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Wild Science Weird Slime Laboratory

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    4 Reviews
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      27.10.2013 22:06
      Very helpful



      Excellent value for money, makes science fun for kids - but the after-mess not so fun for adults!

      Our 9 year old put this on her Christmas list last year, and despite age recommendation being 10+, we decided to encourage her interest in science, and purchased this knowing it would probably be an activity we could do together. I managed to get it for just £7 something from amazon, and when it arrived, I must admit, it looked a lot of fun.

      "Make drippy bouncing slimes & semi solids & experiment with goo. Discover fascinating slimy secrets and the science of polymers.
      Each kit contains enough material for the experiments to be repeated several times.
      Wild science is a range collectable science kits with attitude!! They are designed to have great play value whilst exploring fascinating scientific principles." Claims the box. It was wrapped and put away for the big day.

      As soon as the wrapping paper was off, our daughter wanted to get started. We managed to put her off until after dinner, when I wearily sat down with her at the dining table.
      In the box, you receive:
      -Calcium Chloride
      -Sublime slime powder
      -Red food dye
      -Green food dye
      -Protective gloves, goggles and mask (ours only had 1 glove - luckily dad works in maintenance and had spares!
      -Measuring beakers and storage jars (plastic)
      -Lab pipettes
      -Stirring sticks
      -Specimen tubes (plastic)
      -Workbench (actually a plastic moulded, flimsy sheet!
      -Colour instruction booklet

      The instruction booklet contained instructions for 5 main experiments, each of which can apparently be repeated several times with the included equipment. We decided to start with the bouncy ball which looked to be the simplest! In fact, the instructions were so well written, that along with the colour diagrams, my daughter was able to complete her 1st experiment with no help, and really didn't need the supervision, but as I was intrigued, I stayed! The only additional ingredient she needed was water!
      The bouncy ball needed to be left over night to set, so I agreed to let her make another, and this time she opted for the "intestines", again these were done with no help, thanks to the easy to follow instructions.

      One down side is that there is quite a bit of cleaning up to be done afterwards, which naturally my daughter decided she DID need help with!

      I was extremely impressed with the quality of this kit, and its life span, it has been out several times since, and we still have enough left to do a few more experiments. With the well written instructions, and all equipment (including safety items) included, it is an ideal, fun, kit for any budding scientist! There are a few questions for kids to answer in the booklet, and it also prompted my daughter to do a little more research into the functions of intestines, and possibly most importantly, kept her off the ds / tv etc for a good few hours!

      I will defiantly be purchasing more kits from this series, and despite the age recommendation, I would say that with supervision, even children as young as 5 or 6 could enjoy and benefit from this kit.

      Oh, and the bouncy ball worked a treat!


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        25.10.2013 17:15
        Very helpful



        Bit of a waste of money

        Anything with the word 'slime' in it was, I was sure, a good purchase for my son. The fact that this kit involved making your own slime was even more perfect and he was delighted when he received it as a Christmas gift. Admittedly, he is only 7 and the recommended age for play is 10, but I was going to be helping 100% of the time so this wasn't a problem.

        First Impressions

        On opening the box I was very impressed with the equipment supplied. There were 2 bottles of a chemical mixture, red and green colouring, 2 beakers, 3pipettes, plastic dishes, slime making powder and some stirring sticks. Much to my sons delight there was also a pair of goggles, plastic gloves and a protective mask to add to the feel of being a proper scientist. On a practical level this was good as the chemicals were actually rather dangerous so they gave reassurance that he was safe from any accidental spills or splashes. The kit contains an excellent manual that explains the contents of the box and gives all necessary safety precautions that need to be followed and directions to take if the provided chemical comes into contact with skin or even swallowed. Of course this is imperative but I must admit that it scared me a little in a child's 'toy'. It also gives a list of what can be made using the kit and thoroughly and clearly explains how to make them. Gooey things that can be made include:
        Blood/blood clots
        Green worms
        Dog poo

        The Results

        I must say we were both rather disappointed with the results. Our first task was to make the green worm.
        I/we followed the instructions religiously but was left with a tiny, transparent green line which, according to the booklet, we should have been able to dangle off a stick. The consistency was just a little thicker than water and there was no way we could kid ourselves it looked anything like a worm. The blood ended up looking like a pink liquid - more like strawberry milkshake than blood! The tadpoles looked like I'd dropped a bit of dust in the bowl. The only thing that seemed to work was the dog poo - and I see enough of this in my garden!!

        Apart from the failure of most of these experiments, the other downfall was the risk of splashes. It can all be performed fairly tidily, but because the chemical is quite toxic, every little splash that was made during a stir or shake worried me, and I was like a woman possessed with the disinfectant and cloth afterwards!
        The kit only cost £10 which I thought was a good price, and would have been fantastic if it had actually worked. As it stands though I found it poor value, and y son was left disappointed after initially being so excited about it.

        I can say with confidence that his favourite part of this kit was dressing as a scientist!


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        21.05.2012 10:06
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Not a good product for us sadly

        When my Mum asked at Christmas did I have any ideas for what my son may like as a present I said look to those science type sets where you can do experiments and such like as I felt my son would enjoy testing things and doing some experiments. The set my Mum chose was the wild science weird slime laboratory and this is my review of the set.

        The product

        The weird slime laboratory comes in a good sized cardboard box which is very busy looking really and has the product and brand name on as well as pictures of some children doing experiments, a boy having fun with some slime as well as various snippets of information telling you what you are likely to be able to do with this set.

        Inside the box there are all the things you need to use this set and handily this is also illustrated in the instructions booklet too should be confused as to what something may be. In the set you receive items such as beakers, pipettes, colourings, goggles, masks and specimen tubes as well as the chemicals needed to do the experiments as well. Instructions are provided in the box and there is a section at the front for parents to read which includes safety information and such like.

        You are advised that this product is for children aged ten plus but as there was no way on earth my son would do anything like this without me there I felt it was a suitable gift and something which he would be supervised at all times with anyway.


        The first time we used this set I have to say my son was quite eager to get going on doing some kind of fun experiment but we did need to take some time to read through the instructions booklet and you are advised to use the sink in the kitchen as your workbench as you prepare various chemicals. You do need to make up an aliginate stock solution using some aliginate powder and warm water but you have enough powder to eventually make up two jars of this for when you run out which is good as all too often sets come with enough for one and do not think about what happens when you would run out. I of course took care of dealing with the chemicals in the first instance but once my son had rubber gloves, goggles and a mask on I was happy to allow him to use the pipette to add the solution to experiments and such like.

        Most of the experiments in the booklet involve using a calcium chloride bath and the aliginate slimey solution and so I was always on hand to help my son with using these things. These are nicely stored in a plastic workbench which comes inside the box and holds all of the items you need for your experiments securely which I think is a very good feature.

        There are eight projects in the instruction booklet and this is really where the issue lies I have to say. Whilst I appreciate this is a weird slime laboratory and not a general science type set pretty much all of the projects are the same in theory and so you may make some slimy looking fish eggs by dropping small drops of the solution you have made in to the water but you can also make worms just by making the pipette make a longer shape. The idea is the same throughout most of the experiments and so it does get boring for a child to repeatedly do this. My son did enjoy the making of the fish eggs and how some of them popped much like a little bath pearl I thought!

        What my son did like in this set, and because it was different to the standard experiments, was the opportunity to make some fart putty. You are given some powder in a sachet and need to add some hot water to the beaker and stir the two together and so this is something that a child can do themselves really right from the start so my son was happy to do this, obviously under my supervision. He was impressed with the fart putty that he had created for around half an hour or so but it ended up shoved in a drawer and forgotten about.

        My son has only played with this set three times and on the third occasion he was just bored by the fact that he could only do the same things. This may just be that my son was perhaps a bit too young to fully appreciate the set but from an adults point of view I also thought it would be more interesting if perhaps you could make that slime that melts all over your hand or something like that to be honest. This set has sat on top of my unit in my dining room for a couple of months now and to be honest I am thinking of just throwing it out as it is only gathering dust and my son has no interest in it anymore.

        The set costs £10.99 on amazon currently and if you have a child who you think would enjoy this then it isn't a bad price really but for us it just wasn't worth it.

        Thank you for reading my review!


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          04.03.2012 20:44
          Very helpful



          Overall a good gift that will have children entertained for a while

          Stuck on a present to get my sister, I had to resort to hunting down her Wish List while she was sleeping and taking an idea from that in the hopes that there'd be something I could afford! Luckily, in that list she had put in Weird Science: Weird Slime Laboratory, I wasn't sure if it would be good or bad, but after being really stuck for ideas, I didn't have much choice to buy it.

          The set is around £13 in Argos and I have also seen it in Toys R Us for this price. I would say it is worth it, as a lot of time can be spent making them and the things included are of good quality and not shabby objects that will break. It's recommended for years 10 and over, but I don't see why as it is quite easy to understand, and I'm sure with adult supervision, younger children would happily use it.

          The set comes with quite a lot of equipment for children to play with, and I was quite suprised at this, as I wouldn't have thought that much would come in a box of it's size. There are beakers and containers of various sizes included for different experiments, red and green food dye to colour the things that you make (adding a bit of normal food colouring also seemed to work to make the slime brighter!), slime powder to actually do some of the experiments, a measuring beaker and pipettes. They are all quite sturdy and well made, as so far there has not been any breakages, leaking or things like that.

          It also comes with gloves and goggles to stop any chemicals included going into the skin or eyes, and these are both good quality. In fact, my sister has used the goggles for dressing up uses after "finishing" with the set. I found the instruction booklets included in the set really easy to understand, as my sister was able to do all of the experiments with very little help from me or my mum. It also gave safety tips, which must have worked seeing as no accidents happened while she was making things, aside from the mess that had to be cleared up!

          I was suprised at the amount of experiments included to, as I always thought these sets to be bad for that kind of thing where it'd be one good experiment and the rest fail. Yet with all 8 experiments that my sister did, they all seemed to work fine. However, my sisters friend also had this set and apparently most of her experiments fail, so it might just be luck that they all worked for us.

          The types of experiments included within this set are
          -Fake Fish Eggs
          -Green Jelly Worms
          -Fragrant Rat Gizzards In Green Pee Soup
          -Invisible Jellyfish
          -Blood and Clots
          -Fart Putty
          -Bouncy Doo Doos

          As the title of the project does say, most of these are made out of slime. A recent attempt to make slime by my sister before ended in a very goopy mess where it did not stick together at all, however after having this set, her attempt actually worked. The things she made did stay together for a while and were of a quality that was pretty close to the shop bought slime around stores.

          Cleaning up the set itself was pretty easy and didn't take that long. All it really consisted of was cleaning out the various beakers, and the things she had made with the set weren't that difficult to clean off surfaces or out the equipment.

          The one problem that I did have with the set though was that it could only be used once, so after my sister had done all the experiments, she didn't really know what to do with it. However, since she received it, she has had to do various science experiments for school and has used some of the equipment included to do so.

          Overall, this was a good product for the money I paid, as I didn't expect it to have as much as it did. My sister really enjoyed it, and I'm sure most children will, seeing as it basically is making a mess for fun. It's easy to clean, cheap for something with so much and just may come in handy for science projects.


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