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      17.01.2017 02:04


      • "Sweet film"


      • "Maudlin "

      Pacino's swansong

      Star – Al Pacino
      Genre – Comedy
      Run Time – 106 minutes
      Certificate – 18R
      Country – USA
      Awards – 3 Nominations & 1 Win
      Amazon – £5.00 DVD - £8.67 Blue Ray
      = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

      In 1971 John and Yoko sent a complimentary short note to up and coming British folk Steve Tilson, offering him some advice about how to deal with fame and life in general, if his talent came to fruition. But Steve never got it, or knew about that letter, until 2006, when an antiques collector rang him up to verify it. He couldn’t, of course, but quite a surprise for a man that never did become famous. Hollywood read this story and 8 years later made a movie about it, Danny Collins. But it wasn’t going to be about some ginger bearded nobody from Leicestershire, opting instead for the more Hollywood option of the letter being sent by just John to an ageing fictional pop star, Danny Collins, more Rod Stewart than Nick Drake, Pacino’s best and certainly most enjoyable performance for a while. This film will remind you why you like this guy.

      Al, like DeNiro, and many of those Italian American A-Listers from the 1980s, hasn’t really done much of note since and we stopped watching their movies, mostly romantic comedies or mid range thrillers now as they refuse to play the characters they should be in their 60s and 70s, the dreaded avuncular old man roles. It must be hard to entertain the idea that you may not be a big star anymore. But for Danny Collins, Pacino did, at least, and earnt a Golden Globe nomination for his efforts, his 20th in total, with 5 wins to his name to date. But his only Oscar was back in 1993, Scent of a Woman, an apologetic one by The Academy for not giving him an Oscar for the previous seven nominations, including the Godfather trilogy, Serpico and Dog Day Afternoon, barnstorming performances in likewise movies. It shows you how tough it was to win gongs back then.


      • Al Pacino as Danny Collins
      • Annette Bening as Mary Sinclair
      • Jennifer Garner as Samantha Leigh Donnelly
      • Bobby Cannavale as Tom Donnelly
      • Christopher Plummer as Frank Grubman
      • Nick Offerman as Guy DeLoach
      • Josh Peck as Nicky Ernst
      • Fernando Colunga as Fernando
      • Michelle Vieth as Selena
      • Katarina Čas as Sophie
      • Melissa Benoist as Jamie
      • Giselle Eisenberg as Hope Donnelly
      • Eric Michael Roy as Young Danny Collins


      Danny Collins (Al Pacino) is a huge perma - tanned star with the Vegas mansion and showbiz lifestyle but living off past glories, just old enough to get away with throwing cool pool parties with lots of beautiful people and rock and roll enough to pop A-List drugs. But he hasn’t had a hit in 25-years and hasn’t written a new song in three decades but still making a great living by touring the back catalogue and hits to packed venues for the older crowd, his loyal fans, demanding he sing his hit song Baby Doll, and others. He is a likable guy and people still want to be around him, a beautiful young girlfriend (Michelle Vieth) and a loyal manager, Frank (Christopher Plummer), for all those years still by his side.

      On Collins big 65th birthday bash at the mansion he receives a special gift from Frank, something Frank has been keeping secret for three months and champing at the bit to show him. It’s a brief letter from none other than John Lennon, sent to him 40-years ago with words of encouragement on keeping it real and complementing his talent when he was just starting out. Somehow it never got to him and Frank has bought it off a collector after verifying it. Danny loves the present and soon contemplating its meaning, then and now. Lennon obviously thought he was very good, no bigger compliment.

      Soon after the party he discovers his girlfriend has a lover, who he is not really that bothered about, but can’t get the letters sentiment out of his head that he has wasted too many years not producing new music to the level of the songwriter Lennon knew him as. Its time for a late midlife crisis as Danny tells Frank to cancel the rest of the tour and ship his piano out to an obscure New Jersey hotel so he can start writing again. Frank, thinking its phase and will pass, agrees, Danny pitching up at the local Holiday Inn on the outskirts of Trenton, New Jersey, much to the shock of the staff and pretty day manager Mary Sinclair (Annette Bening). He announces at reception he will be staying for a while and begins composing in his room.

      Mary Sinclair: I'm sorry, are you on drugs?
      Danny Collins: Currently or in general?

      Danny is soon chating Marry up in his charismatic way but she knows it’s all an act but flattering in its own way. A bit of normality is what Danny is looking for in his life and hopes it will inspire his songwriting. Mary is impressed by the story of the letter, proudly framed and perched on his $35,000 dollar Steinway. Danny also wants to take this timeout to make things right with his son from his third marriage, Tommy (Bobby Cannavale), why Danny is really in New Jersey, Tommy’s wife Samantha (Jennifer Garner) as equally surprised to see her famous father-in-law pitch up at the family home when her husband is at work. She is not looking forward to phoning the news to her hubby. But Danny has a lot of emotions to offload and so decides to spend the day with them to try and fix things.


      I wasn’t really sure I would enjoy this but I did. Yes AP’s turn is very hammy and the film somewhat too nice at times but its joyous fun and you enjoy Pacino’s company, in full chest wig mood, Tony Ferrino style. The script is smarter than, and not as cheesy as, it appears and has a real heart to it. This is Pacinos most endearing turn for ages, reminding how engaging an actor he once was. He is only 5ft 7’ and so only suited to certain roles and that’s when his star shines and that sexy voice growls. The rest of the classy cast is mere window dressing. This is no real narrative of note here other than pursuit of the maudlin to draw an audience and so you need to enjoy it as a mood piece.

      For its Pacino light $10m budget it lost money and bombed at $8 million. I’m guessing his core and more cerebral audience drew parallels with his character and how Pacinos career was living of past glories and gave this a miss. Tony Montono playing piano in Vegas? I had certainly not seen or hard of any publicity for this movie on TV or magazine ads. This is really the legacy of Blockbuster Videos’ collapse, a company that was quite literally the shop window for the film industry. Today people go to the movies to see the big blockbuster films and maybe watch the medium sized ones they missed on their satellite package. Very few people are looking for the smaller movies like this that are not signposted. I don’t have a movie package so have to trawl through top 100 lists online to find these films on places like Amazon Market place and buy them at under a quid, with postage, over two quid all in. I then flip them at CEX Exchange to claw a bit back. I’m not asking Pacino for a thankyou letter like the one John Lennon sent but it would be nice if Hollywood had physical high street rental somehow, other than the small range of films at the dusty local library.

      So if you like a gentle sentimental tale with a charismatic lead and a middle aged romance or two then you will enjoy this. There is no real reason you should but it s just a nice experience. The kitsch Danny Collins ‘hits’ from the film actually featured on the movie soundtrack and Baby Doll sounding remarkably like Sweet Caroline. The suggestion was Danny Collins character was based on a cross between our very own Rod Stewart and Barry Manilow. Just take this film for what it is and you will enjoy it.


      Imdb.com – 7.0/10.0 (22,432votes)
      Rottentomatos.com – 78% critic’s approval
      Metacritic.com – % critic’s approval


      ===Special Features===

      -Behind the Scenes-

      Pacino doesn’t contribute but the folk singer chap dos, the only interesting bit here.


      Some Danny Collins tunes from the film, Steve Coogan style!


      Little White Lies –‘Return to sender’.

      Chicago Times –‘The story works because it's told like a catchy pop song that doesn't try to be more than what it is’.

      The Baltimore Sun –‘What could have been a cheap piece of hackwork becomes a pleasing little trifle, thanks to its actors.

      The Observer –‘Pacino delivers his best turn in a very long time, hiding the fact that he can't even carry a tune behind a magnetic presence that screams "star".

      The Independent –‘Danny is a role tailor-made for Pacino at this stage in his career, one that enables him both to indulge in some very hammy scene-stealing, but also to show his character's vulnerability and essential decency’.

      Cinema.com –‘Even if Pacino's singing voice leaves much to desired, his performance doesn't. Much like the film itself, it's all in the execution’.

      Red Eye –‘There's undeniable humanity and gentle humor running through this tale of redemption’.

      South China Morning Post –‘There is so much goodwill in Danny Collins that even its characters' struggles are made to feel frothy.

      The Guardian –‘Pacino is good company, keeping his more mannered Pacinoisms in check, but none of it feels like a stretch for him.


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    • Ratatouille (PS2) / Playstation 2 Game / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      17.01.2017 00:25


      • "Easy controls"
      • "Good voice acting"
      • Story


      • "Very linear"

      A fun little game for young kids

      Ratatouille is a straightforward platformer and if you're a genre snob who holds their selections to higher standards, you might find yourself peeved with the title's general lack of originality. You explore environments, scurrying around corners when necessary. You jump on objects and tail-swipe enemies. You balance across high wires or sniff out your next objective. It's all in there, ripped directly from the Book of Platformers, if ever there was such a work. Ratatouille even includes the obligatory platformer sliding levels -- in this case Remy barrels down the insides of a giant piping system. You won't often run through a doorway into some new world or gameplay mechanic you have never seen before, which is a valid complaint.

      But perhaps that's too harsh. Ratatouille was clearly made for small children who watched the Disney film and enjoyed it. As a children's game, it does its job. It entertains, has decent replay value and enough variation in levels to prevent little kids from getting bored with the game play. However, innovative or not, Ratatouille is usually fun and entertaining, two truths that we attribute to tight control and smart, varied levels designs. You move Remy effortlessly through the sewer systems, city streets, kitchens and dream worlds he inhabits using the analog stick and while the game play is very linear, you do get some nice environments and decent renderings.

      The voice acting and cutscenes stay true to the original film as well. The voice actors do a great job of recreating the scenes from the film and the game engine holds up well enough to not make the characters look like dated monstrosities.

      Kids games are usually an excuse for video game companies to make a bad product and expect kids to soak it up. However, Ratatouille is an okay game. It isn't groundbreaking or innovative buts it functions well and is a fun little game to play if your child has some time to kill. Adults may not get a kick out of this game, but little children will enjoy it's simplicity and story.


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      16.01.2017 21:58


      • "good base distribution"
      • "good sound quality"
      • "rechargable batery"
      • bluetooth


      comfortable headphones from a leading brand

      I bought these headphones for christmas and I have to say that they are the best headphones i've ever had.
      They are very comfortable and don't hurt if I wear them for a day or more.


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      16.01.2017 21:36


      • "Meet a lot of compatable ladies"


      • "Not all in my area"

      Start a new life with Across The Room

      Get to meet different ladies in a relaxed atmosphere in good quality hotels.

      Meet ladies for personal dates either in group venues or on a one to one basis.

      Great way to get into meeting ladies and improving your social life.

      Would recommend this to anyone who wants to put happiness back into their life.


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    • Ebuyer.com / Online Shop / 2 Readings / 1 Rating
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      16.01.2017 16:06
      Not Helpful



      Good customer service from Matthew Carruthers

      Very helpful customer service from Matthew Carruthers. Quick answers and problem resolved in a couple of minutes.Happy customer.


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    • Ebuyer.com / Online Shop / 1 Reading / 1 Rating
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      16.01.2017 14:55
      Not Helpful



      Thank you Becky L

      Sometimes you can buy online and have problems when things are not as described, late or never arrive. Ebuyer are leaders in their field and have a great reputation. When problems occur, they have a 1st class support team who in my case completely took care of every aspect of my product return and replacement.


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      16.01.2017 14:24


      • "Bits and bobs of 2016"


      • "Bad year"

      The bits and bobs of 2016

      So what a year it has been on this ‘bonkers’ old planet and what an even crazier year it will be in 2017 because of. This week President Donald Trump will have his finger on the nuclear trigger, a truly terrifying thought, and Britain will begin leaving the European Union, even more terrifying for some. We don’t seem to have a plan for either. Here is my A-Z of how it played out and my thoughts on it…

      A is for Andy Woodward

      The ex Crewe and Sheffield Wednesday player made an accusation that he was sexually abused at Crewe by convicted pedophile and football coach Barry Bethall back in the 1980s.This triggered a rush of similar claims from similar players against multiple clubs. At this stage 30 London clubs alone have been accused. That seems absurd. Over 151 clubs in total have received complaints from over 850 people on the NSPCC lines alone. The question now is how many are true? After the council agreed to pay out for the Lambeth kids home scandal of the late 1970s and 1980s, any kid there whilst a convicted pedophile was there CAN now apply for compensation, whether abused or not. you can guess just how many people will now bang in a claim. The Shirley Oaks Survivors group of just over 700 people were the ones that have been causing all the problems at the Historic Sexual Abuse Hearings. The proceedings have been hijacked by ambulance chasing lawyers that are puling groups together to drum up class actions in pursuit of compensation so nothing actually getting done to prevent future abuse and convict the bad guys, hence the resignations. A lot of people from carehomes lead troubled lives thereafter and in need of cash. Children’s homes across the nation are being accused and the payouts are big for some adults. Woodward’s group has over 2000 ‘abused adults’ in it so far and that would be one huge class action payout against mega rich football. clubs who don’t want the bad publicity. I’m sure a lot of kids were abused back then but the numbers don’t add up. What people generally don’t know is Woodward was sacked after 13 years as a policeman just one week before he went public with his accusations, and sacked for an inappropriate relationship with a victim of crime. That will come out in the court case. He will want to be paid off before the court case. There are other lurid and somewhat ironic allegations about him also online involving younger girls. His new girlfriend is organizing the collections for his foundation. It’s just too expensive for organizations and businesses to contest each of these cases in the high court and so have to agree compensation at a lower figure than those lawyers’ fees, whether abuse took place or not. This is why whiplash claims are so high.

      B is for Brexit

      The big dark secret is that majority of white English people of all classes voted Brexit, that number disguised in the final vote by the high urban Remain vote, the ethnic vote. If N.Ireland and Scotland had NOT voted tactically Remain to keep their EU subsidies it would have been 60/40 leave. You didn’t think it would happen but everyone you asked how they would vote said OUT, certainly around our way. It dawned on me on voting day evening as hysteria gathered towards a nailed on ‘In’ vote that the 10-1 on meant value on OUT, so a couple of quid placed and 15 in the pocket the next day. Brexit is probably going to cost the EU a hell of a lot more than that when we finally leave but it’s happened so we have to back it, as the Brexit crowd would begrudgingly accept a Remain vote.

      C is for Celebrity deaths

      It’s been an incredible year for losing our heroes. It started off slowly with the death of freaks Pete Burns and David Guest and none that bothered but then a crescendo of big stars fell in the spring with the loss of Bowie and Prince in music and then the death of Alan Rickman and Gene Wilder in film, and then Muhammad Ali and then George Michael on Christmas Day. The rich seam of drugs mined in the 1970s and 80s by the great and the good behind closed doors had caught up with them and they went down like flies. The specter of AIDS also hangs heavily over showbiz in the 90s. Rick Parfitt can hardly complain his ticker wasn’t up to a general anesthetic after all the coke he snorted, no doubt having an extra shot when the nurse wasn’t looking. Leonard Cohen was a miserable old sod and better suited to the infinity of death and Caroline Ahearn really didn’t deserve to go at just 52. Spok and Chekov departed from the Enterprise to join Princess Leia and R2D2 (Kenny Baker) in space heaven and Victoria Wood and Carla Lane joined Ronnie Corbett and Paul Daniels in the old showbiz rest home in the sky. 2017 kicked of with the death of England manger Graham Taylor and Paul Gascoigne a fag paper away from following.

      D is for Drugs

      Most Russian athletes have been doping since just after the war and it took until 2016 to finally do something about it. The Cold War put in place state doping programs to make one side look stronger than the other on the sports fields and the Americans as guilty. Putin has rebooted the Cold War and so Russia back to its old ways. After Russia were rightfully humiliated over it they hit back and hacked sports bodies computers here, revealing a massive rise in Therapeutic Use Exemptions, the so called TUE’s , loopholes that allow athletes to take banned drugs in sports where they need them to compete because they have are supposed to have a certain medical condition. 70% of the British Olympic swimming team in London 2012 claimed to have asthma so they can take certain banned stimulants. TUEs also allowed obvious cheaters to keep racing and a way out for sports bodies not to ban those star athletes that were guaranteeing their lottery funding, Bradley Wiggins an example of.

      E is for the Economy

      Post Brexit and the economy is flying and the stock market at a record high, the Project Fear people admitting they had a Michael Fish moment and got it completely wrong on Britain’s impending economic collapse. You can’t blame them for being scared about leaving Europe as no one really knows how it will all play out but what the ‘experts’ did know before the vote is the stockmarket could only rise because most of the Footsie 100 is 70% dollar value and so the companies would grow like the rise in the dollar. Those experts have also said the pound has been overvalued and a correction was needed, a correction that is helping to pay down the deficit through low interest rates on money exchanges. Brtian is one big pound shop right now and, ironically, everyone wants to buy from us, including Europe.

      F is for Fix

      The surprise winner of Strictly Come Dancing caught everyone out, including the studio audience, and equally surprised and muted applause to be heard as the gasps at home. When the public vote on Sports Personality of the Year the final vote count is released to the public. Not even a freedom of information act could get the vote breakdown from the BBC for Strictly. They simply would no release the numbers after Ore Oduba’s surprise win in the final. Ore was a little known BBC TV sports reporter and appeared to be in the show to make up the ethic quota, perhaps statistically insuring a black person in the final three. The BBC are under huge pressure to be more ‘representative’ of the British public with their programming and talent and that means affirmative action and racial, gender and sexuality quotas. Did they rig the result to let the black guy win? Why were the bookies bang on with SPOTTY and so wrong with the 123 here? Expect the same in Let it Shine.

      G is for Global Warming

      The Earth had its hottest year ever but not in England, yet another OK summer and mild autumn. But just as scientific consensus in the 1970s was for a coming Ice Age as world temps dropped over a 15-year period that hysteria returned in the end of the last century after a particular hot 10 years. How man made pollution was responsible for the hot temps of the 1990s and not the cold temps of the 1960s has not yet been cleared up. The truth is world temps have plateaud but CO2 levels keep rising and that doesn’t fit the narrative anymore. I think most people are in favor of a warmer world. We just have to adjust our lives to the temp rises as there is no way we are going to stop the third world having babies and so population rising out of control, the only problem here.

      H is for Lewis Hamilton

      I know a couple of lads who work at Mercedes F1 garage and they say Nico Rosberg was ‘contracted’ a world title. He was been threatening to leave the team for a while if they didn’t deliver that title. Well he is world champion now and there is no doubt in my mind the team ‘hurt’ Hamilton wheels to achieve that. Exactly the same parts are used on both cars and for some reason Hamilton’s were going wrong at the start of the season to allow Rosberg to win so many races. When that stopped in the final third of the season Lewis powered back by winning the final few races to lose the championship by a handful of points. Hamilton would have been world champion under nay of the previous ten points system in F1. What a stitch up! But the Mercedes boys have lost their chief designer and may not be top dogs next year so an interesting season to some with this wider and faster cars.

      I is for Iceland

      That ludicrous defeat of England in the European Championships was the sporting lowlight of the year. They are a financially broke island of a population of just 330,000 to England’s 52 million. They only have 50,000 men under the age of 30 to pick from and most of them are fisherman. England were terrified of them and there most disastrous exit yet of an international tournament. Fear for an international athlete is when you reach the point of no return find it easier to turn back to the safety of your millions, big houses and white trophy girlfriends as reassurance that all is well.

      J is Jobs

      Whilst Europe continues to stagnate the British economy rages. The reason is simple -.immigrants are coming here to work, not sign on. Most new businesses in the UK in the last ten years have been immigrant ones, as have the workers, Polish shops selling Polish sausage to Polish people. If you can’t sign on here then why come? Secondly the Tories have hammered the long term unemployed, many committing suicide, and some forced back to employment or training of sorts and so off the negative stats. Some even went to the EU to sign on to get less hassle. I signed in 2012 for a bit and it was brutal. But the cruel to be kind method s is working and we are approaching a record low 1.5 million unemployed. But because of mass immigration, wages have collapsed and ten Lithuanian truckers willing to work cheap to every British lorry driver trying to pay his mortgage only means on thing. At least when we leave the EU wages will rise as labor becomes scarcer.

      K is for Kim Kardashain

      The non entity of a celebrity ‘broke the internet’ again with her’ bad skin’ last week. After the rather dubious robbery in her hotel room her psoriasis skin condition has got worse and spread to her face. That and her fat ass are her selling points and so it’s serious. I do believe she was robbed though as we forget all the images and film we see or here from that family are controlled and edited and so nothing like what really happens in their life. Because her and her husband are so recognizable it’s often the case with celebrities like that they spend most of their life hidden away in a rather mundane life. She probably doesn’t want to be exposed to real people and so criticism. It’s quite possible some gnarly Eastern European crooks did the homework by watching the show and thought she was an easy target with lazy security easy to bribe. Yes, it could have all been a put up PR job but either way her face is swollen up like a baboon’s ass.

      L is for the Leicester City

      It’s still hard to believe they won the Premiership. They actually won the bloody title! Why they won seemed to be down to the tactic of the old ropeadope of leaning on the ropes to soak up the punches to burnout your opponent and then hop the ball over the top to Mahrez, who gave it to Vardy, who smashed it past the keeper. Clearly teams learnt their lesson this season and blocked the Foxes only tactic and Leicester City could be the first champions since Manchester City in 1968 to be relegated the following season. Whether the Foxes doped to win the league is not being discussed but it’s noticeable that when the Blood Passport drug testing system was introduced in the Champions League in 2015 it meant you could not dope in your domestic leagues during the Champions League groups stages or you could be caught. European domestic leagues tend to drug test in - house and so you tend not to hear about the fails, certainly the case in the English Premier League. This meant the big four in England were being tested vicariously in the Premier League with results they couldn’t control. Chelsea were dreadful in that first year of ECL testing and City, Arsenal, Liverpool and United all failed to get over 75 points, the first time that had happened in 25 years.

      M is for Theresa May

      Cameron had to go for holding the insane EU vote, let alone for losing it. Theresa May’s promotion to the top job was the obvious favorite and Britain having its second female PM and so far she is doing rather well, a sexy and powerful older woman to some. I’m not a sexist when it comes to women in power and if you can do the job you should be doing the job. I am, however, against women who put men down because feminist won’t address the fact that most women choose not to be in power or have careers and like being moms and is nothing to do with men being sexist if we agree with that.

      N is for Nuclear

      A shocking and little seen ITV documentary revealed the unbelievable state of the Sellafield reprocessing site up north. It’s officially the most hazardous place in Europe now, the $4 billion spent by Europe and the world to entomb Chernobyl not being spent in Cumbria. You would think it would be an orderly place with people in white protective suits and men with clipboard making sure this deadly waste was disposed of safely and neatly. In reality it looked like a council tip in a derelict building site where stuff was generally dumped where there was a space for it. One of the old cooling towers was full of radioactive stuff just piled in haphazardly inside the lead sealed structure; bits of junk that had become radioactive through the conversion process to nuclear fuel all around the country and bought here. There was no way technicians could access the area if the stuff became unstable and toppled. One impact from a plane and the whole of Cambria would have to be evacuated. Even worse was the containment lakes outside, drone footage showing weeds all around them and the concrete basins clearly cracking. There was no doubt some of the water that covered the extremely radioactive waste was leaking out into the ground. And Security was lax, presumably on the premise no terrorist would be stupid enough to come to this place and so be irradiated by plutonium. It’s the same old healthy & safety story that we can keep cutting money here until something bad happens, in this case really bad.

      O is for the Olympics

      And a record medal haul shows that if you throw money at sport you get success. We again dominate the middle class sports where the thing you are holding or underneath you does most of the work and a university sport. But it was a good Games in Rio and although the crowds were average still an excellent TV experience. Sadly the Tories are continuing this paradoxical policy of cutting funding to the sports that don’t win medals and so the sports who most need the funding. Badminton’s 100% cut was a real shock though, especially as they won gold in the doubles.

      P is for President Trump

      Trump was Americas Brexit, simple as. Yes, Donald Trump is going to be the leader of the free world!!! The left failed to protect jobs, pay and conditions and so the people took their chance at the ballot box. Yes, it was mostly a vote on immigration and Obamacare helping the blacks more than the whites but that right hate vote alone was not enough to swing it. Did Obama not win the last election? In America’s case it was surprising, women voting against a woman president, 52/48% across the country, Hilary cheating on her man having a bigger impact than Trumps comical womanizing. Americans are not the brightest. Either way its bloody terrifying that non tax paying Trump, a three time bankrupt narcissist, will have his finger on the nuclear trigger. Hold on to the rails folks! Politics is well and truly dead.

      Q is for the Queen

      She has a bad cold over the Christmas period and a non show for the public. To commentators it was because she is old and much weaker but to me it’s preparing the way for abdication. She is 90 now and has cut her ties to 25 big charities and organizations. As soon as William and Harry got their bald spots and started to lose their looks the pressure was on to get married and we have to remember the Royal Family is a business now and they need to churn out new and babies, pretty princess and cut baby boys to stay relevant. If the Queen dies on the job it may have a devastating effect on the Royal product but if she is phased out and Charles is ignored then we could have a young King and Queen this decade for once. Its 6/1 abdication odds this year folks!

      R is for Rodrigo Dutertc

      If you think Trump is bad then met The Philippines President. Rodrigo Dutertc likes to throw criminals out of military helicopters for fun and claims to have killed 30 drug dealers so far in his presidency. If you want a zero tolerance on drugs then this is your guy. Over 13,000 people have been murdered for their involvement in the drug trade their in his first year, some for just using, and some in the wrong place at the wrong time.

      S is for Syria and the right result in the end with a home win. America and the west have had no real issue with Assad in charge and agreed Russian influence there since the 1970s, if they were being honest, and by not doing anything to end the war they knew Russia would eventually turn the war Syria’s way and end this carnage. There is no oil in Syria and Russia simply there to keep a foothold in the region. Putin produces half the world’s gas and a fifth of the words oil and they need to keep that barrel price high as their economy depends on it. When the price is low they always lash out. The US and OPEC are trying to put them in their place with a low oil price, simple as.

      T is for Terrorism

      Since 911 we have been at war with Islam. We are not allowed to recognize that as we are called racist. Saudi Arabia are pouring billions of oil money into the worlds mosques and Islamic bias schools to teach a version of west hating Islam. Terror attacks in Turkey prove that Islamic fault lines are being held for now but truck attacks in Germany and France show that just about any angry Muslim, for whatever reason, could take it out on innocent people with those bombs, many of them Muslims. France prison population is now 70% Muslim, 45% in Belgium and 43% in Holland. 44% of Britain’s Category A prisoners are Muslim. 85% of Switzerland’s prisoners are foreign nationals and most of them Muslim. Many of Europe’s imprisoned Muslims are there for Islamic terrorism or gang crime, crime and Islam dovetailing more and more every year. ISIS are being allowed to stay around in the Middle East as we can draw all the hardcore Muslim fanatics into one place and f**k them up, as we are doing. It’s great for arms sales to. But the cocaine trade is now run by Muslim as it moves through West Africa on that migration corridor, the Patriot Act bringing in money laundering laws in 2003 that seriously stemmed cock coming up through Mexico into the US.

      U is for Usain BOLT

      The great man did the triple double, Olympic gold and silver in the 100m & 200m in three straight Olympics, and added three relay gold’s on top. It’s an incredible feat and will never be rivaled in sprints for me. A man who could rival the feat on the track has joined Bolt in Olympic track retirement, Mo Farah, strictly marathon next time around. Where as British people love Bolt and think he isn’t a cheat, they think Mo probably is a cheat and certainly not British, failing to feature heavily in the Sports Personality voting year in year out. He deserves to win but always feeds the doubt by not wanting to live in England and share the team’s digs at events. He always thanks God and his family first and his fans last. Bolt is the true king and now lives in England with those same drug testers.

      V is for Viola Beach

      They were a little known indie band from the north of England heading for better things. Unfortunately they decided to smash through no fewer then three safety barriers in their hire car and slice the top of their car and heads off when they hit the raised bridge, sending the car into an icy Swedish river at 3 am to finish off the remaining two lads barely alive from the original catastrophic impact. The autopsy revealed no drugs or illegal levels of booze in their blood. Had they been watching too many movies and thought they could jump across what they thought was a drawbridge style bridge or was it suicide by the band manager driving the car? All the evidence points to the lads not remotely slowing down to the traffic around them and actually swerved neatly into the lane that was clear to the raised bridge section. The music business gushed tributes thereafter and fine words were said, as yet, none willing to blame the guys.

      W is for Wimbledon

      So Andy won it again and a load of other things to, including the coveted world number one spot. You have to play a hell of a lot of tennis and win those games to stay ahead of Djokovic. But since the Meldonium thing and Sharpova in the spring, Novak’s form collapsed and he won just one event after the French Open that gave him all four slams at once. He looks a prime candidate to be doping. The loophole was conveniently there for the players to take Meldonium, even though they didn’t have the condition it’s prescribed for and so it will be exploited by players and tennis will cover up positive results. Over 700 Russian athletes alone were believed to be on it in 2015. When someone like Sharpova naively comes out publicly to say she has failed a drugs test then tennis has to also own up there has been a positive. But she knows where the bodies are buried and has had her ban slashed. If she had kept stum it would have been a silent six month ban, the type Nadal receives, allegedly.

      X is for the X chromosome

      Governments and lawmakers in the West are beginning to legislate for the ‘third sex. Pratt Russell Brand has said he will bring up his kids as ‘gender neutral’, and in the toilet blocks in some U.S states have had to provide a cubicle for ‘in-betweens’ as men who want to become women don’t want to pee in the Men’s and the women don’t want them in the Ladies as they have men’s bits. Put simply a lot of people who are legally Trans are going to start suing the sh&t out of everything that they see as prejudice against their gender. I have always thought men who want to be women are gay and its away around accepting that and people who want to be gender neutral are persuaded by other people. Tran’s people are such a small percentage of the world but, as ever, a US reality show around the life of Bruce Jenner, has made it cool and an irrationally big story and issue.

      Y is for the Yorkshire

      A young couple lost their beloved dog to cancer. They missed him so much they went online. They discovered you could get pets cloned in South Korea (no eating dog jokes please) and paid 60 grand for the duplication. Low and behold the puppy grew up to look just like their last dog. It’s unclear if it was just another puppy from the same breed and they had been tucked up but if they believe its real then that’s all that maters. It won’t be long until humans are secretly cloned though, within the next five years they say. Imagine ten Donald Trumps!

      Z is for Zika

      Every year we are scared rotten by an infection disease and as the final Ebola cases died out it was a mosquito spread one this time around, young mums to be the most fearful. It was believed the bug spread bug has caused the deformed baby syndrome in some cases. Babies are meant to be cute, the main reason to have them. Athletes used the extremely small chance of catching it to doge the Rio Olympics perhaps fearing a differing kind of blood test. The bulked up Rory Macilroy refused to go, golf a sport where they are rarely tested, Olympic testing very different…


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    • pcspecialist.co.uk / Online Shop / 1 Reading / 1 Rating
      More +
      16.01.2017 09:35
      Not Helpful


      • Fast
      • Compact


      • "None (yet)"

      There's nothing I'd change about my PC Specialist experience

      PC Specialist was initially recommended to me by a colleague when I spoke to him about NOT wanting to pay for features I didn't want in a "standard" computer from PC World etc.. I initially sought a quote online in order to find the cost of my ideal configuration. I thought about it for about two weeks, during which time I received just one e-mail from PC Specialist - just a gentle reminder, so I wasn't hassled or chased to place an order. I sought advice from colleagues who I consider to be experts, and they all thought both the spec and the price were good, so I proceeded with an order. I received several e-mail updates overt he next few days and, within a week, I have my new machine, exactly as ordered, but much more quickly than I'd anticipated. The packaging was substantial and effective, the unpacking and "assembly" process (it's an AIO) easy, and the end result excellent. I am very pleased with my new PC, and very impressed with the speed and quality of service from PC Specialist. I have already recommended the service to several friends and colleagues, and I have confirmed the view of my colleague who originally recommended PC Specialist.


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      15.01.2017 22:43
      Very helpful


      • Combat
      • Story


      • Stealth

      A great game that didn't get the recognition it deserved

      Shadow of Rome is a game that had it all. You could brutally murder gladiators in Rome, use stealth to trespass into a Roman senate and compete against other gladiators in chariot races. Sadly, Shadow of Rome was one of the PS2 games that became almost totally forgotten, despite the wide range of game play it offered, even if the game play was frustrating at times.

      The action side of Shadow of Rome is fantastic. The arena levels of the game are a gory, hack and slash spectacular. As Agrippa, you'll use a plethora of weapons to dismember and murder rival gladiators in a bid to become the best, appealing to those who love combat heavy game play. With a number of different combos and moves, the arena levels are a huge amount of fun to play as you will always find a new way to murder your opponent and make the crowd fall in love with you. Enemies (particularly if you're playing on hard mode), have a lot of health and deal a lot of damage, so you should also find yourself challenged to survive the round in the arena. Dodging, dirty tricks and pleading to the crowd add an extra dimension of realism and add extra pressure as you try to not only fight, but to survive.

      The story of Shadow of Rome is one shrouded by mystery for the player to uncover. Centred around the death of Julius Caesar, the player must infiltrate various areas around Rome to find the truth behind the murder and the conspiracy behind it. The story is interesting enough to keep the player engaged and brings in enough characters (including senators, pirates, Egyptians and Germans) to keep you wondering 'whodunnit?'. Whilst the story is engaging, the stealth aspect which goes alongside it is somewhat weaker.

      During the stealth aspect of the game, you control Octavianus, nephew of the late Caesar and friend to Agrippa. While the character of Octavianus is not bad necessarily, he suffers because he is, simply put, not as cool as Agrippa. While Agrippa can tear men limb from limb, Octavianus is forced to sneak around and evade Roman soldiers, whilst being completely unable to defend himself if things go awry. The stealth aspect in Shadow of Rome plays out like Metal Gear Solid (with Octavianus even looking a little like Raiden). You sneak behind soldiers, you disguise yourself in robes and uniforms and crawl through little tunnels. Sadly, without any defence and overly suspicious guards, the stealth in the game becomes very tedious very quickly. Luckily, the sections are short and are guaranteed by a bloody arena battle afterwards.

      In short, what the game lacks in good stealth, it more than makes up for in story and action. Fans of Devil May Cry and other hack and slash games will almost certainly enjoy the game and get a sick kick out of turning a Roman gladiator into a 'Juicy Tomato'.


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    • Apple iPhone 5S 64 GB / Smartphone / 1 Reading / 1 Rating
      More +
      15.01.2017 22:37
      Not Helpful


      • sleek
      • "clear display"
      • "nice looking"
      • HD
      • "good size"
      • stylish
      • camera
      • "touch id "
      • "very fast"
      • "easy to use "


      • "app seem to crash "
      • "sometimes get hot"
      • "can be easily damaged "
      • "scratches easy"
      • "battery life"

      In conclusion Its worth the purchase if well cared for.

      The Iphone 5s is a nice phone it's easy to use very stylish good size for handling, brilliant to watch things on as it has a very clear display, camera quality is fairly good, very secure with touch id, sound and speaker and fairly good, looks sleek and fashionable.

      Battery life isn't too good but better than previous phones I've owned, it sometimes get hot when being used for long periods of time, it scratches easily and is easily damaged and I've experienced app crashes.


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    • Pikmin 2 (GC) / Archive Game / 2 Readings / 1 Rating
      More +
      15.01.2017 21:14
      Not Helpful


      • "Fun multiplayer experience "
      • "Compleationist friendly"
      • Funny
      • "Challenging "
      • Long
      • "Awesome game"


      • " don't buy this "
      • "If you're impatient"
      • "Some people might find it too challenging "
      • "Can pricey now and days"

      It's worth it + I think it's the best in it's series!

      Pikmin 2 is an awesome and unusual real-time strategy game, also includes some puzzles, and can be addicting, well at least to me! Great game, if you can get it, you should, i beat it, an i had a blast!


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      15.01.2017 19:12


      • "Nice venue"


      • "Dull venue"

      Boyhood - a film saw here

      Star – Ethan Hawke & Patricia Arquette
      Genre – Drama
      Run Time – 165 minutes
      Certificate – NR
      Country – USA
      Awards – 206Nominations & 170Wins
      Amazon – £ DVD £Blue Ray
      = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

      Boyhood comes from interesting and revered cult filmmaker Richard Linklater, possibly one of the bravest and most ambitious films ever made here with Boyhood. The critics went nuts for it, the first film to get 100% on metacritic on original release and only the seventh maximum on their website. Its mechanics, rather than the story, generated that interested, Linklater casting a 7-year-old Ellar Coltrane back in 2002 and then made a movie out of his life until he graduates from college in real life at 19, building a fictional narrative around his life in Texas with fictional parents and siblings. The risks were huge. What if the kid got sick in real life, or worse? What if the kid couldn’t act in his teens and wasn’t as movie star cute the film demands as he was at 7 as he was at 16? That proved the case, getting just 7 film jobs in his 14 years as an actor so far.

      Linklater’s construction method was to gather the cast and crew to gather once a year for the 12-years of filming and to make several 10-15 minute vignettes to cover each year of the boy’s life. Linklater then adapted the script to the kid’s lifestyle and situation. In that 12-year period leading man on the movie, Ethan Hawke, completed 20 other movies, his changing look on screen reminding you of those movies. In fact he garnered 3 Oscar nominations in that interim for his acting and has done an incredible 12 movies since Boyhood (2014).

      It was not so rosy for Patricia Arquette in the same decade or so, getting into the business through the family name and playing mostly forgettable sexy blondes through the 1990s and then fading out in the new millennium after going through a rough marriage. A rather overweight Arquette managed just 4 movies and some TV in her baker’s oven involvement during the Boyhood period. In fact she avoided plastic surgery for authenticity with her soccer mom Boyhood character for the duration. Asking an actress not to get a nip and tuck is like trying to keep Vanessa Feltz away from the buffet. It is intriguing to see an actress on screen without any ‘work’ done when she is quite a few pounds over, very exposed on camera, not glamorous by any stretch of the imagination. She looks great at the end of the movie though when she could finally dump the weight and get to the Beverly Hills Clinic. The cast could not sign contracts for the film due to the De Havilland Law, which makes it illegal to contract someone for more than seven years of work. Linklater told Hawke that he would have to finish the film if he died. It’s shot in 35mmm film for the whole 12 years for further authenticity.


      • Patricia Arquette as Olivia Evans
      • Ellar Coltrane as Mason Evans Jr.
      • Lorelei Linklater as Samantha Evans
      • Ethan Hawke as Mason Evans Sr.
      • Libby Villari as Catherine: Olivia's mother
      • Marco Perella as Bill Welbrock: Olivia's second husband
      • Brad Hawkins as Jim: Olivia's boyfriend
      • Jamie Howard as Mindy Welbrock: Bill's daughter
      • Andrew Villarreal as Randy Welbrock: Bill's son
      • Jenni Tooley as Annie: Mason Sr.'s second wife
      • Richard Andrew Jones as Annie's father
      • Karen Jones as Annie's mother
      • Bill Wise as Steve Evans: Mason Sr.'s brother


      We join the life of the dysfunctional Evans family, single Mum Olivia (Patricia Arquette), little 7-year-old Mason Jr (Ellar Coltrane) and sister Samantha (Jr.Lorelei Linklater). They are about to move to Houston so mum can go to university but Mason Sr.(Ethan Hawke) will be staying in Austin to pursue his music career, a jobless waster in all but name. He promises to visit the kids more but kept away from the home by her increasingly unstable boyfriend Bill Welbrock (Marco Perella), a teacher at Mason’s school, soon to be her second husband, who also has two kids by another marriage, daughter Mindy (Jamie Howard) and son Randy (Andrew Villarreal). But it’s a doomed marriage and he becomes abusive after she graduates, female emancipation a big relationship killer.

      Mason Sr. is still around building his relationship with his kids and the family now living with Olivia’s sister. By 2010 Mason Jr is in high school and smoking pot and dad can hardly lecture him on that one. But they are closer than ever and hope for the future. Olivia is happy and dating Jim (Brad Hawkins) a younger man and Iraq veteran. Mason Sr. has remarried, a girl called Sarah (Jenni Tooley). But how to get Mason Jr. to college amongst this relationship turmoil?


      Boyhood is one of those movies we feel obliged to see because it won an Oscar or two but we all know the requirement for an Oscar movie today is to be generally too long, somewhat serious and a rather bland movie, the case here. Although it didn’t win Best Picture (probably because it wasn’t an ‘issues movie’) it was clearly the critic’s favorite.

      Boyhood began filming without a completed script. Linklater’s plan was to prepared each character's basic plot points, and the films ending—including the final shot—but otherwise wrote the script for the next year's filming after rewatching the previous year's footage, then incorporating the changes he saw in each actors real life and nuances. All the actors participated in that script writing process alongside the director, adding their life experiences to the pie. Hawke's character is actually based on his and Linklater's fathers—both Texan insurance agents who divorced and remarried. Arquette's character is based on her mother, who resumed her education later in life and became a psychotherapist, as does her character in the movie. It’s that type of deep movie.

      But, like I said, Oscar winners are rarely everyone’s cup of tea and this one not mine. It’s all rather bloated and meaningless to me. Fair play for making it but very much a filmmaker’s film. Its surprisingly cheap budget of $4 million did $44 million back, quite well for an Oscar winner. The construction of this is fascinating though; I will give you that, seeing the handsome Training Day Ethan Hawke turn into the haggard Before Midnight Ethan Hawke over 12-years discombobulating. Obviously creating fiction from events ‘devoid of theatrics, as true to life as fiction can be’, as one critic put it, is interesting. That really is the only point here. I’m guessing the director wants the viewer to experience their own life as a movie and how normal that would be. He is exactly right but not really the reasons we go to the movies mate! We go to escape that monotony, not watch it in a near three hour bloody movie!

      I think it’s fair to say this movie did win its 167 awards from its 207 nominations for the technical achievement as much as the acting. Arquette is excellent in the lead and worthy of the Oscar she won for her sacrifice but apart from that nothing to see here. She quite literally put 12-years of her career into this movie. I suppose the emotion of the actors real lives fed into the 12-year movie and Hawke would be divorced by Uma Thurman half-way through this. But that’s not really enough reward for the viewer looking for a film experience. There is nothing pretentious about this film but and feels like showing off more than anything.


      Imdb.com – 7.9/10.0 (287,239votes)
      Rottentomatos.com – 95% critic’s approval
      Metacritic.com – 100% critic’s approval



      ===Special Features===



      Daily Mail –‘... a different and daring kind of cinematic experience that is as involving as it is impressive.

      The Sun –‘Boyhood: Concept: A Execution: C –‘

      The Atlantic –‘Calling it a sum of its parts can be a backhanded compliment, but it feels like especially worthy praise for Boyhood, considering how much went into making it feel whole’.

      The Stage –‘A film 12 years in the making and worth every minute of the wait’.

      Cinemascope –‘There's no hand-holding here on the part of Linklater, who presents these events devoid of theatrics, as true to life as fiction can be’.

      Eye for Film –‘Intimate and insightful even in its weaker moments, Linklater finds strength and value in normality’’.

      The Guardian –‘'Boyhood' reveals itself as something deeper, more noteworthy and ambitious than even its remarkable production would suggest, for Linklater has given us nothing less than a cinematic approximation of human memory’.

      The Boston Herald –‘Honestly, Boyhood is Richard Linklater's masterpiece and easily the best film of the year so far. Do not miss it’.



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      14.01.2017 15:36
      Very helpful


      • "Confidence Booster"
      • "Something to look forward to "
      • "Meeting new people"


      I would recommend this service to anyone – in it to win it!

      I was a single woman who turned the Big 4 0 last year! I have been in a couple of long term relationships in the past but nothing coming close to The One. When my last relationship ended a couple of years ago, I threw myself into work and this is how it stayed for months... I couldn't continue this way but where do I go from here? I was at the age where night clubs was not an option, my friends were either married or heading that way so this left me by myself most weekends. It was time to something about it…

      I will be honest with you, I did venture down the road of internet dating. After a couple of disastrous dates, I withdrew my online profile and decided it was not for me. So I tried something I never thought I would do… I registered with a dating agency!

      I went to their office in Suffolk and met with Eleanor, who instantly put me at ease; she was warm and welcoming and most importantly, she really understood where I was coming from. When I left, I felt elated and excited for my future and I even booked into my first singles event so I had a night out to look forward to too!

      I received my first ‘matches’ within a couple of weeks and out of the first batch, I had a call from a nice man who had seen my profile. We chatted for a little while before we decided that we should meet. Wow, this really boosted my confidence. I wasn’t expecting things to happen so quickly but nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?!

      We met the following week for a quick coffee in our lunch break, which went ever so well. Conversation flowed and we had more in common than we first realised – how great is this!

      To cut a long story short, we have been seeing each other for the past 7 months and we are planning our first holiday together this summer. For the first time in a long time, I am honestly hopeful and excited about this relationship.

      I am so thankful to the team at Across the Room for all their efforts, I wouldn’y be this happy without you.


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    • More +
      13.01.2017 21:33
      Not Helpful


      • "Easy to carry "
      • "Good bag "


      • "Bad finish "
      • "Symbol not in the middle "

      Overall it's a good bag it's just the finish Is disappointing

      I bought this for my friend and when I actually examined it the forest symbol isn't actually in the middle in fact it cuts off, it's not a bad bag it still does the job just I was disappointed with the finish


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      13.01.2017 13:12


      • "The Rock "


      • "Costly "

      Central Intelligence - a film I saw here

      Star – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson
      Genre – Comedy
      Run Time – 107minutes
      Certificate – PG13
      Country – USA
      Awards – 5 Nominations & 1 Win
      Amazon – £6.99 DVD £9.99Blue Ray
      = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

      Believe it or not but Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is the highest earning male movie star in the world, Johnson’s earn was $65 million last year, which includes all his earnings outside movies. Last year he was on ‘just’ $31 million. He is that loveable big lug go to go for voice overs in animation movies and loves to have a crack at different genres, to be fair surprisingly pretty good on the dead pan comic timing the way Mark Wahlberg proved with films like The Other Guy and Ted. But whereas those films are well written and non conventional, Central Intelligence is as generic as you can get for a buddy cop comedy and his real appeal. Sadly there are no women in the top ten list of high earning actors even though Scarlett Johansson is the highest grossing actress of last year with her Marvel Universe stuff.

      ===Most paid actors last year===

      1. Dwayne Johnson = $64, 500,000
      2. Jackie Chan = $61,000,000
      3. Matt Damon = $55,000,000
      4. Tom Cruise = $53,000,000
      5. Johnny Depp = $48,000,000
      6. Ben Affleck = $43,000,000
      7. Vin Diesel = $35,000,000
      8. Shah Rukh Khan = $33,000,000
      9. Robert Downey Jr = $33,000,000
      10. Akshay Kumar = $31,500,000

      A foot taller and 100 pounds heavier we pair The Rock with titchy Kevin Hart, the pint sized actor that is the new Chris Tucker, which is not a good thing, both incredibly annoying motor mouth jive talking types. Johnson, on the other and, is surprisingly likeable on screen, even though he is as stiff as Roger Moore’s back after a long winter walk. But Wahlberg and Will Ferrell worked together as a comedy double act then why not these two? I will leave that up to you to decide if they work together. I’m not a Kevin Hart fan.

      • Kevin Hart as Calvin "Golden Jet" Joyner
      • Dwayne Johnson as Robbie Wheirdicht / Bob Stone
      • Sione Kelepi as young Robbie (body double)
      • Amy Ryan as Agent Pamela "Pam" Harris
      • Aaron Paul as Phil Stanton
      • Danielle Nicolet as Maggie Johnson-Joyner
      • Jason Bateman as Trevor Olson
      • Dilan Boyack as young Trevor Olson
      • Melissa McCarthy (uncredited) as Darla McGuckian
      • Timothy John Smith as Agent Nick Cooper
      • Megan Park as Lexi
      • Ryan Hansen as Steve
      • Phil Reeves as Principal Kent[5]

      Calvin "Golden Jet" Joyner (Kalvin Hart) was the king of high school and a star athlete and the captain of the football team back in the day. Everybody loved him. At the same school the overweight and rather shy Robbie Wheirdicht (Dwayne Johnson) was the school whipping boy, regularly bullied, infamously humiliated at the school basketball championship game with only Joyner taking sympathy for him and saving his dignity.
      Now they are all grown up and it’s the 20-year class of 96 high school reunion and Robbie has got in touch with Joyner to see if he is going. Joyner was judged by his schoolmates as the most likely to succeed in life but now a mid level insurance clerk and mortgaged to the hilt although he did marry the high school prom queen Maggie Delaney (Danielle Nicolet). Kalvin doesn’t want to go to the reunion so agrees to have a beer with him after work as Robbie is in town.
      Expecting a 250 pound behemoth he is shocked to see that Robbie is a 200 pound hunk and the women all over him in the bar. He still appears to be the shy and gauche Robbie but can look after himself now and beats up some guys in the bar, Jason Bourne style, when they call him out. Joyner is dumb founded and the two, after a few beers, wander up to the school the night before the reunion to check out the deserted corridors in search of memories, bunking down on Joyner’s sofa for the night.
      The next morning the FBi are banging on his door, looking for Bob Stone, Robbie’s pseudonym, Joyner showing him where he is only to find he has gone. Robbie is not what he seems and now Americas Most Wanted, apparently a CIA agent gone rogue after stealing some confidential information. Agent Pamela "Pam" Harris (Amy Ryan) wants Joyner to help bring him in whilst Robbie want to prove to Joyner he is not t bad guy and also needs his help. Let the buddy cop movie begin.


      For its $60 million budget this did $217m back to date. Why? Because the Rock is popular, simple as, and has that cross race appeal. It’s not because it’s a funny movie. The rednecks grew up with him in WWF and the black kids love him for being a champion beating up the white wrestlers in that choreographed camp nonsense. It’s nearly funny and the Rock likeable on screen with that deadpan idiot delivery but Hart is just too loud and full on and the joke of big guy with little guy quickly wears thin. I think it’s fair to say this is as generic buddy movie romp as you can get. But it’s this kind of loveable dumb lug comedy that has pushed his wage up and so he is going to keep doing it.

      I laughed a couple of times and had high hopes this would kick in but it quickly dropped into familiar territory in that cheesy black actor comedy genre. It needed better writers and more irony to it and the money clearly spent on the stars. It has more signposted twists than a particularly hilly road in Wales and the pitch that it’s a film about anti bullying is tenuous to say the last. Apparently it got some state funding for pushing that message. Dwayne Johnson is as big and successful as he is because of steroids, not because he was bullied in his teens. SO the message is to pump yourself full of health harming roids and go to the gym kids.

      It’s a good family movie for the kids though but mum and dad won’t be laughing much. There is some comedy violence and gunfire but nothing too bad. There is no love interest for the The Rock so strictly knock about stuff. You will be reaching for the kettle after half-hour of Hart though and you do wonder why Hollywood executives think a black audience want to pay $15 dollars at the multiplexes to be patronized by black stereotype comedians like Hart. He was OK in that Will Ferrell movie but no Eddie Murphy or Chris Rock. This is no Arnie and De Vito folks. Rent or buy Undercover Brother or Beverley Hills Cop instead guys.


      Imdb.com – 6.4/10.0 (79,324votes)
      Rottentomatos.com – 69% critic’s approval
      Metacritic.com – 52% critic’s approval


      ===Special Features===

      -Behind the Scenes-

      More comedy japes from cast & crew.

      -Gag Reel-

      Lots of improve so lots of nauseating outtakes.


      More of that improve stuff


      The Times –‘This is a tongue-in-cheek buddy movie that's above average, but not too far above average’

      Independent –‘Inevitably, the creepiness fades, the charm increases, and the film becomes progressively more bland and predictable as a result’.

      Daily Telegraph –‘If the race were on to find 2016's best stupid buddy-caper comedy, Central Intelligence just took an early lead’.

      New Yorker –‘The window-smashing and car-crashing offer some giddy surprises, but the ridiculous yet bland gunplay is as generic as the setup’.

      Daily Star –‘If you are suffering from The Brexit Blues, then watching a tiny comic repeatedly clocking a hulking muscle man around the chops could be just what the doctor ordered’

      Movie Talk –‘Who knew Dwayne Johnson was quite this funny? He's so hands-down hilarious in Central Intelligence he makes motor-mouth comedian Kevin Hart, his co-star, look like the film's straight man.



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