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Baxters Spiced Fruit Chutney

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Baxter's / Chutneys

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    2 Reviews
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      01.02.2010 15:56
      Very helpful



      Baxters Spiced Fruit Chutney - Great taste & value

      Baxters Spiced Fruit Chutney is a quality product, that tastes amazing.

      This chutney is made from a combination of apples, apricots and mangoes, blended with coriander, cinnamon, pimento and nutmeg.

      Baxters Spiced Fruit Chutney is very rich and is packed full of fruit. They have certainly not scrimped on the ingredients. It has a lightly spiced flavour, which suits me perfectly, as I am not the biggest fan of spicy food. The combination of fruits and spices is excellent and neither one overpowers the other.


      Water, Sugar, Vinegar, Apples, Apricots, Dried Apricots, Modified Cornflour, Dried Onions, Red Peppers, Salt, Sultanas, Ginger, Gherkins, Mangoes, Carrots, Date Paste, Concentrated Orange Juice, Orange Peel, Spices and Spice Extracts, Garlic, Coriander Extract.

      Fruit = 20%

      *Nutritional Information Per 100g*

      Energy - 146 calories
      Protein - 0.6g
      Carbohydrate - 35.4g
      Fat - 0.2g

      Baxters Spiced Fruit Chutney is Gluten Free. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

      I especially enjoy this chutney in a toastie. I usually have some chopped chicken style Quorn, sliced cheddar and a nice spreading of chutney. The chutney goes all hot and sticky from the heat of the sandwich maker and tastes delicious.

      A 312g jar of Baxters Spicy Fruit Chutney can be purchased in Tesco for £1.

      Once opened it should be kept in the fridge and consumed within 4 weeks.

      A gorgeous, excellent value chutney. This definately deserves 5 stars.


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        10.01.2010 19:38
        Very helpful



        Spiced fruit chutney

        Chutney was made a long time ago to preserve fruit and vegetables and provide something tasty to spice up meat in the winter months. Nowadays very few people actually make their own chutney, it s a time consuming business leaving the house reeking of vinegar and spices and then the chutney can't be eaten for months as it needs to mature, having said that I still like making my own as seeing a shelf full of jams, pickles and chutney is very rewarding!

        So whilst waiting for the chutney to mature if we have eaten all of the previous years produce I have to buy some Chutney. My son when he was at home preferred Branston pickle but to me the flavour is very artificial and I have tried some other chutney to find something more palatable.

        Baxters of Fochabers in Scotland make many products that are like you would make yourself but on a larger scale, so it came as no surprise that their Spiced Fruit Chutney was like eating homemade chutney.

        It is a combination of mainly apples, apricots and mangoes blended with cinnamon, pimento, nutmeg and coriander. Other ingredients like carrots, date paste, orange juice, sugar, dried onions, garlic and sultanas add to the flavour.

        The chutney is a soft consistency, jam like just how it should be and I was pleased to see whole sultanas and some smaller pieces of mango and pimento, but not large hard lumps like in Branston, this chutney will spread on a sandwich and not cause a problem when putting the second slice of bread on top! The colour is a deep yellowy orange, typical of apricot and mango style chutney, I would have expected turmeric to be used to give the yellow colour but it is not in the list of ingredients.

        My jar is nicely shaped with a pretty label and contains 312grams. The blue lid carries the "By appointment to her Majesty", so if it's good enough for the Queen it certainly is good enough for me as a substitute to my chutney supply. It is a good looking jar, you feel it is a quality product.

        Chutney has a large amount of sugar which along with the vinegar and boiling process preserves the prepared vegetables and spices, so you expect it to be high in calories, but it isn't as bad as I presumed - 146 calories per 100grams which is nearly a third of the jar and I certainly don't eat that much. It should be stored in the refrigerator after opening and eaten within 4 weeks, those are the instructions on the jar but I have had my jar open much longer and it still tastes perfect. Homemade chutney was kept on the shelf of the larder and used over months before with no problem, I believe it is another of these health and safety issues that make life complicated, although I admit our homes are warmer now and warmth breeds bugs, and the cold was much safer.

        I haven't mentioned the important matter of taste yet. Opening the jar the smell makes my nose tingle with the vinegar and spices, but the flavour is just perfect on a ham or cheese sandwich or served with a curry. Eaten with cold meat and salad it adds so much flavour and lifts the meal. It is fruity and spicy with all the ingredients blending and no one item being dominant. At £1.20 a jar it certainly is great value for money and saves a lot of work, to be truthful I don't think I could make it for that price if I had to buy all the ingredients

        Well done Mrs Baxter another perfect product.


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      • Product Details

        Our family recipe is a delicious combination of apples, apricots and mangoes blended with cinnamon, pimento and nutmeg. I love this chutney with curry, on jacket potatoes or with salad.