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Mega Bloks 80 Piece Bag

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Brand: Mega bloks

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    1 Review
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      24.01.2012 20:49
      Very helpful



      Perfect bloks!

      My daughter received a Mega Bloks Dump and Fill Wagon for her first birthday, it only contained 20 bricks so making anything decent from this low number of bricks was difficult. Her birthday is in November so I bought her some more for Christmas. I purchased the bag containing 80 bricks.

      ----- Mega Bloks ------

      The 80 Mega Bloks come in a plastic zip up bag making it perfect for storing the bricks when they are not in use. The bag also has some pictures of various different designs you could make with the bricks if your imagination doesn't stretch very far and you run out of ideas.

      The blocks themselves come in different shapes and colours. I purchased the girly coloured set to go with the wagon we already have, it is also available in primary colours aimed at boys. The colours in our set are baby pink, baby blue, white and fuchsia. The are two different heights of these blocks, the normal height being around 4cm high, and the half size height being around 2cm. There are various different size of blocks ranging from just a single stick out bit, to the largest being 4x2 stick out bits (stick out bits being the knobs on top that are used to interlock the blocks!).

      ------ Our experience ------

      My daughter was 1 year old when she first received Mega Bloks, and although she couldn't interlock the blocks together to build anything she found it great fun breaking up any of the creations I built with these. As the blocks are quite big and chunky, they were easy for my daughter to grasp and handle.

      At around 16 months old, my daughter finally worked out how to fix the blocks together to build towers. From that moment on these Mega Blox have been a well loved toy in our house, not only by my daughter, but me also. She spent a few months just building basic towers, now at 2 years old she will help me to create different buildings, our favourite at the moment being a castle.

      80 blocks don't sound like a lot, but with the big size of these blocks, they do go a long way and it is easy to create houses and castles of a nice size. With the 20 Mega Bloks we received in my daughters wagon, we have 100 in total and I don't see the need to buy anymore.

      Mega Bloks are available in different size bags and tubs at various different prices. If you are thinking about buying some, I would definitely shop around. Our bag of 80 Mega Bloks cost £20, a bag of only 24 blocks costs around £10. Do the maths, 2 bags of 24 blocks would mean 48 blocks for £20 or you could just go ahead and spend £20 on the bag of 80 blocks. I know which one I would go for!


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