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Fisher Price Trio Set

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Brand: Fisher Price

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    1 Review
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      08.11.2012 11:58
      Very helpful



      A great set


      Last year just after my eldest daughters birthday we were out shopping and popped into our local Home Bargains store as she wanted to look for some toys to buy with her birthday money. We came across this set which is created by Fisherprice, being from Fisherprice I was happy that it would be a good quality set and as it only costs £6.99 I thought it was a great price and let her buy it.

      I have never seen these sets on sale anywhere else which I think is surprising for a Fisherprice product however I have looked it up on Amazon for the purposes of being able to give you an accurate selling price and have found that this set sells for £24.99 and there are actually loads of different themed sets that you can buy in the series.

      ==The packaging==

      The set is available in two different colour options, you can have the basic blue, red, green, yellow and orange or you can buy more of a girly set of the bricks which come in pinks, lilac, lemon, orange and green which was the one that we bought. The bricks come housed in a plastic box so there wasn't actually any packaging so to speak just a cardboard outer fastened around the box to prevent children opening the box and playing in the shop.

      ==The Box==

      The box is made of hard plastic and is pale pink in colour, the lid just sits on top of the box and doesn't actually fasten in any way. The lid is bright pink in colour and is the basis for some of the models your child will build with the bricks so it has 7 square raised square shapes up the box and 14 raised square shapes across the box each one with a hole in the middle. The box is really sturdy and with holds lots of pressure when your child is connecting blocks to it to make models.

      On the front of the box there are some pictures of some models that you can make with the blocks and a picture of a little girl, there is also a little 3-5 sign in the corner to show that this is suitable for ages 3 to 5. On the back of the box it states, "easy click bricks, sticks and panels make building a "snap" for kids! Pieces are sized just right for kids to build big, build fast, build easy and build strong. And, they stay together for play! Designed to grow with kids." There is also a small diagram showing a pair of little hands holding a block in each hand and arrows to show you that they just push together.

      ==Inside the Box==

      Inside the box you find the blocks that your child can make models with, there is a wide range of different shapes and types, you get,

      23 x little pink one square blocks,
      8 x bright pink long sticks,
      1 pink panel,
      1 roof pale lilac panel,
      8 angled sticks in green,
      1 green tree which clicks into base,
      12 x lemon 2 square bricks,
      1 window panel,
      2 x angled lilac squares,
      4 x white 3 square blocks,
      1 gate piece,
      1 car,
      1 little girl,
      1 propeller,
      2 x eyes on small sticks,
      4 x orange 4 square pieces,
      16 x small green sticks,
      2 x flower panels
      2 x triangular panels in lilac.

      As you can see from the list this is a very good set of blocks. You also get an instruction leaflet inside which is between A5 and A4 size, the paper is pretty thick so the booklet is great quality and doesn't damage easily. There are pictures in the booklet of what you can make with the blocks and then there is an area on each page which has a line drawn around and inside are pictures of what you need to make the model and little numbers next to them so you know how many you need. Inside the booklet there is a frog, a fish, 2 different dogs, a boat, an aeroplane, a dragon, a house, a rocket and a couple of other things that I cannot actually recognise. I think the instruction booklet is really good as it is easy for children to see what they need without actually needing to be able to read and there are some simple models and younger children and some more complex models for older children.

      ==The Pieces==

      The blocks are cube shapes and are made of really strong plastic, each cube has a square raised on the top and a square space on the underneath so that the square at the top of the block fits into the space of the underneath of the next block. Blocks have holes on all sides for the panels, sticks and eyes to fit into. Sticks have sectioning lines across them and some have 3 sections and some have 4 sections, the tops and bottoms of the sticks are circular and they click easily into the blocks.


      When we first brought this set home Sophie couldn't wait to play with it, at first she just played herself and clicked blocks together and took them apart again. When she put the blocks onto the base plate (the lid of the box) and filled the majority of it she then found it was quite difficult to get her hands in and get the pieces off again so she needed help with that. After she had had an initial play with the set we showed her the instruction booklet and how to work out what she needed for the model, Sophie found the instruction booklet easy to follow for the easy models but not for the more complicated ones as you don't get instructions of how to put it together just a picture of the finished model so it can be quite difficult to see what pieces are underneath.

      The blocks were quite stiff when the set was new and when you put the sticks into the holes on the blocks it was really difficult to pull them out again even for an adult however they have loosened over time and Sophie can now manage to take them all apart herself.


      Sophie has always loved Lego so we were pretty sure she would love this too when she bought it and it is a set that she will play with time and time again. Sometimes she will go a few weeks without playing with the set and then she will play with it every day again. Sophie loves making models with the set and we have to guess what it is she has made which sometimes can be quite difficult and of course you don't want to tell a child you have no idea what it is they have made.

      I would say this is a really decent set especially at the price we paid which I think may have been due to the colours in it as I cannot find this coloured set on sale anywhere so think it is only the basic set you can get hold of now. The bricks are really great quality, there is no damage to any of the pieces or to the box that they live in and this set has been getting played with for over a year now. My two year old daughter has started showing an interest in the set now and a long as she is sat still and not running around with pieces in her mouth I am happy for her to play with the set although she has the same issue Sophie had to begin with in that she can put the pieces together but not take them apart again. This is a really great set, it amuses the girls for ages and encourages creativity, it is a set which will be going for many years to come and then one I can see being stored away until there are young children in our family again, really great quality.


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