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Postman Pat Giant Greendale Playset

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Postman Pat / Age: 3 Years+

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    3 Reviews
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      23.11.2010 02:14
      Very helpful



      Not recommended at full price.

      I bought this for my two and four year old during the summer. They were both really enjoying watching Postman Pat. It was a treat from Daddy who, at the time, was in Afganistan.

      I bought it from Tesco Direct, and had it delivered to the local branch. This saved delivery charges, though I was glad that I had a lift. The box that they were in was huge!I also bought the Push Along Teds Truck to go with it. I thought that having two vehicles would save the arguing.

      The set includes Pat, Mrs Goggins and Jess figures. Postman Pat sits in his van, though both children ae unable to get him to sit properly in the driving seat. This annoys them, as they live him to sit in his seat, and it is fiddly to get him behind the wheel. Jess has a small hole, and she sits on a her seat nicely and doesn't slip about.

      The post van doors (driver/passenger) come trying to ff easily, and need to be put on again. The back doors are fine, and the two parcels and letter can fit in if put in correctly. The letter is tiny, so you need to be careful that it doesn't go up the hoover/get eaten by smaller children. We did make some extra letters at one point, as we had mislaid the letter.

      The 6 road pieces fit together, and it was very funny to watch my little boy pushing the van around, chasing pat about and shouting "come back Pat". The Post Office door falls off quite a bit, which can be quite annoying for everyone. There is a parcel trolley, a postbox, and a few trees and sheep too.

      This set cost £29.99, and I am a little disappointed. There seem to be a few annoying features, and the children don't seem to be able to get on and play with it. They often have to ask for doors to be put on, or Pat to be put in the van. This means that the 4 year old doesn't really play much with it. The 2 year old plays with Pat, the van and parcels quite a bit.

      I wouldn't buy this again, unless they had specifically asked for it and it was half price. I think that at full price it is not worth the money. We bought it as a treat, but I think that they would have appreciated something else more.


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        15.07.2010 18:04
        Very helpful



        My son loves this and plays with it all the time

        Our son is about 2 and a half now and loves Postman Pat already. We bought him some of the episodes on DVD to watch and he is normally transfixed by the goings on with this funny character and his cat. So we though a few months back that we would get him this Giant Greendale playset, Greendale being where Postman pat is set. We managed to get it for £19.99 so that was pretty good.

        The box says 3+ years I guess so they don't swallow anything, but our son is quite careful and he is already getting great fun and enjoyment from it. Included in the box are the post office itself, Postman Pat's distinctive bright red van, a parcel trolley and three characters. Those that are in this box are postman pat himself, his black and white cat Jess, and Mrs Goggins. Then in addition you get 3 little parcels and a letter for him to deliver and some pieces to form a road to move the van on. So you do get a fair bit that will keep your child interested for a while. He loves wheeling the van along and playing with the characters.

        To be honest from experience in the last few months I have had, this set is pretty sturdy and durable. If you want anything like that tested then give it to a young child as they are the ultimate in testing this sort of thing. The post office is made out of plastic and on the front of the door the letter box opens and closes so you can post through the letter. The inside of the post office features a counter and a till and some scales.

        In regards to the van again it is made out of strong plastic and the dors open on the sides of teh van and so does the back door. My son loves to put the characters in the van and the parcels and then take them out again and so on until he gets bored which can take some time!

        As for the road that your child can put together the pieces for and allow you Postman pat to make deliveries you get 4 curved pieces and 2 straight parts. They are all very easy to put together and snap into place. Plus, the great thing is that the road stays together too and is not easily broken.

        I love this set and it really gets my son thinking and learning and captures his imagination for long periods of time. He can play with it for hours right now with no problem and recognises the set from the TV.


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        12.02.2010 18:04
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A great set for a Postman Pat fan

        My son loves various tv characters and Postman Pat is one of them, just before christmas we noticed in Tesco this Giant Greendale Playset for £14.99 instead of £29.99 which we thought was good value.

        **What do you get in the box?**

        A post office
        Parcel Trolley
        Figures - Postman Pat, Jess the cat & Mrs Goggins
        3 Parcels & a tiny letter.


        On Christmas day we had a very excited 3.5 year old who could not wait to play with this toy, unfortunately it took around 30 minutes to get everything out of the box as there were lots of screws to remove luckily with it being Christmas my husband had some screwdrivers handy!

        **Post Office**

        The Post Office is made out of a thin plastic which is quite sturdy, while the roof is made out of a stronger plastic. At the front of the shop are 3 green windows, a blue door that opens and a red letter box where you can post your tiny letter. Above the door is a Post Office sign whilst running along the bottom there are some pretty flower stickers.

        If you turn the Post Office around you can see inside which has a fixed long brown counter, a till and scales. There are various stickers on the walls which help to make it look like a Post Office.

        With the set comes a parcel trolley which can hold a couple of parcels, a Mrs Goggins figure plus 3 parcels and a tiny letter.


        The van is made out plastic the doors open on the sides of the van as does the back door, you can place small parcels inside the back of the van. Inside the front of the van is a brown seat where Pat and Jess can sit, there is a steering wheel which does not move.

        As you would expect Pats van is red with the royal mail logo on the side of the van and of course he has personalised PAT1 number plates.

        On the Tesco website it says that the van plays the SDS tune, this is incorrect as the van is just basic.


        You get 4 curves and 2 straight bits of road which just snap together and forms a nice track for Pats van and other vehicles.
        Each piece is again made out of plastic the road edging is dark grey with the road being a light grey.

        **What do I think?**

        We paid £14.99 for this Giant set which I think is very good value as the Post Office on its own would cost that!

        One of the things I like about the set is the road as my son finds he can easily put it together on his own and the best thing is that it does not fall apart, my son keeps asking me to buy more road but I do not think it can be purchased separately.

        My son plays with this set everyday at the moment and what is useful is he already has the sorting office so when he sets it all up he makes himself a little village and has all his SDS vehichles out. He then pushes his vehicles around the track and has a lot of fun putting on funny voices for all the different characters!

        If you have a young child one thing to watch out for are the figures as Jess is very very small and the letter was so tiny that I have actually put it in the bin.

        **Final Thoughts**

        Like I have already said you can buy the Post Office on its own for £14.99, do I think it is worth buying on its own? Well although to an adult it is just a piece of plastic, to see a child play happily on their own and make up some really good stories plus the imaginative play they get out of this toy Yes I think it is well worth the price!

        Price - £29.99 Tesco
        Age 3+


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