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Hellmann's Dijonnaise Mustard

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    1 Review
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      24.11.2008 14:16
      Very helpful



      be aware of the difference!

      I suggested this product in order to compare it with Maille Dijonnaise. Its both called Dijonaise but I found that it is two completely different products!
      "Dijonaise" is the marketing name for a mixture of Dijon Mustard and Mayonnaise.
      The first time I had Dijonaise was when I used a friend's MAILLE Dijonnaise to put in on a ham sandwich. I absolutely loved it! It went so well with the ham... It is very creamy and mayonnaisy with a slight hint of mustard. I liked it so much that I decided to buy one myself. When I was standing in fron of the shelf where all the sauces are I picked up "Hellmanns Dijonnaise" which I thought was what my friend had bought. I didnt realise that his Dijonnaise was from MAILLE.

      So when I made a tuna mayonnaise sandwich a few days later I was really looking forward to putting some nice Dijonnaise in it (instead of normal mayonnaise). I was very (negatively) surprised when I found that it tasted like mustard tuna (which is not very nice..). I gave my friend some of the Dijonnaise to try and he agreed that its mustard taste is much stronger than in the Dijonnaise from MAILLE. We both like the MAILLE one much better!

      However, that is not to say that the Hellmanns Dijonnaise is not good, it is just not what I expected it to be!

      So back to the product:
      Hellmans Dijonnaise is a mixture of mayonnaise and Dijon mustard. It has a creamy texture and some mustard seeds in it. It is goes lovely on sandwhiches with a number of meats like ham, salami or chicken breast. I think it is better to describe Hellmans Dijonaise as a 'creamy mustard' as the mustard taste is still quite strong compared to the Maille product.
      On the positive side: It is fat free food. It has far less calories than Mayonnaise but is still creamy (Hellmanns Real Mayonnaise has 90 calories in 13 grams while the Dijonnaise contains only 10 calories in 10g)
      Also, the plastic bottle is really easy to use and stays clean by itself. very convenient.

      I wrote this review to let people know abut this difference, so it is really difficult for me to give a rating. I like the MAILLE one much better, but when you read the name Dijonnaise you expect a distictive mustard taste? So I guess it is a good product, just not neccessarily my taste. I also like the fact that is is a no fat, low calories food, especially because it still tastes really nice.

      Although I like the other one better, it is still really nice and I would like to give it 4 out of 5 stars!

      Woth a go! Any comments welcome!


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    • Product Details

      Creamy dijon mustard with mayonnaise.

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