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AOSEPT PLUS Contact Lens Care System

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Brand: Aosept / Lens Accessories: Solutions & Cleaners

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    1 Review
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      19.03.2012 12:31
      Very helpful



      Aosept Plus is a one-bottle solution which is perfect for those with sensitive eyes.

      I have always trusted the contact lens solutions mad by CIBA Vision. The reason is very simple. When I started wearing contact lens many years ago, my optometrist recommend Aosept to me. I have found it quite effective in cleaning my contact lenses so I don't really see the reason to switch to another brand.

      The process of using the Aosept used to be very complex. You have to first used the cleaner to rub the lens, rinse it by saline, put it into the lens container that comes with the bottle and wait for 6 hours. It is quite a time-consuming process. Luckily, they have now come up with something new - Aosept Plus.

      As claimed by the manufacturer, AOSept Plus is a one-bottle, no rub, hydrogen peroxide-based cleaning and disinfecting solution with none of the added preservatives or harsh chemicals generally found in multi-purpose solutions. After the neutralization process is complete, the lenses will be soaking in a gentle, sterile saline. I have tried using other multi-purposes solutions but have decided to switch back to Aosept plus. So what do I like or dislike about this contact lens solutions?

      What I like

      The lens must be put in the special lens container which is included in the package box. The lens container has a disc which will react with the solution to clean the lens. Once you have the disc come into contact with the solution, a lot of bubbles will be created. This bubbling effect appears to me like rubbing the lens using the bubbles and make me feel that the lens are clean. However, this is just my impression and I am not sure whether it does it. It is simply that the bubbling process makes me feel good and clean!

      Gentle to the eyes
      I have very sensitive eyes so I will always use the saline to wash the lens before wearing them. This process means that I have to spend extra money on the saline. With Aosept Plus, I can wear my lens directly without rinsing it with saline first and I love it. It saves a bit of money too!

      What I do not like

      Time consuming
      The cleaning process takes 6 hours and you MUST wait 6 hours to have the solution being neutralised to a solution similar to saline. Otherwise, burning and stinging may result. 6 hours is definitely a long time!

      Lens case design
      You must use the lens container that is included in the package and you can't change it to others. I personally found that to be very inconvenient! Also, I have made a crack to my lens a few times when I closed the lens cover. The cover is something like the longtail clips that we used for clipping documents. If you do not put the lens in the correct place, a crack will be created!

      There is also one small thing to note when using Aosept plus. You have to pour the correct amount of solution into the container. If you pour more solution than required, there will be a lot of bubbles generated and the bubbles will overflow from the top of the lens case!

      To sum up, I think that the Aosept plus is very effective in cleaning the contact lens. There are some minor issues when using the solutions but it worths it.


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  • Product Details

    AOSEPT PLUS® Contact Lens Care System 360ml is made by AOSEPT / AOSEPT PLUS® Contact Lens Care System 360ml is a exceptional product / You can now buy AOSEPT PLUS® Contact Lens Care System 360ml from our website / AOSEPT PLUS® Contact Lens Care System 360ml has been proven as a market leading product since its inception by AOSEPT.

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