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Sainsbury's Taste The Difference Mango Chutney

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Brand: Sainsbury´s / Type: Condiments - Mango Chutney

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    1 Review
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      26.08.2011 12:58
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      A more savoury chutney

      Now, I am no fan of chutney in general, however, after being at a friends house and being served a chicken dish cooked in mango chutney, I was slowly converted to this particular flavour of chutney. Everyone likes to have easy dinners, especially during the week, and one particular dinner that I rely on that is easy is pork with mango chutney, which I cook in the slow cooker, and by the evening, both the smell in the kitchen is yummy but also the pork is oh so tender.

      I have previously always used the Sainsbury's own brand of mango chutney which was smooth in texture, however a few weeks ago when I went to pick up a jar, they were completely out of this kind. Having already got the pork for dinner, I had to look at the other options, and noticed this Sainsbury's taste the difference Mango Chutney, which was more expensive that the regular one I buy but I had little choice. At £1.88 for a 340g jar, it was more expensive than I would usually pay.

      On the front of this jar of mango chutney, there is some nutritional information telling you that per tablespoonful of this sauce, there are 36 calories, 0.39g of salt, 8.0g of sugar and only a trace of fat, so all in all, not a terribly bad sauce in terms of nutrition. It is also a sauce that is suitable for vegans.

      I was surprised by the colour of the chutney when I first poured it over the pork, as there is a red tinge to the sauce, but then again, I am used to the smooth chutney that appears lighter in colour. The smell of the chutney when I opened it, although very pleasant, was dfferent from the usual smell of mango chutney as well. I poured it over the pork and left it to slow cook. When I returned in the evening, the house smelt lovely, not with a sickly sweet smell but a savoury smell. I have found in the past that mango chutney can be very sickly sweet and for some this may put them off. I know that I have a savoury tooth rather than a sweet tooth, and was therefore pleased that this sauce was much more suited to those favouring savoury rather than sweet. It certainly wasn't as overly sweet as other mango chutney sauces, and there was a more tomato taste to it in my opinion.

      All in all, if you like really sweet mango chutney, then this is probably not the one to try. If you prefer savoury foods rather than sweet, and are looking for a different way of cooking pork, then this Sainsbury's taste the difference would certainly be worth trying. Despite the price, I would certainly purchase it again, but it will also make me more willing to try other varieties of mango chutney rather than always sticking to the same jar.


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