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Mega Bloks Maxi Playhouse Adventure

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Brand: Mega Bloks

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    1 Review
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      08.05.2013 08:18
      Very helpful



      Lovely introduction to the world of Blocs

      Both my children have received Megabloc kits over the last couple of years. Both sets were gifts. The only form of construction/brick type toys that I was aware of was Lego, never really noticed this particular brand before. My son received his set ( before his sister came along ) for Christmas off one of my friends. Typical boy he enjoyed using it and still does. It never occurred to me that when my daughter came along, that maybe Megablocs would be a good gift for her as well. I know, Im sexist, but with girls I used to think of dolls, prams, dresses where as my daughter ( who will be 2 very soon ) loves Spiderman, cars and dinosaurs.

      How did I come about this set?

      My daughter was a very poorly 6 month old and had to spend afew days in a children's hospital. Very difficult time although her issues were treatable. I had to look after 2 children under the age of 2 during the day ( one including my daughter ), but one particular day it seemed a lot easier. A company had come along who had donated some toys to children who were staying on different wards. They gave my daughter this set ( closest age appropriate thing they had for her ) and my son a remote control car. I was truly thankful and blessed that this happened, and despite my son not being the ill one, got treated with the same kindness and generosity.

      How much is this set and is it readily available?

      Ive had to do a check on price and availability as mentioned I didn't buy it. Its still available, on Amazon its cost is £22.99 with free p and p.

      How is this packaged?

      The blocs come in a bright pink plastic tub with a pale pink lid for the top. When the two are placed together they mimic the look of one of the blocs, as the top has circular raised shapes on it. On the label on the tub it shows what the pieces look like if used altogether, mentions how many pieces and appropriate starting age.

      On the back it actually shows the individual pieces, how many of each, again what they look like if used together and some other kits that you may want to purchase in their range.

      What is included?

      You get 60 pieces in the tub, mostly in the colours hot pink, pale pink, afew lilac and the odd ones in yellow and green. The pieces vary from traditional shaped bricks but in different lengths, with added interestings bits such as a car, pieces to make a tree, a little girl and foliage to put on your tower. Added bonus, and just to make it all look even more pretty, are the stickers that are included.

      Age range

      Starting age is suggested at 1 years old.

      How did we find it?

      When we got this set, my daughter wasn't very interested in it to be honest. My son, being 2, did enjoy using it and found it be a lot of fun. Now my daughter is close to the age of 2, her hand and eye co ordination is completely different to that of a 6 month old. She enjoys using these bricks because:

      How they look, they are quite colourful and eye catching.

      How they feel, very chunky, tactile and easy to hold and use.

      There is no right or wrong way to use these blocs. Your only limited with your imagination and can build whatever you want, which my daughter does. Just the fact that she can put two blocs together brings some joy and entertainment and with that comes a sense of achievement because she actually has thought about doing something, put that thought into action and then can physically see the end results sat looking at her on the floor!

      Any Mummy facts to add?

      The bricks are quite easy to clean if needed, as they are so big.

      Don't have to worry about anyone choking or eating them as they are too big in size.

      Love the fact they can be stored away very easily in the tub it comes in.

      Can be used in the bath, they dont warp and gives the kids something else to play with rather than traditional bath toys.

      Even though this set is obviously geared towards girls, its doesn't and shouldn't stop my son from playing with them. In fact it introduces him to colours that maybe his other toys are never in.

      Despite the fact they can be stored in the tub, theres always a handful that escape around the house, but that doesn't stop you from using the others as there are very few that you actually need specifically to make certain things. If you are particular ( which Im not ), you can always check what has gone AWOL by checking the content list on the back of the box.

      If you wanted to add to the colour, just buy another Megablocs set not specifically this one or similar I say that because my sons set fits his sisters perfectly, so expanding your range is easy.

      Be prepared for some children to use these as lethal weapons. My daughter throws them, bangs them, bites them, sits on them, hits her brother with them. Saying that, all joking to one side ( she does all of these acts of violence ), it shows they are durable and despite being over 1 year old are in perfect condition, kept their shape, no obvious wear or tear and are eaxctly the same colour as when new.

      Would I buy this or similar kit myself?

      Yes I would and plan to. This is a perfect introduction for very young children to the world or brics/blocs/construction. I love the fact there isn't a billion and one blocs included as it would be too overwhelming, and allows my kids to concentrate on the few they have. Less is more which means having to stretch their imagination even more. I will be looking for a similar kit but different for her next birthday with maybe afew more blocs or people/cars etc added.

      Maybe Bob the Builder should have been named Roberta!


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  • Product Details

    Inspire your child with limitless construction possibilities with 60 Maxi blocks! The Mega Bloks Playhouse Adventure Tub safely stores 60 Maxi blocks that have special house-specific pieces to help build a pretty inside house with backyard. The set also comes with unique decorative pieces like a vine and trees, a little girl figurine and a pronged scooter for her to sit in.Your child can learn to identify colours and shapes, explore new building possibilities and experiment with inventive construction dimensions.60 house-themed Maxi blocksConvenient storage tubSpecial decorative pieces, little girl figurine and pronged scooterEndless building and learning possibilitiesAges: 1+ yrs

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