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Lakeland 'Good With Everything' Herb Sea Salt

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Manufacturer: Lakeland / Type: Condiment

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    1 Review
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      19.05.2009 20:44
      Very helpful
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      Delicious and can be used virtually on any savoury food!

      I definitely agree with the last author that reviewed this that the SALT is Amazing!

      It comes in a small tub which is great for storage and is re-sealable too - which in my house is great as we often have the "open-cupboard-things-come-tumbling-out" syndrome.

      The sea salt is in the form of granules (isn't fine) and obviously with various herbs. The herbs included:
      Mixed provincial herbs (unfortunately it doesn't say what herbs! I've just run out and ditched the packaging but this is what I was told by Lakeland)
      lavender (!!!!!!!!!) and

      It is suitable for vegetarians, it doesn't contain GM ingredients and it isn't gluten or nut free surprisingly - so be careful if you have someone round for dinner and you're putting this on the table!

      The actual salt is very damp - at first I thought maybe it had something to do with where I was storing it but when I asked someone in store, they said it was naturally like that.

      It is great in cooking, as it's mixed with the herbs, I do believe you use a little less as the flavour of the herbs become more prominent. If you're making things like pasta sauces from scratch, it's great to use as the salt eventually dissolves. If you're using it on top of things like salad, I've found because it's damp, it doesn't do too well in salt grinders. The actual taste is refreshing for lack of a better word. It is very distinct on the tongue; it certainly gives things a little bit of an edge. I find dry herbs to be too dry, whereas the herbs in this pot don't taste like that. Despite being dry, they are quite powerful (but not overwhelmingly- but it is trial and error and obviously everyone is different!)

      What I do usually do is buy two pots, one I leave as it is for cooking, and the other I throw in a grinder so it becomes fine. Sometimes a few lumps do bind together but these can easily be broken between your fingers. I usually fill salt pots up with these - according to the Chileans, if you throw in a few grains of rice as well, it absorbs the dampness!

      I use the herb salt whilst making sauces for Pasta, macaroni cheese, even in Indian cooking as it gives it a different taste! The ground salt is great to use when making home made garlic bread (although careful the combination of the salt and butter that it doesn't become too salty!), roasted vegetables too is nice to sprinkle over with extra virgin olive oil and even tuna pasta salads or just plain pasta salads, it goes really well! An especially great accompaniment to BBQs!

      At £2.99 a tub, I do think it's worth it - it does last a long time. There is a Lakeland in Bluewater for any London/Kent based reviewers (and 42 stores nation wide), if not, you can order it online - I think there is a delivery cost involved and a minimum spend to get it delivered free, but they have a number of reduced items there now anyway - so good to stock up on friends birthdays or even (gulp) Xmas 2010 & get the delivery free!?

      I definitely recommend this!


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