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Bob the Buider Jackhammer

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    1 Review
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      19.03.2012 18:24
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      a good addition to a construction set

      Bob the Builder is an animated show aimed at young children. The show mainly focuses around Bob himself and various machines including Scoop, Muck and Dizzy.


      Presented in an open front box, this toy is designed to resemble a jackhammer. A jackhammer is a piece of machiner which builders and other tradesmen use. It is a combination of a hammer and chisel and is designed to break up concrete.

      This jackhammer is part of the Bob the Builder toy range and is suitable for children over the age of 3. The jackhammer takes 2 x AA batteries and measures 41 x 6.6 x 27.1cm. The jackhammer has sound and vibration features which are designed to give a realistic feel to the toy. This jackhammer is designed to promote imaginative play.

      ~Price and Availability~

      This jackhammer is widely available. Tesco stock it priced at £14.97. It is more expensive in Hamleys at £20.00. Amazon offer this jackhammer at just under £7.00.

      ~My Thoughts~

      Last Christmas, my son received several construction like toys including tool sets and a tool bench. We already knew some of the items he would be receiving from family. My fiance never comes to the supermarket with me but one day in December, he did and I have realised why I don't take him shopping! I wandered around picking up food and he found me. He had a smirk on his face which meant he had bought something I wouldn't like - a jackhammer for our son.

      I wasn't exactly thrilled! We already have loud toys in our house including drums and a keyboard but I knew I would need to put up more! At the time, Asda had this reduced from £10 down to £5 which is a fair price to pay. On my last visit to Asda, they were down to £2.50. Batteries weren't included but we had stockpiled them for Xmas day anyway! The batteries were easy to insert at the back (screw driver required).

      ~Quality and Design~

      This jackhammer is mainly yellow in colour and is made of light weight plastic. It is durable. It looks fairly similar to the real thing. It features a main body with non-moveable (just for design) springs. A sticker showing Bob is the only Bob logo on the jackhammer. The bottom of the jackhammer features a chisel head which can be moved up and down. The handles at the top are connected well and big enough for a child to hold on to and there is also a curved part at the top so that this jackhammer can be carried around.

      The quality of the jackhammer is good though nothing special. There are no sharp edges or small parts which could break off and cause any issues to a child. There is a light panel at the front and a conceal speaker area to allow the noise to flow through. There is no on and off switch though or a volume control - my poor ears! This jackhammer has stayed strong despite rough play ie using on the walls and doors as well as the carpet and also during toddler tantrums.

      ~The Opinion of Boo~

      My son is nearly 4 and a big fan of Bob the Builder. He wasn't too sure about this toy at first but on Christmas Day, his Papa showed him how to use it as he uses one at work, My son can carry this jackhammer about easily. One thing I would say is that whilst the jackhammer is fairly big, it isn't ideal for taller children. My son is quite tall for his age and he has to bend quite far over whilst using this. This limits how long h will actually play with the jackhammer at anyone time as it must be uncomfortable bending over so much!

      The button to control the noise and vibrations is located on the front of the handles. This is quite an awkward place to have the button as my son has to stop, reach around, press and then play again. Thankfully, this jackhammer isn't quite as noisy as the real thing. I can think of nothing worse than walking past road works and hearing that deafing roar from a jackhammer! The volume when the batteries are first inserted is quite loud though with regular play, the noise has started to fade to a more desirable level.

      The noise produced by this jackhammer mimics a real jackhammer - quite screechy and not something you want to hear at 7.30am - thank you Boo (good way to wake Daddy up though hehe). When in play, the light panel changes to red and the noise carries on for a short while before the button needs to be pressed again. This isn't an exciting toy but good for when my son is in 'builder mode'.

      The jackhammer can be easily moved up an down though does stick occasionally. It is a little unstable on wooden flooring and does slip around a bit. The vibrations aren't overly strong and like the sound, they do start to fade. They don't shake the whole floor but are quite noisy especially on wooden flooring - my poor neighbours! I wouldn't say Boo plays with this jackhammer often as it has limited features though when his cousin visits, they have a competition to see who can make the most noise (and mess usually) and this is a tool for that job!


      Not as headache inducing as I initially thought but not a toy to use at bedtime! Totally worth £5.00 given the quality but not worth any more than this price due to limited functions. The batteries last fairly well though I expect we will need to change them soon.

      A good addition to a Bob the Builder playset.

      Thanks for reading :)


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