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Enlighten Child 6725: Police headquarters

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Brand: Enlighten / Type: Lego compatible bu8ilding blocks

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    1 Review
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      25.02.2011 19:53
      Very helpful



      It may not be genuine Lego, but the smiles and laughter it brings are as genuine as they come.

      As mentioned in an earlier review, my oldest son has taken a liking to the lego city collections which he saw at the W-5. The proper Lego Police station cost over £70 though, and as he was already getting a Nintendo DSI with all of my dooyoo miles for his birthday, this was just out of the question.

      I found this set for £20 on ebay, and I have to say I am very impressed. I won't say this is every bit as good as Lego, I still don't think anything beats genuine Lego bricks. In my opinion, the instructions for this were not as clear and well detailed as I would expect from Lego. I also believe there is a different feel to genuine Lego bricks, and I do not think these are a complete match for quality. Finally the small policemen figures are not as well made as Lego, one has suffered a broken leg after being stepped on, although he still gets played with and perhaps lends a gruesome reality to the daily explosions. The arms and hands also fall off easier.

      There are actually a couple of advantages to this set over lego though. For one, they have used larger parts where possible, making a solid piece for a wall instead of building it up from many small bricks. Yes I know this may take away from the fun for some, but since my son can't get this built on it's own, simple suits me to a t. The brilliant part of this set though, at least from my son's viewpoint, is the fact that you can blow the police station wall out with a small dynamite brick. You simply slide the brick though a slot in the jail wall where it triggers a spring and the wall explodes with a reasonable amount of force, flying up in the air. Both my sons have found this absolutely delightful, but especially the 6 year old. I don't know, perhaps I should be concerned about my son enjoying simulated explosions quite so much, but boys will be boys. It's certainly better then when some of the boys from our youth group made their own home made explosions with cow manure and fireworks - I believe the general idea was to blow up a mound of manure and see who got covered in the most _______.

      I can nit pick away about this not quite matching Lego in quality. I do think it matches other competitors like Mega Bloks though. I thought to deduct a star for the poor quality of the men, but after careful thought, my son has had hours and hours of fun from this, it is reasonably well made, and the bomb bit certainly makes it more exciting for a child. My son has never noticed that this is not the genuine article and the smiles on his face made the £20 well spent. I would still recommend the genuine article if your budget can accommodate it, but if you can't afford over £70 for a single set, this is certainly a good alternative. For the price you get the police station, the jail, a car, van and motorbike, several guns, targets, police men and a crook.


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