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    • Brother DCP 8025DN / All in one Printer / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      31.08.2015 05:16


      • Perfect


      It aint heavy, its my Brother!

      After my 9 year old multifunction decided to chew paper regularly, I decided it was time to replace it. I decided to look for a cheap laser mutlifunction and after browsing different website, I stumbled across this machine at Inmac in its clearance section. It usually retails at around £138, but being an open box product, this particular machine was a bargain £82. On to the review of the machine......

      BOX CONTENTS AND SETUP:On opening the box you find.....
      The unit itself,
      A brand new full size toner (good for 2,500 pages) rather than a starter toner you get with other brands.
      Manuals and driver software CD.
      Power lead
      Some Free Polystyrene :D

      Setting up of the Brother DCP8025DN was very easy. Firstly, decide if you wish to use the parallel port or USB port (cable not included). Then simply load the driver CD into your CD drive, and follow on screen instructions until prompted to connect the unit to your PC and switch on. Simply setup which language you want on the units LCD display and away you go!FEATURES AND WHAT ITS LIKE TO USE :
      The laser printing function works at speeds of up to 20 pages per minute which is fast enough for most home users and business users. The quality is at an impressive 2400 x 600 dots per inch (dpi), and after printing the test page, you could notice how crisp and sharp the text is. The paper tray takes up to 250 sheets of A4, and in addition, there is a manual feed tray for single feed use.
      The printer can also print on envelopes, transparancies and labels.

      The copying function of this machine is only 600 x 300 dpi but still up to 20 pages per minute and is very easy to use. Just load your document face down on the glass. Then, using the buttons on the control panel, you can select the contrast (light or darkness), the size (can reduce or enlarge up to 400%), the number of copies etc. Once happy with your selection, press the start button and almost immediately the prints are in the output tray which can take up to 100 sheets.
      The only drwaback I found was that the fan when printing was a little noisy but its nothing bad enough to put you off using it everyday.

      This unit uses a seperate drum and toner catridge. The toners typically last for 2,500 pages and cost approx £35 for genuine brother cartridges. You can get refilled cartridges for approx £25-30 also but my experience with refilled cartridges is that they don't last as long as genuine ones. The drum lasts for 12,000 pages or every 5 toner cartridges and costs around £55.
      Based on once used for 12,000 pages, this equates to a running cost of £230 when using genuine brother toners/drum or 1.92 pence per page. Which considering a lot of places charge 5p per page for copying, it is very inexpensive to run.

      As standard, the Brother comes with 1 year On-Site warranty. So if anything goes wrong, which I'm sure it wont, Brother will sent an engineer to your address or workplace to fix or replace it. Currently, the Brother website is doing an offer where if you register selected products before 30th September, you get another 2 years On-Site warranty, so thats 3 years altogether!!
      So for £82, I've got a great little machine with 3 years warranty.

      The Brother DCP8025DN is an excellent little machine which offers good quality prints and copies with good speeds and low running costs. Consumables are available from most retailers, and with 3 years warranty (on-site), it offers excellent value for money. If you are considering a black and white all-in-one machine then I would strongly recommend this model.


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    • Brother DCP 4020C / All in one Printer / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      31.08.2015 05:14


      • Excellent


      Excellent value for money

      Overall what a great machine, especially
      Great print quality from both standard printing and photo printing, with superb reproduction of colour.
      Quick and quiet printing.
      Easy to use. Button controls are raised slightly making them easy to press and there is a small LCD screen that displays what the printer is doing ie. "RECEIVING DATA " or tells you what to do if things are going wrong "RELOAD PAPER".etc.
      The buttons and the LCD screen also enable the quick change of settings i.e contrast and brightness of an image, paper size, print speed, paper type, cropping, boarderless prints etc.
      There are also 3 card slots at the front of the machine for use with cards from digital cameras.
      Another huge advantage is the clearly written set up and user guide . The use of clear headings make finding the relevent pages quick and the straight foreward language and diagrams
      make these guides simple to use , even for a novice like me!!
      I feel however that there are a few disadvantages to this machine.
      The first is that the machine has rather a flimsy feel especially the lift up top for the photocopier and scanner which isn't particularly robust.
      The second problem is the ink cartridges, these are all individual
      ie. a seperate cartridge for black, cyan, magenta and yellow. The cost for ink therefore can be expensive. Brother ink cartridges are not also as easy to purchase on the high street as some other makes although they can be purchased on the internet and i did notice yesterday that tesco has just started to sell the black cartridge for this machine.
      A third problem is that the cable to link the printer to the pc is not included in the pack. We used the cable from our old printer and this worked fine but if you haven't got this, the cable is an additional cost.
      Lastly and not really a dissadvantage but something to bear in mind when setting up this machine. You must read and follow the set up instructions exactly as described in the manual, this isn't difficult to do and takes about 20 minutes but failure to do this and connecting cables and pressing buttons in the wrong order will cause problems.
      Overall this a fabulous machine lots of functions for a small price and great quality printing.
      Absolutely recommended.


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    • Samsung BD-P1580 / Blu-Ray Player / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      31.08.2015 05:07


      • Great


      Great picture

      This was a replacement player that i received after ny BP-1500 failed and stopped playing discs. If you buy a Samsung product make sure you keep your receipt as the only way to get service under warranty is to provide the original receipt, if you have not got it, then they will not process the claim. You have been warned. The whole process took nearly 5 weeks from taking the player in to get the replacement.

      Lets hope this ones lasts more than 7 months!!!
      This model has great style and looks really good and goes well with any product.

      Make sure you buy a HDMI lead as this is not supplied!!
      The USB port on the front is great for updates and DIVX stuff that should be availible soon.

      I have mind connected to my router as this is the easiest way to update the firmware.
      Overal the samsung has a great picture and i would say get a blu ray player but have a look at other brands


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    • HP Color Laserjet 2605dn / Laser Printer / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      31.08.2015 05:00


      • Great


      Inexpensive double sided colour printing on a network

      The HP Colour LaserJet 2605 is a good little printer, the colour printing is good quality and fast. It is the ideal home or small office printer, the paper tray on the LJ2605 is small so required topping up constantly with paper, however the extra tray on this LJ2605 is a real bonus, and also allows the user to load two different paper types into the trays.
      The LJ2605 is easy to use and the instructions on the led screen are simple and easy to follow, the screen is a little on the small side though.
      Being an Hewlett Packard makes it easy to maintain, parts for this printer are reasonable priced and readily available, having said that I have had no real problems with this printer although the little paper holder on the output tray is a bit flimsy.
      Quality is good but not fast. I like this printer and would recommend it to users at home or the small office


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    • Toshiba Satellite P100-307 / Laptop / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      31.08.2015 04:54


      • great


      Good in its time

      Firstly I will say that I have the Toshiba Satellite Pro P100-188 (I just looked at the bottom of my laptop hehe). It's been in my life for a good 3-4 years and I love it to bits. It's my faithful old laptop but I do regret that I may have to replace it soon, due to it just getting old, wear and tear and all that jazz. Well, here's my view on my lovely aged laptop.

      I got old copper (my nickname for it because of its copper orange lid) for my birthday and I found the receipt in my mum's emails (I was and still am a terror for reading emails!) for somewhere way over £1000, this was when the satellite pro was a top of the range laptop and laptops were a lot more expensive. It's a Toshiba so naturally it's very good quality and I haven't had one problem with this laptop.
      It runs on Windows XP which is a great OS but it has a little sticker on that says it's able to run with Windows Vista too. It's overall a pretty fast laptop and runs with an Intel Centrino Dual core processor. I have to say that the ultimate test is that I have had this laptop for years but I can still run the Sims 2 on it. I have every single expansion pack and at least 2GB of extra downloaded stuff for my sims and it still runs without a hitch but takes a little while to load. I also have a good 7GB of music on this laptop with iTunes.

      It has a huge screen - 17" - and it's really bright too. The keyboard is very strong - I punish my keys and this keyboard has really stayed strong. Everything seems to be in good nick even though they've been punished thoroughly.
      I have to say that this is a notebook so it is very bulky and heavy - not a laptop to be carrying around.

      It's a notebook and I'm quite demanding with my computers - playing music and games as well as video calling people, so the battery runs out quite quickly. One full charge for me if I'm only surfing the internet or typing an essay lasts about 30 minutes now as the battery is gradually dying, *sob*.
      Only 2 things about this computer bug me - a big crack on the lid and how warm it gets during long use. I'm not sure why my laptop has 2 big cracks - one on each side of the lid where the hinges are, whether it is repeated opening and closing or something else, it is slightly disconcerting. The laptop also gets burning hot during use and I have to move it off my lap after about an hour or so because it burns me!

      Overall this is a decent laptop but it has been around for quite a while so I recommend you get a top-of-the-range one which will last you for ages, this is what I did with this laptop and it is only now going out of date.


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    • Toshiba Satellite L50 B / Laptop / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      31.08.2015 04:51


      • Excellent


      Excellent all round family laptop

      What is it?

      Catchy name eh? Toshiba are not one of the world's leaders when it comes to manufacturing computers but they have been making them for a long time and for the most part make some very very good laptops. The expensive Qosmio range of laptops are first rate and their more rugged, business laptops have given Dell a run for their money on occasion.

      This laptop is neither of those; it is rather more humble than the metal clad Qosmio or the Land Rover esque business laptops. Rather, it is part of Toshiba's 'Satellite' range of laptops. These are the innocuous workhorses, the day to day computers designed for an average person doing average things and with an average budget.
      The L series denotes that it is not the bargain basement of it's range of products (that would be reserved for the C). Instead this occupies a thoroughly mid range proposition with a mid range 15.6" 'full size' laptop form factor. The B-1N8 suggests that this is one of the more potent varieties available: L series laptops come with internals as outdated as Celeron processors up to latest Core i5s. The B-1N8 comes with one of last years i3 dual cores, the i3-4005U.

      Why should I buy it?
      The market for an average power, average build and average size laptop is utterly flooded. While they no longer draw the headlines (and arguably are no longer the focus of computer manufacturers) they are still volume sellers so there needs to be something fairly compelling that might sway you to the Toshiba.

      Sure enough, Toshiba have gone to the trouble of brand dropping and there is a dubious certificate of 'Skullcandy' approved applied to this laptop. the branding on the machine itself is limited to a small name tag right next the power button.
      It's a good looking laptop, that much can be granted. The machine is finished in a glossy white body with a matte white underside and a glossy, almost carbon fibre textured fascia around the keyboard. Given that laptops, by the very nature of their portability are likely to get scratched, the colour is very good at hiding any marks. It's also surprisingly resistant to finger prints which is pleasant.

      It's a well priced machine as well. To buy one new you can pay around £330 on places such as Amazon though I bought mine from an Outlet store (because I'm a stingy sod!). This buys you a laptop with a 64 operating system, 1tb hard drive, a full size CD-DVD RW drive, 4 GB of DDR3 Ram and the latest wifi protocol. I'll explore the specification and performance a little later but safe to say it is quite lavishly equipped for the price tag.
      Accessories and manual 8/10

      The laptop comes in a minimalist cardboard box with large Toshiba branding adorning the front and sides. Contained within you will find the laptop (protected by a plastic sleeve), the charging cable, a quick start manual and some warranty documents.

      The laptop is secured in place with large polystyrene moulds which do a good job of stopping the laptop jigging about. Unlike many computers I have bought in the past you do not need to be a bank robber in order to access the box. It's nice and easy to open. You don't get any particular extras but the packaging is tight and secure, you get the basics you need and it doesn't take up lots of room in the loft (I save everything. Just in case!).
      The quick start manual is a trifle superfluous as I suspect almost everyone knows how to operate a windows computer now but having the warranty documents is helpful. Toshiba store the actual main user manual directly on the hard drive and, when the PC is set up, it comes up with all sorts of warranty registration programs etc.
      Design, build quality and ports 10/10

      This is arguably one of the main selling points for the L50 is how well thought out the laptop is. For a 15.6" laptop it is relatively light at 2.2kg and it folds reasonably flat making it more useful for travelling than your average larger laptop. I fully recognise that a netbook or a tablet is far more practical but the reasonably svelte dimensions and design make it a good compromise.
      Toshiba has included three USB ports, 2x USB 3.0 and 1 USB 2.0. This in itself is something that drew me to it as USB 3 ports are infinitely faster than their older cousins making media and file transfers dramatically faster. Combine this with a 1tb HDD and you can easily use this as a media computer. Our families music library spanning 6 decades is around about 86gb worth which is easily dwarfed by this enormous hard drive.

      The DVD drive is also a rewritable one further reinforcing this media usefulness. It will mean that music and DVDs can be written to your own CDs for those of us unlucky enough to have car's with old fashioned stereos in them!
      The keyboard is a full Qwerty arrangement with a full size number pad to the side. The keys are chicklet style keys with a distinct gap between each key; the keys themselves are large and have a reasonable travel which enables you to type quickly and reasonably accurately. I am a touch typist and find myself making far less errors with this keyboard than my older netbook. On a proper desktop keyboard I can usually reach a speed of around about 80 words per minute; the Toshiba drops a little to 76 wpm but this is still a good keyboard for productivity at home. Having a full size number pad is extremely helpful too. Professionally I work in sales ledger management and the constant number input makes you fairly reliant on a keypad!

      The hinge on which the screen sits wobbles very slightly when typing on your lap or some such but this is common among many laptops. When you hold the body of the laptop there is almost no flex or creak in the bodywork and the machine feels solid in hand. Toshiba have definitely got the design of this laptop right.
      The only thing that strikes me as a little bit poor is the trackpad. While it works perfectly fine it is covered in a grainy matte plastic material that feels slightly unnatural if you are used to a smooth trackpad. Additionally the trackpad being canted to the left undoubtedly angles the device to right handed users. I am right handed but it is a shame there are not more options that are centralised so as not to be biased one way or another.

      Usage, speed and endurance 9/10

      The key to this particular laptop's strength for it's price is the Intel Core i3 processor that hides underneath it. It is at it's core a dual core processor clocked at 1.7ghz which sounds quite paltry; after all some modern smart phones, such as my own Motorola Moto X 2nd Gen, has a 2.4ghz quad core processor underneath. But the story isn't just in the numbers.

      When Intel came up with the Core i processors they had introduced an ingenious feature to them which allows them to punch well above their weight: Hyper-threading (though I am aware some earlier high end Pentium systems were capable of it). Hyper-threading basically allows the windows to read a single processor as two distinct 'logical' cores; in essence it splits the workload of opening programs and running the system across separate parts of the processor. This allows a dual core processor to effectively run like a very lower power quad core meaning it can run lots of simple tasks simultaneously OR pool its resources together when doing something intensive. (this is a very basic explanation so those out there with far more technical knowledge feel free to judge!)
      No longer did you need a chunking great quad core processor that took up more space and make PC's more bulky; there just wasn't any point unless you were doing really intensive tasks. Lighter, more power efficient processors could manage the same. And so we come to our little laptop.
      the i3-4005U is 2014's baby i3 dual core processor. It's the weakest of them (but also one of the most power efficient) It's coupled to 4GB of RAM which means it comes with 64 bit windows. The entire laptop has been designed specifically to run several light weight programs in conjunction without issue. Opening up your web browser of choice, playing music, chatting via IM such as Skype, typing documents should all run in conjunction with minimal fuss.
      The graphics are produced via Intel HD 4400 which is situated on the motherboard. In essence watching the odd movie or browsing the internet is no bother and neither will older games be an issue but anything remotely modern simply will not run on this computer. The screen, while very bright and crystal clear, only has a resolution of 1366*768 which is not conducive to the best games regardless. A casual facebook game or digging out the golden oldies in your steam library will not be an issue however.

      The HDD spins at 5400prm which is the slowest variety available. It does not hinder progress particularly but becomes noticeable when transferring files to and from the hard drive. A faster 7200rpm hard drive would be better (or indeed a solid state drive) but both would push up the cost.
      This all combines together to make an effective and usefully fast every day laptop. It can run day to day programs with absolute ease and is even up to a spot of casual gaming. Considering the price, it could feasibly replace an every day user's home PC. Battery life is reasonable as well with myself averaging about 5.5 hours with the power settings in balanced mode and the screen at half brightness.
      Additional features

      Toshiba, in a bid to future proof this computer, saw fit to gift it with the latest wifi protocl 802.11.ac (as well as b/g/n). This means those of us with 5G wifi routers are able to use this 5G network with the Toshiba. This dramatically increases download speeds and generally makes internet life much easier. Without any shadow of a doubt the wifi card in this laptop is one of the best I have ever bought. We have several large RSJs in our home as well as a metal chimney which means wifi reception in my bedroom is patchy at best. This laptop has remained totally reliable with full signal even when I sit as far from the wifi as possible in my home. This will of course depend on a number of factors but it's definitely the best I have ever used.
      The laptop also comes with bluetooth which enables you to connect to mobile phones and blue tooth speakers without a hitch.

      Speaking of speakers, that Skullcandy branding turns out not to be a total gimmick. While not particularly bassy, the speakers are very loud and clear and do not crackle at high volumes. For the music obsessed teenager or video watching the speakers are perfectly adequate.
      Summary 9/10

      Overall, this is probably the best laptop I have bought in many years of computing. It isn't particularly posh, it doesn't have amazing specifications, it doesn't have the latest technology incorporated in it. But Toshiba have given it the modern adornments where it counts and made a convincingly good every day laptop. After all, not everyone needs a Porsche; some people only need a Ford. And what a Ford it is.


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    • Acer Aspire 1522WLMi / Laptop / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      31.08.2015 04:45


      • Great


      Powerful, but your back could pay for it

      I bought this laptop in December 2004, I was chuffed with it for the first few months - it could play the newly released Half Life 2 decently and I could even manage Battlefield 2 on the smaller maps at a decent 30fps. It wasn't to last however, a series of component failiures have pushed me away from notebooks.

      This was my first laptop computer, and like a mother with her first baby - they are determined to do everything right. I invested in a notebook cooler and kept my laptop in pristine condition. For a few weeks the laptop went everywhere with me - it could totally outclass all my friends in gaming performance and the extra backache was well worth carting the thing around - and I'm by no means a small guy.

      The desktop performance I found to be excellent, photoshop, illustrator, 3ds max all worked comparably well with my desktop - except in areas where hard drive speed was an issue - everything was quick and responsive.

      The product arrived quickly and the packaging was very good, ensuring my investment wasn't DoA. It came with all the relevent connectors, power cable & transformer, a smart card reader PCMCIA card and three discs for Acer Recovery. The default windows install was a little bloated for my need, with at least 7 active programs in the system notification area - many I would find redundant (such as the modem controller) - so I quickly uninstalled and disabled these - bumped the resolution up from 1024x768 to the native 1280x800 (?) and had many months of pleasure from working with the laptop.
      This is not really what you would call a portable purchase, it's heavy weight and short battery life make anything other than a couple of hours away from a plug socket something of a nightmare. The battery life was in the region of 2 hours from 100% and within 12 months the battery life seemingly dropped to about 40-50 minutes.

      About 7 months after my purchase, the laptop began to freeze after being on only for a few minutes - and all the connectors at the back would be incredibly hot to the touch. Knowing I had the 12 month warranty I called Acer Technical Support who quickly sent a courier to pick up my notebook and had it back and repaired within a couple of weeks.

      A few weeks later more and more problems became apparent - the keyboard became very unresponsive on specific keys, I removed the entire keyset and thoroughly cleaned the board - however, it seemed that the connectors were no longer responsive to anything other than a 'harsh' keystroke. This made typing in various things quite a painstaking process - but one I decided I could live with.

      Then the products 12 month warranty expired, and the graphics card failed, I got a reasonable repair quote from Acer - much less than I was expecting, but I assume what killed the graphics card was the heat - which I feel should have been fixed with the repairs taken with the heatsink and fan maintainance before.

      I then realised that this laptop in particular has serious problems with heat - and for one which was marketed to me as a complete desktop replacement - this was totally unacceptable as I had even been using the notebook cooler over extended periods.
      Technical support were always helpful, I was never on the phone longer than 20 minutes waiting for an operative and I was always dealt with quickly - and I wasn't treated like an idiot like many places can do. i.e. is it plugged in. We did, however, have quite an unprofessional tech rep on one occaision who liked to joke around that he was going to debit £500 from my account when the actual amount was only £35.

      My advice to anyone who purchases this laptop is to take out the extended 3 year warranty and to have regular! backups of data. The laptop is powerful, but not portable - and any problems that go wrong will be very expensive - so the £66 3 year warranty that Acer offers is very good value.


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    • Sony Vaio K115B / Laptop / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      31.08.2015 04:43


      • Great


      Confessions of a laptop user

      I have a confession. I used to own an Acer Travelmate. I say this quietly, in case my sexy Sony Vaio hears of my relationship with an inferior computer (which had air vents underneath, so when you put it on your lap, it cut out....handy) and goes into a huff.

      I am writing a lot these days. About 30,000 words worth of thesis in fact. So I need a laptop which I can rely on, but also something which I can happily live with up to 12 hours a day - not including screen breaks for good health, obviously.... ;-)
      The Sony Vaio meets all my expectations and more.
      So, here are my examples of why I think this computer shines, and where it could do better.....
      The sound quality through the speakers is great, I often play albums as I work. The speakers are set at the foot of the screen, on the keyboard, which is nifty, and the sound is not at all tinny.

      The battery power seems to be holding up well - I have had the computer for almost a year and there is still about 2hours battery time when it is not in the mains.
      Performance-wise, it "does what it says on the tin", really. I've had no problems with it not doing what I have wanted it to.

      And finally, this gorgeous X-Black screen. If you don't have one, get one. It makes the world of difference. Suddenly everything is clear and sharp. Except when the sun is behind me, when it just becomes a mirror, which is a bit of a drawback, I suppose.
      But as drawbacks go, there are relatively few. I feel it is very much built for a lap, rather than a table, beecause there is a large space between the edge of the keyboard and the keys, which is great for resting your wrists but at the wrong angle - ie sitting at a desk - this can be a little annoying.

      It is, as with all Sony's, a bit expensive (around £800). But I think you get what you pay for, particularily with regards to the look and feel of a Sony.
      My other half quickly went out and bought the same computer, only the widescreen version, which I have to say, I'm a bit envious of....

      The mains adaptor is a bit big, and can get pretty hot..... but I'm really reaching for the criticims now.
      I can't tell you about manufacturer support etc, as I've never had to contact them.... 'nuff said.

      It is a really lovely computer, I cannot praise it highly enough (and I think after all this flattery it has just about forgiven me for once owning an Acer...)


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    • Dell ALIENWARE 18 / Laptop / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      31.08.2015 04:34


      • Great


      Incredible Power and Display

      - Incredible Power from SLI 770m
      - Beautiful Display
      - Excellent Audio
      - Solid Build
      - Easily User Expandable
      - Full Windows 7, 8, 8.1 Driver Support
      - Very little Bloatware
      - Alienware Effects are Neat

      - Memory is too Low for Price Point
      - No SSD at Price Point
      - Absolutely Gigantic
      - Heavy

      I rather enjoyed the Alienware 18 laptop. It doesn't have quite as much under the hood (especially considering the price), but it was super easy to add my own SSD and Memory!

      This display was gorgeous which is what originally attracted me to the machine. Dual 770m video cards could handle everything I could throw at them.

      The machine is big, but of course I knew that going in. I ended up giving it back because it's size makes it uncomfortable to use the keyboard for long gaming sessions since your wrist ends up sitting so high off the table.


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    • Acer Aspire Switch 10 / Laptop / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      31.08.2015 04:29


      • Great


      Loving this tablet

      Looks and feels of much higher quality than the price point represents. This is true regardless of making comparisons to other tablets, laptops or convertibles.

      The IPS screen is shockingly gorgeous, and about 30-40% brighter than it's only true counterpart, the ASUS T100.

      Keyboard and mousepad are larger than the ASUS T100, resulting in both being considerably more comfortable to use.

      Battery life is marginally shorter than the T100, although this can be largely mitigated by bringing the brightness in line with the T100's limitations.

      32GB becomes 22GB once you take into account both formatting and backup partitions, and the OS itself takes up about 14GB, so you're left with roughly 8GB starting. This might sound bad, but considering you can add a 128GB micro SD, it's not a major issue. Besides, you can get the 64GB version for $50 more.

      I'm constantly shocked as to how well this convertible works, both in terms of a tablet and a laptop. You're obviously not going to be able to play newer flagship games on it, but that appears to be the only real limitation. This works great as a mobile laptop, or as maybe even as a starter laptop for kids.

      Realistically you can do all of the same things on this that you could do with a laptop or tablet that cost twice this price, except in this case you get both.


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    • MSI Nvidia GeForce GTX750 Ti OC / Graphic Card / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      31.08.2015 03:52


      • Great


      Worth every cent in my opinion

      Price for one
      Capabilities for fps on next-gen
      Spectacular cooling
      Great for budget builds
      Performance is outstanding for its competition
      Comes with good instructions for people with low knowledge
      Competes great against my old GTX 660

      Not SLI capable
      Not a 900 series

      If you are looking for a great card for a budget build, or a simple one card build for ultra settings on every game then this does the job quite well if not over performing on a lot of them.

      Certain games may require custom settings from ultra then lowering maybe 2 options but besides that this card has met my expectations and more.

      My GTX 660 finally died out so i skeptically replaced it with a 750ti and boy...it was a good choice.

      Also if you are lazy (unlike me) there is a simple over clocking gaming app from MSI that comes with it.

      The NVIDIA drivers are not as bad as everyone says they are and the shadow play feature from NVIDIA is great with this card.

      Overall I have to give this card a solid 5 eggs for its performance, price, and capabilities, blew me out of the water.

      Great MSI product overall.


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    • PowerColor HD7790 1GB GDDR5 OC V2 / Graphic Card / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      31.08.2015 03:49


      • bad


      Sleazy company, no Linux support

      It lights up my monitors, or at least the left one.

      Do NOT buy this product if you use Linux. There is simply no support for it right now. AMD is supposed to be open source friendly, but if you want a decent card for 3D stuff go with Nvidia and use the proprietary driver. Using the open source radeon driver this card was far, far worse then the 5 year old AMD HD 3200 onboard video that came with my motherboard. It was slow, funky, clunky and would only light up my left monitor in Debian testing. There is no currently available fglrx driver in the repository and by all accounts the one available on the AMD site won't work the version of X on Debian jessie. No big deal, I had an extra partiton, I installed the latest Ubuntu, 13.10 Saucy Salamander. Which took some doing because the live DVD would not boot to X, I just got a grey-black screen. So instead of booting to the live Kubuntu environment I had to install right away. Rebooting gave me the grey-black screen again instead of the display manager. No problem, I'm a big boy, I booted up to a recovery console, installed a few programs, and was able to get in to X, but again, radeon wouldn't work with 2 monitors. So I installed both of the FGLRX drivers in the repository, both of them were terrible, the system is far less responsive then the onboard video, compiz crashes the display manager, KDE can't do desktop effects, even XFCE can't handle compositing, but at least I have both monitors configured. I figure in a year Debian testing will have a newer kernel and fglrx in the repos, Ubuntu will have finally come to grips with radeon support and a proper FGLRX driver. Life in the big city if you are stupid enough to ignore all the warnings and buy a ATI/AMD video card for Linux instead of just going with Nvidia. Like everyone says, the hardware MAY be OK, but no one will ever know because the drivers are terrible.

      None of this would have been enough to make me write a review. But the PowerColor company got me to do so by having the most abusive rebate process I have personally ever seen. It just beggars description. Not only do you have to print their form, but you have to register on their site, which requires responding to not one but 2 emails which my yahoo account screened as spam, so I had to log in to their webmail to see them instead of using the IMAP interface on my email client, like I normally do. The registration process required you to enter product names, serial numbers (both printed on the card, BTW), even though they know these things perfectly well. But the kicker was they would not accept the Invoice from your email from Newegg, you had to log in to your account and dial down several layers to print out the identical Newegg invoice. This is simply busive, but at least it got me into my Newegg account so I could share my experience with you. I can't believe a company this sadistic will fulfill its rebates, but I won't have to worry about losing my PowerColor password because I will never buy from PowerColor again.


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    • Mothercare Cat Net / Pushchair & Pram / 2 Readings / 2 Ratings
      More +
      31.08.2015 01:45
      Very helpful


      • "Fits quite a few different pushchair styles "


      • "Doesn't really work"

      Not the best idea Mothercare have ever had...

      It's amazing what you come across when you're having a sort out, this cat net I remember buying from Mothercare when my son was born. My mum likes to bond with her grandchildren by taking them overnight at a very young age, she's done it with all four of my kids but things were a little different when David was born four years ago as she then had three cats. I've had very little to do with cats but the horror stories I'd heard of pet moggies lying over baby and suffocating them made me very nervous as the time drew near to send (very) little David over.

      The Mothercare Cat Net is basically a net to be fitted to your pushchair, it's largely elasticated with a couple of ties to ensure a tight fit. Obviously the cat net won't fit every pushchair on the planet, it didn't even fit every pushchair in my collection, so do check your model against the list supplied by Mothercare before buying one.

      It works by being a tight mesh rather than the less taut netting you can buy to stop bugs, mosquitoes etc getting near your baby. The tightness makes a deep slope which a cat can't really lie on without falling off - the fatal flaw being my mums biggest cat is potentially morbidly obese and the sheer weight of Tigger was just too much for the net to cope with and it simply drooped inwards (rendering baby suffocated by cat AND net).

      It was quite obvious this was going to happen which is why I ended up using this as an insect net after all (and hence the reason it has lain unseen for a couple of years until my recent de cluttering session) and the moggies were forcibly and unceremoniously thrown out until David was old enough for death by cat not to be an issue.

      In short, a bit of a waste of money and in one way totally dangerous as if you put your faith into a basic product like this the outcome really doesn't bear thinking about.


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    • Dove Soap Dove Cream Bar / Soaps / 1 Reading / 1 Rating
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      31.08.2015 00:40
      Very helpful


      • moisturising
      • "lathers well"
      • cleansing
      • "good for dry and sensitive skin"
      • "Lovely fragrance"


      • "does not last as long as some bar soaps"

      A good value moisturising cream soap bar

      I love Dove products and always use Dove deodorants and other items in the range. However I was recently re-introduced to the Dove soap cream bar. My hubby bought me some and I fell in love with the lovely soap all over again.

      Each bar of Dove original Beauty Cream bar is made with one quarter moisturising cream and it states on the blue and white box that the key to beautiful skin is moisture so that is why Dove created the beauty bar with one quarter moisturising cream.

      I like the way this soap does not have an overly strong perfume fragrance but smells very fresh and it is perfect for my dry and sensitive skin. My skin does feel softer after using this product. I only use it on my body as my face is too sensitive for any soap which has fragrance but I love the way in which it makes my skin feel refreshed and less dry after use.

      It is available in most supermarkets and chemist shops. I have seen it in Sainsburys in a pack of two for one pound fifty pence which I think is reasonable for a good quality soap.

      The only thing I would say against this soap is that due to it's moisturising qualities the soap gets quite soft and does not last as long as some bars of soap. However as it is not overly priced and it is a good quality item I do not mind replacing it on a more regular basis than other soap.

      I am glad to be reunited with this lovely cream bar and shall be continuing to use it from now on.


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    • More +
      31.08.2015 00:28


      • Cheap
      • "Good Value"


      • None

      Lovely Value Watch

      I am quite a fan of watches as you might be able to tell from all the reviews that I have written of them! I am fortunate to work in a job where I get a lot of them either cheaply or free when I win commission related competitions. I am a particularly partial to Breo watches because I think they are comfortable and extremely good value for money. i usually go for the Roam ones because they are the cheapest and most simple but I also have one of these Zen watches which are a little more expensive and also a little more stylish, rather than the fit for purpose Roam ones.

      The things that I like about the Roam watches are also present in the Zen ones, which is to say that they come in a range of nice colours. The one I have is this blue one which I would describe as a sky blue. It is really lovely and quite bright but not garishly so.

      The second thing I like about it is the fact that it is made of the light rubbery material that the Roam ones are made of and it is just as comfortable. The watch is slightly bigger but not overly so and it still sits nicely and doesn't look too big even on my narrow wrists.

      The watch is quite traditional looking and simple which is perfect for me because I am a woman of simple tastes. The watch is the same colour all over except for the white details on the face and it is quite striking.

      The watch costs in the region of £15 and I would say that it is very good value for money and I would definitely recommend them.


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