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Aspiration International Two Tone Coloured Contact Lenses

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Brand: Aspiration International

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    1 Review
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      10.11.2010 22:07
      Very helpful



      A Pair Of Gorgeous Blue Coloured Lenses

      Even though I rarely bother much with make-up or accessories during the day when it comes to a night out the more the better is my opinion. I like to try out loads of different looks on each night out to make sure I never look totally the same so coloured lenses are something I try and buy as much as possible. I have quite weird eye as the colour changes daily and most days they are just a jumble of every colour you could imagine...except blue. Both my brothers have really bright blue eyes and its something I am incredibly jelous of so a few months ago whilst searching amazon I decided to turn my eyes blue for a few weeks and ended up buying these 'Aspiration International Two Tone Coloured Contact Lenses' because they simply looked so striking on the picture and I was hoping they would look just as striking when I put them in. I wore these pretty much none stop from the minute I bought them and my only issue was you have to throw them away after 30 days other than that I actually LOVE these lenses.

      Useful Information:
      Price: Around 10.00 (+P&P)
      Stockists: CrazyLenses @ Amazon.
      Other Info: Included in that price is a small lense case - very suitable to travelling & a 120ml lens solution - which is a bit big for a just a month but if you wear these regularly its a pretty good deal. You MUST throw these away after 30 days of opening them - if not it could lead to infections in your eyes and no-one wants that!

      *Also these are JUST coloured lenses they offer no help with your vision whatsoever - I reckon most people will have guessed that but thought it might be worth mentioning! :)*

      To look at these lenses dont look all that if Im honest - when they are in the case anyway. They look like a bit of blue and black on a plastic sheet as that is basically what they are. A circle that should be a good enough size to cover the whole colour part of your eye but none of the pupil. Now getting them in is a pain in the ar*e Im not going to lie there. I have no problem normally with touching my eyeball (it really grosses my mates out when I put these in and take them out!) but these are VERY fiddly. It WILL take you a couple of attempts to make these sort of stick to your eye especially if your not used to it but practice definitely makes perfect and once youve got them in they should stay put. I also recommend putting on make-up AFTER putting these in because they make ym eyes water like mad and I reckon most people will be the same - its fine to apply eye-make up whilst wearing these lenses.

      When they are securely in your eyes apart from a slight movement when you blink these pretty much stay put. Ive never had one move about loads or even fall out so once youve managed to get them in they should be fine. The coloured part of your eye should look exactly like the picture very light blue with a dark black outline that does look pretty amazing let me tell you. The only slight problem I have is that the blue and black colour doesnt quite cover the coloured part of my eye. I think that is an issue with me though rather than these being too small and it wouldnt be noticable to anyone else anyway so its not a major flaw in my opinion.

      Ive found these to be very comfy to wear - there is an initial discomfort when you first put them in but after that I kind of forget they are even there because there is no feeling at all. DONT sleep with these in though Ive made that mistake and they will roll back on your eyeball (EWW!) and be a rght pain to remove so take these off before bed! Taking them off is very easy as you simply pinch the plastic away from your eye - which does sound painful but honestly its a doddle! And then place them back in your lens case (which is clearly marked left and right). If your funny about touching your eyes then unless you have a willing volunterr these might not be for you as they do take some getting used to when applying but you do learn quickly.

      I loved these lenses while I had them and wore them all the time even if the day when usually I dont make much of an effort at all. Im definitely going to buy some more with my next amazon vouchers and I highly recommend them to others. They give you a really different look that is istantly noticable and are surprisingly comfortable to wear so for me they ticked all the boxes. Highly recommended - unless you already have blue eyes...In which case Im very jelous LOL :)

      Thanks For Reading.

      x0 Salz 0x


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      Aspiration International / fashion contact lenses.