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Branston Mayonnaise - Lemon & Roast Garlic

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Manufacturer: Branston / Type: Condiment

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    2 Reviews
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      23.02.2010 01:52
      Very helpful



      Not for me at all!

      The other day me and my mate were browsing around Sainsbury's looking for reduced and generally cheap food. Running low on funds on our holiday we had a list and knew what we needed opposed to what we fancied. Food though in the caravan was getting boring and I was getting rather fed up. Assuming a Vegetarian diet in the caravan cos my mate is one and it's easier to prepare the same food I started to feel sick with chickpeas and baked beans!

      However I was delighted when I spotted this product that is usually priced at about £1.57 a bottle reduced to a mere 39p and even more pleased was I when I saw a pre-prepared juicy looking salad reduced to 50p! I just so wanted something different!

      So I bought this and was chuffed to bits with it as I really do love a good bargain like most people!

      The Packaging:

      295ml clear plastic see-through bottle with a black plastic cap/lid to the bottom of it that flips open and conceals a small hole. On the front of the bottle there is a light pink label and on that along with a small picture of lemons and garlic I'm told it is Cross & Blackwell Branston Mayo 'With a twist', Lemon & Roast Garlic and the best before date is clearly stamped on there and I'm told that a 15ml serving contains 64 calories. On the back label on the bottle other information given includes ingredients and nutritional information being given, the size is stated (as I've listed already) and contact details for Chivers Hartley is listed (the manufacturer of the product). All in all it's a nice looking squeezy bottle and it's informative enough of course!

      The Mayo Itself

      Well I had high hopes for this but to be honest it's too vinegary for me!

      The mayo is whitish/creamy colour with lumps of what appears to be dark grey chips of garlic in it. It smells highly of garlic!

      Taste wise yep you have a creamy sort of mayonnaise that is of good consistency and holds well near hot/warm foods. You can detect the lemon added within this as it packs a punch in making the garlic flavour more sort of prominent. It''s well seasoned, it's well blended and no one can fault the quality of this after all it is Branston's!

      However like I just said for me this is just too vinegary and I can't tell if it's the lemon within it but it really is too sour and far too tangy for my taste-buds!


      If you like a garlic mayonnaise that squeezes out of a tube/bottle well then go for it. For me it smelt rich, tasted rich and made my breath absolutely pong! My Vegetarian mate (this is suitable for Vegetarians by the way) adored this and almost squeezed the bottle down her neck and for the first time in long time I say go for it love, your doing me a favour cos I won't fight you for it! lol.

      Available in all good supermarkets etc and other varieties of this mayonnaise are available too.


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      08.11.2009 10:33
      Very helpful



      A different sauce to try but it wreaks!

      Browsing in a supermarket is a lethal time for me, I could just buy everything - when all I am meant to be doing is 'browsing'. Theres a new Asda just opened near me and I love the store, always nosing around the place but every single offer catches my eye. As you can imagine when I spotted their shelves stocked with a variety of sauces claiming that each bottle would cost me just £1 I had to have a little look.

      I didn't walk away with nothing though, instead I walked off with a squeezy bottle of Branston Mayo - with a twist of lemon and roast garlic.

      These upside down 295ml squeezy bottles, have a twist off cap at the bottom or you can flip up the lid and simply squeeze the mayo out for convenience. The front of the bottle has a pale purple sticker with the Branston logo printed at the top. It then tells us it's Mayo with a twist of lemon and roast garlic, with small pictures of those main ingredients underneath. There were many other flavours to choose from but I'm a proper smelly garlic lover so just had to give this one a try.

      100ml of this mayo contains;
      428 calories
      41.0g fat
      3.6g saturates
      2.55g salt

      A 15ml serving contains 64 calories.

      As soon as I flipped open the lid the pungent garlic met my nostrils, it was overwhelmingly strong and snappy thanks to the lemon.

      Squeezing it out of the bottle I noticed it has a darker colour to your typical mayo, alot creamier in colour. It's not quite as thick as the likes of Hellmanns but alot thicker than your usual tomato ketchup. Within the mayo were little black balls, which yes did squeeze out with ease. To be honest I havn't a clue what they were but I ate them along with the mayo and I'm sure they enhanced the flavour.

      This mayo is EXTREMELY flavoursome, although I found it a little too much. The garlic is powerful and absolutely stinks and the lemon is wayyy to zingy and tangy making this mayo very squint your eyes sour like. I think it's more the garlic that's controlling the stench, it wreaks, the lemon is what it tastes of mostly making it extremely sharp and bitter. It's extremely vinegary as well as sour and smelly from the garlic. I used it as a dip and alongside a salad and found each time it was the most dominant flavour and smell on my plate. If you are looking for a sauce to make your dish and really produce all the flavours then this maybe worth a try, especially if you can handle the strong flavours and smells. If you are just after a sauce that sort of sits in the background and just adds a little extra taste now and then then this is definitely not one too try. The flavour and smell is powerful and in your face, well nose actually!


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