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      03.05.2015 13:47


      • "Gorgeous scent"


      • "no cap on bottle"

      Gorgeous scent , amazing value

      I am a big fan of Cacharel fragrances in general, but Amor Amor has to be one of my favourites. I love the red and silver bottle , and the scent is like nothing ive smelt before.

      The fragrance is rose-like with a fruity citrus edge to it, which makes it much more special and mysterious than your average rose scent. Despite it being a rose scent its not what you'd associate with an old lady at all its actually really young and I actually find it quite edgy and sexy. This is definitely in a league of its own and it is a very distinctive scent, I can't quite think of any other fragrance similar to it, and I can always tell when one of my friends is wearing it!

      I would say that this is quite a light fragrance, not overpowering or heady in any way, and I find it perfect for wearing in the evenings and on nights out as well as during the day for work. I have had many people complementing me on it and asking what im wearing.For such a reasonably priced scent it lasts really well too, so I'm not having to top it up frequently throughout the day or night.But as its such a neat and compact bottle its really handy to take to work or on a night out if you did feel you needed a little top up.

      Its such good value for such a unique scent, this will definitely be one of my staple scents for years to come!


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    • Weleda Skin Food / Weleda / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      03.05.2015 13:33


      • everything


      • none

      Great product for hands arms and feet!

      The cream itself is actually quite thick and a creamy colour. It smells like a fresh herb sort of smell like a combination of chamomile, calendula and lavender. I like the smell. It isn't sweet and feminine at all, in fact it is clean and fresh, slightly earthy and a bit like some typical health shop ointments.

      I have only used this on my elbows, hands and as I do suffer from dry and craked feet I lathered it on them too. I find it is really good for hands and elbows. My feet felt a lot softer and more supple too. The cream is quite thick and feels quite dense but once you massage it in it feels nice and your skin feels really nourished but not greasy at all. My hands also felt lovely and soft and smooth and I was able to carry on with my household chores quite soon after applying as there was no slippery greasy feel.
      This lovely intense cream is full of natural ingredients such as Sunflower Seed Oil, Lanolin, Sweet Almond Oil, Alcohol, Beeswax, Glyceryl Linoleate, Hydrolyzed Beeswax, Viola Tricolor Extract, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Cholesterol, Limonene, Linalool, Geraniol, Citral and Coumarin. Despite some of the unusual and confusing names these are all natural ingredients.
      It reminds me of Body Shop hand cream, the Hemp one but smells a lot different. It is similarly thick and feels similar in texture. As it is so thick and intense you need only a little for the moisturising benefits to take effect.


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    • XLS-Medical Fat Binder / Diet & Weight Loss / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      03.05.2015 13:23


      • "helped slightly at filling me up"


      • "didnt work"

      Not worth the money

      I have always been an average size but as I've gotten older I've felt really uncomfortable with my size. I am a size 14 at the moment and exercise when I can and try and eat the right foods ( eg 5 a day , plenty of fibre and protein). I wanted to get down to a size 10 because that's the size I feel most comfortable at. I also wanted to flatten my stomach quite a bit and get rid of the bloating and so I do stomach exercises everyday but I needed a legitimate product to help with the weight loss and keep me fuller for longer to stop snacking. I bought 60 tablets as they are quite expensive and it seemed like a good amount to start with as a test, but to be honest '3x' weight loss advertisement really is an exaggeration, within the first week I did start to notice a difference in my weight and the flatness of my stomach but by the second week I didn't feel like they'd done anything at all. If anything its made me more conscious of my size because iv'e been monitoring my weight constantly and assessing the flatness of my stomach. I don't think I will buy these again as they didn't make much of a difference in how full I was and I didn't see any real change for the price I paid. I think I will just try and fill up on more fibre from now on and try and exercise more.


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      03.05.2015 13:13


      • "Murphy looks favorite "


      • "No Trump"

      Snooker all the way!

      Barry Hearn has once again reiterated that he will not move the world championships away from the Crucible for more money in China. But what he is not saying is that he expects Sheffield City Council and the BBC to find more money to keep the World Championship after 2018. Hearn is not as ruthless as Bernie Ecclestone is with F1 when moving races around the world but no pushover. Sheffield have had to compromise by signing a shorter contract so a quicker renewal opens up the chances for Hearn to push up the price. The council pays just 500 grand a year to host, and get that back in ticket sales alone, a good deal in these austerity times. The BBC are a different kettle of fish as they are slashing their sports budget to meet government spend targets as the BBC moves towards subscription rights or a massive reduction in channels. The TV license is an anachronism and one bill too many in these tough times. The BBC are committed to the Crucible but Hearn trying to squeeze that bit more cash out of them by the shorter contract. Eventually the BBC will say we can’t afford it and that will be the nod for it to head to China, where they are promising to build a replica of the Crucible if they get the Worlds.

      This year only the top 16 are guaranteed the Crucible and so qualifying super tough now with three rounds to be negotiated in Ponds Forge Swimming Center before they make the Crucible the following week. The top 16 this year are based on cash won and so some say tweaked to insure O’Sullivan is present. Under the old point system he simply didn’t want t travel the world to make that top 16. Increased invitational tournaments with big prize money for the top 16 effectively gives them that old advantage Hearn has tried to get rid of. Barry is looking to change Crucible qualifying next year by leaving a gap to prepare for those who make the event.

      Ken Doherty had the most terrifying draw at Ponds Forge when he played Reanne Evans, the first woman to be allowed to play in the qualifiers. She wins the women’s world championships every year and had Ken rocking early on as she edged into a 3-1 lead and 4-3 at the interval before Ken squeezed her out 10-8. Reanne has beaten guys before and will make the worlds one day. Well done to Hearn for letting her in. There’s no point men entering the women’s tournaments as the prize money is nominal. Jimmy White and Steve Davis also fell.

      Other news is the prize money will be going up 10% year-on -year and more ranking events in the U.K., £500,000 for the 2017 world champion. Players don’t like flying to China and India and simply don’t support the events. In 2016 there will be three new ranking home series events in Glasgow, Belfast, Manchester, alongside the current Welsh Open. If a player wins all four there is a one million pound bonus on offer. This movie is clearly about getting O’Sulllivan more events at home that he will show up at and try to win.

      ===The First Round===

      Mark Selby nearly suffered the defending champions 1st round curse by squeezing home 10-9 over Norwegian star Kurt Maflin. No first time champion has ever defended the title at the Crucible, including Davis and Hendry. Surly Scott Stephen Maguire crashed out to highly rated ginger nut Anthony McGill, a tenacious player the top guys will not want to play. Ronnie O’Sullivan generated the usual headlines with his arrival at Sheffield by playing in his socks after being troubled by a swollen cartoon toe. Any other player would wait until the interval and organize alternative footwear. Not the attention dependent Ronnie. He decided to offer an audience member his Italian size 8s during the match and walked off to borrow someone else brogues, tournament director Mike Ganley stepping up, ironically the guy who will have to fine The Rocket for this rule break for having no shoes. Will he fine himself now? The thrashing of Paul Steadman 10-3 suggested he meant business this year. Mathew Stevens surprisingly thrashed fellow Welshman and the inform Mark Williams 10-2. The only other time they have met at Sheffield was that 2000 final. Stevens comes alive at the Crucible and was one to watch.


      1 Mark Selby 10 v 9 Kurt Maflin
      2 Stephen Maguire 9 v 10 Anthony McGill
      3 Joe Perry 10 v 4 Zhang Anda
      4 Shaun Murphy 10 v 3 Robin Hull
      5 Barry Hawkins 10 v 9 Matthew Selt
      6 Mark Allen 10 v 3 Ryan Day
      7 Allister Carter 10 v 5 Alan McManus
      8 Neil Robertson 10 v 2 Jamie Jones
      9 Ding Junhui 10 v 7 Mark Davis
      10 John Higgins 10 v 5 Robert Milkins
      11 Marco Fu 10 v 6 Jimmy Robertson
      12 Judd Trump 10 v 6 Stuart Carrington
      13 Ricky Walden 8 v 10 Graeme Dott
      14 Stuart Bingham 10 v 7 Robbie Williams
      15 Mark Williams 2 v 10 Matthew Stevens
      16 Ronnie O'Sullivan 10 v 3 Craig Steadman

      ===2nd Round===

      Mark Selby became the first big casualty of the 2015 championship being beaten by the tenacious and dangerous Anthony McGill by 13-9. Like Murray winning Wimbledon, winning the world championships took everything out of Selby and he has fallen back into the pack, a content and unmotivated champion with a young baby and pretty wife more important to him now.

      You always feel with O’Sullivan he wants to be the center of attention at tournaments as he knows he is the sport. Although he hammered Mathew Stevens here he suffered his first defeat to the Welshman in 12-years at the Welsh Open in February, where Ronnie kicked up a fuss about the tournament set up and noisy venue and effectively handed Stevens the match with some wild shots. It would not be the case this time as Ronnie out him his place 13-5.

      The second round was packed with good match ups and seemingly no walkovers. But that did not prove the case as the big beasts put away their opponents with ease, the strongest Q/Fs line up I can remember, seven of the top 8 seeds present. Maybe the grueling three qualifiers in the week before the televised stages has backfired some and favored the much fresher top 16 who didn’t go through qualifiers. This is very much against Barry Hearn’s ethos of equality. Maybe Hearn needed Ronnie and co in the last 8 and so made sure they were there?

      ===The 2nd Round===

      17 Mark Selby 9 v 13 Anthony McGill
      18 Joe Perry 5 v 13 Shaun Murphy
      19 Barry Hawkins 13 v 11 Mark Allen
      20 Allister Carter 5 v 13 Neil Robertson
      21 Ding Junhui 13 v 9 John Higgins
      22 Marco Fu 8 v 13 Judd Trump
      23 Graeme Dott 5 v 13 Stuart Bingham
      24 Matthew Stevens 5 v 13 Ronnie O'Sullivan

      ===The Quarter Finals===

      Trump impressed the most in the quarters racing into a 12-5 overnight lead and then wrapped it up 13-5. The imperious Neil Robertson didn’t have it his way against Barry Hawkins, a bespoke Crucible player who enjoys the longer matches, a finalist and semi-finalist in the last four years here. Robertson plays on the front foot like an elegant stroke player in cricket, not too impressed when he is knocked out of his rhythm by safety play, Hawkins putting the spinners on every opportunity he could to slow that scoring down and break up the game. At one point Barry flipped a 3-1 deficit to lead the angelic Aussie 7-3 but once he took the spinners off the Aussie raced back. But Hawkins is stoic and does very well at Sheffield and saw off the Aussie in a final frame shootout for 13-12. The Worlds had come just too early for Robertson to a better prepared Barry Hawkins.

      Ronnie O’Sullivan can grab the headlines with the most miniscule of misdemeanors, usually preplanned, this time by placing the chalk on the table to calculate a gap between the pink and the red. He knows it will be the story and keep the attention on him and his over-rated sports psychologists Stephen Peters is probably behind that tactic. But it’s getting boring and obvious now and he was not in enough form against Bingham and struggled to 8-8 after two sessions. Bingham is top dog in the second tear of the sport, not one of the greats but feeds off scraps and if a top player is not quite on it he will take his chances. He looks and sounds like a forklift driver from Dagenham and as boring but Ronnie didn’t seem up for it and 13 - 9 and The Rocket was gone. I think O’Sullivan was finished off as the king of snooker when Selby’s tactical genius beat Ronnie in the World Championship final last year and although Ronnie has won a handful of invitational events on his terms recently he doesn’t look the world champion anymore. I think he is ready to retire now as the sport is in safe hands with Judd Trump. Barry Hearn has called his bluff and says the sport will flourish without him and for once I agree with him. The super in form Shaun Murphy saw off plucky outsider Anthony McGill 13-8. Trump massacred the out of touch Ding Junhui, hopeless at the World Championships every year.


      25 Anthony McGill 8 v13 Shaun Murphy
      26 Barry Hawkins 13 v12 Neil Robertson
      27 Ding Junhui 4 v13 Judd Trump
      28 Stuart Bingham 13 v 9 Ronnie O'Sullivan

      ===Semi Finals===

      Trump V Bingham
      Murphy V Hawkins

      I used to wind Murphy up on Twitter to get him playing well. We debated things a lot last year with my cod psychology and now he looks the best player in the world. If he wins the title its 5% down to me! Barry Hawkins, who had rented a cottage on the moors to prepare for the tournament and clearly expecting a run in the Words, folded early, 6-2 down in the morning session, 13/3 after the mid session in the first to 17. Murphy couldn’t quite see him off with a session to spare at 16-8 but only needed two Saturday afternoon to make his third World Final.

      Bingham V Trump was far more competitive and a real cracker, 9-9 at half way. Bingham was tearful when he made the semi-final to enjoy the one table set up. But for the good of the TV sport needed the handsome and exciting Trump in the final but ugly lump Bingham was courageous as he stayed ahead of Trump all the way and not wilting. Judd played to entertain throughout the event with some ‘naughty snooker’ to rap up his bigger breaks with no compromise and some stonking brave shots to win frames, finally leveling Bingham for the final frame shootout at 16-16. They were like two marathon runners together for the 26 miles and sprinting the final 365 yards, Bingham breaking the tape for victory. Trump will have another day but for the match hardened 39-year-old Bingham, a man who attends every event on the tour, one of those older players who has really benefited from Barry Hearn’s snooker revolution that has toppled the traditional top 16 dominance, its the final swansong.

      ===The Final===

      Bingham v Murphy

      Murphy looks the favorite but you can’t count the Essex boy out. But that semi-final would have taken up a lot of his reserves and I expect Murphy to take a big early lead in the final. For me it will be a one-sided final as Murphy is always positive and not worried about players who are prepared to feed of scraps and not take risks. Bingham won’t be worried about Murphy but Murphy believes he is back to his best and will believe he is the best man here. I will leave it up to you to decide…


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      03.05.2015 13:06
      Very helpful



      Raise a glass!

      I first came across these whilst working in a retail store that would bring these in at Christmas time to put at the till point to increase ATV. Even though that was the business side of things, we loved transforming gifts with these as they make the most sweetest [boom boom!] addition to dress up a gift or as some customers would do buy to decorate Christmas tables, birthday tables or celebrations.

      I'm going to get the bad news out the way first, this DONS NOT contain Champagne. This is pure milk chocolate. Some brands offer these as solid milk chocolate but these particular one's from TREASURE ISLAND are hollow. They do not crush or break easily but you do have to play your part and store them well.
      The wrapping is fun, a green, gold and white bottle foil wrapped to give it a special and more authentic look.
      This takes next to no time to peel off. Trust me I've tried!

      These are 13cm and in width they are 3.5cm, a little bigger than your average chocolate bottles and more visually appealing as well. For one bottle however it is £1.89 but you can buy these on the website in bulk if needed.

      My friends and family and I really enjoyed these quirky chocolate along with a glass of the real stuff and the chocolate was lovely.

      On this website they offer:

      Its a TREASURE trove [boom boom doh]
      Love, love, love this website.


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      03.05.2015 12:48
      Very helpful



      Jazz thing up on an epic scale!

      My heart just skipped a beat!

      These are the epic portions of the miniture favorites Jazz's!
      Remember these as small white or chocolate buttons with hundred and thousands all over, this is the GIANT version!

      These use to be sold as penny sweets over the counter, then shoved in a box in a newsagent opened all day and now they package them as a normal chocolate bar packet but TREASURE ISLAND sweets seems to stay true to the taste you remember as children.

      They seem to have retained the gorgeous chocolate taste in both the milk and the white versions.
      Newsagents are currently selling a brand that makes the chocolate sickly sweet and hard to bite into and for some reason nearly ALL the hundreds and thousands fall off, which is obviously the best part!

      The jazz's here are simply moreish and perfect. They don't appear to be hard to bite into as the newsagents version.
      As far as I could tell on the website when purchased you can't get them mix but have to buy them as individual versions, white and milk, and mix them up yourself. They sell both the small and the giant version here, everything in one place!

      £1.99 for 250gms and a separate price for the 3kg bag.
      It's definitely worth checking out the website, TREASUREISLAND.CO.UK, I normally hide my credit card, only thing is I know where it is! ha doh that doesn't work.

      I would highly recommend trying these again if you haven't for a while, treat yourself!! xx


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      03.05.2015 12:45


      • "fantastic campaign and multiplayer"
      • "good players"
      • "good animations"
      • "good game"


      • "bad graphics"
      • "bad price"

      g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g

      call of duty 4 g g gg g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g gg g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g gg g g g g g g g gg g g gg g gg g g g g g g g gg g g g gh g gh g hg ghgg g hg hg hgh g hg hghg gh g g g g g g g ghg hghg hg hg hg hg hg gg g g g g g g g g ghg hgh ghghg hg g g g g hg ghghg g g g g g g g gg g g g g g g g g g g g gg g g g g g g gg g g g g g g g gg g g g g gg g g g g g g g g gg g g g g g g g g g g gg g g g g g g g


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      03.05.2015 12:33
      Very helpful



      Back of the net....

      I used to work for a retail store that would promote these near, during and after father's day or near Christmas, for the company it might have been a lovely little pick up line to increase ATV but for us it meant that we could make father's day or any other gift look a bit special and moreish.

      These are your pretty bog standard chocolates wrapped in a tin foil that reflects football.
      As stated on the website these are 18mm in diameter. That sounds a bit strange to add into a review but when your doing gift or sending these by post, it's worth to know.
      As far as I know they don't offer individual colors, they come as a mix bag. Again weird to add but customer used to ask this a lot and I can understand as many of there kids, girls or boys wanted one color!
      The chocolate is nice but slightly offish in taste.
      Just a quick tip, that if you purchase these in Summer they need to be keep in a cool place. Sounds obvious being chocolate and all, yet these seem to be delicate as they will produce quickly the white firmament around the chocolate ball so there's a slight disappointment when you open these. Stored these well and you'll be fine x Overall they are nice but not a great taste.

      50 x footballs are 250g
      150 x footballs are 750g
      600 x footballs are 6kg

      There are no kcal descriptions on offer here.


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    • Treasure Island Poor Bens / Sweets / 1 Reading / 1 Rating
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      03.05.2015 12:13
      Very helpful



      Did I mention these contain ANISEED?? X

      These are a totally different version of combining the flavors of ANISEED AND LIQUORICE.

      These contains the same amazing tastes but my personal taste feels this is to strong for me yet the older members of my family love these and remember them almost like the PONTEFRACT cakes.
      Back in the day, I remember avoiding these like the plague! I tried one and if your not use to it they are tough until they become softer but extremely chewy! For a chatterbox like myself this was not good. Your tongue turns a thick black color.

      These are slightly on the chewy side but don't seem to last as long as the ANISEED balls. They almost look like a version of the Black jack sweets.
      I would warn if you have any issues with your teeth these are nest to be avoided yet they are a wonderful flavor.

      These also are presented in various ways on the TREASURE ISLAND website:

      Yes they mix up the fun and change up the design on this website!

      Although I would say this was not a sweet for me I still think it tasted really good, fresh and the flavors are well combined. I was actually surprised to see on the ingredients list the use of PAPRIKA in this!

      For 250g this retails at £2.25 but the website offers more sizes and offers.

      I would urge you to check out the website TREASUREISLANDSWEETS.CO.UK if only for a trip down memory lane!,


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      03.05.2015 11:41
      Very helpful



      Ahoy there matey!

      I love Aniseed sweets and TREASURE ISLAND are a company that are firm believers in RETRO sweets. On that website I could spend all day for many reasons, all clean cut and above board!

      Aniseed, I was the go to person even as a nipper I would hoard these, my dentist was not a happy woman.

      These are almost the real deal. This is not the healthy version but these are one of the best on the market, straight up and no messing with imperial taste like another company does.

      They appear as small dark red balls almost like mini canon balls. Only one and the taste will blow you away!
      These will stain your tongue a dark red and this normally lasts 4-5 hours so make sure your not heading to an important meeting or a date! If you hold them in your hand, try not to hold them to long as your fingers will get stained to and then people will wonder what the heck you've been up to!
      This lasts a lifetime. As much as I enjoy Aniseed sweets I'd rather enjoy them. To many and they numb your mouth!

      Here's the best thing, if that doesn't float your boat, TREASURE ISLAND website offer these in different formats:

      For 250g its £2.25 and these last a fair while, you can get bigger orders.

      I BEG you to visit this website, its crazy good. TREASUREISLANDSWEETS.CO.UK


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    • lizearle.com / Online Shop / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      03.05.2015 11:10


      • "Wide range of products"
      • "High quality products"
      • "Very good and professional service"


      • "Items can be very expensive."

      A Wonderful Service & Great Beauty Products

      I was introduced to Liz Earle skincare products a few years ago after a family member purchased me a product for my birthday. I had never used the brand before and I was very impressed by the quality of my product. So much so that when I was nearing the end of the product I started looking around to replace it and perhaps try other items from the same range.

      Although I discovered that Liz Earle is sold in a few areas near where I live in certain department stores (such as John Lewis) I decided to visit the brand's website direct so I could have a more leisurely look at their products without being sale pressured into buying things I didn't want or need! The website makes it easy to purchase items without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

      The site is very well designed with a clear menu and items categorised so that you can find exactly what kind of product you are after quickly and easily. The brand sell many different items, not just skincare as I imagined but also things like shampoos, gift sets and perfumes.

      Liz Earle is an exclusive brand and as such the prices of most items is quite high. You can buy most products in different sizes though so if you are new to the brand it may be worthwhile just buying a very small 15ml sized item to test it out. Obviously the greater the quantity the more you pay and I am quite astonished to see prices for skincare items well into the hundreds of pounds price range.

      Delivery is from £3.95 and you often qualify for freebies from the brand when you place an order direct with them. I do think the brand are very generous to their customers. The brand have a returns policy meaning that if you are unhappy with a product within 14 days of receiving it you can send it back.

      I personally have been happy with my orders. I've only shopped with the site a couple of times but the process has been excellent and worry free. I do tend to be a bit more concerned when I'm paying more for a product but both the service and the goods themselves have been very high quality. I enjoy the rapport between the brand and myself and think they also have an admirable professional approach to dealing with customers. I would therefore definitely consider purchasing items again from the website. I would recommend the brand to ladies who love luxurious and unique beauty care items.


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    • Mars Bounty / Chocolate / 2 Readings / 2 Ratings
      More +
      03.05.2015 10:49
      Very helpful


      • "Tastes fantastic"


      • "High fat content"

      A Dreamy & Exotic Confectionary Bar

      Manufactured by Mars this is a delicious chocolate bar which is widely available in the UK. I most recently purchased a multipack of these but they are also available to buy individually. You can also get them in varieties of milk and dark chocolate.

      The bar is comprised of a creamy, moist and sticky sweet blend desiccated coconut which is covered in a layer of chocolate. The chocolate has a waved pattern along the top of the bar so is thicker here than the base. I adore that the base of the chocolate bar is stamped with the logo of the chocolate and a palm tree. It adds a touch of the exotic to the bar! The bar also comes in two smaller pieces in each pack and these are the size of mini bars so it makes sharing the confectionary very easy. The bars have a quaint rounded shape too which gives them a 'home baked' appearance!

      In analysing my latest purchase I can say that each individual wrapper of the Bounty bars in my multipack have very little information printed on their wrappers. All the information is printed on the outer wrapper however. The milk chocolate variety has a blue and white wrapper featuring a dreamy beach and lush palm trees. The dark chocolate variety has a red and white wrapper.

      The milk chocolate variety of the bar has 137 calories and 7.2g of fat per bar of two pieces. I personally have convinced myself that eating a Bounty is slightly more healthy than other chocolate bars due to the coconut ingredient although I may be just fooling myself!

      I know that in terms of confectionary in the UK the Bounty bar is pretty unique. There is nothing else like it out there and it is a welcome change to the standard bars which often incorporate caramel and nuts. The Bounty bar tastes fresh and creamy and gives me the filling satisfaction that a dished dessert might give me. It's a heavy bar so it can definitely help ward off hunger pangs between meals. The texture of the bar is very appealing too. The coconut blend is both soft but with that slight crunch we expect from the flesh of a coconut. The coconut flavour blends with the chocolate to create a very seductive flavour which I believe would appeal to all age groups.

      I will definitely buy this sweet again in the future as I find it to be a satisfying, filling treat. I would recommend it to both adults and for children too.


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      03.05.2015 00:56
      Very helpful


      • quality


      • availability

      Great car accessory

      I was delighted to discover that my local branch of Savers were selling the Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream intensive moisturising hand treatment in 30ml limited edition tubes.

      The hand creams were priced £3.99 which was a good price for this brand. I had to quickly check that it did not smell like the face version of the eight hour moisturising cream as I really don't like how that one smells!

      First impressions
      The tube has a chunky top that is easy to hold and screw back on the tube even when your hands are a bit greasy from the product.

      In use
      I find this cream really thick and luxurious and a pea sized blob is enough to cover both hands and leave them nicely moisturised. It is a long lasting effect and generally I will apply it when stuck at a traffic light to or from work. Always on the beauty game!

      My thoughts
      I bought just one tube to try but have been really impressed with the product and I will probably go back to Savers to buy more. At that price it's worth another trip. I know most shoppers in that branch will opt for the cheaper and bigger hand creams on offer there but for me it is important to invest in a quality product where you use less but it goes further (and smells better!).

      Final word
      This product is great and long lasting and suitable for all ages. It doesn't smell bad and is a nice luxury treatment that won't break the bank if you buy it from savers!


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      03.05.2015 00:15
      Very helpful


      • "Lathers a lot"
      • "Cleans well"
      • Cheap


      • "No great scent"

      A cheap nice handwash

      I bought the Boots Essential Cream handwash because it was only 59p and I thought I had been saving the pennies by buying hand stuff in Poundland. Well this Boots handwash is a lot less than a pound and really nice too.

      It is not a pretty bottle to have on display but it doesn't really stand out as it's mostly white. I say put it on display and wear your moneysaving label with pride..There is a pump at the top which is easy to use, but it doesn't drip so nothing goes to waste.

      I was surprised at how nice and creamy this is. It feels really good quality for the price and lathers up alot too, so you don't need to use loads to get clean and fresh hands. It is great that it doesn't dry out my skin which can be sensitive as well. But the Boots handwash feels gentle and does not make my poor hands sore.

      If I could change something I would like a nice scent. This doesn't smell horrible or anything like that but it is just a bit boring compared to some of the ones I normally buy. This one smells clean and soapy so my boyfriend does like it more than my flowery ones to be honest! It would be great to leave somewhere for all the family to use as it feels gentle and smells unisex. I would definitely recommend this, as it cheap and feels nice on my hands. It gets my hands clean and fresh at a great price, it is just not got a special fragrance.



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      02.05.2015 23:41
      Very helpful


      • "SPF 25"


      • price

      Great Day cream by avon

      Price and Availability
      This is made by Avon and is available from their website or from a local Avon representative (side note : if you don't have a rep and would like one their is a form you can fill in and they will send your details to your nearest rep.) The RRP is £24 and although Anew products don't often get reduced they are sometimes on offers where you can get something free or a discount for buying a few items so it is still worth holding out for an offer with this one. You can also purchase this on Amazon for £12.99 (currently on offer from £22.99) or eBay for £9.50

      The packaging is trying to look luxurious as all the Anew range does, it comes in the standard face cream shaped tub and is a pearlescent gold colour with a solid gold coloured screw on top. Under the lid in gold solid lettering it says 'Anew Ultimate Cream SPF 25 UVA/UVB 7S Day' The tub is 50ml.

      In Use :
      The cream is thick and luxurious feeling but it sinks in quite easily and doesn't feel greasy as some moisturisers do. Although the cream looks thick it doesn't feel heavy when you are wearing it and you just forget you have it on. This leaves my skin feeling really soft and moisturised and it remains that way all day. It is also no problem to apply make up on top of this cream, I find as long as I leave it a few minutes to make sure it is all soaked in my make up goes on easily and lasts longer when I am wearing this compared to not. I can't say I have noticed any long term effects from the cream but I only use it sporadically, if i was more disciplined this is one I would be happy to wear every day and I am trying to do so now, hopefully I can update this review in a few weeks and say how great my skin is looking. The SPF factor 25 is also a big plus coming into summer as it is especially important to protect the facial skin from sun damage.

      Overall :

      Overall I am going to give this 4 stars as it leaves my skin feeling lovely, isn't greasy, soaks in easily and you don't have to use very much so although it is a little expensive it will last ages even if using it everyday. If I manage to use it all the time and notice an improvement in my skin I will re rate it a 5.


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