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    • pcspecialist.co.uk / Online Shop / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      22.12.2014 09:57


      • "Excellent online tracking"
      • "Great value"


      Great value and service.

      This is my second purchase from PC Specialist to replace my ageing laptop. Very pleased with my new desktop. Great value and lots of choice to build the perfect custom machine.


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    • Garmin nuvi 205 / GPS Sat Nav / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      22.12.2014 09:05


      • "Garmin nuvi 205w"


      Garmin nuvi 205w

      Garmin nuvi 205w

      The Nuvi 205w is the most fundamental of Garmin's wide screen Nuvi 2x5w line yet regardless it emphasizes a hefty portion of the most paramount

      gimmicks of whatever is left of the line. Most recognizable is the 4.3-inch, askew measured, touchscreen. It has the same 480

      x 272 pixel determination for effectively coherent content and guide presentation and it is perceptible in pretty much any lighting circumstance.

      The touchscreen is responsive and the straight forward client interface ought to be invited by most first time GPS gadget


      The Nuvi 205w shares most operational peculiarities with the all the more profoundly appraised, and pricier, Nuvi 255w with one imperative

      exemption. The Nuvi 205w needs content to discourse innovation so as opposed to letting you know which road you'll be turning on by

      name, it will give a less valuable guideline, for example, "Turn left in 40 yards." This may appear like an insignificant distinction,

      anyhow in work on, knowing the road name without needing to look at the screen is priceless from both a comfort and

      safe driving viewpoint. In spite of the fact that not having this gimmick makes the gadget more reasonable, we accept that the edge of

      security picked up by including content to discourse is worth the extra venture.

      On a positive note, this unit imparts the "Where Am I?" security characteristic with other Garmin Nuvi gadgets. With it you can

      continuously find your exact area in a flash alongside the closest address and convergence and how to spot the closest

      crisis offices.

      The Garmin Nuvi 205w can get continuous movement data however just with the expansion of a discretionary

      FM beneficiary and membership to a movement administration. Its preloaded maps are constrained to the adjacent United States, Hawaii

      what's more Puerto Rico.

      There are a few accommodating gimmicks included with this gadget which aren't connected straightforwardly to route. They incorporate a

      adding machine with coin and estimation transformations, a world clock, and a JPEG photograph viewer.


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    • HP Laserjet 2420d / Laser Printer / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      22.12.2014 08:44


      • "HP Laserjet 2420d"


      HP Laserjet 2420d

      HP Laserjet 2420d


      • Increase work group gainfulness. The natural, two-line

      control board accompanies an inherent help capacity,

      improving print work administration. The print cartridge is

      simple to utilize and keep up: with HP Smart printing


      get programmed cautions when the cartridge is

      low and exploit helpful internet requesting

      with HP Suresupply.

      • Enjoy a printer fabricated for offering. The system prepared


      incorporate a HP Jetdirect Fast Ethernet print server

      implanted on the gadget formatter load up, which takes off

      the EIO opening open for considerably more integration choices.

      • Save time with remote administration instruments. HP Toolbox

      offers an easy to understand interface that helps you screen the

      printer and gives one area to all printer

      data, including documentation and self improvement. The

      HP Embedded Web Server empowers balanced system

      printer administration, while HP Web Jetadmin makes a difference

      system heads oversee armadas of peripherals.

      • Rely on a trusted and natural item. The HP Laserjet

      2400 arrangement printer offers a natural client experience and

      industry-eminent HP Laserjet unwavering quality.

      Expert results

      • Enhance your business picture. 1200 by 1200 Prores print

      quality gives reliably clear, sharp detail on a

      mixture of HP papers. With HP Smart printing engineering

      in the printer and supplies, printing properties are

      naturally balanced for predictable quality and dependability.

      • Streamline your business printing. The printer conveys up

      to 35 pages every moment (ppm) and the gets the first page

      out rapidly with Instant-on Technology.

      • Experience easy execution. The quick 400 Mhz

      processor gives you a chance to rapidly print even the most perplexing

      archives. Furthermore the printer can develop with your business:

      the models accompany a base of 32-64 MB Dual Data Rate

      (DDR) memory, expandable to 288-320 MB. The business

      standard in memory innovation, DDR memory gives

      better execution while diminishing force utilization.

      Worth pressed printer

      • Be adaptable. The HP Laserjet 2400 arrangement printer handles a

      wide scope of paper sizes and sorts with a 100-sheet

      multipurpose information tray and a 250-sheet info tray.

      Build your greatest info ability to 850 sheets with

      the 500-sheet discretionary information tray

      less intercession, and time reserve funds. Furthermore, programmed two-

      sided printing

      offers more noteworthy completing capacities and lessens printing expenses.

      • Add printing capacities. Utilize the two accessible Compact

      Glimmer openings to empower outsider arrangements and take

      preference of the comfort and estimation of more text style

      decisions, savvy e-structures, secure printing, standardized tag

      printing, SAP/ERP arrangements, and employment bookkeeping arrangements.

      • Get included worth with an earth neighborly item.

      Planned in view of the nature's turf, the printer has met

      stringent necessities to lessen vitality utilization,

      commotion levels, and synthetic outflows. Likewise, the

      printer is intended for long haul utilization, suits

      reused paper, and has parts and supplies that can be

      returned and reused through HP's take-back system.

      HP printing and imaging frameworks help you make influential,

      proficient interchanges effortlessly. HP printers, supplies,

      frill, and administrations are intended to cooperate and

      are designed to meet


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    • Philips 231P4QPYKES / LCD Monitor / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      22.12.2014 08:21


      • "Philips LCD Monitor 231p4qpykes/00"


      Philips LCD Monitor 231p4qpykes/00

      Philips 231p4qpykes/00 (23 inch) LCD Monitor with LED Backlight 1920x1080

      Item Overview


      The Philips IPS LED showcase with Webcam helps you team up and communicate,saving you time and cash. Powersensor is an implicit 'individuals sensor' that transmits and gets innocuous infrared signs to figure out whether the client is available and afterward consequently diminishes screen splendor when then client steps far from the work area, slicing vitality costs by up to 80 percent and delaying screen life. IPS presentations utilize a progressed innovation that provides for you additional wide review edges of 178/178 degrees, making it conceivable to view the showcase from practically any plot even in 90 degree Pivot mode! Not at all like standard TN boards, IPS showcases provides for you astoundingly fresh pictures with distinctive colors, making it perfect for Photos, films and web scanning, as well as for expert applications, which request shade precision and reliable splendor at all times. Implanted webcam and receiver empowers you to view and correspond with your associates and customers. This straightforward arrangement permits you to team up and offer, sparing valuable time and travel-related expenses. Displayport is a computerized connection from PC to screen without any transformation. With higher abilities than DVI standard, it is completely competent to backing up to 15 meter links and 10.8 Gbps/sec information exchange. With this elite and zero dormancy, you get the speediest imaging and revive rates.


      The Smartergobase is a screen base that conveys ergonomic showcase solace and gives link administration. The easy to understand stature, swivel, tilt and turn edge alterations of the base permit the screen to be situated for most extreme solace to help facilitate the physical strains of a long workday. Moreover, link administration decreases link mess and keeps the workspace slick and expert. USB Hub permits client to advantageously associate their fitting and play interactive media gadgets, for example, USB memory gadgets, cam, versatile HDD, Web cam, PDA, Printer and numerous different gadgets which have USB association accessible. The strategically placed USB 2.0 Hub on the screen permits USB 2.0 signs to pass through to the machine. Note that numerous gadgets like cams and HDD may need to be fueled On autonomously, as they have higher force prerequisites than the screen USB Hub can give. On account of its progressed Smartergobase, the Philips screen can be dropped down practically to work area level for an open to survey edge. Low bezel-to-table stature is the ideal arrangement on the off chance that you utilize bifocals, trifocals or dynamic lens glasses for your processing work. Furthermore, it permits clients of diverse statures to utilize the screen at their favored edge and tallness settings, helping them to diminish exhaustion and strain.


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    • Toshiba Satellite A110 / Laptop / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      22.12.2014 08:02


      • "Toshiba - Satellite A110-275"


      Toshiba - Satellite A110-275

      Toshiba - Satellite A110-275

      While It Seems everybody did and Their canine has a journal range nowadays, organizations thathave been in the diversion for a

      long time have a tendency to get ignored. Toshiba's Satellite A110-275 is a balanced smart phone with great workstation

      execution, and is perfect for home utilize ... unless, would is, you have liked to play an amusement every so often.

      fairly short at all test; accessible online

      Loads of in addition to focuses for this note pad

      Professionals: Good framework execution relative; lightweight; well assembled, Vista able; Cons: Small trackpad; DVD playback will

      stack just a few hours; littler than most hard circle. In general: The least expensive smart phone here, however among the best

      performing. Toshiba has inspired us once more.

      insignificantly prepared short test; accessible online

      Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 950: Integrated (locally available) illustrations chip on Mobile Intel 945gm/ C/ Z/ ME/ ML chipsets

      also successor of GMA 900. No equipment T & L (needed for a few recreations). Barely suitable for recreations.

      3d diversions are on these agents just especially playable, yet the general representation cards are not this

      suitable. Should surf Office applications and Internet yet run without issue.

      »more data is accessible in our Comparison of Mobile Graphics Cards and the comparing Benchmark List.

      Intel Core Duo: Double Core processor with a decent execution to power utilization proportion. the most extreme

      Utilization of 31 watts is just 4 watts more than with the Pentium M (ancestor). Both centers are consequently

      brought down freely of one another by rate steps down to 1 Ghz. Likewise it now upholds additionally Sse3 guidelines.

      After first benchmarks the Core Duo finishes all tests at any rate as quick as an identical timed Pentium M.

      For applications that were gotten ready for multi-processors, the execution can be almost twice as quick as with the

      Pentium M (e.g. Cinebench around 86% quick)

      T2050: »further data can be found in our Comparison of Mobile processors and processors

      Benchmark List.

      15.4 ": 15 inch show variations are the standard and almost 50% of all journals can be utilized for note pad.

      Show in 15 inch configuration are the standard second to none. 15.4 inches is normally the definite size unit for 16:10

      Record books with 15.6 inch an evidence of the arrangement 16: 9. The motivation behind why such a large number of showcases with medium size is,

      that this size is not the eyes, does not expend a lot of vitality and the laptops still

      can be kept truly minimized.

      all present 15-inch Widescreen Reviews

      »check. Our DPI List a showcase is, the manner by which finely determined

      2.7 kg: This note pad is lighter than the normal of all journals. For sub-record books is as of now

      troublesome. 14 inch showcases are typical for this class of weight.

      Toshiba: Toshiba Corporation is a global innovation aggregate (the seventh biggest maker of electrical and

      electronic gadgets around the world) .Toshiba was made in 1939 and 1978, Toshiba was the authority organization name. 2006/07 made the

      Toshiba Corporation offers of 43.6 billion euros. Bunch wide, 190 000 individuals are utilized (2007).

      Toshiba is one of the greatest universal record book producer. For Toshiba models there exist numerous audits.

      Toshiba surveys

      80%: This rating is not World in Motion. In spite of the fact that it is an "Attractive" compares to at most locales, you need to

      remember that there are barely any laptops, which get short of what 60%. Verbal surveys around there frequently don't sound

      terrible, yet are frequently verklausulierte code words. This record book is really considered by the analyzers

      a purchase suggestion can be seen just with much goodwill therein.


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    • Angel - L. A. Weatherly / Junior Book / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      22.12.2014 06:36


      • "nice read"


      • none

      Based on the premise that Angels aren’t the kindly, protective beings mythology suggests, but actually

      While I have never been a fan of whole ‘Angel and Demon’ craze that recently stormed the YA book shelves, L.A Weatherly’s ‘Angel’ honestly surprised me. Not only was it a book I enjoyed immensely, but it portrayed a darker, flip side to angels that I have never seen done before.

      Written in a combination of both first and third person - I must admit that the change of narrative threw me a little at first. However once you get use to it I think it helps add depth to the story, and it also distinguishes the view points between the two protagonists Alex and Willow.

      I also really liked how the romance between these two blossomed sweet and slowly. Although while the initial attraction was there from the beginning, their feelings built up over time and it was only after several days spent in each other’s company - and many close calls with death - that they finally got together. For me this made the romance between them all that more real and moving.

      Throughout this book I was also really fascinated by the concept of religion and how the ‘Angels’ were using it for their own evil purposes. Also the idea of angel burn (the after affects of an angel’s touch that cause illness and mental diseases) I felt added a nice sideline to the plot. I’m curious to see how both these ideas will continue in L.A weatherly’s sequel, ‘ANGEL FIRE’ which was recently released in the UK on 1st October 2011.

      Therefore overall I felt this was a really good book with a captivating story and would recommend it to anyone who loves to read Young Adult, especially if you’re like me and have been disappointed with teen angel stories in the past. Everyone, this is a book you most definitely want to pick up! :)


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    • XLS-Medical Fat Binder / Diet & Weight Loss / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      22.12.2014 05:51


      • "Diet Weight Loss Supplements"


      Diet Weight Loss Supplements

      Weight reduction & Diet Supplements - Ineffective or Unhealthy

      There are few sound and compelling eating regimen supplements for weight reduction. Some weight reduction supplements help control hankering,

      at the same time they can have genuine reactions. Other eating regimen supplements can be profoundly addictive and can have antagonistic impacts on

      the heart and focal sensory system, while some weight reduction supplements do nothing whatsoever.

      Weight reduction & Diet Supplements - Risks of Stomach fillers

      The FDA expresses that some building specialists utilized as a part of eating regimen supplements, for example, fiber-based items, may assimilate fluid and

      swell in the stomach, subsequently lessening craving.

      Some of these fillers, for example, guar gum, can be unsafe, bringing on hindrances in the guts, stomach, or throat.

      The FDA has made legitimate move against a few promoters of eating regimen supplements containing guar gum.

      Weight reduction & Diet Supplements

      Hankering Suppressants Can Become Addictive

      Some hankering suppressant supplements contain amphetamine subsidiaries and are exceptionally addictive. Also their impact

      has a tendency to wear off on the off chance that they are taken for long stretches, so the patient is slanted to take huge and bigger measurements with ever

      expanding enslavement. A high hazard technique for weight reduction with no proof of long haul weight control.

      Weight reduction & Diet Supplements - Warnings About Ephedra

      Ephedra, otherwise called mama huang, is a solid stimulant found in prominent "home grown phen-fen" weight reduction supplements. While

      it soothes nasal blockage and some unfavorably susceptible issue, Varro E. Tyler, a power of the restorative utilization of herbs,

      states: "there is no significant clinical confirmation that [ephedra] is either a protected or powerful promoter of weight reduction."

      Also, ephedra can be extremely harming to the body, particularly when misused. At the point when taken frequently in weight reduction supplements,

      your body can stay in an unnaturally high apparatus and there is danger for heart palpitations, heart assaults, and strokes.

      Weight reduction & Diet Supplements

      Ephedra Labels and Dosage Levels

      The FDA urges everybody to counsel with a specialist before attempting any ephedra eating methodology supplement and specialists exhort against

      utilizing any weight reduction supplements that contain the herb. On the off chance that you do, check the marks to verify you don't get more than

      8 milligrams of the medication ephedrine in any 6 hour period, and don't take any ephedra item for more than each week. You

      should stay away from ephedra totally on the off chance that you have hypertension, heart inconvenience, kidney illness, neurologic issue, diabetes,

      then again an overactive thyroid organ, or in case you're pregnant or nursing. At long last, the FDA cautions against "home grown" supplements

      containing juice and ephedrine. Any weight reduction supplements with these twin fixings the FDA considers a "dangerous


      Weight reduction & Diet Supplements - Ephedra Ineffective

      Ephedra is not in any case particularly powerful for weight reduction.

      As indicated by a report in the diary Obesity Research (1995), specialists found that eating regimen supplements containing

      ephedrine joined with juice helped hefty patients on a strict eating methodology lose an additional 7.5 pounds in excess of six months thought about

      with patients who consumed less calories without the weight reduction supplements.

      Not precisely astounding weight reduction.

      Weight reduction & Diet Supplements - HCA

      HCA, or hydroxycitric corrosive, is a natural concentrate found in business weight reduction supplements. The synthetic apparently

      stifles the craving and eases off the change of sugars into fat.

      Be that as it may in a study distributed in the Nov. 11, 1998, issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, scientists from

      Columbia University gave HCA natural eating methodology supplements (1,500 milligrams every day) to 66 overweight patients. Result? HCA

      neglected to create noteworthy weight reduction.

      Weight reduction & Diet Supplements - Pyruvate

      This characteristic compound has picked up wide notoriety as a muscle developer and weight reduction support. Producers claim pyruvate is a

      common option to medicine eating methodology medications, for example, phentermine and fenfluramine (phen-fen), however the International

      Diary of Sports Nutrition calls such proclamations deluding. Professedly, there's no confirmation that pyruvate matches the

      weight reduction impacts of physician endorsed medications. In one of the few human investigations of pyruvate, scientists at the University of

      Pittsburgh Medical Center found that overweight patients who took pyruvate weight reduction supplements lost a normal of 2

      ounces(!) of additional weight every week, contrasted and patients who took a placebo. Pyruvate additionally has reactions, which might

      incorporate intestinal misery, bloating, and the runs, when devoured in expansive sums.

      Weight reduction & Diet Supplements - PPA

      Short for phenylpropanolamine, PPA was a standout amongst the most prevalent weight reduction medicates in the nation, however not due to its

      extraordinary weight reduction advantages. As per Robert Sherman of the FDA's Office of Over the Counter Drug Evaluation,

      "indeed the best studies indicate just around a half pound more noteworthy weight reduction every week utilizing PPA joined with eating regimen and

      exercise." PPA additionally had noteworthy symptoms. In October 2000, The FDA presumed that PPA was so unsafe it was not possible be

      accessible in over-the-stabilizer misfortune supplements and called for creators to quit offering eating methodology pills containing it.

      Weight reduction & Diet Supplements - Federal Regulation & Action

      The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and various state lawyers general have effectively brought bodies of evidence against

      advertisers of weight reduction supplements that claim to ingest or blaze fat.

      Also, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has banned 111 fixings once found in over-the-counter eating methodology


      No weight reduction supplements containing liquor, juice, dextrose and guar gum offer successful weight reduction.

      Weight reduction & Diet Supplements - Advice

      At the point when looking at weight reduction supplements, read the cases and writing precisely. One item producer, who

      guaranteed his eating regimen supplements were exceptionally valuable for weight reduction, likewise swayed clients to practice for 20 to 60 minutes

      five to seven days a week; consume three low-fat, adjusted dinners and two snacks consistently; consume no less than two servings of products of the soil

      what's more three servings of vegetable every day; drink six to eight glasses of water consistently; breaking point or quit drinking liquor;

      quit consuming two to three prior hours sleep time; reach for the strolling shoes before arriving at for the refrigerator...etc.

      Since this practically ensures weight reduction and long haul weight control, what is the purpose of purchasing the weight reduction



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    • HTC One X / Smartphone / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      22.12.2014 04:23



      The best phone of 2014

      When I first bought the phone it was top of theb range. It has everything you need already built in, but offers some great apps (some free of charge, some price vary) the limits are prett much endless on the htc. For example I lost my tv remote and instead of having to press the buttons on the tv to change the channel my phone has a free of charge app you can download and it genuinely works as a tv remote.
      Also with the large screen social media sites such as facebook look a lot clearer then they did on my iPhone 4s. Apps such as netflix and 4od look brilliant in hd on my phone and run smoothly. The battery life is brilliant so if you are on the go a lot like me, you don't have to worry about carrying a charger with you.
      The camera takes brilliant, sharp looking photos everytime daytime or night the quality doesn't decrease, ive found videos to be very pixelated which is my only concern on the camera side of the phone.
      The htc is quick at downloading and steaming films, books and music so say goodbye to long download wait. You can also purchase or sample books in the App Store- goodbye paperback hello phone!

      Overall, the htc is definatley the phone for people who are into electronics as it has everything you could ever need in one phone. I feel the htc one may be a little difficult to use for people who are not so "down with the kids" though.


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      22.12.2014 03:10
      Very helpful


      • "Fresh Strawberry Vanilla Milkshake"


      Fresh Strawberry Vanilla Milkshake

      Crisp Strawberry Vanilla Milkshake

      At the point when my wife and I initially began dating numerous years prior he continued offering to make me his unique strawberry milkshake. I

      continued putting it off in light of the fact that I didn't prefer strawberry frozen yogurt or strawberry milkshakes. I would not like to damage his

      feeling by not consuming it, and I truly would not like to get a resentful stomach for attempting to consume the entire thing. Inevitably

      I gave in and he demonstrated my apprehensions wrong as well as made me an enormous aficionado of his Fresh Strawberry Vanilla Milkshake.

      This formula makes 2 little or 1 substantial milkshake so in the event that you love milkshakes verify you don't need to impart excessively of

      this tasty milkshake with any other individual by making it a twofold!


      7 cut medium estimated strawberries

      1 teaspoon unadulterated vanilla concentrate

      2 containers vanilla dessert – or you could do 1 container vanilla and 1 glass strawberry however we incline toward the vanilla

      ½ container milk

      First and foremost, put the 7 cut strawberries in the blender, then include ½ teaspoon immaculate vanilla concentrate, 2 containers dessert, and

      spill ½ glass of milk on top.

      Place the top on top and mix the fixings together. Our blender has a milkshake/puree catch – simply make a point not to

      over mix the fixings, its decent to have some little lumps of strawberry.

      Top your treat with some whip cream and a strawberry!

      Goodness and on the off chance that you need an unique astound inside now and again my spouse includes a little scoop of dessert to the container just in the recent past

      spilling in the milkshake to keep it additional icy – in addition to i


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      21.12.2014 22:30
      Very helpful


      • "Only need to use a splash"
      • Classic
      • "Luxurious scent"


      • Expensive

      A beautiful, timeless classic.

      Chanel Allure had a very distinctive and memorable scent which makes it a timeless classic.mi have worn this perfume for the last 10 years and have lost count if the number of times that people have complimented me on its scent.

      Ithe Eau de Parfumerie is fairly concentrated and therefore you only need to use a splash of it otherwise you risk overwhelming anybody that comes close to you. As a result of this, it does last quite a long time, therefore making it slightly better value for money than you might initially think. It is however, quite expensive compared to other perfumes on the market, but in my experience, Chanel perfumes tend to be.

      The scent itself is beautiful. It has a very feminine aroma which oozes class and elegance. It is also versatile in that I find that I am able to wear it for both day and nighttime , it works well for both.

      I have rated Chanel Allure Eau de Parfum four stars because I honesty, believe it is one of the most strikingly beautiful fragrances on the market. I have several other scents which I have either been given as gifts or which I have bought myself to try to branch out and use something different but I have to say though, that I always end up going back to Allure because it is so much more beautiful than any other fragrance I have used. I would give it five strs but I marked it down solely because it is at the pricier end of the market.


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    • MAC Bronzing Powder / Make Up / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      21.12.2014 22:15


      • "Great quality"
      • "Long-lasting "
      • "Great glow"


      A great product and must-have for every make-up bag. For a natural, sun-kissed look.

      I have used many different brands of Bronzer over the years but this one blows all the others out of the water by a mile. It gives you a great, natural glow without being too heavy and without giving you a 'caked-on' look. This gives you a gorgeous, natural sun-kissed look. I apply a splash of it daily across my cheeks and brow and it really finishes off my make-up beautifully.

      This is a really long-lasting product. I use the Bronzer virtually everyday (and sometimes more than once a day) and I have almost had it a year and I still have plenty left. Some other bronzers do not come close to lasting as long as this product. Given its effective and easy coverage, you don't actually need to use very much to give yourself a natural sun kissed look, which helps the product last longer and makes it really good value for money.

      One of the other key advantages of this product over others on the market that I have used, is that it is excellent quality. The powder had not cracked or flaked and remains intact in its packaging which means that none of the product is wasted.

      In short, I would not hesitate to recommend the MAC Bronzer to anybody that is looking for a good quality, natural-looking sun-kissed look. Do not waste your time or money on trying other competitive products that are out there- go for this one and I assure you, you will not be disappointed .


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      21.12.2014 21:25
      Very helpful


      • "Soothing "


      • "Didn't help much with blocked nose "

      Soothing hot drink

      I’ve managed to only have one cold this winter but that was enough for me as there really is nothing worse than having a bad cold. There isn’t anything that you can do to make it go away but luckily there are plenty of things that you can buy to at least ease the symptoms of it.

      I bought some Beechams Ultra from the supermarket and although they normally cost £4.49 for a packet with 10 sachets in it they had them on special offer for only £3.

      The box contains 10 sachets of powder which you pour into a mug and then just fill up with hot water and stir to make sure that you have dissolved the powder. The powder contains paracetamol, phenylephrine and guaifenesin. The paracetamol helps with aches and pains while the phenylephrine is a decongestant and the guaifenesin is an expectorant to help lift phlegm from your chest.

      The flavour of them is honey and menthol and I thought that they were very soothing to drink. The hot lemon flavour immediately made me feel better and I could actually smell the menthol in them which combined with the steam seemed to unblock my airwaves a little bit.

      These didn’t make me miraculously better as soon as drinking them but they definitely did help with my symptoms. They helped ease the ache that you get when you have a bad cold and the really helped ease the pain in my chest. The fact that it was a hot lemon drink was also just soothing in itself and it also helped take away some of the dryness in my throat.

      The only thing that they didn’t seem to help with was my nose. The hot steam coming from it along with the menthol helped clear it a little but the Phenylephrine didn’t work nearly as well as a nasal spray at unblocking my nose for any amount of time.

      Over all though these were a good option for easing my cold symptoms and they really did feel as though they were soothing my symptoms and made me feel better even if it was only for a short time.

      Because these are medicines there are things to watch out for but everything is explained in the leaflet that comes with them but probably the most important thing is to ensure that you do not exceed the maximum dose which is four sachets in a 24 hour period.


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      21.12.2014 20:01
      Very helpful


      • "It has lasted me for long"
      • "It is big and thick"
      • "It is very good quality"


      • "There are no disadvantages"

      Dr Hauschka muslin face cloth

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is a muslin face cloth that is made by Dr Hauschka.


      I use my muslin cloth to wash my face with cleanser. I apply my cleanser with my fingers onto damp skin and then use the cloth to polish my face in small circle movements so that my skin is cleansed and buffed also.


      I think this is a very good muslin cloth because it is thick and large so I can use it scrunched into a ball in my hand or flat to wipe cleanser or face mask off my skin.

      It is not soft because muslin is not soft but it feels like it is soft and gentle on my skin and when I have used it my skin feels soft and very pleasing. The cloth can be washed in the washing machine and that is good because I have used others that have to be washed by hand and it is very hard to get them clean like they should be if they are in contact with your skin.

      I have used this cloth for 5 weeks and I am happy that I can continue to use it because it still looks like it did when I first bought it and the cloth is in very good condition even though I have used it alot. I like muslin cloths because of the colour because they are easier to keep looking new than white face cloths.


      These cloths cost about £6 and I think that is value for something that has lasted me good like this, I will buy another one soon so that when this one wears out I have got another to use. This Dr Hauschka muslin cloth is the best out of all the cloths I have used because it feels better on my skin and has lasted for alot longer so far.

      5 Dooyoo Hearts.


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    • Acer Aspire 8000 / Desktop PC / 3 Readings / 3 Ratings
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      21.12.2014 18:17



      One of the best budget laptop in market yeah its acer Aspire 8000

      Are you looking for an easy-to-use, yet powerful Internet-ready family computer? If so, then Acer has the answer for you. Carrying on the traditions of previous Aspire family members, the Aspire 8000 provides the same easy-to-set up, easy-to-use family-computing interface. However, not content with being just easy-to-use, the Aspire 8000 comes equipped with the fastest processors available on the market today. The AC adapter is compatible with fewer models in the line. Acer also offers the same OS image across all its products. The TravelMate may not be ideal for some big IT programs that want lots of choices, but for small businesses and individuals, it's a robust bargain

      I purchased this laptop after a fair amount of research. I know that I wanted a smaller, portable laptop that we would use for general activities like web surfing, e-mail and the basics. This laptop is packed with an impressive set of specs. The screen was bright and sharp, it loaded up quickly and was quiet a cool running. However, I ended up returning it for a refund because after about a week of use, the touchpad started to become next to impossible to use. It was twitchy from the beginning. When I viewed web sites, it would occasional cause the brower's back button to activate, font sizes to increase or decrease and it almost acted like it had a mind of its own. Despite that we were planning to live with it but when it because next to impossible to use the touch pad, we returned it and will look for a slightly larger screen size. The cover was nice but showed finger prints immediately. Still a great machine for the price and wonderful features but not the right one for me.
      Acer Asepire 8000 is little heavy, but if you don't travel often, it's hard to beat. It is one of the best budget laptop available in market. I personally used it it worth paying 313 Pounds. Along with this it is acer and is trust worthy i extended my warrant by total 4 years by paying few pounds.


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      21.12.2014 17:14
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      heavy duty Citizen watch for mens

      А lot of fаctors led to me buуing this wаtch. I wаnted the simple, militаrу-stуle design, glowing аrms, аnd а dаte аnd month presentаtion.
      I аlso love the ideа of the eco-drive, becаuse it seemed like in the pаst I wаs аlwауs chаnging bаtteries. I wаs аlso looking for glowing аrms thаt would be eаsу to see аt night. The eco-drive commerciаl, which is аlso presented on the Citizen website, seems to be implуing thаt Eco-Drive mаkes for wаtch аrms thаt glow brightlу. It seemed to be implуing thаt theу would glow so bright thаt уou would аlwауs be аble to see it in pitch dаrkness consistentlу. Not аlwауs so. Like stаndаrd glowing аrms on аnу wаtch, theу glow brightlу right аfter being аround lights or from being in the sun, but аfter а short time, theу become so dim I hаve to reаllу squint to see them. Much to mу disаppointment. But I don't believe this is а disаppointing wаtch.

      For уeаrs I hаd а nice citizen wаtch with glowing аrms аnd а dаte аnd month presentаtion, but when it broke, I hаd been using mу bаckup wаtch; а plаin-looking Timex. The Timex hаd а dаte presentаtion (no dау), аnd а push-button "indiglo", but I still found it hаrd to reаd аt night. I missed mу citizen wаtch thаt hаd previouslу broke (from mу own аction), аnd without the dау presentаtion, I kept forgetting whаt dау it wаs! I guess I wаs overlу use to mу old Citizen keeping trаck for me. Аnd I don't like to constаntlу be checking mу cell phone.

      The strаp bаnd comes hаrd right out of the box, giving it а reаl "heаvу dutу" feel. So much so thаt the bаnd wаnted to continuouslу retаin the shаpe from the presentаtion stаnd, аn ovаl shаpe. This led to the fаce of the wаtch shifting аwау from mу view. You mау sау, "just tighten the bаnd." But then it becomes too tight. For me, the strаp is either а little too loose or а little too tight, аnd I cаn't seem to аdjust it just right. А few importаnt notes аbout the strаp, though, is thаt it seems to hаve а "weаr-in" period. Аfter аbout а month of weаring it, the fаce doesn't shift аwау from mу view much аnуmore. The strаp seems а bit softer, but hаrd enough to feel "heаvу-dutу" still. However, whenever I put it in mу pocket for а couple of hours, а tinу bit of string seems to be sticking out everу time. А keу or something seems to be grаduаllу cutting it. In spite of this, I suspect the strаp will lаst а long time. The bаnd on mу wаtch does not produce аnу kind of odor, but then аgаin, I don't аllow moisture to stау under the bаnd for dауs аt а time. I аlwауs аir out а wаtch once in аwhile so this doesn't hаppen. Even а stаinless steel bаnd will produce аn odor if never аired out, аs I hаve leаrned.

      Аll in аll, I still think this is а greаt piece for the moneу I pаid. I like the wау the strаp аnd wаtch look, аnd the heаvу-dutу "feel" of the whole thing. I got it for well under 100! А little more thаn I would hаve pаid for most Timexes. I think it is а greаt buу for the moneу. Аnd there is just something cool аbout the look of steel аnd olive drаb together.


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