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Branston Relish Hot Chilli & Jalapeno

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    10 Reviews
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      04.09.2011 02:26
      Very helpful



      Put it in everything you would ketchup to add a tangy, original twist.

      Personal experience:

      I love this sauce. This might be because I love all salty food, e.g. Crisps, and anything that tastess very tomato-y and spicy. This delicious relish ticks all of these boxes. A bolognese made with plenty of chilli seeds is my ideal dish.


      This relish is a sauce that can replace your standard tomato saue, HP or mayonaise depending on what you're eating it with - it is extremely comparable to the former.It goes well with your standard burgers, sausages, chicken - especially barbequed. I've also used it as a replacement for salsa on Nachos. (and pizza sandwiches - see below!).

      To be more precise, I'd say it was about 5 on the hotness scale (1 being milk, 10 being vindaloo), and is more tangy than truely HOT. It has a vinegary, almost gherkin-like taste. Salty and delicious.If you like your savoury food, this is definately for you, though it does have a sweet element to it.

      Texture is quite smooth, a bit lgihter than tomato purée: you get small chunks of pepper, as well as the chilli seeds.


      Standard squeezy bottle, easy to use. The opening on the cap is very large (About 1cm), so you have to make sure not too much comes out. This is because it can be a little chunky and a smaller hole would lead to blockages. I wouldn't worry if you have decreased motor skills, you will be able to get the sauce from this product. The bottle is fairly small, and not too heavy. (380g in this case)

      (PER 100g)

      Energy (kJ) 525 kJ
      Energy (kcal) 124 kcal
      Protein 1.6 g
      Carbohydrate 27.8 g
      of which - sugars 24.4 g
      of which - starch 3.0 g
      Fat 0.7 g
      of which - saturates 0.0 g
      of which - mono-unsaturates -
      of which - poly-unsaturates -
      of which - Trans Fatty Acids -
      Fibre 0.7 g
      Sodium (g) 0.5g
      Equivalent as Salt 1.3 g
      (From the website)

      My only gripe would be that the product is 24.4% sugar. The salt content is fairly high too. But for a condiment I don't think this is too much of a problem as you shouldn't be eating too much on a daily basis (unless your me - I keep eating spoonfuls as I walk past)


      This relish makes an AWESOME pizza sandwich!

      Lightly toast 2 slices of white bread (really lightly, so its only slightly crispy on the surface but still spongey on the inside. Melt some (preferably cathedral city) cheese on each slice. Then cover one side LIBERALLY with Brandston Chilli and jalapeno Relish. Form Sandwich.

      Seriously, it tastes like a spicy pizza (hangover cure, quick and easy lunch or a supper).


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      12.07.2010 02:22
      Very helpful



      Yummy yum yum!

      I am a saucy bird. I love relish on things like burgers in buns and on hot dogs and so I regularly purchase various sauces and relishes!

      This I purchased the other week in Asda and I really do like rather hot foods so couldn't wait to get stuck into it!

      The Packaging:

      The plastic see-through squeezy bottle has a dent to near the bottom of it for ease of handling and a black flip-top lid right to the bottom of it concealing a small hole. On the front label there is a photograph of green jalapeños and red chilli's and I'm told that it is Crosse & Blackwell 'Branston' Relish, Hot Chilli & Jalapeño. On the back label other information listed includes ingredients and a nutritional chart being displayed, I'm given a suggestion on how to use it, the size is stated (which in this case is 380g), the best before date is clearly displayed and contact details for the Premier Food Group are listed (the manufacturer of the product). Nice easy to squeeze bottle this is and its as informative as it needs to be of course.

      The Relish Itself:

      Bright red with small beigy coloured seeds scattered in abundance within it. It has a rich but natural aroma of tomatoes to it (which this contains) and you can really smell the spirit vinegar this contains too and all round it smells lovely.

      This is a blobby sauce. Instead of being smooth it is bitty and more like a thin jelly and has a natural sort of home made appearance! It is totally gorgeous! Made up from the tomatoes I have already mentioned and blended with small chunks of cauliflower and onion this also blends in mustard seeds, green peppers and lots of chilli and jalapeños and a helping of cayenne pepper for good measure.

      Its natural sweet with a pickle feel to it and a hint of sourness. It is spicy and gives a decent kick but although relatively hot is really doesn't overpower the flavours at all and doesn't burn you mouth out too much, like I say just delivers a small kick.

      This really is totally delicious on a whole heap of different foods to pep them up and this is a really high quality relish that is different to any of this type I have ever tried before and it now regular pitches up as a wanted item on my shopping list!

      Nutritional Information Per 100g:

      Energy: 124Kcal
      Protein: 1.6g
      Carbohydrate: 27.8g
      of which sugars: 24.4g
      Fat: 0.7g
      of which saturates: Nil
      Fibre: 0.7g
      Sodium: 0.5g
      Salt equivalent: 1.3g

      This is available in all good supermarkets costing about £1.29 a bottle and other flavours are available from within the range.


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        13.03.2010 23:51
        Very helpful



        A condiment must for any fridge.

        I need to start this review with a big thank you to the people at Branston's. Firstly they create a great tin of baked beans, which my wife loves over the normal/classic tin of Heinz's baked beans. They then go and create a great tin of spaghetti with sausages, which tastes amazing. In both cases, it's the sauce that is so much richer and flavoursome than any other brand on the market that put Branston's range of tinned beans/spaghetti above them all. So now both my wife and myself have a great side dish when eating a meal that requires beans or spaghetti.

        Putting tinned food aside, Branston have gone on to create a great range of condiments and I salute them. I believe the people at Branston's know what the public want. I hate mayonnaise and I detest tomato ketchup. This means when I am having a burger, (chicken, beef or lamb), at home or at a party/bbq, my burger bun can taste dry. I will admit, a cheese slice does make a burger taste better, but it still feels incomplete. This is where Branston have gone one step further. I introduce to you Branston's hot chilli and jalapeno relish.

        This relish adds a fresh and tangy taste to any burger bun. I promise you, a chicken burger with a cheese slice and this relish on top, tastes out of this world. A chicken burger with a cheese slice and this relish would easily give a KFC burger a run for its money. The hot chilli and jalapeno relish is also magic with beef and lamb burgers. Branston's hot chilli and jalapeno relish also makes a great dipping sauce for chips, crisps or nacho's.

        The only disadvantage to this amazing relish, (that I can see), is that people who do not like spicy food may find they are rushing for a glass of water due to there tongue tingling. All I can say is that the cover does state 'hot chilli and jalapeno', so therefore please expect a spicy kick. On the up side, the relish comes in a good size container and keeps for weeks in the fridge once opened.

        The relish does cost the best part of two pounds, but then, it lasts for ages in storage and it makes boring food taste great. This means paying two pound every other month for a great condiment is worth every penny. Branston's range of relish and condiments are easy to obtain/purchase from most popular supermarket chains. Once again, I must say to the people at Branston's, for this relish and its great taste, I salute you.


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        26.01.2010 04:59
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Buy some, put it in the fridge and try it with a burger, sandwich or a dipping sauce, it's brilliant

        I was quite taken aback when my husband mentioned that Branston did a variety of relish flavours, I thought he must have been mistaken as Branston only do pickle... don't they?

        What a marvellous idea, I can't say I have noted any other brands that have brought out relishes and if they are anything like the Branston Pickle I'm sure me and my family will keep a few squeezy bottles in the fridge, for emergencies of course.

        Branston Relish, a product from Premier Foods, is a new line added to their previous successes ranging from the much loved sandwich pickle spread to cheese and Branston beans. Branston relish comes in four flavours. The one I am reviewing today is hot chilli and jalapeno; others include gherkin, sweet onion which is scrumptious, tomato and red pepper, sweetcorn and sweet chilli. With prices ranging from £1.00 to £1.60 for a 400g squeezable bottle, this product is widely available from supermarkets nationwide.

        The packaging is a clear plastic bottle with a screw top flip lid cap, made from recycled materials. This is always important with packaging as the less we waste and the more we can recycle means a green way forward. The label has the trusted Branston logo proudly displayed with the flavour written at a slanted angle in a coloured box, colour depending on flavour. The nutrition information shows us that the typical kcal value for 100g is 153kcal and 36.3g of carbohydrates, of which sugars 32.1g. I am surprised that the fat level is quite low at 0.4g. A reasonable serving of 20g per person would contain around 30 calories which makes it an ideal treat with chips, burgers, hotdogs and the list is endless. With a shelf life of around a year you don't need to worry how long it's been sat in the fridge!

        I used my relish in a burger. The consistency of the relish is small chunks, similar to the Branston pickle sandwich spread with a lovely sauce surrounding the chunks. The sauce has bits of chilli and the seeds in it give a full flavour and interesting texture. Not too spicy, not too tame. Livens up a burger and goes brilliantly as a dipping sauce with chips.

        My husband loves to use this relish in sandwiches as to compliment his meat of choice; I prefer to spread it on rice cakes or on a jacket potato with cheese. This relish is so versatile and adds flavour, texture and life to our favourite meals. One for the whole family and with six flavours to chose from there is one for every occasion.


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          04.11.2009 19:05
          Very helpful




          I always said I didn't like Relish. I prefer good old Ketchup on my Burgers, and Relish always seemed lumpy and Veggie. I tried this at an indoor BBQ the other week, and oh my god, this is Bl**dy nippy! I was curious and thought I would try a little bit just to see what it was like.

          This comes in a plastic squeezy bottle. Not really sure of the price, but by the looks of it and the brand name I would guess this cost around the £1.20 mark, give or take a bit. Found up the Sauces aisle. You can keep these in the fridge when open, but I normally keep my Sauces in the cupboard. The bottle is alright looking. It stands on it's end, so I guess you would get most dregs out of this. The lid is a black plastic one and flat so it stands ok. You can see through the bottle and the label is stuck on the front and back of the bottle. Quite a flat feeling bottle with a bit knobbly shape to it down the side.

          When I grabbed for this bottle, I had to sniff it first of all. THis smelt like Hot and SPicy Salsa. You get the scent of ripe, vine Tomatoes, but then you can smell the Jalapeno Peppers mixed through as well. By the look of it it looked Hot, as the Relish was a deep red colour and there was a few black seeds mixed through.

          I didn't put too much on, figuring I could always add to it if I liked it.

          My first bite of this was that it wasn't too bad. There was a definite tang to this, but after approx 10 seconds I felt like my mouth was on fire. THe Heat semed to come from nowhere and it just left a burning scent in my mouth.

          I wouldn't have this again, as it just was a little too hot for me. I don't mind spicy foods, but it is more a hotter Curry I can take, whereas my Grandad loves Peri Peri, Tabasco and Jalapeno Hot tastes.

          If you like a bit kick to your food then this will certainly do it for you!


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          26.08.2009 12:39
          Very helpful



          a good relish with a bit of a kick

          I'm a bit of a spicy food fanatic at times and a friend of mine and I are always trying to out do each other in how hot we can make our chillies and curries. So far he has the hottest chilli title where as I have produced the hottest curry so far (cayenne pepper is wonderful stuff) but at times I just want something with a bit of a kick which doesn't leave me sweating like mad.

          Some so called chilli sauces are so feek and weable (sorry one of my dad's sayings - it sort of stuck with me) that they really aren't worth bothering. Still I was wondering round my local Sainsburys and after seeing the rather daft advert for these I decided to give this one a go. At £1.60 it was slightly more than I like to pay for a sauce/relish but if it was good it would be worth it. Also Branston and Crosse and Blackwell are names which I have been familiar with for years and are names I generally trust.

          The squeezable plastic bottle is ergonomically designed and holds 380g of the product. The flip-top cap has a good closing snap to it so you know that it is tightly closed. The inner seal that needs removing is fairly easy to pull off and in doing so the product does not go everywhere as some bottles of sauce tend to do.

          The relish is red in colour and it looks like a good relish should do as it is quite chunky. The initial smell is that of tomato and onion with the smell of the chilli coming through towards the end. The taste of it is a good combination of the tomato base and the onion with a good taste of the chilli. The kick from the hotter jalapeno pepper comes through and gives a good amount of heat without it being too overpowering. There is also a good balance of sweetness to the acidic vinegar with neither of these taking over the overall flavour of the relish. The texture is also good, the blend of the smooth tomato base and the chunkier onions works well. The chunkiness of the relish means that the plastic bottle does need a bit of a squeeze to get it on your plate and it comes out in what I can only describe as 'dollops' I usually find that one or two of these is enough for a main course. Whilst this does have a good kick to it the relish isn't so hot that it makes you gasp for water etc. For me I would call this medium on the heat scale. Perhaps in future they will bring out a hotter one with scotch bonnet peppers in it.

          This relish is a good accompaniment to meats and it is very good on a good quality burger. I have also found that this goes well with a mature cheddar cheese where the sharpness of the cheese is complimented very well by the chilli kick and slight sweetness of the relish. I have at times put the last bit left in a bottle into my chillies to use it up as well as to add a bit of flavour to the dish. I have also used it as part of a marinade for chicken and lamb where it has also worked well.

          Nutritional info (per 100g)

          Energy - 124 kcal
          Protein - 1.6g
          Carbs - 27.8g (sugars 24.4g)
          Fat - 0.7g (saturates nil)
          Fibre - 0.7g
          Salt - 1.3g

          This at first glance does look fairly high in salt but you do only use a fairly small amount so it isn't too bad. Also whilst the sugars do look rather high some of this will be the natural sugars in the tomato and onions etc.

          For me this is one of the better chilli sauces/relishes on the market and I have bought it on a number of occasions. The product is suitable for vegetarians and the only allergy advice on the bottle is that it contains mustard.

          After opening the inner seal the bottle needs to be kept in the fridge and it is supposed to be used within 6 weeks of opening, well that's not a problem as I normally get through it in two weeks.


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            05.08.2009 13:23
            Very helpful



            Branston relish - hot chili and jalapeno

            Something to relish

            If you aren't familiar with relish it is defined as a cooked or pickled chopped vegetable or fruit food item which is typically used as a condiment. The vegetables are often finely chopped and is not smooth like ketchup might be. Being half American I can't really eat burgers or hot dogs without relish and so am always looking for a great accompaniment to go with my barbecue food.

            I have tried the Crosse and Blackwell Branston Relish before and liked it so decided to give it another try but this time I was going to try another flavour. I originally tried the Gherkin flavour which in my opinion is quite neutral and safe and so wanted something a bit different this time.

            Branston Relish comes is made by Crosse and Blackwell.According to the Branston website Edmund Crosse and Thomas Blackwell first met when they apprenticed at the same family firm in 1819. They shared an enthusiasm for their employer's taste in pickles, sauces and condiments, which they prepared for wealthy and fashionable households of the city. In 1829 they joined forces and bought the business from their employer.

            This time I decided to try the Hot Chili and Jalapeno sauce. It come in a squeezy bottle which makes applying it to your burger very easy. The relish is a bright red colour and looks like it has a lot of ingredients in it when you see it in the bottle. This relish was very finely chopped and the sauce accompanying it was fairly thick but not as thick as other relishes I have tried. Generally I like relish to be a bit chunkier but that did not put me off.

            Upon tasting this relish boy oh boy was it hot!! You first bite into it and it has a really nice tangy taste and then it hits you, hot mouth and throat. Once you got past this it left a nice taste in your mouth but you do need quite a bit of liquid to wash it down. The hot flavour obviously comes from the ingredients which include mustard seeds, green pepper, red chili puree and cayenne pepper.

            Unfortunately I felt there was quite a bit of sugar in this product. Per 100g there are 24.4g of sugar which is high in my opinion. However, you only use a little bit of relish per burger or hot dog, never 100g so your sugar intake will not be that high and I think the relish is quite a healthy alternative to mayonnaise or another type of sauce in your burger.

            The bottle contained 400g and the nutritional information was given for 100g. 100g include 124 calories.I feel this bottel could go quite a long way so well worth the money although you do have to use it within 6 weeks of purchase and keep it refridegerated. It is suitable for vegetarians as well.


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              01.08.2009 20:14
              Very helpful



              A very hot relish for spicy food lovers. If you don't like heat this is definitely not for you.

              Whilst at a BBQ a couple of months back (remember that lovely hot spell we had in early June? What's going on with the weather now?!?) that I was first introduced to Branstons chilli and jalapeno relish. Being a bit of a spicy food fanatic, and much to my friend's amusement, I squirted a whole load of this thick, red relish on and proceeded to tuck in and then......wallop. My cheeks turned red, my eyes started watering and my mouth was on fire, but I loved it and just had to get some.


              As you'd expect this relish is packed full of different ingredients, most of which are quite powerful on their own. Tomatoes make up 20% of this relish with diced tomatoes in juice making up 12% and tomato paste making up 8%, which I found quite surprising.

              What surprises me even more is the relatively low amounts of chilli and jalapeno, at 1.0% and 0.4% respectively. I appreciate that these are powerful ingredients but even with such low amounts the spiciness can be taste bud destroying.

              Other key ingredients include sugar (I must stress that this relish is exceptionally sweet), mustard seeds, cayenne pepper, paprika, black pepper, onion and spirit vinegar.

              Some spicy relishes and sauces try to pack too many spicy ingredients in to achieve the kick and the result is quite often disappointing. Whilst they are hot and spicy (objective achieved) they don't always taste that good and the flavours just don't compliment each other. This is not the case with this relish.

              ****Nutritional information****

              A 100g squirt provides:
              i) 124kcal
              ii) 1.6g of protein
              iii) 27.8g of carbohydrates
              iv) 24.4g of which are sugars
              v) 0.7g of fat

              The carbohydrate content is absolutely massive and I am amazed how it can be so high. This definitely is not a condiment for those following the Atkins, or any other low/nil carbohydrate diets. The sugar content is also worrying and I think this is the highest sugar content of a condiment I have ever seen. I appreciate that all these processed sauces and relishes are high in sugar, it is a given, but this amount is a bit too high in my opinion.

              ****What's it like?****

              This relish can only be bought in a clear plastic squeezy bottle, which is great because it is easy to get out (I absolutely hate those old-fashioned glass bottles which required a lot of shaking), but not so good in that it can be volatile and the contents will all of a suddenly explode out of the container.

              The first thing I noticed about this relish is the subtle sweet smell. With all those powerful ingredients I thought it would give off a strong scent, but it doesn't. Most spicy foods have that 'hot' smell and as soon as it fills your nostrils you know there's going to be a bit of heat, but I didn't find that the case with this relish.

              This relish has a very thick consistency, which I am a particular fan of, since there is nothing worse than covering a burger or a sausage in a thin and watery sauce that runs off and soaks in to the bun resulting in soggy bread. A thicker relish is also a bit safer since the chances of any excess splurging out and covering your shirt greatly reduces. There are loads of 'bits' in this relish and it is easy to identify the mustard seeds and onion but the chilli peppers and jalapenos are a bit more difficult to identify (probably due to the fact that the ingredients state 'red chilli puree' and 'jalapeno pepper puree') but there are definitely small green bits present. These 'bits' also gives this relish a bit more body than other relishes and sauces.

              Being a fiery bright red colour, the chilli and jalapeno relish looks like it could pack a punch, and boy it certainly does. I like my food very spicy (it's got to be a vindaloo with extra chillies every time) and I'd like to think that my taste buds are adaptable to spicy things, however if I pile this relish on a burger then it is a bit too much for me. I find a small quantity of this relish will set my taste buds racing, however too much and it totally kills them. There is a fine line between just enough and too much, and if you get the latter then its game over as the rest of the food is ruined, which is a bit of a shame. I find a splodge the size of a walnut evenly spread on a burger bap to leave a nice thin coating all round is ideal. If you like things less spicy then reduce the size of the initial splodge accordingly, and if you are not a fan of spicy things then I would strongly recommend you stay away from this relish as it is clearly not for you.

              ****What to do with it****

              Predominantly marketed as a relish for burgers and sausages, but then I find this is the case with all relishes, this product is much more versatile than that and it is useful for a variety of different hot and cold dishes.

              I think it is a great substitute for butter or margarine in a cheese sandwich, just to give it that little kick. Another favourite of mine is lightly toasting some bread and smearing on a quantity of relish (once again, the walnut sized splodge is ideal) before covering in a healthy amount of grated cheese and finally placing under the grill until the cheese bubbles and starts to burn, hence creating a kind of pizza dish but with that little extra. A word of warning though, when the relish is hot is does tend to be a bit more sticky and may cause burning, of both the heat and the spice varieties.

              Whilst this relish is versatile, its taste doesn't compliment every dish. For example, I tried it on fish and chips but it just didn't work. The relish was too spicy, the consistency was just too thick and it just wasn't right.

              ****Price and availability****

              Being produced by Branston, this relish is available from most food retails outlets, from the small corner shops to the large national supermarket chains, although I am advised by a friend that it is not available from Aldi or Lidl, so it's a good job that I do my grocery shopping at Tescos.
              The normal price for this relish is £1.69 although there was a recent offer whereby Tesco were knocking them out at 2 for £2, but so I ensured that I stocked up.


              This is one spicy condiment that you should treat with a little care. Don't let the small amounts of chilli and jalapenos (as stated on the ingredients list) fool you as these really do give a spicy kick, which can be very overpowering at times, especially if you add too much, or don't spread it out thinly enough. Too much is likely to obliterate your taste buds and you won't appreciate the food at all, and none wants that, but used in the right quantities I think it is a perfect condiment for a variety of dishes.


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                01.08.2009 00:17
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                Perfect for home made hamburgers

                I was looking for a condiment to with a bit of a bite to go with some home made hamburgers and the Branston Relish Hot Chilli and Jalapeno caught my eye.

                What spices are present?: Based on the label, the spices in the relish include mustard seeds, green peppers, red chillis, jalopeno pepper and ground chilli. So this is not for you if you don't like spicy foods/sauces!

                Packaging: The relish is contained within a thick squeezy plastic bottle that can be stored upside down so that you don't have to scrape around at the bottom when you are close to running out of relish. The label contains the Branston logo, with a bright red section indicating the spicy chilli and jalapeno flavour. There is also a picture of chillis and jalapeno on the label.

                Appearance: The relish is dark red in colour with visible pips in the relish. The pips look like those you would find in chillis and the relish actually looks like it is spicy. Often I have found with these type of products is that they are not as hot as they would appear which I find disappointing as I like spicy foods.

                Smell: The smell is fairly strong but not so much of spices, but more like tomatoes and vinegar with a hint of spice.

                Taste: Don't be fooled by the tomato smell, the sauce definitely has a an initial bite to it that makes the lips and tongue tingle. You can also feel a bit of spice at the back of the throat. The relish blends very well with beefburgers and gives that all essential bite that really compliments well with the meat.

                Overall: This is a great condiment that actually has a real bite to it and is perfect for home made hamburgers!

                Nutritional Information:
                Typical values per 100g
                Energy 525 kJ/124kcal
                Protein 1.6g
                Carbohydrate 27.8g
                Of which sugars 24.4g
                Fat 0.7g
                Of which saturates Nil
                Fibre: 0.7g
                Sodium 0.5g
                Salt Equivalent 1.3g


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                  19.09.2008 12:00
                  Very helpful



                  A nice relish to "spice" up many meals.

                  My husband has always been a lover of hot and spicy things, in fact the hotter the better. Due to this fact I am always on the lookout for new relishes and sauces to spice up his other wise "bland" dinners. (I'm not offended, years of chilli abuse has left him without any taste buds, I'm sure!)

                  This is how I have come to review this product in particular.

                  The product in question is "Branston relish - hot chilli and jalapeno"

                  This product comes in reassuringly chunky plastic bottle, sometimes the bottles look as if they hold no more than teacup full of product, and the way my husband gets through his sauces that just would be of no use to me whatsoever.
                  The bottle is slightly dent dented in around the centre, which when you first use the sauce will become self explanatory. The contours of the bottle fit the contours of your hand perfectly.
                  The bottle is topped or in this case bottomed with a black flip top lid, I prefer these stand upside down bottles as when not being used the product within naturally runs to the bottom and there is less wastage.

                  The label is distinctive, the background is black with the Branston logo across the top, anyone familiar will now the colour scheme of the logo is blue and vivid yellow, under this is the product name and also the flavour of this particular relish.
                  Finally at the bottom is a picture of chopped and sliced red chillies and green jalapenos.
                  On the back of the bottle is all the usual nutritional information, of which I will get to later.

                  As the bottle is clear you will already have a good idea of what the relish looks like, it is a deep maroon colour with what I thought wash chilli seeds visible within, I have since found out the "seeds" are actually mustard seeds. My husband said that if they were the actual chilli seeds it would probably remove the skin from inside your mouth, not a problem for him!

                  Before being able to use the relish you will have to remove the foil lid that is sealing the job end, so to speak, once this is removed, which is very easy you simply hold one of the tabs around the edge and peel carefully off, you replace the flip lid and you are good to go!

                  Upon the first use I noticed how much bigger the dispensing hole is on the bottle, it is slightly larger in size than a 5p coin, this is due to the consistency of relish.
                  The relish comes out of the bottle relatively easy, gently squeeze the sides of the bottle and the relish comes out almost like toothpaste.
                  The first thing you notice is the deceptively sweet aroma emanating from it, I have to be honest when I first smelt it I became convinced it was a sweet relish and therefore would suit my delicate palate also, boy was I wrong!
                  Before I wimped out I squeezed a small amount out onto my plate, I decided to try it as a dipping sauce with chips, so as a back up measure I also had a blob of cooling mayonnaise next to it, incase any little fires did actually start!
                  The relish as I mentioned earlier is very thick and to look at also quite jammy, there are lots of very finely cut bits of vegetables within the sauce, which gives it a rustic look to it.

                  Ok, so I take my chip and dip into the thick and oozing relish, making sure I had enough on there to taste and tentatively put it into my mouth.
                  The initial taste was just as I had anticipated, sweet and crunchy and for a few seconds was delicious and Moorish, then after a few seconds you get the secondary kick, boy did it kick!
                  First you get a tingle, then a burn and the a sharp taste of vinegar. Once it had actually gone down my throat I could almost taste and trace a path down into my stomach, and yet it was still quite delicious.

                  I found this relish a little on the spicy side for taste but mixed with some mayonnaise it went down lovely and it was especially nice with chips. Since then we have tried it with a burger and it complements the burger and the ice cold and crispy salad a treat.

                  The ingredients list on the back reads like a typical chutney would, with an abundance of crunchy and flavoursome vegetables, with the chillies and jalapenos being, surprisingly the smallest amount. There is a good mixture of onions, tomatoes, passata, cauliflower, green peppers and of course the chillies in both formats. The kick can also be attributed to the cayenne pepper, paprika and ground chilli powder.

                  Now the good part the calorific content! Bearing in mind the bottle only holds 380g and the values given are for 100g of the relish, which in fairness you probably wouldn't be able to get through, the values are - 124 kcal
                  1.6g protein
                  27.8g carbohydrate
                  24.4g of which sugars

                  There is practically no fat, with the saturated fat value being at nil, its low in sodium and also quite low in fibre, of course the sugar content is extremely high, this is probably why it looks like jam!

                  This product has a shelf life of around 6 months, but once opened must be refrigerated and used within 6 weeks, which is still an ample amount of time.
                  The bottle also states that the packaging is recyclable and suitable for vegetarians.
                  The only cautionary note is that it contains mustard, which I have to be truthful I have never seen before, have never met anyone with a mustard allergy.

                  The price for this product is also quite reasonable, at full price you would pay around the £1.60 mark, but occasionally Asda, (from whence this came!), sell it for two bottles for £2.00.

                  I would recommend this product for all you fire eating fans out there and for all the wimps like me, mix it with mayo and you get the flavour and not the heat!

                  As a final note, I think this is a high quality product from Cross and Blackwell, which if you think of the products in there range, are experts in this particular field, and this fact really does shine through.

                  For more information visit - www.crossandblackwell.com

                  Thanks for reading x


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