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Mega Bloks Dragons Fire & Ice 9889 - Portal of Fire

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Manufacturer: Mega Bloks / Age: 8 Years+

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    1 Review
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      10.09.2010 15:24
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      A wonderful lego style play set

      Our Mega Bloks Dragons Fire & Ice Portal of Fire lego style play set is something that was suggested as a product here, the reason being that its such a good set with lots of potential for a child to play with and build, that it was well worth reviewing. Chidren do love these lego style toys and our child was a major fan of these Dragon based Mega Bloks play sets, that this one was almost top of the list of 'can I have' items.

      We have actually had the Mega Bloks Dragons Fire & Ice Portal of Fire Set for a few years now and its stayed in terrific shape. Its been built into the same shape as you see in the picture provided and looks really stunning. Its very colourful and highly detailed. Once it was built our child was really thrilled and impressed with how the set looked and performed, as were we.

      The Mega Bloks Dragons Fire & Ice Portal of Fire Set came nicely boxed and displayed photographs of the set all laid out ready to play with. There were scenes of the little characters that came with the set battling away and the nasty dragon was swooping over head trying to find its next victim. The whole thing made the contents of the set come to life and I feel the box and packing portrayed the set in an imaginative way that would make this set a lovely gift.

      At the time when we purchased the set we paid around £29.99 for it. Whilst that may not sound all that cheap, when I compare it similar sized Lego sets, the Mega Bloks Dragons Fire & Ice Portal of Fire Set was a real steal. Not only do you get everything you need to build the playset, but you also get all the figures and the fire breathing dragon.

      The whole thing makes a wonderful gift that can be used to help a child make up all sorts of play scenarios. Our Fire & Ice Portal of Fire has been at the very centre of all sorts of raging battles and cunning plans. Sometimes the Portal was under siege for days at a time and all the little figures were placed in exact positions, so that when our child returned to it, the battle could pick up where it left off.

      Our child has many of the figures, sets and accessories from other sets within this range so this particular set has been a fantastic addition, that has really enhanced play time. I would really recommend the set for any child who already has one or two items from the range and has a birthday or special treat coming up.

      I feel that in terms of an age range which would suit the set, any young child from age 5 to 6 onwards might appreciate it, but it can still be bought for an older pre secondary school child too. I know that children very often are glued to their games consoles, but these fully interactive build and play sets can be very stimulating for a young childs mind, so do have plenty to offer.

      Within the Mega Bloks Dragons Fire & Ice Portal of Fire Set there were all the blocks and shapes needed to build the fortress itself. I wouldn't say it is too hard for younger child to complete with some light assistance from mum or dad. Older children of 7 to 8 onwards should have no problems building the set, as it comes with an easy to fathom set of instructions.

      We found that the best way to build the fortress was to lay out all the individual bags of items first and then sort out which little plastic bag contained which items. Once we had worked out which bag related to each part of the instructions we were ready to put everything together. During set up our child did all the construction work for the set, aside from one or two fiddly bits like working out where the chains on each side of the imposing snapping dragons head at the entrance should go.

      One of the things or child really liked about the Mega Bloks Dragons Fire & Ice Portal of Fire Set was the fact that the set can be accessed from both the front and back. This is great for when a friend or sibling is playing as the opposing side, as one side can be used to defend the fortress and the other front side can be used for a full on fortress attack.

      The only real downside that we found with the set was that as it comprises of a series of interlinked pieces which make up the full fortress, it could have done with a larger and more sturdy base. This would have allowed the set to be more portable as it could be more easily picked up and moved around without having to rebuild the entire thing. We solved that by creating a small play board, which we painted to resemble rocks, grass, earth and a small stream. Then we placed the whole set on top, which could then be picked up and moved as needed.

      In terms of size the Mega Bloks Dragons Fire & Ice Portal of Fire Set is very imposing. I would say that it stands at least 50/55cms tall at its highest point and is around 60/ 65cms in length. The width of the set is not more than 25/30cms in total, so the whole set looks very commanding when its all put together properly.

      At the moment our set is proudly displayed on the top of a short but wide book case, with lots of other Mega Blocks Dragons and figures surrounding it. It still sits on the rectangular play board we made for it, so it can easily be moved and set up ready for a battle. It can also be played with as it is, plus it looks fantastic set up in the room, with all the dragons, figures and strange beasts set up ready to pounce, on the shelves below.

      Within the Mega Bloks Dragons Fire & Ice Portal of Fire Set we got a beautiful dragon called Thoron. He is very impressive with beautifully sculpted wings and an amazingly majestic face. He must be almost a foot long from the tip of his fire breathing nostrils to the base of his fierce looking dragons tail. Thoron has colour changing abilities too and lights up, he is also fully posable. His feet, legs, tail, mouth and wings can all be moved and angled to suit the mood.

      There are 170 pieces within the set in all and some of these pieces include flags, torches, banners, a selection of varied figures, a mini canon with canon balls, swords, axes and a very imposing dragon head entrance way, guarded by two giant golden warriors. The portal opens and closes and makes it look like any warrior who dares to step into the fortress entrance will be gobbled up by the jaws of the fierce looking dragon. Our child loved to use the dragon in that way and many an unsuspecting warrior figure fell to his doom during a siege.

      To sum up the Mega Bloks Dragons Fire & Ice Portal of Fire Set I have to say it ticked many boxes for our child. Not only was it something that could be constructed from scratch to form a very impressive play set, it also contains everything you need for a jolly good battle. The quality of the set is very good as we have had no breaks at all in all the time we have had the set.

      If at any time the fortress has been knocked about and had some of the building blocks come away, they have been easily put back into place. The full sized dragon Thoron, would be around £10 to £15 on his own to buy and when you factor in all the mini figures and accessories that complete the set, you do get a lot for your money. I would 100% recommend the set as a wonderful gift for a child who likes this type of interactive play. So the Mega Blocks Fire & Ice Portal gets a full 5 Dooyoo stars.

      * NB: Due to small parts contained in the set, I wouldn't recommend this for a very young child and feel that age 5 to 6 years ought to be the minimum age for a child to be able to get the full benefits of this set.


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