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      30.10.2014 17:03


      • "works well"
      • "simple "
      • "very easy to set up"
      • "no hassle "
      • "very quick"
      • "ink drys fast"


      • N/A

      good printer no faults

      this is an amazing little printer it doesn't have many settings but its just very simple and easy to use there's nothing that has ever gone wrong with this printer and we have used it for about 3-4 years now...
      (its amazing there hasn't been 1 fault with this printer and we have had it for so long it is used LOADS!!! about 3 times day a lot for an average household.)

      the ink dries very fast 2-3 seconds after coming out of the machine. 1 sheet of paper takes about 0-40 seconds depending on what your printing out.

      here are some specifications for the printer:
      printing system
      Printer technology
      HP Thermal Inkjet
      Print Head Nozzles:
      672 black ink nozzles, 600 colour ink nozzles
      Print Quality (Black, Best Quality!)
      Up to 1200 x 1200 rendered dpi (when printing from a computer)
      Print Quality (Colour, Best Quality)
      Up to 4800 optimised dpi when printing from a computer and 1200 input dpi
      Print Speed (Black, Best Quality, A4)
      Up to 1.5 ppm
      Print Speed (Black, Draft Quality, A4)
      Up to 22 ppm
      Print Speed (Black, Normal Quality, A4)
      Up to 7.7 ppm
      Print Speed (Colour, Best Quality, A4)
      Up to 1.5 ppm
      Print Speed (Colour, Draft Quality, A4)
      Up to 18 ppm
      Print Speed (Colour, Normal Quality, A4)
      Up to 5.2 ppm

      smart features
      Software included
      HP Photosmart Essential, HP Smart Web Printing, HP Desktop SureSupply
      Battery Recharge Time
      ~ 2 hrs
      Custom Media Sizes
      76.2 x 101.6 to 215.9 x 355.6 mm
      Standard Media Sizes
      A4 (210 x 297 mm), A5 (148 x 210 mm), A6 (105 x 148 mm), B5 (176 x 250 mm), C6 (114 x 162 mm), DL (110 x 220 mm), 100 x 150 mm (with or without tear-off/cut-off tab)
      Maximum Input Capacity
      Up to 50
      Duplex Print Options
      Manual (driver support provided)
      Paper Handling Standard/Input
      50-sheet input feeder
      External I/O ports
      2 USB - compatible with USB 2.0 specification, 1 PictBridge, 1 Secure Digital/Multimedia Card
      Standard memory
      32 MB
      pages per month
      Up to 500 pages per month

      Other technical information
      Software included
      HP Photosmart Essential, HP Smart Web Printing, HP Desktop SureSupply
      Battery Recharge Time
      ~ 2 hrs
      Compatible Operating Systems
      Microsoft® Windows® 2000, XP Professional x64; Windows Vista®; Mac OS X v10.3.9, v10.4 or higher; Palm OS; Microsoft® Windows® Mobile for Pocket PC; Linux (available from the Web)
      Network Capabilities
      Via optional 802.11 b/g Wireless Printer Adapter
      Compatible Network Operating Systems
      Microsoft® Windows® 2000, XP Professional x64; Certified for Windows Vista®; Mac OS X v10.3.9, v 10.4 or higher
      Optional Connectivity
      HP bt500 Bluetooth USB 2.0 Wireless Adapter Q6273A, HP 802.11 b/g Wireless Printer Adapter Q6274A
      Standard Connectivity
      Hi-Speed USB, Full speed USB, PictBridge, Secure Digital/Multimedia Card
      Recommended System Requirements
      Microsoft® Windows® 2000: Intel® Pentium® III or higher processor, 200 MB RAM, 150 MB free hard disk space, SP4; Microsoft® Windows® XP (32-bit): Intel® Pentium® III or higher processor, 256 MB RAM, 350 MB free hard space; Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional x64: AMD Athlon64®, AMD Opteron®, Intel® Xeon® processor with Intel® EM64T support or Intel® Pentium® 4 processor with Intel EM64T support, 256 MB RAM, 340 MB free hard disk space; Windows Vista®: 1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor, 1 GB RAM, 790 MB free hard disk space
      Minimum System Requirements
      Microsoft® Windows® 2000: Intel® Pentium® II or Celeron® processor, 128 MB RAM, 150 MB free hard disk space; Microsoft® Windows® XP (32-bit): Intel® Pentium® II or Celeron® processor, 128 MB RAM, 250 MB free hard space; Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional x64: Intel® Pentium® II or Celeron® processor, 128 MB RAM, 280 MB free hard disk space; Windows Vista®: 800 MHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor, 512 MB RAM, 750 MB free hard disk space
      Standard Printer Languages
      HP PCL 3 enhanced
      Processor speed
      192 MHz
      Dimensions (w x d x h)
      340.21 x 163.8 x 80.5 mm
      Package dimensions (W x D x H)
      402.8 x 199.9 x 231.9 mm
      2.09 kg
      Energy Star Certified
      Box Content
      HP Officejet H470 Mobile Printer, HP 337/129 Black Inkjet Print Cartridge, HP 343/135 Tri-colour Inkjet Print Cartridge, starter CD/set-up guide, power cord, USB cable
      Standard one-year limited hardware warranty. Warranty and support options vary by product, country and local legal requirements.


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    • Carmex Lip Balm / Make Up / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      30.10.2014 16:47


      • "leaving lips moist"
      • "value for money"


      Does the job! wish i found it sooner!

      I have never heard of this brand before as and this brand is not available in my country. I have never suffered bad chapped lip in my entire life until i had my first winter. I have used different brands of lip balm before but none of them works wonderfully as Carmex despite I applied them every single night before bed and whenever necessary.

      So, after trying few products that didn't really fix my problem, I started googling for products that might work and I stumbled upon this brand. I finally gave Carmex a try after reading few good reviews about it and I purchased mine at Boots.

      I'm glad that I did, as it did work on my chapped lips. After using it for a while, my lips started to heal and they became smooth and moist. This Carmex lip balm has a pleasant smell to it and i always re-apply it whenever I think is necessary. Even if it's not winter, i still use it before applying my lipstick. Who says you only need Carmex in winter?

      My Carmex is in the pot not the stick one. Whichever the packing is, I guess they are both very handy and I always bring mine in my bag my whenever I go out. Price wise, i guess this product is a value for money as it does last for a long time.

      I would recommend this for people who have bad chapped lips and those who want to have lips that are well-moisturised.


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      30.10.2014 16:34


      • "The sticky back is very good"
      • "They are comfortable"
      • "They stop my feet from hurting and make high heel shoes fit better"


      • "There are no disadvantages"

      Party Feet heel shields


      These are shields that are for the back of your shoes if they are a little bit too big or if they are rubbing at the back.


      You stick them to the back of your shoe at the heel and they will either make them feel more comfortable if they do not fit very well and will stop the back of your shoes rubbing your heel and bringing pain to your feet.


      I have used these 3 times and I think they work very good. I wear high heels alot and I am used to walking in them but when I get a new pair of shoes the area where they rub me is on my heel and these are soft against my skin so I think they are a very good thing to use instead of ugly plasters that other people will be able to see over the edge of the back of my shoes.

      They stick good and have been on a pair of my shoes for many wears now so you do not have to change them every time you wear your shoes.

      They make my feet feel alot better and I think that is the main thing because when your feet hurt you can not enjoy yourself and some shoes you do not know that they are going to hurt until you have already gone out in your shoes and then it is too late.


      I like the Party Feet brand but do not think they are always worth the money because there are other cushion products that work good for the ball of your foot. These cost about £3 for one pair and that looks expensive because they are only very small but they stop me being in pain so I do not care about the cost.

      5 Dooyoo Stars.


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      30.10.2014 16:33


      • "lather up"
      • "Not too drying"
      • "Leaves skin smooth"
      • "Lasts ages"


      • none!

      Great product, works so well!

      I love love love the Soap and Glory range and have recently tried the ‘Scrub of your life’ body smoothing scrub instead of my usual ‘Flake Away’. I got the Scrub of your life in a gift set for my birthday and so far have found it just as good, if not a smidge better than Flake Away. If purchased it costs about £7 for a 500ml tub, but this does last a reasonable amount of time.

      It comes in a baby pink huge tub with a screw off lid. When you remove the lid you get wafts of the S&G Original Pink fragrance and see a mass of salty looking goo filled with tiny pink beads. These pink beads are ‘scrubbing beads’ and help remove dead skin leaving fresh soft skin after use. The scrub is very thick and you have to really scoop out a handful then scrub it on your body where required. As you apply it dissolves to give a nice foamy thick shower scrub that you can really feel working. Although not a shower gel, it does do a good job of cleaning as it works, or you can use a shower cream as well.

      I use this on my arms and legs as they can get quite bumpy and it works a treat on smoothing them without being too harsh or drying. You do need to moisturise afterwards as you would expect too after a body scrub but it isn’t overly drying or too harsh. The lovely fragrance also stays on your skin for a few hours afterwards which is lovely bonus!

      For the £7 price tag the tub also lasts ages so is well worth the money


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      30.10.2014 16:17



      Pleasant, dependable and good value

      Boots Glycerin, Honey and Lemon Linctus is a very effective reasonably priced product. It is quite an old remedy, probably being well over 65 years old. It is, in my view. just as popular today as it was then. It works very well if you have a sore throat and tickly agrivating cough. It is especially good for young children as, not only is it sweet and pleasant for the child to take, but it also promotes a good night's sleep, due to the formula of the linctus being that of glycerin, honey and lemon, which lubricates the throat.

      For adults, Boots Glycerin, Honey and Lemon Linctus works very well for a mild cold and throat symptoms, but for a chesty persistent cough and severe throat infections Benylin or Covonia are much more effective over the counter treatments. If these remedies fail to work, then the next point of call is an appointment with the family doctor.

      This linctus has been taken by my family, i.e. grandmother, grandfather, children, grandchildren and myself over many years. It is always a linctus that is stored in my medical cabinet and, one I utterly depend on. Ideal for my grandchildren who are regularly staying for sleepovers, for when they are feeling a little under the weather.

      Finally, to summarise, Boots Glycerin, Honey and Lemon Linctus is certainly worth buying. For a very reasonable price of £1.39., I don't think there is another linctus on the market to touch it, and without any hesitation would gladly recommend it to anyone.


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      30.10.2014 16:16


      • "nice fragrance"
      • "smells nice"
      • "2 in 1 saves time and money"


      • "bad bottle design"
      • "doesn't work well for me as a shampoo"
      • "dries skin"

      Will not use again

      The Radox 2in1 Shampoo and Shower gel Therapy Active is a convienent product for those in a rush, and I feel is more aimed at men rather than women. My other half got this as part of the weekly shop as we were both out of shower gel and I have to say that if I had done the shop it wouldn't have been my choice. While I don't mind 2 in 1 Shampoo's and Conditioner, I don't really like the idea of Shampoo and Shower gels as I can't see that they would suit your hair very well.

      However, I tried the 2 in 1 as I had nothing else to use. It is a blue shower gel in a clear bottle with a blue flip lid at the bottom and a shower clip at the top. The 2 in 1 has a nice fragrance which is lemongrass and sea salt which is nice and energising in a morning.

      It lathers up OK in the shower for your skin so you don't need too much and you do feel like its doing a good job at cleansing your skin. I did notice that it was a little drying however and I needed more moisturiser than normal after using it.

      As a shampoo I wasn't as impressed. It doesn't lather well, and feels harsh on my fine hair. Again it did feel like it was cleaning well, but as with my skin, even after using a separate conditioner my hair felt dried and was more knotted than usual after use.

      Another downside is the design of the bottle. The flip lid at the bottom is difficult to open and I found it got stuck a lot and took a lot of force to open. The shower hook design at the top of the bottle also didnt work for me as it fell off anything it was hooked onto which was just annoying

      Overall, an OK shower gel, but not a good shampoo, and clearly too drying for me. Perhaps a good one to chuck in your gym bag for convenience but thats all!


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    • Nintendo DS Lite / Games Console / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
      More +
      30.10.2014 16:12


      • "Easy to hold and use comfortably"
      • "Available in several colours"


      • "A lot if newer games not available for this product"
      • "Touch screen could be better"

      A good product, although out-dated now

      My ratinv for this product is based more on my thoughts when I first bought it a few years ago, because it would be unfair to rate it less just because tbere are newer more advanced products available.
      The Nintendo DS Lite is good value for money. When I got mine it also came with a box of accessories, making it even better value. It is one of the cheapest handheld devices available from a popular/reliable company with good-quality games available. The various colours it is available in means that yoh get a choice so everyone does not have an identical product. Various other things are available to personalise it such as the stylus and stickers for the product, as well as cases.
      A wide range of games are available for this console, some of which are quite cheap, although the quality of these does vary. There are many games containing the usual Nintendo characters, such as Mario, which are more expensive but many of which are more than worth it. Because the DS Lite is a relatively old product now most games can be bought second-hand, although there is obviously no guarantee of ths quality of these.
      The touch-screen on this is very basic and requires a stylus to use. There is a place for one in the DS so it is more difficult to lose one, as long as you remember to use it. Only one of the screens has a touch-screen as well, although it would be difficult to use both as this anyway.
      Since many later versions of this product have been released games are not being made for it. This is annoying, but if you don't mind missing out on the latest games, yoh can get used copies of old ones cheaply.


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      30.10.2014 16:02
      Very helpful


      • "helps you sleep"
      • "speeds up recovery"
      • "doesnt taste too bad"
      • "Helps sore throats alot"
      • "Great for tickly coughs"


      • none

      Great for sore throats

      I often suffer from dry tickly coughs and have this misfortune of having a weakness for sore throats. I have tried the usual sore throat sweets, sprays and medicines but nothing seems to really help that effectively.

      I had never seen the Covonia Tickly cough mixture before until i was in Boots looking for something to ease a badly sore throat, and noticed that the medicine was also to ease throats. So i purchased a 150 ml bottle for around £4. (this can also be bought in 300 ml bottles).

      The Dry Tickly Cough mixture contains Glycerol which helps soothe your throat easing tickly coughs and painful throats. You can take it as and when required which I liked aswell meaning I could find some relief from my painfully sore throat whenever I needed.

      The medicine doesn't taste as pungent as the other Covonia range, and has a slightly sweet taste which is preferable. It is a dark colour, quite runny liquid but still managed to coat your throat when taken. As soon as you have a dose you feel instant sore throat relief and helps stop coughing. The effects seems reasonably long lasting and you can easily go a good few hours between doses.

      I found this good for night time as it helped stop me coughing so i could sleep and an godsend in the day to ease my poorly throats. It is as good as any other Covonia mixtures I have tried and is clearly tailored for dry tickly coughs and sore throats. Well done Covonia!


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      30.10.2014 15:52
      Very helpful


      • "Speeds up recovery"
      • "Good size bottles"
      • "Works a treat"


      • "tastes awful"

      Bad taste but works well

      Well, I'm on a roll at the moment with cough and cold products as between the 3 of us in our house we have had a right run with being ill lately!

      After a particularly bad cough a couple of months ago, kindly shared with me by my other half I reached for the trusty Covonia range. I swear by these cough syrups as, for me, they seem to be what works best and really help me. I hadn't had to use the chesty cough one before as I tend to come out with dry tickly coughs, but this particular one had really gone on to my chest.

      The Covonia Mentholated Chesty cough Mixture is a tar coloured potent mix of Tincture, Liquorice Extract and Levomenthol. The Tincture helps to remove plegm as it is a very mild expectorant along with the Liquorice, while the Levomenthol helps with irritation and congestion.

      The cough mixture smells very strongly of Liquorice, and as mentioned is a tar colour so not the most appealing. Consistency wise, it is thick enough that you feel it coat your throat but not like gloop. When you first take the does, you get an instant relief...well once you get over the foul taste. But the taste and appearance of the Covonia are worth its effects. It works well, and gives a long lasting relief and I do believe it helped speed up getting rid of the cough compared to no cough relief at all.

      You can purchase the mixture in 50ml, 150ml and 300ml bottles which range from a couple of pounds upwards.


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    • Snuffle Babe Vapour Rub / Baby Health / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
      More +
      30.10.2014 15:15


      • "suitable for little babies"
      • "Applies easily"
      • "Smells nice"


      • "doesnt work as well as Vicks"

      Great for young babies, provides some relief from bunged up noses

      Before I had tried the Vicks on my sons feet to help coughs, I had tried a couple of baby vapour rubs (as vicks is not suitable for under 2's) and Snufflebaby was one of them.

      It is a vapour rub designed specifically for babies and young children and is not as strong as Vicks. It comes in a small clear tub and is a similar consistency, fragrance and colour to Vicks. It is prices under £2 and can be picked up from Tesco, Boots and Morrison's among others and is normally with the baby medicines

      To use you simply apply to babies chest and back to help relive congestion. We found that it did work to help unblock our babies congestion, but the relief was short lived. Half way through the night he would wake up bunged up again and any trace of Snufflebaby was gone. But that was easy to rectify by simply applying some more. We also used it in some hot water in his room to prolong its effect.

      Snufflebaby is a good product as there are not many Vapour-rubs out there suitable for the under two's and they get so many colds that anything that helps is a bonus. We have, since finding the Calpol Vapour Plug in not had to use the Snuffle baby as the plug in works much better, as dopes the Vicks on the feet trick. But for young babies who cannot use those Snufflebaby is a great product and I would recommend it!


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      30.10.2014 15:05
      Very helpful


      • "Jar lasts forever"
      • "whole family can use it"
      • "Smells nice"
      • "Works on lots of cold symptoms"


      • "None at all"


      Has anyone heard of the old wives tale of smearing Vicks on your toddlers feet to help relieve coughing at night? I had, but hadn't believed it until a good friend tried it when her daughter had a bad cold and swore it worked a treat. So when our son next had a cough - which all you mommy's and daddy's know seems to be a weekly thing I promptly trundled off to Tesco and invested in a pot of Vick Vapour-rub. I got a nice big tub for about £5.00 which i thought was reasonable for the size and that night followed my friends instructions. Just before bed I smeared it over his feet and popped socks on him and off he went to bed coughing. Now some people had said the coughing stops instantly but this doesn't seem to happen, but within about half an hour our little boy stopped coughing and had a full nights peaceful sleep. Since then we use it religiously every time he has a cough and it never fails to work. Miracles do happen!

      Well since getting the tub I too have been using it whenever I felt a cold coming on and it does work wonders. Rubbed on to the chest, throat, and/or back it helps clear bunged up noses and soothe sore throats and coughs making you feel so much better and helping you sleep. Ok so the scent is strong and I dont use it if I'm at work, but before bed when you have a cold I love it.

      It does come off onto clothes/bedsheets but a wash soon gets rid of that so that isn't a problem for me and the benefits of a good nights sleep when your coughing or blocked is worth it! From now on there will always be a big tub in our medicine cabinet!


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      30.10.2014 14:53
      Very helpful


      • "Can use alongside Calpol"
      • "soothes temporarily"


      • "doesn't seem to work for long"

      Good to combine with Calpol but not that effective

      We tried the calpol calcough the last time our son had a tickly cough. We had used tixylix previous but it had been when Tixilix had recalled a lot of bottles due to a health and safety problem, so needing something quickly we opted for Calcough. Made by calpol you expect a good product that works well and we like the fact that you could combine it with Calpol if necessary. Our son had a particularly bad cold so did need the calpol aswell.

      The Calcough is an apple flavoured Glycerol medicine, in a yellow box and is dispensed onto a small plastic medicine spoon. Younger babies can have 2.5ml with old children having either 5ml or 10 ml depending on age.

      Our son loved the taste of it which always helps if your little one is fussy so we had no problem getting some down him. When he takes the cough mixture is does quickly seem to ease the cough however this effect doesnt last long at all. Within 20 minutes he would be as bad as before which is no good if its the middle of the night and the cough is keeping them awake. Tixylix would always seem to be long-lasting enough to allow him to fall asleep.

      I think this is down to the fact that Calcough really doesnt have much in it, its pretty much just Gycerol and flavourings which I know you can't give little ones much more but it just doesnt work as well as Tixylix did.


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      30.10.2014 14:49
      Very helpful



      The Following, One of the most entertaining shows on television.

      Kevin Williamson's The Following is great entertainment which is enhanced by strong performances from Kevin Bacon, who is an FBI agent with lots emotional baggage!!
      James Purefoy, plays a seamless role as a serial killer and cult leader on the run.

      Williamson, who is best known for writing '90s teen horror film Scream and developing TV shows Dawson's Creek and The Vampire Diaries.

      Joe Carroll a convicted serial killer who escapes from prison to continue his killing spree and is joined by an overwhelming amount of cult of followers willing to do whatever is necessary for their leader. Ryan Hardy (Bacon) returns to the FBI because he was the super agent who arrested Carroll the first time. A strong supporting cast makes you question your moral center.

      Carroll before his arrest was a professor of literature with a sadistic passion for murder, he took the lives of over a dozen young women and quickly became a serial killer before Hardy connected the dots and took him down. The Following's pilot opens with Carroll's bloody escape from prison and introduces the viewer to a suspected alcoholic Hardy, whose bears the emotional scars of his past.

      Hardy quickly recaptures Carroll, but not everything seems to feel quite right, Hardy believes there is an unknown plan been set into motion by Carroll and maybe his presence is not needed for this to come to fruition.

      The series heavily relies on the supporting characters as it is Hardy and Carroll, and the excellent cast includes Natalie Zea as Carroll's ex-wife, Claire; Annie Parisse as FBI specialist Debra Parker; Shawn Ashmore as young FBI agent Mike Weston; and Kyle Catlett as Claire and Joe's son, Joey.

      The show earns its title from the cult of Carroll, which proves a formidable and violent adversary for the FBI. The series increasingly reveals Carroll as a talented enabler and predator to the weak and downtrodden, and he attracts three young wanderers to his cause: Emma Hill (Valorie Curry), who first met Carroll at a book signing, and Jacob Wells (Nico Tortorella) and Paul Torres (Adan Canto), who masquerade as a gay couple to assist Carroll in tying up some loose ends from his previous killing spree.

      THE BLU-RAY:


      All fifteen episodes are presented with excellent 1.78:1/1080p/AVC-encoded transfers. There are five, 45-minute episodes on each Blu-ray disc, and the transfers are mostly excellent. Detail is impressive throughout, and The Following appears strikingly sharp, clear and textured. Facial details are impressive, and wide shots dive deep and come back razor-sharp. Colors are often bold and are usually perfectly saturated, and black levels are very strong. There are a few expected irregularities like black crush, digital noise and a bit of softness, but The Following looks great in HD.

      The 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio soundtracks that accompany each episode are quite immersive considering they accompany a cable show. Dialogue is crisp and clean, and effects make great use of the surrounds. Shattering glass, gunshots and screams ricochet through the sound field, and ambient effects like grasshoppers, wind and rain wrap the viewer subtly but effectively. The subwoofer is frequently used to support the action scenes, and the soundtrack is nicely separated and weighty. English SDH, French and Spanish subtitles are available.


      Warner Brothers releases The Following in its expanded "combo pack" format that includes all fifteen episodes on three Blu-ray discs, four DVDs and in HD digital copy format via UltraViolet. The discs are housed in an expanded clamshell case, which slides into a lightweight slipbox. A surprising number of extras accompany the series. Warners revives its Maximum Movie Mode but in this case it's From a Dark Place: Maximum Episode Mode (HD) that accompanies the pilot. You get commentary from Williamson and Director/Executive Producer Marcos Siega alongside on-set footage and interviews with the cast and crew that play over the pilot. Disc one also includes eight minutes of Unaired Scenes (HD). On disc two you get The Thrill of Horror: The Creator Behind The Following (13 minutes/HD); some Unaired Scenes (15 minutes/HD); and several short featurettes: The Followers' Den (2 minutes/HD), The Poe Mask (2 minutes/HD), and Free Megan (2 minutes/HD). Disc three packs in The Cult of Joe Carroll: Inside the Followers (18 minutes/HD); The Following Production Chronicles (28 minutes/HD); and more Unaired Scenes (27 minutes/HD). Finally, you get an Audio Commentary for the Finale by Williamson and Siega.


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    • More +
      30.10.2014 14:43
      Very helpful


      • "Full nights use"
      • "Fills the room quickly"
      • "Works as a nightlight aswell"


      • "A refill pad only lasts one night"
      • expensive

      Works a treat, and worth the price

      As my son is forever getting colds, as all babies and toddlers do, we searched around for a product that would help ease his congestion as it always stopped him sleeping. We had tried the home methods of putting a little vicks in water by a radiator but the smell wore off too quickly and the little man would wake up all bunged up again half way through the night.

      So when we saw the Calpol Vapour plugin we soon purchased it. It retails at between £6 & £7 and comes with 5 refill pads. It claims to release a steady flow of eucalyptus vapours to aid easy breathing. The plug in is a while sphere, with a slot for the refil pad and vents at the top to let out the vapours. At the bottom of the sphere is a small blue led nightlight that comes on automatically when the room is dark.

      To use you simply insert a refill and pop the plug in and within 15 minutes you can really smell the Vicks like vapours coming out. We have been using this now for about 6 months whenever our son had a cold or was bunged up and it works a treat. We stick it on 15 minutes before he goes up to bed and with it on all night he rarely wakes up bunged up. It also seems to help him when he has a cough as well which is always a bonus.

      There are only 2 downsides to the product - the refills are expensive - around £5 for 5 and one only lasts one night. Having said that, having our son sleep better which is beneficial for both him and us is worth the price tag. The other downside is that you cannot switch the nightlight off. It comes on when the lights are turned off and theres no on/off option. We found that the LED was just too bright as our son only likes a very soft nightlight and the sharp blue LED is too much. We have got round it by using the plug in befind a chair to stop it shining out across his roon


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      30.10.2014 14:36
      Very helpful


      • "Targets pain quickly "
      • Effective
      • "Reasonably priced"


      • "None for me "

      Effective for the more acute pain

      We must all get those times, unfortunately, when plain old paracetamol or ibuprofen just aren't strong enough to cope with the pain. Hopefully, this doesn't happen too often.

      I always keep some extra strength painkillers in the home, although I don’t mind which brand BUT I rarely pay a lot for well-known brands of painkillers. I honestly feel that supermarket or chemists own painkillers are just as effective as the much more expensive branded ones.

      I have some of these in my handbag at the moment but they are caplets rather than tablets. I also buy tablets as my husband and my son don’t mind taking tablets. I keep these in my medicine store. I prefer caplets or capsules (when possible) personally.

      I usually choose to take extra strength pain relief for the treatment of a bad headache or migraine or, if I'm suffering with a particularly bad cold or ache.

      Fortunately I don’t need to take extra strength very often but I do find that most headaches are remedied much better with extra strength medication and a combination of active ingredients rather than the normal ones.

      Tesco Extra Power Pain Relief tablets are a mixture of three active ingredients. These are:

      Paracetamol (200 mg)

      Aspirin (300 mg)

      Caffeine (45 mg)

      *They also contain sorbitol

      One or two of these tablets, or caplets, should be swallowed with plain water no more than every four hours if required and NO MORE than six should be taken in a twenty-four hour period.

      * They are not recommended for anyone under sixteen years of age.


      I always find that these tablets or caplets work very well. I am sure that they work every bit as well as branded pain relief medication.

      I find this form of pain relief to be gentle enough on the stomach, although for some they may not be as easy on the stomach as plain paracetamol, being a combination.

      The combination of ingredients works well, in my opinion. I also find that the tablets get to work quickly on the more acute type of pain.

      And at £0.55 for sixteen caplets they have to be worth it!


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