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Bausch & Lomb Soflens 38

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Brand: Bausch & Lomb / Lens Type: Monthly Disposable

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    1 Review
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      16.09.2011 18:06
      Very helpful



      good quality lenses

      Wearing contact lenses are a pain; but I just don't suit glasses! So for vanity reasons and because glasses constantly steam up on me, I use contact lenses. I have tried monthlies and dailies and being as scatty as I am, dailies are best for me. They don't take any looking after, I can have pairs in my hand bag, car or at work and they seems to stay moist a long time. If I get too tired wearing my dailies I just take them out and throw them away and put my glasses on. The cost of dailies are really expensive though so I swapped to a monthly set called Optima FW that I bought from the opticians. These have recently been rebranded as Soflens 38 but after trying them and being promised by my optician; they are exactly the same.
      The best thing about weekly contact lenses is that they are cheaper that daily disposable lenses but after a month you get to throw them away and have the nice fresh feeling of slipping into a new pair.

      *Price and availability*

      As with all my lenses these days, I buy them from the internet. There are so many lens stores that offer really good deals that the high street stores just cannot match. I bought the soflens 38 from online and paid £19.05 for 6 lenses including delivery. This works out at quite good value for money.


      The contact lenses come in a blue and white box. Inside are plastic strips with your contact lenses in small plastic cases. The small case has a thin plastic cover which is easy to remove and your contact lens is swimming in saline solution inside the container.
      The contact lens is made from a polymacon material and is 38.6% water which allows oxygen into the eye while you wear them. This should help your eyes feel fresher for longer but they do not contain as much water as dailies as they need to be a bit more robust to last for the full 30 days. When comparing these with daily lenses, they are much thicker at the edges (I'm talking a miniscule number here though) in order to help stop them ripping and tearing as easy as daily lenses do. They have a centre thickness of 0.035 mm so you can hardly feel the contacts in your eyes at all.
      The contact lenses are moist from the saline solution and read to apply as soon as you open the container. They have a blue tinge when in the water to assist you in finding the lens while in the contact solution. Interestingly, after a few days of disinfection this blue dye fades making the contact lens really hard to get hold of in the solution! You would think that if they made the lenses blue to assist the handling, they would make them blue throughout the whole lifespan!



      Wash your hands thoroughly. Use a clean towel to dry your hands. Try to avoid using tissue as the paper may leave pieces behind. Make sure there is no soap on your hands.
      Remove a contact from its case. Remember to check whether it is for your right or left eye. (Unless the prescription is the same.)
      Place the contact on your index finger of the hand you will be applying the contact with. You should probably use your dominant hand. Make sure that all the outside edges are face up and none are sticking to your finger. If the rim points out slightly instead of up, the lens is probably inside-out. Inspect lens for rips or tears.
      Use the index finger of your opposite hand to pull up your upper eyelid. Use the middle finger of your dominant hand with the contact on it to pull your lower eyelid down.
      Keep your eye open and try not to blink.
      Move the contact towards your eye calmly and steadily. It may help to look upwards. Try not to blink or move jerkily. Place the contact on your eye and gently move it so it is centered over your iris. Make sure to let go of the bottom first! Letting go of the top first can sometimes lead to leaving tiny air bubbles against your eye which may sometimes hurt!
      Blink slowly, as to not dislodge the contact.
      Repeat with the other contact.

      As you need to remove the lens and disinfect them, care should be taken when you remove each lens and place them in a case with enough solution in to cover the whole lens. It is easier to do one lens at a time to avoid them being mixed up.
      *My experiences*

      These lenses feel comfortable in the eye straight away and remain comfortable for a long time. I often wear them for up to 16 hours a day and they still remain moist and cause no irritation. After a few weeks though, they do start to feel less comfortable and I can tell that I am ready for a new pair. However I have hardly ever experienced a pair that does not last for the full month. I think that this is due to the extra thickness round the edge, they do not rip or tear easily. However, care is still needed with them.

      When I open a new pair, it does feel quite refreshing as they are clean and fresh but as the lens has to re bed into the eye, for the first day of wearing them, I can feel the lens in my eye. Once the eye has adjusted, it is like wearing your favourite slippers! Until you need a new pair again.

      I like this brand before they changed the name I used them a lot more regularly. I find them comfortable and really good quality. The only trouble is remembering when you need to wear a fresh pair; I am quite bad with mine and often end up wearing them for longer than I should. This is not healthy though and I should pay more attention to what day I first put them in then I know when to replace them.


      I'd recommend this product, they are good quality and I would use them again. Depending on what your optician recommends, you can have these as monthly disposables or as weekly ones.


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