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    • Pantene Smooth & Sleek Serum / Hair Care / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      31.03.2015 18:54



      Can make hair limp and oily:(

      Received this as a free gift with a purchase and was more than happy to try. Since growing my hair out using hair oils and serums are much more effective, I find, on longer hair so this is a real treat especially as I colour my hair most of the time and conscious about making it look and feel healthy.

      For thicker hair, the perspective I am reviewing from, putting hair oil or serum on is a risk as it can make roots limp, hair appear more oily and product more tears than one ought to cry for hair.

      This serum oil I believe has now changed, at the time I used this it was just a serum but now it seems to have added ARGAN OIL.
      This should provide intense moisture and shine so using this over the summer was ideal for me having been out and about in London where it can show the most the weakness and damage in your hair over the day.

      Working only a small amount almost a ten pence piece size, roughly, I worked this first into damp hair but it appeared to make my hair oily and then in dryer hair but that too really did nake my hair limp and oily.
      I warmed the product up between my hands as recommended but this really didn't work well and as for styling my hair with straighteners, that made it worse! Arghh.

      Sadly this is a product I couldn't recommend to provide sleek or smooth hair :(


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    • Pantene Smooth & Sleek Shampoo / Hair Care / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      31.03.2015 18:36



      Really good, even for those with thick hair :)

      This is another shampoo on the market to banish those pesky frizzes and flyaway hair that threatens your perfect look.
      This is apparently clinically proven to straighten hair especially helping chase curls away should you wish to straighten them for a while.

      I do like PANTENE although as noted in my other reviews for thick hair this is not so good to use.
      However, this has proven to be the best and what's even better is that it should help more your hair appear sleeker.

      I used their 2 in 1 original product, but this was far better and much more effective to style with heating products afterwards with, as it doesn't make your hair fuller as their other products have done.

      I tend to work this into my scalp to cleanse and remove product build-up which it is highly effective in doing but I don't leave it in as long as other brands and wash it through with warmer water as this suits my thicker hair better.

      The scent is nice but can't really compete with the main leading brands but can more than makeup with the super shine this leaves your hair with. From PANTENE, I wasn't expecting it to be so good and found this gave me a more positive outlook on a brand I was starting to turn away from.

      The prices vary online, but BOOTS and SUPERDRUG do competitive prices and great deals. I tend to purchase this from one of them.

      I would highly recommend that if you haven't yet try PANTENE.


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    • Pantene Pro V 2 In 1 Shampoo / Hair Care / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      31.03.2015 18:08



      Great but not for those with thick hair.

      Combining shampoo and conditioner is better to take away on holiday or travel with as I find I don't have as much time to use each individually, this can save time and money.

      The PANTENE range is a good range that I've heard good things from my family and friends from and obviously noticeable through their ad campaigns, so my expectations of them were a little higher than I should have put them.

      There are six varieties in the PANTENE range with different aims for the hair. This is the original or classic version in their range.

      I found this very good in cleansing the scalp. removing product build-up and left such a lovely shine when dried.
      This didn't smell as nice as other leading brands, but it certainly wasn't something that you couldn't wear and smell on your hair.

      The downside in nt being able to use this regualrly, only as a last resort.
      This sadly is because I have thick hair and this product tends to make my hair fuller and a bit more unmanagable.
      Even when using hair oils or heating products my hair my hair seemed too thick and it was a bit of a nightmare to tie up.

      This did leave my hair soft and nourished and wouldn't say its the worst I've ever tried it just doesn't seem suitable for those with thick hair, however, I've never heard a complaint from those with normal/ finer hair, quite the opposite.

      Another small thing to add- this did strip my hair colour a little. It removed some of the colour until the third wash. Opps


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      31.03.2015 17:50


      • "Fits my ISH perfectly"
      • "Ideal for competition use eg showing"
      • "Beautiful supple leather"


      My favourite ever bridle this past showing season!

      I use this bridle on my Irish Sports horse for ridden showing classes and find it always generates the perfect reaction from the judges, and always gives us a smart and professional appearance - we've placed first three times this season so we must be doing something right!

      Rhinegold is a good quality brand for bridles and I also use their comfort flash bridle for home use, but with this one I enjoy the aspect of professionalism it gives. It's made of carefully selected supple German leather, and is a comfort bridle and therefore is a lot more padded at the poll than regular bridles. It contains padding inside the noseband, headpiece and browband also and allows for a very comfortable fit on your horse. It allows for complete comfort and luxury on top of the extra control given to the rider. The horse will experience very little facial pressure.

      I find it ideal for competition use mainly and it always has a beautiful shine to it when cleaned the day before. The stainless steel silver buckles also shine up beautifully and are easily slotted into place on first use of the bridle. The leather is always supple but strong.

      I was very pleased that the bridle comes put together already and simply needs the bits attached. The free reins are also very much appreciated as it can be difficult to find ones which match the bridle in such close cosmetic terms as well as quality, as I learnt when attempting to purchase a spare pair!

      It retails at around £65-£70 online and I think this is a fair price for such a quality product. It's a beautiful bridle from a fantastic brand and I wouldn't use another for showing.

      I found when it arrived it was very supple and didn't need given time to 'take shape' properly without creasing as the majority of cheaper bridles on the market do. It's fairly sized and won't need that much adjusting to fit on a usual full sized bridle wearing horse. The reins are leather and are easily gripped, a perfect match to the bridle. I've enjoyed using it this showing season and would completely recommend it to anyone, but being a double bridle I wouldn't like to use it for everyday use.


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      31.03.2015 17:36
      Very helpful


      • "Well known and trusted brand!"
      • "Ideal for any occasion"
      • "Beautiful design on the nails!"


      Beautiful nails ideal for a range of different occasions!

      Elegant Touch are a fantastic brand to get false nails from and one I will always trust. I adore the range of designs etc they have as well as how their nails hold up in terms of quality and strength.

      I wore these pink leopard ones to a hen party recently and thought the shade of pink they came in was a very good choice for the occasion! They were a big hit and lasted over a week after the event, even after a lot of partying and alcohol, with no chipping or breakages! I was so pleased with them and found they fitted my nails fantastically.

      I paid £9.99 for these and received in the box;
      - 24 nails in 10 different sizes
      - Adhesive tabs included
      - Nail buffer
      - Instruction manual (for use and application!)

      The 10 different sizes option is always a good thing as it can be hard to find nails that fit the shape and dimensions of yours exactly. The adhesive tabs work fantastically, although Elegant Touch do offer a nail glue which can be purchased separately for extra strength.

      I like Elegant Touch as a brand due to the UV Gel technology they offer and the general high quality of the nails they produce. I have worn literally very variation and they are all beautifully glossy and don't chip or scratch. I liked this particular design due to the occasion and the fact it went well with what I wore! The nails were bright in colour and very striking. I felt beautifully feminine wearing them and ready for a 'wild' night!

      They're ideal for mostly teenagers and adults due to sizing of the nails but are average in their sizing!

      They stick on quickly and also don't come off even if exposed to hot water - it takes time naturally. I recommend this brand of nails to anyone and the specific design to anyone also, I was so pleased with mine!


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    • AMCO Monitored Home Alarm System / Other Service / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      31.03.2015 17:11


      • "Value for money"
      • "Total security"


      • None

      Great customer service from beginning to end

      Found AMCO from just an initial internet search. Was looking on behalf of an elderly friend who was being left in the lurch by her previous alarm company. The monitoring equipment that gets installed is state of the art and in my opinion second to none.
      The engineer who came on the day to do the installation arrived on time, was smartly presented and polite. While he was working he cleaned up as he was working so at no time was there any mess.
      The engineer was highly knowledgeable in all aspects of the system he was installing, and when it came for tuition on the system explained it in a manner that was understood and did not use any tech jargon.
      Forget about other alarm companies, AMCO give the ultimate in home security at a price that can be trusted. Would I recommend AMCO to others .... HELL YEAH!!!!!!


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      31.03.2015 16:49
      Very helpful


      • "suitable for vegetarians"
      • "nice texture"
      • "good taste"
      • "quick and simple meal"


      • pricey
      • "difficult to split in two"

      Fancy a morning bagel?

      I tried these New York plain bagels quite a while back, but have recently started buying them again. I mainly use them to make Quorn ham bagels (yes, you can get meat free ham,) because they taste great with the faux-ham on one side and olive spread or some butter on the other. They're an easy to make, quick and simple, meal or snack, which are quite filling without being overly stodgy or heavy. The bagels themselves are also suitable for vegetarians.

      The bagels are white bread. They have a fluffy bread roll texture on the inside, with a soft crust outside. The crust is also slightly sweeter than you normally find with bread rolls - more like a donut, but not so sugary or pastry-like. It's quite difficult to explain so I hope I haven't confused you too much. Trust me when I say that it works well. They also have a hole in the middle.

      They also make a lovely breakfast - un-split and plain, or cut in two with a little jam or spread. And it's something a little different to the usual cereal or toast options.

      Unfortunately, when you split them in two, they sometimes break and/or get crumbs everywhere: they aren't the easiest thing to cut and might be better off coming pre-split.

      They are also fairly pricey - a bag of only five will set you back in the region of £1.70 (they are £1.74 currently in my local co-op, though if you shop around you may find them cheaper.) This does seem a bit much for 5 bagels, albeit they are individually rather large.

      In general, I think they're a great option for something a little different - a tasty but practical treat.


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    • HP 2 in 1 Envy 13 j001ng / Laptop / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      31.03.2015 16:46


      • "good touchscreen"
      • "tablet facility"
      • "good battery life"


      • "low sound "

      It is a very good device

      This is a very good laptop. i have been using it for more than 2 weeks and i like it very much. A major advantage of HP 2 in 1 Envy 13 j001ng is that it can be used both as a laptop and also as a tablet pc. The windows 8 OS is working very smoothly on this device. It has a very good battery life and it works for more than 2 hours in laptop mode and 3 hours in tablet mode. Another good feature is the touch screen which is very smooth and sensitive. In my opinion I recommend this product to all for both office and home use.


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    • Whiskas Crunchy Pockets Salmon / Cat Food / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      31.03.2015 16:33


      • "Good packaging "
      • "Great value "
      • "Cat loves them "


      • "Nothing "

      Fishy treats

      My cat loves her food and especially loves treats! For Christmas she received quite a few treats including a few pots of the Whiskas temptation biscuits one of which was the salmon flavour.

      These Whiskas treats can be purchased in most large supermarkets and were recently on offer in my local Tesco store for just £1.00 for a 60g pot.

      The treats come packaged in a purple plastic pot which is shaped like a cats head. The pot has a clear plastic lid which allows you to be able to reseal it to keep the treats nice and fresh. On the pot you can find detailed information about the treats including ingredients listings and feeding guidelines.

      My cat runs to me as soon as she hears the pot rattle and loves these treats. They look like little pillows and are light brown in colour with a rough texture. Inside is a salmon flavoured filling, it states on the pot that they only contain 4% salmon but my cat goes crazy for them and certainly enjoys eating them so they must taste pretty good.

      I try not to feed too many of these to my cat as I am careful to maintain her at a healthy weight especially as a house cat who doesn’t get as much exercise as a cat who goes outdoors exploring. But as these are quite small they are great to hide to make a little treasure hunt or to place into a toy where my cat has to use her skills to get the treats out to prevent boredom.

      Overall my cat loves these treats, they are good value and if fed as part of a balanced diet make an excellent treat for my cat. Highly recommended. 5 stars from me.


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    • Lindt Lindor Dark 60% / Chocolate / 1 Reading / 1 Rating
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      31.03.2015 16:30
      Very helpful


      • "Lovely packaging "
      • "Gorgeous texture and taste"
      • "Excellent quailty"


      • "High in calories"

      Intensely Dark!

      Lindt and its master chocolatiers have been making chocolate since 1885 and launched the first version of Lindor in 1955. These extra dark 60% cocoa Lindor chocolates consist of a dark chocolate spherical shell which is filled with a rich, smooth dark chocolate truffle centre.

      These truffles are marketed as a luxurious chocolate which is reflected in the packaging. The box is dark brown in colour with gold decoration which makes it look like an expensive, high quality product. There is a clear plastic window on the front of the box allowing you to see the individually wrapped truffles inside.
      On the back of the box you can find detailed product information including ingredients listings, nutritional information and storage instructions.
      The truffles as stated are individually wrapped in a plastic wrapper which is twisted at each end keeping them lovely and fresh and makes them perfect for sharing a box with friends.

      These truffles can be purchased from most supermarkets retailing for £4.50 for a 200g box but are currently on special offer at Tesco for £3.50.

      It is stated that dark chocolate is better for you than other chocolate due to its high cocoa content but as with all chocolate it still contains those dreaded calories. These Lindor dark truffles contain the following information per 3 truffles:
      ~ Calories - 230
      ~ Fat - 19g of which saturates 13g
      ~ Sugars – 11g

      I received a box of these truffles for my birthday and remember the taste as they are just divine. I am a fan of dark chocolate anyway as I think it has a wonderful rich taste, also dark chocolate gives you that intense chocolate fix without having to eat a large amount. The truffles are really easy to unwrap by twisting the two ends of the wrapper to reveal the glossy looking dark chocolate ball. You can smell the chocolate straight away which is sweet, slightly bitter but also mouth watering. Biting though the chocolate shell is quite easy and makes a cracking sound. Once through the shell you hit the contrast in texture to the soft, smooth, deliciously creamy dark chocolate truffle centre which is very rich and indulgent. You can certainly sense the high cocoa content as the taste of the chocolate and truffle is quite intense and a little bitter but it has just enough sweetness to give a lovely balance. As these truffles are so rich I was only able to eat a couple at a time but felt like I had eaten many more as they are so rich.

      Overall these Lindor extra dark truffles are just delicious. They may not be for everyone as I think dark chocolate is quite an acquired taste as the richness and bitterness can be a little overpowering but I love it especially in these truffles. I would certainly recommend these extra dark Lindor truffles as they are fantastic quality, taste amazing and are good value. 5 stars from me.


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    • The Killer Inside Me (DVD) / DVD / 2 Readings / 1 Rating
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      31.03.2015 16:11
      Very helpful


      • "Awards – 2 Wins & 5 Nominations"
      • "Country – USA"
      • "Certificate – 18R"
      • "Genre – Crime/Thriller"
      • "Run Time – 109 minutes"
      • "Star – Casey Affleck"


      • "Violent towards women"

      50 Shades of Pain

      So, ‘The Killer Inside Me, based on the book of the same name by Jim Thompson, the tome said to be un-filmable because of its often graphic depiction of violence against women, why it caused so much controversy when British director Peter Winterbottom attempted exactly that. The 2010 film really riled women’s groups because British director Peter Winterburn appeared quite sadistic with the visually violent scenes on screen that actor Casey Affleck (playing a Texas cop) and the two female leads had to play out. I have certainly never seen anything as bad as this and I can understand why it upset people. But the point of the book appears to be the link between violence, sex and control of women, and their occasional submission to it, and in a context that does seem to be relevant. But this is not a film for women to watch, especially as so many women have gone through domestic violence in real life. It’s watched by men, making it even more probabilistic in those critics’ eyes.

      As we saw with the rabid popularity of 50 Shades of Gray there are women out there who enjoy inviting levels of pain into their relationship as sexual gratification. Ok, they are mostly working-class women who openly admit to that and the same people who bought the book and watched the film….more pink Stetsons in the multiplexes than gay pride parade in Brighton, why the critics were so ‘sniffy’ over the book and the films success. Some women tolerate violence and pain in their lives because it’s all they ever knew whilst others because they feel it reinforces control in the relationship and get off from it. Whatever women may say, deep down they want their man to be a man and in control and so subliminally subservient to them when it comes to bed time. It really is a basic instinct. Who doest like going over the knee to have their bottom spanked red? I’m game!


      Casey Affleck ... Lou Ford
      Kate Hudson ... Amy Stanton
      Jessica Alba ... Joyce Lakeland
      Ned Beatty ... Chester Conway
      Elias Koteas ... Joe Rothman
      Tom Bower ... Sheriff Bob Maples
      Simon Baker ... Howard Hendricks
      Bill Pullman ... Billy Boy Walker
      Matthew Maher ... Deputy Jeff Plummer
      Liam Aiken ... Johnnie Pappas
      Jay R. Ferguson ... Elmer Conway
      Ali Nazary ... Max Pappas


      Lou Ford (Casey Affleck) is a Deputy in a small town in Texas, appearing an easy going and decent law enforcing authority on the outside. But a whole lot of sadistic hate is going on in the inside and being a cop the best job in the world for that outlet. As a teenager, Lou was caught raping a five-year-old girl in the back of a parked car by his adopted brother Mike, who pleaded guilty to the crime and served prison time to protect Lou. He also had a thing for his sister. After Mike was released, he died in a construction accident, which the boss, Chester Conway (Ned Beatty), believes the sociopathic Ford was responsible for when he worked as a tiler for him in his younger days.

      The Deputy’s need for violence is accelerated once again when sexy prostitute Joyce Lakeland (Jessica Alba) sets up shop just outside of town, Ford sent to see her by the Sherriff (Tom Bower) because she is having an affair with Conway’s grandson Elmer (Jay R. Ferguson). At first he asks her to move on but she fights back, landing blows on the Deputy and drawing blood, which are reciprocated, the two soon rolling on the bed in passion.

      A torrid affair begins as the two devise a plan to extort money from Elmer Conway instead. But Ford’s insane instincts take over and he gleefully beats Joyce within an inch of her life, then shooting Elmer and placing the gun in her hand, another more exciting extortion plan deployed. But weeks later she is still breathing, which means Conway intends to see her charged for killing her grandson.


      ‘…..A weed is a plant out of place. I find a hollyhock in my cornfield, and it's a weed. I find it in my yard, and it's a flower. You're in my yard’,

      The County District Attorney arrives (Simon Baker) to find out what really happened. But he has another suspect in mind, our sociopathic deputy. Fords long term girlfriend Amy (Kate Hudson) is also suspicious of his actions of late as the net closes, not s turned on by his need for pain in their bedroom. But it’s never wise to corner a wild animal.


      Deputy Lou Ford: I got a foot on both sides of the fence. They were put there early, and they stayed put. I can't move. I can't jump. All I can do is wait until I split, right down the middle.


      The film critic inside me says the exploration of violence against women is fair game on film but no where else. But the real impact of this movie is how you feel when the women are being beaten, Ford really going at it with his leather driving gloves and cowboy boots. As a woman you would feel disgust, as you do a man, but there are other uncomfortable emotions stirring. They are the same feelings the mob has when they gather at a potential suicide and scene encourage the guy to jump to his death from the multistory. These are primeval emotions from the beginning of mankind and evolution. Why does the cinema audience cheer when someone gets badly beaten up? Maybe we don’t want to address those emotions? Jim Thompson says you should. They didn’t cheer when Jessica Alba was getting pounded but they were not alone with their uncomfortable feelings at that point. I think the writer really nailed those sadistic emotions we ALL have hidden away but I also feel the director got carried away and used the scenes to generate controversy to help sell a tricky film.

      Casey Affleck doesn’t really convince as a sadistic psychopath but does a good enough job for his slight frame and boyish good looks. Alba just about convinces as the submissive hoar but Kate Hudson not really grasping what the book is about with her passive turn. The violence is there and visceral and the camera lingers on Alba’s swollen face and Hudson’s smashed ribcage. Yes I do think the film it works as the exploration of a violent sociopath to some extent but doesn’t put Casey Affleck’s serial killer up there with cinemas greats as it’s not quite sophisticated enough in the exploration of the demented mind.

      I enjoyed the film noir style and intrigue but the plot does seem to be there just to deliver the violent scenes on camera, almost like Winterbottom is getting kick out of it from behind the lens. The actual plotting and deception isn’t made really clear though and glossed over to get to the nasty stuff.

      As a film its ok but no where near Elmore Leonard and co. There are no Blue Ray extras but Texas looks good in the dry dusty sun in Blue Ray sunshine. It’s not really a film that needs Blue Ray as it has a TV movie look going on but if you want to pay extra for it then fair enough. The blood is the same red as the normal DVD although that little bit richer. The sound is rather good though and it has some good folksy dialect and writing but the only memorable scenes that make this film relevant are for the wrong reasons. It’s more sadistic than smart and a film that should only be enjoyed if you want to go to that place we don’t talk about. Its $13 million budget pulling back just $4 million is all you need to know on the word of mouth.


      Imdb.com – 6.2/10.0 (26,543votes)
      Rottentomatos.com –55% critic’s approval
      Metacriitc.com – 53% critic’s approval
      Leonard Maltin Film Year Book –


      ===Special Features===



      Flicks –‘Jim Thompson's 1952 novel upon which this is based was supposedly unfilmable: perhaps that was the correct assessment’.

      The Mail –‘[Affleck's] commitment to such a vile character, even in spite of Winterbottom's occasionally questionable direction, displays a fearlessness that is rarely seen in cinema today’.

      Cinemafriend.com –‘The violence is not shown in an ironic fashion. It's put front and center and is visceral in a way nothing else is in the film’.

      The heralded –‘violent" scene practically screams "We need domestic distribution!" I don't think anyone in this movie actually likes this movie’.

      What Culture –‘An excellent film which takes some big, brave steps in the crime genre...’



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    • pcspecialist.co.uk / Online Shop / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      31.03.2015 15:59


      • "Easy to use Service"
      • "Kept infomed"
      • "Speedy Delivery"


      • "No Saturday Delivery"

      The best prices and best service.

      Having heard about but not used PC specialist before, I needed a new laptop to allow me to game on the road and also serve as a work machine. The custom machine that PC specialist have built for me is absolutely perfect for my needs. I took advantage of a special offer on a 3k screen for the laptop and it looks superb.

      Overall I cannot fault the service of PC specialist and the laptop is exceptional value for money. The only thing is that the courier they used do not do Saturday delivery so I hat to wait a few extra days to get my machine, other than that faultless.


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    • lipsy.co.uk / Online Shop / 1 Reading / 1 Rating
      More +
      31.03.2015 15:42
      Very helpful



      A nice way for ladies to look fine .. or men if they want to...

      My eldest daughter is at that stage of life where it's a new outfit each day or 'she ain't ever going out again 'cause I've ruined her life forever'. Fortunately, these days, there are a few good online shops that offer good quality clothing at a nice price. And this is one of them. It's full name being “Lipsy London”

      When she first pointed me in this direction I spent a bit of time checking it out to see if it was all that it seemed, my saying is “If it's at a lower price than other places then there could be someone after my card details ….”.

      But after a little checking around I found that, even though this is a reasonably priced shop, it is one of those that is trustworthy with your card details. Which is nice to know. Plus, as I found out recently, when it comes to returning an items, due to it being a wrong size, the refunding of monies back onto my card took days rather than months
      The website itself is as easy an any other catalogue style site to navigate around, giving you quicker links to narrow your search of what you are looking for, such as shoes, tops, leggings, hoodies, denim and more. Or you could shop by brand instead, although I have no idea who these brands are as when it comes to fashion I am at the bottom end of the waiting list.

      You do have to set up an account in order to order, but this takes minutes and, if you want to, you can have the site store your card details so you don't have to input them for future orders. I chose not to store my card details, but that's preference. As far as I can tell the site is safe and your card details are as safe as they would be on any other site of its kind.

      The quality of the goods are great. My daughter has spent quite a bit of money on the site and has been pleased with everything she has bought. The only reason she had to return an item recently was because it was the wrong size. But returning it and getting a full refund the my credit card took all of four days. Which is great for any online shops as far as i'm concerned.

      So, if you have a daughter, or you like to buy ladies clothing at a nice price without fear of shoddy wears, then this is a good site to look into. My daughter swears by it.


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    • MUA Blusher / Make Up / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
      More +
      31.03.2015 14:33


      • "Excellent price"


      • None

      A nice blush

      Its only in the last couple of years that I have started to wear blusher, I always thought my face was too round for it, my favourite one is the Mosaic Blush from MUA however last year when I ran out and had to order some more online (my local Superdrug is quite small and they don't stock it), I had brought this as an interim measure to keep me going and because it only cost £1, I wasn't too concerned if I didn't use it after my mosaic blush arrived.

      The blush

      As with most MUA products, the packaging is very basic, however when the retails price of the products is so low, yet the quality of the products is good, this doesn't bother me. The blush comes in a small little compact which contains 2.4g of the product. The hinged lid to the compact is clear with the product name MUA written in silver lettering.
      The blush is available in 6 different shades although my local doesn't stock this many, I think depending on the size of the store, depends on how big the product selection is. The product range is quite big online, but you can also buy direct online at muastore.co.uk.


      To apply, I simply rubbed my brush a couple of times over the compact, the powder transfers easily to the brush and then onto my cheeks and even better, it stays there and doesn't fall all over my dressing table and by the end of the day the blush is still on my cheeks. The product does have a little bit of a shimmer, but not excessively so I look like I am off clubbing! The pigmentation of the blush is good, and it transfers nicely onto my skin, another good point is that it is lightweight and doesn't feel heaving, even when I have layered it up.


      Overall, whilst I would recommend, I would only re-buy again should I not be able to get hold of the mosaic one but that is just because I prefer that version, there is nothing wrong with this, in fact, everything right and for that reason, the blush gets 5 out of 5 stars from me.
      Thanks for reading,


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      31.03.2015 14:29
      Very helpful


      • "None whatsoever"


      • "Horrible feeling vinyl"
      • "The phone falls out"

      Rubbish case for a rubbish phone

      This is a blast from the past review, written as this morning I came across the Vinyl case I used with my fairly short-lived Blackberry a few years ago. As far as I can remember it was supplied in a bundle of accessories that came with the (pretty rubbish) phone and I used it for a while as from day one I knew I wouldn't be keeping the Blackberry for long and didn't want to spend extra cash on a purchase that hadn't been well thought out in the first place.

      As the name would suggest, this is a pouch style case to fit any of the smaller Blackberry designs (I have no idea what mine was, although the word RIM does ring a bell).

      The pouch is vinyl so feels absolutely revolting to handle, it has a slightly webbed interior so the phone slides in nicely - the top of the pouch doesn't fasten closed however so this slidiness doesn't really help if like me you keep your phone in your bag as when it rings you're likely to pull the pouch out but the phone has slid out and is tossed amongst the contents of your bag. Scratch.

      I'd say if you were going to use this pouch it would be best kept in your pocket where the phone can't fall out if it tips upside down, ideally the pouch would have had a small strip running along the top for a little security but sadly the designer didn't think of this so while it keeps your phone reasonably safe at times at other times the phone falls out so no security is offered.

      I wouldn't buy a phone case of this style again as it was almost as much of a nightmare as the Blackberry itself, if you really want this type of pouch then I'd recommend a knitted sock instead as at least you can close the majority of those from the top.


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