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My Rescue Services Building Blocks

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Brand: MY / Type: Lego compatible building blocks / Theme: City

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    1 Review
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      27.02.2011 18:03
      Very helpful



      Nice addition to a brick city set.

      As you may have noticed from some of my earlier reviews, we ended up buying a few sets of Lego compatible bricks for my son's 6th birthday. This set is called rescue services, but I am not quite sure what these services are. It comes firemen, but not a firetruck. this set consists of a small simple building, a helicopter, a boat and a 4x4. Perhaps it is meant to be some sort of coastal rescue? But whatever it was meant to be, we have been using it as a fire station, and we do find it adequate for this. My son also has a police station and a firetruck, so all together the 3 sets make a nice enough start to a city collection.

      Like the other Lego compatible sets I have reviewed, I have not found the instructions as clear and helpful as one would expect from genuine Lego. I also think the bricks themselves do not feel as well made, but I do think they are equal to any of Lego's competitors such as Mega Bloks, and quite a bit less expensive. The rescue services station itself is relatively easy to build from the picture alone, and while the vehicles may take a bit more trial and error, I don't think it was to complicated. Of course this is easy for me to say as it was my husband who did most of the building. I do think this would be to hard for my son to build alone, but he was able to help out. I expect an 8 or 9 year old would do fine with it though.

      I bought this set for just under £11, including postage, and am happy enough with it for the price. I do not think it would have had a lot of use on it's own. This certainly would have been better if it included a fire truck, or perhaps ambulances. But I found that buying this and firetruck separately was still less expensive then any proper fire station I could find, and has the boat as well. I liked the fact that we got two 6" square building plates, as it seems you never get enough base plates with any real Lego sets, and these could easily be used for other building projects in the future. As mentioned in my previous review, the figures in this set are not as well made as with genuine Lego. The hands fall off at times, and they will break if stepped on. You do get five of them though, so this does give you enough characters to get started.

      My sons both enjoy the vehicles to this, especially the helicopter, and the firemen were a welcome addition to his fire crew. The boat has seen less play since most of the Lego play has centered around the police station and repeating bomb attacks, but my two year old doesn't quite realise the boat can't just drive up to the station with the fire engine and the 4x4.

      I don't think this set is nearly as nice as the police station, and I think my sons would agree with me. They enjoy it, it's a nice extra, but I don't think I would buy it on it's own. If you can afford a genuine Lego Fire Station, I would certainly recommend you buy one instead of this. But as a nice inexpensive extra, I am happy enough with this. For the price I do think it gets a fair amount of play, if only as a base for the fire engine. Of course if I manage to get him a real fire station at some point, this will be obsolete, but the three vehicle alone make it worth nearly the price of this. And of course the good thing about toys like this, is that they can always become something else. A few small changes and this could become a garage, a shop, a small house, or just added to the collection of loose bricks for creative play. This set has a total of 362 pieces. I have checked and these are compatible with both Lego and Mega Bloks.

      I have given this set 4 stars, taking one off for the men not being well made, the instructions limited, and the fact that this set doesn't seem much fun by itself. But I am glad we bought it. it does make a nice addition to my sons other sets, and the price was fair enough. Altogether I spent £36 and got this, a fire engine and the police station which makes a nice start for play city. It also allowed me to be certain this was a toy that was really going to get some use before investing in more expensive sets. I'm happy enough to recommend it if, like us, you just don't have enough money for the real Lego, or if you want some cheaper extras to fill out a set.


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