvement. The

      HP Embedded Web Server empowers balanced system

      printer administration, while HP Web Jetadmin makes a difference

      system heads oversee armadas of peripherals.

      • Rely on a trusted and natural item. The HP Laserjet

      2400 arrangement printer offers a natural client experience and

      industry-eminent HP Laserjet unwavering quality.

      Expert results

      • Enhance your business picture. 1200 by 1200 Prores print

      quality gives reliably clear, sharp detail on a

      mixture of HP papers. With HP Smart printing engineering

      in the printer and supplies, printing properties are

      naturally balanced for predictable quality and dependability.

      • Streamline your business printing. The printer conveys up

      to 35 pages every moment (ppm) and the gets the first page

      out rapidly with Instant-on Technology.

      • Experience easy execution. The quick 400 Mhz

      processor gives you a chance to rapidly print even the most perplexing

      archives. Furthermore the printer can develop with your business:

      the models accompany a base of 32-64 MB Dual Data Rate

      (DDR) memory, expandable to 288-320 MB. The business

      standard in memory innovation, DDR memory gives

      better execution while diminishing force utilization.

      Worth pressed printer

      • Be adaptable. The HP Laserjet 2400 arrangement printer handles a

      wide scope of paper sizes and sorts with a 100-sheet

      multipurpose information tray and a 250-sheet info tray.

      Build your greatest info ability to 850 sheets with

      the 500-sheet discretionary information tray

      less intercession, and time reserve funds. Furthermore, programmed two-

      sided printing

      offers more noteworthy completing capacities and lessens printing expenses.

      • Add printing capacities. Utilize the two accessible Compact

      Glimmer openings to empower outsider arrangements and take

      preference of the comfort and estimation of more text style

      decisions, savvy e-structures, secure printing, standardized tag

      printing, SAP/ERP arrangements, and employment bookkeeping arrangements.

      • Get included worth with an earth neighborly item.

      Planned in view of the nature's turf, the printer has met

      stringent necessities to lessen vitality utilization,

      commotion levels, and synthetic outflows. Likewise, the

      printer is intended for long haul utilization, suits

      reused paper, and has parts and supplies that can be

      returned and reused through HP's take-back system.

      HP printing and imaging frameworks help you make influential,

      proficient interchanges effortlessly. HP printers, supplies,

      frill, and administrations are intended to cooperate and

      are designed to meet


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    • Philips 231P4QPYKES / LCD Monitor / 1 Reading / 1 Rating
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      22.12.2014 08:21
      Very helpful


      • "Philips LCD Monitor 231p4qpykes/00"


      Philips LCD Monitor 231p4qpykes/00

      Philips 231p4qpykes/00 (23 inch) LCD Monitor with LED Backlight 1920x1080

      Item Overview


      The Philips IPS LED showcase with Webcam helps you team up and communicate,saving you time and cash. Powersensor is an implicit 'individuals sensor' that transmits and gets innocuous infrared signs to figure out whether the client is available and afterward consequently diminishes screen splendor when then client steps far from the work area, slicing vitality costs by up to 80 percent and delaying screen life. IPS presentations utilize a progressed innovation that provides for you additional wide review edges of 178/178 degrees, making it conceivable to view the showcase from practically any plot even in 90 degree Pivot mode! Not at all like standard TN boards, IPS showcases provides for you astoundingly fresh pictures with distinctive colors, making it perfect for Photos, films and web scanning, as well as for expert applications, which request shade precision and reliable splendor at all times. Implanted webcam and receiver empowers you to view and correspond with your associates and customers. This straightforward arrangement permits you to team up and offer, sparing valuable time and travel-related expenses. Displayport is a computerized connection from PC to screen without any transformation. With higher abilities than DVI standard, it is completely competent to backing up to 15 meter links and 10.8 Gbps/sec information exchange. With this elite and zero dormancy, you get the speediest imaging and revive rates.


      The Smartergobase is a screen base that conveys ergonomic showcase solace and gives link administration. The easy to understand stature, swivel, tilt and turn edge alterations of the base permit the screen to be situated for most extreme solace to help facilitate the physical strains of a long workday. Moreover, link administration decreases link mess and keeps the workspace slick and expert. USB Hub permits client to advantageously associate their fitting and play interactive media gadgets, for example, USB memory gadgets, cam, versatile HDD, Web cam, PDA, Printer and numerous different gadgets which have USB association accessible. The strategically placed USB 2.0 Hub on the screen permits USB 2.0 signs to pass through to the machine. Note that numerous gadgets like cams and HDD may need to be fueled On autonomously, as they have higher force prerequisites than the screen USB Hub can give. On account of its progressed Smartergobase, the Philips screen can be dropped down practically to work area level for an open to survey edge. Low bezel-to-table stature is the ideal arrangement on the off chance that you utilize bifocals, trifocals or dynamic lens glasses for your processing work. Furthermore, it permits clients of diverse statures to utilize the screen at their favored edge and tallness settings, helping them to diminish exhaustion and strain.


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    • Toshiba Satellite A110 / Laptop / 1 Reading / 1 Rating
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      22.12.2014 08:02
      Very helpful


      • "Toshiba - Satellite A110-275"


      Toshiba - Satellite A110-275

      Toshiba - Satellite A110-275

      While It Seems everybody did and Their canine has a journal range nowadays, organizations thathave been in the diversion for a

      long time have a tendency to get ignored. Toshiba's Satellite A110-275 is a balanced smart phone with great workstation

      execution, and is perfect for home utilize ... unless, would is, you have liked to play an amusement every so often.

      fairly short at all test; accessible online

      Loads of in addition to focuses for this note pad

      Professionals: Good framework execution relative; lightweight; well assembled, Vista able; Cons: Small trackpad; DVD playback will

      stack just a few hours; littler than most hard circle. In general: The least expensive smart phone here, however among the best

      performing. Toshiba has inspired us once more.

      insignificantly prepared short test; accessible online

      Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 950: Integrated (locally available) illustrations chip on Mobile Intel 945gm/ C/ Z/ ME/ ML chipsets

      also successor of GMA 900. No equipment T & L (needed for a few recreations). Barely suitable for recreations.

      3d diversions are on these agents just especially playable, yet the general representation cards are not this

      suitable. Should surf Office applications and Internet yet run without issue.

      »more data is accessible in our Comparison of Mobile Graphics Cards and the comparing Benchmark List.

      Intel Core Duo: Double Core processor with a decent execution to power utilization proportion. the most extreme

      Utilization of 31 watts is just 4 watts more than with the Pentium M (ancestor). Both centers are consequently

      brought down freely of one another by rate steps down to 1 Ghz. Likewise it now upholds additionally Sse3 guidelines.

      After first benchmarks the Core Duo finishes all tests at any rate as quick as an identical timed Pentium M.

      For applications that were gotten ready for multi-processors, the execution can be almost twice as quick as with the

      Pentium M (e.g. Cinebench around 86% quick)

      T2050: »further data can be found in our Comparison of Mobile processors and processors

      Benchmark List.

      15.4 ": 15 inch show variations are the standard and almost 50% of all journals can be utilized for note pad.

      Show in 15 inch configuration are the standard second to none. 15.4 inches is normally the definite size unit for 16:10

      Record books with 15.6 inch an evidence of the arrangement 16: 9. The motivation behind why such a large number of showcases with medium size is,

      that this size is not the eyes, does not expend a lot of vitality and the laptops still

      can be kept truly minimized.

      all present 15-inch Widescreen Reviews

      »check. Our DPI List a showcase is, the manner by which finely determined

      2.7 kg: This note pad is lighter than the normal of all journals. For sub-record books is as of now

      troublesome. 14 inch showcases are typical for this class of weight.

      Toshiba: Toshiba Corporation is a global innovation aggregate (the seventh biggest maker of electrical and

      electronic gadgets around the world) .Toshiba was made in 1939 and 1978, Toshiba was the authority organization name. 2006/07 made the

      Toshiba Corporation offers of 43.6 billion euros. Bunch wide, 190 000 individuals are utilized (2007).

      Toshiba is one of the greatest universal record book producer. For Toshiba models there exist numerous audits.

      Toshiba surveys

      80%: This rating is not World in Motion. In spite of the fact that it is an "Attractive" compares to at most locales, you need to

      remember that there are barely any laptops, which get short of what 60%. Verbal surveys around there frequently don't sound

      terrible, yet are frequently verklausulierte code words. This record book is really considered by the analyzers

      a purchase suggestion can be seen just with much goodwill therein.


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    • More +
      22.12.2014 06:36
      Very helpful


      • "nice read"


      • none

      Based on the premise that Angels aren’t the kindly, protective beings mythology suggests, but actually

      While I have never been a fan of whole ‘Angel and Demon’ craze that recently stormed the YA book shelves, L.A Weatherly’s ‘Angel’ honestly surprised me. Not only was it a book I enjoyed immensely, but it portrayed a darker, flip side to angels that I have never seen done before.

      Written in a combination of both first and third person - I must admit that the change of narrative threw me a little at first. However once you get use to it I think it helps add depth to the story, and it also distinguishes the view points between the two protagonists Alex and Willow.

      I also really liked how the romance between these two blossomed sweet and slowly. Although while the initial attraction was there from the beginning, their feelings built up over time and it was only after several days spent in each other’s company - and many close calls with death - that they finally got together. For me this made the romance between them all that more real and moving.

      Throughout this book I was also really fascinated by the concept of religion and how the ‘Angels’ were using it for their own evil purposes. Also the idea of angel burn (the after affects of an angel’s touch that cause illness and mental diseases) I felt added a nice sideline to the plot. I’m curious to see how both these ideas will continue in L.A weatherly’s sequel, ‘ANGEL FIRE’ which was recently released in the UK on 1st October 2011.

      Therefore overall I felt this was a really good book with a captivating story and would recommend it to anyone who loves to read Young Adult, especially if you’re like me and have been disappointed with teen angel stories in the past. Everyone, this is a book you most definitely want to pick up! :)


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