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    • LG G Flex 2 H955 / Smartphone / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      30.03.2015 09:43


      • GPU
      • camera
      • performance
      • display
      • smart
      • slim
      • Design
      • Flexible


      • price

      LG G Flex The World’s First Curved, Flexible Smartphone The Shape of Innovation

      The Korean Company Lg made the worlds first flexible smartphone with curved display and flexible battery. In this review, i will discuss the features, specifications, pros, cons, and my final thoughts about this smartphone. Keep Calm and Scroll Down. Have a look to some pictures.Pros :

      Fast Processor.
      Large Battery.
      Self healing back coating.
      Detailed daylight photos.
      Cons :

      Seriously Expensive.
      Too Big to Hold in one hand.
      No Optical Image Stabilization.
      Final Thoughts :

      Overall it is a good, stylish, but expensive phablet with so many new features. In terms of design, this smartphone Awarded Gold At 2014 IF Design Awards. Processor is fast enough and there are no lags in Multitasking. The curved display feels good in hand, and the self healing coating provides long lasting durability. If you want to try something different, then G Flex is the choice for you.


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    • James Wellbeloved Puppy Lamb & Rice / Dog Food / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      30.03.2015 09:42


      • " firm stools"
      • "Gives healthy"
      • "Well trusted brand"
      • "Has a pleasant texture for the puppy"
      • "Full of accurate nutrients"
      • "Promotes the best start in life"


      The key to giving your puppy the best possible start in life!

      I enjoy fond memories of this specialised puppy food as it was the first feed I began giving my Yorkshire Terrier on as a puppy, and I like to think that with this food we gave her the best possible start to life with us. I had given all my previous dogs including my current Golden Retriever James Wellbeloved and was already well acquainted with the brand name and had complete trust and confidence in it. Being new to this specific product I was impressed with the information I had access to regarding it's contents and nutrition.

      It can be bought online for £30+ but is completely worth this.

      James Wellbeloved Puppy Lamb and Rice is a dry food of which is formulated carefully so it is hypoallergenic. It contains specially selected lamb for protein and rice and barley for a great source of carbohydrates. The entire recipe is full of good vitamins and minerals and contains no artifical colours, additives or preservatives.

      It contains an added yucca extract to promote healthy stools, of which can be an issue with puppies if they are fed incorrectly and don't achieve sufficient fibre and carbohydrates. There is a blend of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids to promote a healthy, shiny coat, and a natural prebiotic is also included to encourage beneficial bacteria within the gut.

      My dog was a little cautious of it at first, having been accustomed to another feed previously but she soon became confident enough after a few bites of the cubes, of which were perfectly sized for her mouth. As she was so little, two or three mouthfuls around four times a day was enough to fill her up but she was contented with it and this showed in her playful nature and willingness to run madly around on the livingroom carpet!!

      I thought the feed looked a little dry at first though as she was only a puppy so added some hot water beforehand to make it slightly easier to eat. She was appreciative of it but now eats her food solid, two years on.

      I kept her on this feed until she was about 6 months old and then switched to a more general one. She had a very stable health condition whilst eating this though and I was pleased that she never had poor stools as I have experienced this with a few of my dogs if they came to me from a bad diet.

      I love this particular food and the particular brand due to the health content. It's more important than people realise to ensure your dog is getting healthy food with the most beneficial nutrients and to also combine this with quantity and taste.

      I would recommend this to anyone with a puppy who is willing to go the extra mile in price - it's definitely worth it!


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      30.03.2015 09:23


      • "More pouches included than normal food"
      • "Pleasant smell"
      • "Not too much excessive juice or jelly"
      • "Pouches left my cats feeling full for longer"
      • "Full of healthy meaty ingredients"


      My cats have chosen a new favourite meal!

      I usually feed my younger cats James Beloved food pouches but I was forced to try Gourmet pouches a few days ago when the supermarket had run out of my usual kind. They're never too fussy with what they eat - being cats - but I thought they really enjoyed this food! I generally stick to what they know but in future I might alternate between this and their usual food just for some variety now that I know they're open to change.

      I bought sixteen 85g fillets for £8 and while this is slightly more expensive than their usual food I thought it was actually a fair price and better value for four more pouches. It can be purchased online for less though!

      The quality of Gourmet cat food was certainly relevant to the name - I thought the food looked better prepared than most human meals! The ingredient list was extensive and nutritious, varying between pouches, featuring tender chicken, juicy beef, rabbit, trout and spinach to beef and carrots. I liked how pouches alternated between flavours, as it gave me a chance to see which meat my cats really prefer. Each recipe contained vegetables though, making it healthy and variable for the cat.

      Upon opening the pouches I was pleasantly surprised at how much good content they contained: there was no watery juice filling up three quarters of the pack, and no thick chunky jelly either. There was gravy but this was high quality and there was much more meat and vegetables than this. Each pouch was quite full and had a significantly pleasant smell! My cats seemed puzzled at first but wolfed it down quickly and seemed more than contented afterwards.

      Pouch size did concern me at first as I bought the fillets in a box and couldn't see how full they were in comparison to their other feed, but sizes were similar and I personally thought this kind left them fuller for longer also.

      I was pleasantly surprised by their reactions a few hours after eating this meal, as they seemed content and full of good health. My youngest cat has a history of having quite a sensitive stomach which can quickly become ill if she eats something new or overly rich but she was fine and produced firm, healthy stools.

      My cats still adore their James Beloved pouches though, but I think I'll start incorporating this with their feeding routine also, alternating between brands and flavours. They really enjoyed it and I was so impressed at the quality - this really is 'gourmet' cat food!

      I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to anyone in search of quality cat food.


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      30.03.2015 09:02


      • "Trusted brand and excellent product"
      • "Promotes a hypoallergenic lifestyle"
      • "Meat is healthy and not dominated by jelly"
      • " delicious extracts"
      • "Food is very appealing for cats"
      • "Specialised recipe suits every kind of cat!"


      The right way to take care of elderly cats!

      I have always fed my cats James Wellbeloved and will continue to do so with them as they all reach their senior years. It's always been a brand of food I've had confidence in for quality and nutritional content, and I find their senior mix to be very well specialised to suit every type of cat which could possibly come across it.

      The 'senior mix' is ideal for cats age 7 and over, and mostly comes as a pack of 12 pouches for around £7.95.

      It contains a tasty recipe made from a list of natural ingredients which my cat seems to LOVE, as it's something different than usual with the cranberry and yucca extracts. The single meat source (turkey) is an excellent source of protein for the cat and made without cereals, with no beef or pork, no wheat or wheat gluten, no dairy products or egg. It avoids some of the ingredients which most commonly cause intolerances and is hypoallergenic for this reason.

      I think the ingredient information is a good indicator of the quality of James Beloved cat food as it really shows how much thought and consideration as well as endless preparation goes into the production of these recipes!

      I like that this food is a lot more pleasant smelling also, and not as strongly dominated with jelly and sauce, although he does enjoy licking up the sauce and eating the meat afterwards.

      I feed my cat two of these pouches everyday as he is smaller than most cats and find he always comes running as soon as he hears the pouch opening, and has the food hoovered up in 10 seconds. He enjoyed his other James Wellbeloved food before but as he is now 10 and also arthritic with IBD, this one is much more suitable. He began to drop weight quite rapidly a few months before we switched to this and I'm pleased to say he regained it all and is looking happier than ever! His coat has been looking a lot shinier and I have also found his stools have been more firmer and healthy looking. He adores the lamb version of this feed also and often enjoys both mixed together for a treat!

      My only complaint is the size of the pouches - 85g is quite minimal. He does only require 2 daily as he is small but larger pouches would be better, or more pouches sold as pack.

      I really enjoy feeding my cat the James Wellbeloved Turkey Senior Pouches though, and will switch my other cats onto it also when I feel they're ready!


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    • The Range / DIY Store / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      30.03.2015 06:17



      What a transformation!

      I think a rainy day might have just about rescued me as a customer of The Range as my visit today at the branch at Parkgate, Rotherham, was a million miles from our first experiences of the stores in general.
      I haven't been in any of The Range stores for a few years because I started to associate them with out of control jumble sales of clutter to suit every occasion. You couldn't find anything because the stuff was just crammed anywhere it would fit and the whole effect was grubby and cheap - and while we all want a bargain, cheap and nasty is something else completely.
      However, it seems my nearest store has undergone something of a makeover. We were only there as our plans had been ruined by wet and windy weather so we decided to do a little window shopping instead, but what a transformation. The various departments were clean, well presented and set out and there was a very good range of stock to choose from from the cheap and cheerful (not nasty) to the better known branded goods.
      The well-stocked arts and crafts section had me itching to return to my former hobby and there was so much to choose from in the home accessory department that I actually felt inspired to go home and spend the afternoon stripping wallpaper from the lounge (although the inspiration didn't quite reach the scraper once we got home!).
      Even the hamster could benefit from our visit to the store as we spotted a few things for his home too and a lovely member of staff went out of her way to answer our questions about them.
      The Range is definitely reinstated as one of our 'go to'stores as a one-stop shop for a wide range of goods.


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      30.03.2015 05:54



      Ready, steady, glow.

      When that first hint of sunshine announces that summer is on its way, this is the product that I can count on to give my skin that touch of warmth that sets off those lovely summer pastels and brights that start to emerge from my wardrobe.
      While I am not a fan of the obviously fake, if I'm buying a product to give me gradual colour, I want to see a difference and this is one moisturising product which really does make a difference from the first use.
      Although my skin is fairly pale, I always go for the dark shade, as the resulting colour seems to suit me, isn't too dark but does give a nice even warm glow to my skin which looks healthy and smooth.
      Application is easy. Just apply evenly after a bath or shower, preferably after exfoliating and then avoid wearing too many clothes until it has had time to absorb. For me, this and the tell-tale fake tan type smell are the downside. I can't stand the feel of clothing against the sticky texture of newly moisturised skin and I wouldn't want to risk causing an uneven result and it seems to take ages to absorb.
      Taking care to wash hands thoroughly afterwards, paying attention to between the fingers is a must, and going lightly over elbows and knees is advisable because, in common with many of these products that actually do produce a result, these areas are prone to grabbing the colour to give an unnatural orange patched effect. Again, this is a tricky one as I have also been a victim of the 'white hands' effect of not having any lotion on the backs of them.
      Priced at around £5 a bottle with offers often available around the start of spring and summer, it's an economical way to getting a good glow, especially as maintaining the effect does not involve daily application.


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      30.03.2015 05:31



      Good game

      The improved single-player games are worthwhile enough on their own, but if you can find well connected online matches, multiplayer games will keep you addicted for months.Love it!


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      30.03.2015 05:10



      Whatever did we do without them?

      Colour has come a long way in the world of horses since I owned my first pony as a child. Now, even feed time is given a makeover with these lovely bright feed buckets and I can't think whatever we did without them.
      Made of what feels like flexible plastic they come in a range of sizes and colours so it's easy to create a system for all your needs around the yard. I have a big yellow one for the water, a red one for carrying soiled bedding and droppings from the stable to the muck heap and a pink one for when it's my horse's bath time. With the handy carrying handles on either side to make balancing any load easy for one or two people, the list of potential uses for these handy Tubtrugs buckets is endless.
      I bought my first one when I bought my horse four years ago and it's still going strong, although I did have just one where one of the handles broke in two. Having said that, my Tubtrugs buckets don't have an easy life, being kicked and thrown about the stable by the horses or helping to muck out several every day.
      We have a joke in our family that you can kiss goodbye to a tenner for any item that mentions 'horse' or 'riding' in its name, but these buckets seem to be an exception to our rule and I have paid as little as £5 for a large one of these buckets which I think, for the use you get out of them, is something of a bargain.
      They would also make a useful addition to a gardener's toolkit for weeding jobs etc.


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    • Broadchurch (DVD) / TV Series / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      29.03.2015 23:37


      • "great series"


      • none

      A Gripping Drama!

      I came a late to the Broadchurch party after missing the first series. However all my friends and family raved non stop about it so when the second series launch date was announced I thought I better right that wrong! Trying to get my hands on a copy of the Broadchurch Series 1 DVD proved more difficult than I originally thought. I think everyone else had the same idea so it was sold out everywhere, eventually I tracked a copy down on amazon for £9.

      The DVD contains the eight episodes of the first series of this original ITV series in three discs, in addition there are a few extras including Broadchurch: Behind the Scenes; Cast Filmographies; Picture Gallery and Subtitles. I’ll be honest I was only interested in the actual episodes so haven’t looked at any of the special features.

      The story is located in the Dorset town of Broadchurch in July. Local boy Danny Latimer goes missing and when his body is found on the beach the small community comes under scrutiny and secrets unravel. Local police officer Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman)returns to work after holiday to find the promotion she was guaranteed has gone to an outsider Alec Hardy (David Tennant) and the two now must work together to solve the murder that is threatening to rip the town apart. I don’t want to say anymore to give anything away, trust me you’ll thank me for it!

      From start to finish this drama is gripping I couldn’t stop watching and fired through the episodes in record time desperate to see how it unfolds. Broadchurch has an exceptionally strong cast with many familiar faces, the partnership pairing of David Tennant and Olivia Colman is genius and keeps you gripped.

      I can’t recommend this series highly enough if you love a good drama then this is definitely for you. To make things even better you can see the second series as well and wait for the third to be shown.


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    • Epson Stylus SX525WD / All in one Printer / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      29.03.2015 23:35


      • "4 ink cartridge sytem"
      • "simple to understand menu settings"
      • "clear screen"
      • wireless
      • "Easy all in one system"


      • none

      "By-ep son, this is a fine all in one isn't it/"

      This has all the controls on the front, including a 2.4 inch screen that is so clear you could watch a movie on it.
      The control consist of such things as the power button, wireless connection light, home button, stop button, start button and a cursor arrangement that helps you move through the options when you're using the unit.
      I mention the wireless light as this all in one is wireless, which means the only wire needed is the one that plugs into the mains socket in your home. This also means that you can print from any PC in the home, as long as you have installed the software to do so.
      You can also print from anywhere in the world, apparently, but I've not done that yet so I can't say where it's a good or bad thing.
      It uses the preferred four ink cartridge system, which means that you only have to replace the one colour you run out of. To check the ink levels you simply press the menu keys, scroll through though the settings and find the 'check ink level'. This gives you an idea of how much there is in each cartridge.
      The printer itself is great at doing what it is supposed to do, it prints, scans and copies what ever you want it to do, and it prints as fast as any other all in one does.
      You can work without a PC by simply plugging an SD card and using the menu to get to see the image son the small screen.
      Using this is simple, especially if you are using a PC do do it from. All you do is turn this on, wait for the wireless system to kick in. the find the thing you want printing on your PC and press print. This sends the data over the wireless airwaves and the printer prints it out.
      The scanning is the same, put the thing you want scanning underneath the top, placing it face down on the glass. Then, from your PC, or the menu controls, you press scan. The copying is as easy as the others, being a little mix of scan and print.

      This printer sells for about £100, give or take, which is money well spent on something that does it all in one.


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      29.03.2015 23:26


      • Different
      • Tasty


      • "Not Cheap"

      Tasty Fruity Yoghurts

      Every year after Christmas, I start the old fad diet or exercise regime with gusto. I have since realised that eating less and moving more is the best method to getting fitter and losing weight. That's not to say that all these diets haven't introduced me to some good things, one of which is these desert yoghurts from Weight Watchers. They are available in four packs and really are quite good.

      The flavours in the pack are strawberry cheesecake, lemon tart, toffee apple tart and raspberry tart and they are all very nice. My favourite is the toffee apple which has nice refreshing chunks of real apple in it. in fact they all have chunks of fruit in them apart from the lemon which is hubby's favourite because it is nice and tangy.

      The yoghurts each only have 60 calories in them which is fantastic if you are on a calorie controlled diet. They are nice and thick as well so they are filling which means the calories are even better. I use them to top a bowl of fresh fruit, which is lovely because they compliment a bowl of fruit nicely.

      The yoghurts are priced at £1.59 for the four, which is actually quite expensive for yoghurts. Having said that, they are usually on offer in all of the main supermarkets for two for two pounds, which is not too bad really.

      Overall I would say that they are good value and I would recommend them without a doubt. They are tasty, filling and quite luxurious.


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    • Red Dwarf - Series 1 (DVD) / TV Series / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      29.03.2015 23:25


      • "Excellent start to a show"
      • "Great series"


      • "Special effects aren't great"
      • "Low budget"

      A great start to a great show, really funny and a must for anyone!

      I was first introduced to the wonder of Red Dwarf when I was around 10 or 11, about 15 years after the first episode aired. That seems like an age ago, with the series now 25 years old and you can guess how old I'm getting. It was my best friend Craig who first showed me a video of the very first series. I immediately fell in love with it. More often than not, we'd be playing video games, me and Craig, but on the occasions when we watched TV it was always either Red Dwarf or the Simpsons (and my preference was for Red Dwarf). He only had the first seven series on video by that point (and eight series had been broadcast, so I was missing out on one). A couple of years ago (2009 I believe it was), they restarted the series with a three-part special on Dave entitled "Back to Earth". It was at that point I decided to purchase every series for myself. At that point I'd also become rather taken with iTunes - I am always losing or scratching my DVDs so being able to download them whenever I wanted was great for me. So, I purchased all eight series on iTunes just in time for "Back to Earth" and got them all watched. Series one has always been a firm favourite of mine. It introduces the setting, the eponymous Red Dwarf, the majority of the cast (Kryten the mechanoid being introduced in series two and starring from series three onwards) and sets up the dynamic between the characters. In future series, the team venture outside of Red Dwarf but in series one every episode takes place in the big red which is another reason I like it. So, lets have a look at each of the episodes in series one. There are six in total. As I'm reviewing the iTunes version, I don't have any of the special features that come with the DVDs so I'll try to provide as good an overview as possible of everything else.

      ==The End==
      The first ever episode, "The End", sets up the show and is one of the very few from the first several series to feature a full crew aboard the Red Dwarf. Dave Lister, the third technician on the ship, is the lowest ranking crew member and Arnold Rimmer, second technician, is his superior. Their various roles include unclogging the chicken soup nozzle of the food dispensers - exciting stuff. After being found to have brought an unquarantined pregnant cat onto the ship and refusing to give it to the captain when caught, Lister is put into suspended animation for the remainder of the voyage, which turns out to be fortuitous as Rimmer, without the aid of his subordinate, fails to repair a faulty drive plate resulting in a lethal radiation leak of Cadmium II which wipes out the entire crew. Three million years later, Holly (the ship's computer) brings Lister out of stasis once the radiation levels reach a safe background level. This is followed by a hilarious scene in which Holly repeatedly tries to tell Lister that the entire crew are dead. It is then revealed that Holly has elected to resurrect Rimmer as a hologram (and earlier in the episode it is said that Holly can only sustain one hologram at a time) as Rimmer is the crew member that Dave had the most interaction with. Later they discover the Cat (and fail to name him, so he is known simply as Cat) - a humanoid that evolved from Lister's cat who was safely sealed in the hold at the time of the disaster.

      I know I've basically just ruined the plot for the first episode but I think it is necessary, as there is no way to describe the premise of the show without revealing the plot as the episode sets everything up. I rather liked this episode as I thought it was a very good premise on which to base a sci-fi program - a group of hapless twenty-somethings, one of whom is a cat, and their ship's computer travelling about three million years from home. I think the episode fulfilled it's purpose and it's definitely one of my favourites. I also like the name of the episode - "The End". It's an interesting choice for the very first episode of a show, but it's appropriate as it's the end of Lister's life as he knew it and the start of a new one. All in all, an excellent start to the series.

      ==Future Echoes==
      This is another of my favourites. The ship is travelling at light speed and, as a result, strange things start happening. The crew being to see events from the future before they happen. Now, I'm no quantum physicist (if only) but it seems to me that the premise for this episode is entirely impossible. Nevertheless, it's a good episode as not only does it set up something for a future episode in series two, it also shows for the first time the complete idiocy of Lister and Rimmer as they struggle to work out what's going on. It also gives you an idea of what day to day life is like for Lister now that he is stranded in deep space (I'll give you a hint, it aint that exciting).

      ==Balance of Power==
      Another good one, this episode sees a struggle for power between Lister and Rimmer. Lister desperately wants to go on a date with a former crew mate, Kristine Kochanski, but as Holly can only sustain one hologram at a time, he'd have to turn Rimmer off to do so. Rimmer, still technically superior to Lister, refuses and so he comes up with a way to get what he wants. A running gag is that Rimmer has repeatedly failed the astronavigation exam countless times so when Lister announces he intends to become an officer Rimmer is rightly dubious. However, it turns out even the ship cook outranks both of them, so Lister tries to take the exam to become a chef. This leads to a rather funny scene in which Rimmer impersonates Kochanski in order to dissuade Lister from taking the exam. Again, a funny episode that gives you a little more insight into the dynamic between the characters.

      ==Waiting for God==
      Now, this is my second least favourite after the episode which follows (don't worry, we'll get to that soon enough). It provides some back story into the Cat and his race, which to be honest we haven't learnt very much about until now. Lister is given the Cat bible, which Holly translates for him, and learns that he is their god ("Cloister the Stupid") and that they expect him to lead them to the promised land, Fuchal. This is clearly a misinterpretation of Lister's plan to move to Fiji with his pregnant cat which is mentioned in the first episode. It's still a decent episode, and I'm not sure why I don't like it. Perhaps it's the religious aspect - I really don't like religion but I respect other people's right to believe what they want and I don't like it when shows make fun of religion. Another humanoid cat is found in this episode, who soon after making his first appearance dies. A decent episode, especially for the show's first series, but again not a favourite of mine.

      ==Confidence and Paranoia==
      Now this is definitely my least favourite episode from series one. Lister contracts a mutated form of a virus and starts having hallucinations which manifest themselves as physical forms. After getting over his illness, Lister wakes to find he has created solid forms of his confidence and paranoia. This episode features a young(er) Craig Ferguson starring as Lister's confidence who just happens to be one of my favourite comedians. However, that doesn't make up for the poor premise of the show which has no basis in reality. I found the idea that someone's hallucinations could be made real completely unbelievable and therefore it just didn't appeal to me.

      In this episode, Rimmer creates a perfect hologrammatic replica of himself and decides to move out of his quarters with Lister and moves in with himself. He soon begins to loathe himself which results in a number of funny scenes. Another decent episode, but again not one of my favourites. It made me despise Rimmer even more, which I hope was the objective as Rimmer is quite a detestable character.

      ===My Ranking===
      I thought I'd rank the episodes in order of which I like most. No particular reason for this, and it really adds very little to the review but I thought I'd do it anyway. So, here we are:

      1. "The End"
      2. "Balance of Power"
      3. "Future Echoes"
      4. "Me²"
      5. "Waiting for God"
      6. "Confidence and Paranoia"

      Red Dwarf is an excellent show and the first series is a great start to our amazing venture through space. It's a little low budget compared to some of the later series with the special effects being a little poor but it is definitely worth a watch and I'd recommend it to anyone, especially anyone who likes science fiction. It may not compare to some of the American sci fi series, or even Doctor Who, but it is an exceptional show of British humour.

      Also posted on my blog, adamsreviewsblog.blogspot.co.uk, and on Ciao.


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      29.03.2015 23:15
      Very helpful


      • Moisturising


      • "Not much colour"
      • Smell

      Left me looking like Casper the ghost

      Living in Scotland you don't see a lot of sunshine, even is summer which means that my skin is so pale it almost has a blue tinge to it! Having a few moles on my back ad legs I am not keen to use sunbeds for safety reasons so my only option is fake tan to stop me looking like a walking corpse.

      I have tried many over the years and have had more disasters than I care to admit so I like the idea of the dove summer skin body lotion with a gradual tan. Meaning I wouldn't go from blue to orange in one small sweep and I could top up my tan whilst moisturising my skin. I chose the fair to medium shade, (not wanting to end up looking like a wotsit) which cost me about £4ish from Asda.

      The lotion is quite strong smell, which I'm not quite sure how to describe. It's not overly unpleasant, but then its not how I would choose to go around smelling either. The cream itself is white in colour and has a nice light texture. It applies easily and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised. I applied it to my skin after a shower.

      I woke up the next day hoping for a nice golden glow to my skin, but nothing, no change at all. Since I am so pasty I thought maybe I needed a few applications to get it going so I applied it every night for over a week and guess what?...not a thing! Maybe I just got a dodgy batch but I was disappointed to find that after the effort my skin was still as blue as it had always been.

      I persevered until the end of the bottle but it made no difference, so sadly I would not recommend this product based on my experience of it. My hunt for the holy grail of self tan continues so what this space...


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    • Cadbury Creme Egg / Chocolate / 1 Reading / 1 Rating
      More +
      29.03.2015 23:13
      Very helpful


      • Cheap
      • Tasty


      • "Only available until April"

      Taste Better Than Before

      I was never a big fan of Cadbury's Creme Eggs because I thought they were just too sweet and sickly. But, with the reason controversy surrounding them, I felt obliged to test the water and see what all the fuss was about. I am not sure whether this was a real thing or a stroke of marketing genius to bring everyone's attention to the eggs which are only available in the run up until Easter.

      The result of my dalliance into the Creme Egg world is that I am totally addicted to them now! Now whether or not that has something to do with the fact that I am nine weeks pregnant is yet to be seen, but for the time being, I can't seem to stop myself from eating them.

      The eggs weigh 40 grams and are made up of a chocolate shell filled with yellow and white 'goo'. The controversy was that the chocolate shell is not actually Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate, but I don't think they are any worse for that. The filling is a sort of sugary fondant filling that is really quite tasty and I think this is where the difference is from its former incarnation. The whole combination is just not as sickly and sweet as it used to be.

      The eggs are available for all manner of prices depending where you get them from. The cheapest seems to be 50 pence each or three for £1 from the main supermarkets. For that price I'd say they are definitely worth it and you should get yourself some before they stop selling them in April.


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    • Makita BHP452 / Power Drill / 3 Readings / 2 Ratings
      More +
      29.03.2015 22:50
      Very helpful


      • "Nice carry case"
      • "easy to use"
      • "Super fast charge"
      • Powrful


      • "Maybe a bit over priced"

      Makita is not just an Elton John song

      This is an 18 volt version and is shaped like most other battery operated drills of its kind. It has a handle that the battery slots into, with a trigger near the top end of the handle. There's also the standard directional button that lies just to the side of the trigger. At the front top of the handle there is a little tiny light that aims are the area that the drill/driver bit is working into. This brightens up the area when you need to as the light comes on when you squeeze the trigger.
      As we look at the front there's the torque setting, 16 in all, plus a hammer-drill, driver action and drill action setting. All wrapped around the torque setting ring.
      Then right at the front of the unit there's the chuck itself, which is keyless and means there's no need to worry about losing the key to lock or unlock the chuck to get the bit out.
      On the top of the main body there's the gear selector, which, when pushed forward or backward slips the gears into '1' or '2' gear. This comes in handy when it's time to drill into those harder materials such as concrete or brick.
      The handle has a soft, rubber grip to it which makes it nice a comfortable to hold, even when it comes to getting a stronger grip.
      The chuck can be loosened, or tightened, with one hand as the chuck locks into place when you're turning it.

      It has a super fast charging rate, being less than thirty minutes from completely flat to fully charged.
      The charger itself is a bit of a monster but you'd expect that in a quick charge system.
      All this comes in a rather fine aluminium case that has a foam inner which hugs all the pieces perfectly well.

      The only down side to this is the price, which is about £160. That seems a lot of money for a drill, and it is really. But if you want a drill that is going to last a daily battle with screws and drilling then this is not too bad at all.


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