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Bausch & Lomb Renu MultiPlus Lubricating & Rewetting Drops

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Brand: Bausch & Lomb / Lens Accessories: Drops / Dosage Form: Drops

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    1 Review
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      07.10.2012 00:50
      Very helpful



      ReNu-ing my contact lenses

      I wear contact lenses most of the time, and one of the products that I'm never normally without to go along with my contact lenses is re-wetting drops. I normally use the Blink for contacts eye drops, and I normally buy the individual vials rather than the bottle. I've just been away for the weekend with my sister and I forgot to pack some of the Blink vials to take away with me. I spent the night before our flight at my sisters house as she lives nearer to the airport than I do, my sister also wears contact lenses most of the time as well, and she gave me a bottle of the ReNu re-wetting drops to take away with me as she had a spare couple of bottles.

      My sister tells me that she buys these online, and pays around £4 per bottle. The ReNu drops come in a 10ml bottle. This price is similar to the Blink drops that I normally buy from Boots, although I do buy the vials rather the bottle which do work out to be more expensive. Personally though I think that the individual vials are much more hygienic than the bottles. I also think that the individual vials are handier for carrying about with you, I normally always have a few of the vials stashed in my handbag.

      The ReNu re-wetting drops only appear to be suitable to use with all of the the soft contact lenses, and not with the gas permeable lenses. I wear a combination of both the monthly soft disposable contact lenses and the daily disposable soft contact lenses; I wear the monthly lenses on a day to day basis, and I wear the daily lenses on holiday or for weekends away or nights out for the convenience factor. I've now used these drops with both my daily disposables on the weekend away, and with my monthly disposables since we've been back home.

      I do use re-wetting drops with my contact lenses fairly often. Normally when I wear my contact lenses my eyes can get a little dry and itchy towards the end of the day, sometimes even sooner than this if I'm in an air-conditioned office. When this happens I will just pop a couple of drops into each eye which will solve the problem and relubricate my contact lenses and eyes. I will also tend to use these on a night out if my eyes are getting tired, which they seem to do a lot quicker when I wear my contact lenses, again a couple of drops in each eye will refresh and soothe my eyes. I always use these on a flight as I find that flying does leave me with dry itchy eyes, once again a couple of drops will relieve the irritation and put the moisture back into my eyes and my contact lenses.

      The ReNu bottle is easy to use, just unscrew the cap and then insert up to three drops in each eye as and when required. I always use two drops in each eye; I find that two drops is adequate, one drop isn't really enough, and three drops feels like too much. I always insert the first drop and then wait a few seconds for this to 'soak in' before inserting the second drop, otherwise I find that the second drop just runs out of my eye if I pop the two drops in both together. This is then both a bit of a waste, and bad for my make-up! I also just blink a few times after I've popped each drop in, to help disperse the solution around my eyes, and more importantly underneath my contact lenses. A gentle squeeze on the middle of the bottle will just dispense one fat drop at a time.

      I find that the soothing effect that I get from the ReNu drops is really long lasting, and it's very rare that I would need to insert the drops more than once per day. However I always like to carry the bottle of ReNu or a spare couple of Blink vials with me just in case, this is where the vials are much handier as they are smaller and easier to carry around. The bottle does have it's advantages though as it does work out to be cheaper, and there's no wastage - sometimes with the vials there's still a few more drops in there that I end up throwing away, whereas with the bottle there's no wastage.

      The ReNu eye drops are a very gentle formula and don't sting my eyes at all. They do feel very moisturising and comforting, probably slightly more so than the Blink drops, however I'm a bit paranoid about the hygiene aspect of the bottle, especially when it's been rattling around at the bottom of my handbag for a few weeks. I always make sure that the lid is closed securely after each use, but even so I'm convinced that the bottle is nowhere near as hygienic as the individual vials. Obviously it should go without saying that you shouldn't share the opened bottle with anyone else.

      In conclusion although I was more than happy with the effectiveness of the ReNu drops, and the bottle concept as opposed to the vials did have some advantages, I wouldn't buy it again. I prefer the portability and convenience of the individual Blink vials, and I do think that the vials are much more hygienic.


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