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Boston Advance Conditioning Solution

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Brand: Boston / Lens Accessories: Solutions & Cleaners

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    1 Review
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      13.07.2006 07:16
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      Excellent soaking and wetting solution for Gas Permeable lenses.

      I've been wearing contact lenses since 1974, so you can imagine that I've tried just about every product out there on the market today.

      Back when I first got lenses, they didn't have the Gas Permeable (GP) kind - only hard lenses. My doctor recommended that I use the Bausch & Lomb wetting solution that was available at the time. While it seemed a bit expensive, I bought it, and liked it. Over the years, they developed the Boston Advance system, and I tried that, and liked it as well. Then, when I got GP lenses, I needed to make sure that the solution I was using was the right one for the new lenses.

      One thing about GP lenses is that what makes them more comfortable to wear, is what also can make them more problematic. Holes. GP lenses are filled with microscopic holes that allow gases (like air) to flow to the eye. However, if you have a hole somewhere, it is very likely that they can get clogged. When holes in your GP lenses clog up, they can give you an infection in your eye. So it is essential that the product you use is one that will do its utmost to keep those holes as clean as possible.

      The Boston Advance Conditioning Solution is just such a product. When you put them in, you use this solution to wet the lens and place it in your eye. When you take them out at night, you pour some of this same solution into your case to soak them. This solution works as a mild cleanser, since the liquid fills up the holes by washing the dirt and other debris out of the holes.

      But all is not perfect in lens land. This product is a bit on the pricey side. So, over the years, in order to try to save a few pence, I've tried several different products. Almost every time, I've ended up with some sort of infection and had to stop wearing my lenses for a time until it cleared up. This also meant that I had to throw the other product away, thereby totally negating any "savings" I might have had by purchasing the cheaper product. So, I've always returned to the Boston Advance Conditioning Solution.

      Occasionally, I'll find their travel packs on the shelves (and I noticed that auravita sells these on-line for £7.99 – which is a pretty good deal). These are special little sets that have a lens case, small conditioning solution and an even smaller cleaning fluid. They are wonderful for traveling since you don't end up lugging the bigger bottles around. Sometimes they come with zip carrying cases which cost more but are wonderful if you forget to empty the solution out of the case before you put it away, because it won't empty out and get all over the other things in your sponge bag.

      I've also used their cleaning fluid, and found it works very well, especially the morning after a late night at a smoke-filled pub when my eyes can get tired and caked up. However, I'm not all that enamored with their rewetting solution, and found the Boots Artificial Tears works much better for a quick drip when you get something irritating in your eye and can't remove the lenses and clean it properly.

      Boston recommends that you change your lens case every few months. This is a good idea, and I would recommend taking them up on their suggestion. But more importantly, if you want your contact lenses to stay clean and your eyes to stay infection-free, listen to them even more when they say you should change the solution in your lens case every night. Yes, this does mean you'll use more of the solution in the long run, but aren't your eyes worth it?

      In conclusion, I must admit that my eyes are certainly are worth it paying a bit extra for. That's why I'm sticking to Boston Advance Conditioning Solution and never going to count my pennies again. Despite the price, I'm giving this five stars and wholeheartedly recommending it.

      Thanks for reading!

      Davida Chazan © June 2000, updated July 2006

      Technical Stuff:

      Produced by Bausch & Lomb, the official web page can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/nr2hk.

      I've found the 120ml bottle of this online for £6.15 at www.garden.co.uk, at www.compareprices.co.uk this costs £6.45, and at www.sightcare2000.com you can buy multi-packs containing 3 x 30ml Boston Advance Cleaner, 3 x 120ml Boston Advance Comfort Formula Conditioning Solution and 1 x Contact Lens Case for £23.45.

      Distributed by: BAUSCH & LOMB (UK) Lld 0050 Bausch & Lomb House, 106 London Road, Kirgston upon Thames, Surrey KT2 6TN - United Kingdom

      Manufacturer: Polymer Technology (Europe), 114 London Road, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey KT2 6QJ - United Kingdom 1995, Bausch & Lomb elite is a trademark of Bausch &Lomb incorporated, 1/95


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