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AMO Blink Revitalising Eye Drops

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Brand: AMO / Lens Accessories: Drops / Dosage Form: Drops

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    2 Reviews
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      16.03.2013 17:47
      Very helpful



      A low cost way to refresh your eyes

      I suffer from dry eyes, and this is made worse by occasionally wearing contact lenses which can irritate my eyes. When I saw these reduced in my local Boots for a small price I snapped them up. They retail at £4.25 for 10ml and can be purchased in most Chemists.

      Blink Revitalising Eye Drops can help restore comfortable moisture levels within the eye, specially formulated for those who wear contact lens or those who suffer from allergies. According to Blink, the gentle formula refreshes and hydrates eyes left dry and irritated by dust, glare, pollen, air pollution or overwork, giving more comfortable lens wear all day long. Dry, irritated, fatigued and red eyes can be quickly soothed.

      The bottle is made of plastic, which is pliable and easy to squeeze to release the drops. One drop is released per squeeze of the bottle, so it is not like running a tap in your eyes!
      1-2 drops of the solution is adequate to relieve the feeling of dry, gritty eyes. There is no sting or discomfort when using these; my eyes look more refreshed and less red. I can get on with my business straight away after using these without having to redo my make-up or wipe any excess from my eyes.

      The effects of the drops usually last a good number of hours before needing to re-use. Some days, when I am not working, a one-drop application is enough to moisten the eyes all day. After several weeks of using these drops, I have not noticed any adverse reactions or irritations in or around my eyes.

      There are strict hygiene rules that should be followed when using eye drops to reduce the risk of infections. Any remaining solution should be disposed of after 8 weeks of open.

      Overall, this is a low cost and an effective solution to help relieve dry and tired eyes - with or without contact lenses.


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      06.07.2011 11:06
      Very helpful
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      Individual vials of eye drops

      I have always had dry eyes and this was confounded when I had laser eye surgery where the dryness became more pronounced. Even before I had the surgery I had to use eye drops quite regularly. I have never had any one brand of drops that I am particularly loyal to or one that I find to be so much better than another. To me 90% of eye drops are more or less the same and I normally go for whatever is on offer when I pop into boot's to buy them.
      There is one brand that I tend to always buy because I like to make sure that I have enough of them in the house just in case I need them and it is Blink revitalising eye drops.

      The reason that I always have some in the house has nothing to do with them being better than the others and is more to do with the fact that they come in individual vials. Although buying them in individual vials ends up being quite a bit more expensive than buying a 10ml bottle the convenience and handiness of them makes it worth it to me.
      They cost around £4.50 which gets me a pack of 20 little vials each containing 0.5ml of eye drops.
      You can also buy the revitalising eye drops in a 10ml bottle which costs around £4. Although in the end the 20 vials are supposed to contain the same amount of product as the bottle in use the bottle does seem to last a lot longer.

      The revitalising eye drops are designed to replace lost moisture in your eyes making them more comfortable. They are completely safe for use by contact lens wearers but they also help with eye strain from looking at your computer too long etc.
      My eyes get really dry especially when I am in an air-conditioned environment or concentrating especially when driving at night. My vision goes slightly blurry and they become itchy and uncomfortable. I find that using the revitalising eye drops immediately makes them feel refreshed and after the drops have dissipated the blurriness that I get with the dryness is gone. The redness goes quite quickly after using them and the relief from the itchiness is also fast acting.

      Although the relief is immediate it isn't all that long lasting. When I first use the drops my eyes feel great but after an hour or so if I am still in the same dry environment the dryness comes back and I need to reapply the drops.
      I find that this happens with most eye drops so I can't lay all the blame with blinks and the relief they give whilst they are working is great.

      Using the drops is really easy. With the individual vials you just have to twist the tops off and put a couple of drops in each eye and then blink to spread the drops all over the eye. The good thing about these vials is just how easy they are to open. They have a flat paddle which is easy to grip and they twist really easy with only minimal pressure needed.
      I like the vials because I can just pop a couple of them in my pocket with no hassle and use and discard them whenever I feel like it. They are also so much more discreet than having to take a bottle of drops out with me say on a night out.

      As mentioned they are safe for contact lens wearers to use and you just use them in the same way as I do with a couple of drops in your eyes over your contact lenses. You can also put a drop or two of them on your contacts before you put them in to make them more comfortable which if you are a contact lens wearer you know that if they go in comfortably the first time you put them in they are much more likely to stay that way for the rest of the day.
      As the vials are individually sealed they also cut down on the risk of getting an eye infection by minimising the risk of bacteria infecting the drops.

      For me Blink revitalising eye drops are a must buy for those times I forget or run out of a bottle of eye drops. I use them for nights out and have some stashed in places I might need them such as in my glove box and in my work desk. I even have some at my mum's house in case I need them when I am there. Yes they are more expensive than the bottle but they are also much more convenient and convenience costs and for me they are worth the extra you need to pay for them.


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