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Asda Mango Chutney

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Condiments / A mildly spiced fruity mango chutney.

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    1 Review
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      07.04.2008 23:25
      Very helpful



      A nice tasting chutney to complement many meals

      As a fan of this product and the only one in my house who eats it, I feel able to write this review at my leisure! (Without someone coming towards me with a spoon begging a bit!).

      The product I will review is "Asda's mango chutney".

      I have always been a fan of Indian cuisine, albeit not a particularly adventurous one, it has taken me a few years to build up to jalfrezi status, so all the extras that are available, ie dips and such, have been pretty much stuck at the plain poppadom level!

      I decided to try this after recommendation by my dad, he normally has lime pickle with his curry, but accidentally picked this one up. He hated it due to the incomprehensible sweetness of it, but realised I would love it as I am a fan of anything sweet or sickly!

      ~~~~~~ THE PACKAGING ~~~~~~

      The chutney comes in a medium sized clear glass jar, slightly smaller than a jam jar, with the contents easily visible.
      The colour scheme on the packaging is a mixture of purple and green, I know sounds revolting doesn't it, but I think it is supposed to give the impression of "exotic!"
      The lid is purple and screw on.
      The label is green, with a purple flourish under the "Asda" name, underneath is a picture of the product in a silver bowl, with the statement "mildly spiced fruity mango chutney", on the left hand side.
      There is also the spice meter on the side, which is a picture of three chillies, one, two or three of them coloured in, according to the heat of the product, this has one coloured in.

      ~~~~~~ THE PRODUCT ~~~~~~

      The product looks like a homemade marmalade, a deep orangey/peachy colour, with chunks of mango visible, even through the jar.
      When spooned out it is a lot thinner in consistency than you originally think and is very jammy.
      The smell is a mixture of sweet and sour with an after hit of vinegar.

      The taste to me comes a surprise, it is no where near as sweet as my dad had me to believe, (in his defence after a lifetime of phall curries, which is one stronger than a vindaloo, his taste buds are just about shot!).

      The chutney is sweet with a good kick which jumps about on your tongue about 3 seconds after you have eaten it, there is a definite hit of ginger in the background and spices, but are not what I would recognise without the name written on the list of ingredients!

      There are also rather large cubes of mango in the chutney, however I am not a fan of this, I always as a rule, go for the yoghurts and sauces that are smooth, so this for me, could have done without these.

      ~~~~~~ INGREDIENTS ~~~~~~

      Sugar, Mangoes (40%), Glucose syrup, Salt, Acetic acid, Cayenne pepper, Paprika and Ginger.

      This product boasts of no colours, artificial preservatives or flavourings.

      This product however may contain seeds or nuts.

      Ok, on looking at the nutritional content of this product, there does seem to be an incredible amount of sugar within 100g of the chutney you can expect 48.4g of sugar.....ouch!

      There is, however practically no fat of any kind within this product, so depending on which diet plan (if any), you may follow this could be another of those cupboard staples!

      The diet I follow is Weight Watchers so for 100g I would have to allow - 3.5 points, of course when eating it with a pile of poppadoms, garlic and coriander naan breads and enough curry and rice to feed the street, It does tend to dampen that theory a little!!

      For those who are curious, the nutritional information - per 10g dsp -
      Energy - 25kcals
      Protein - Trace
      Carbohydrate - 6g
      Of which sugars - 5g
      Fat - Trace
      Of which saturates - Trace
      Fibre - 0.1g
      Sodium - 0.08g

      ~~~~~~ PRICE AND AVAILABILITY ~~~~~~

      This product will set you back around the £1.20 range, of course the better branded ones retail for more, but in my opinion taste no better.
      This product is an Asda own brand so of course will only be available from your local Asda or Walmart store.

      Would I recommend this product......... even with the high fruit content that some may appreciate, but I don't, yes I would recommend this chutney. Not only is it a great side sauce to go with curries, it's also delicious with left over chicken and turkey, (great on a sandwich with the leftovers on boxing day!).

      Thanks for reading x

      Posted on ciao also x


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