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Contact Lens Handler

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Manufacturer: LensCases / Type: Lens Handler

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    1 Review
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      31.10.2011 15:37
      Very helpful



      There really is absolutely no point to this Contact Lens Handler

      I was sent this Contact Lens Handler as a freebie after placing a fairly large order at an online lens accessory store, at least I assume it was a freebie as it wasn't mentioned in any of the reams of paperwork that came with this order - maybe it just dropped in the box? Anyway, the point I'm making is that it was a free gift and not chosen by me. I feel this is important as I'm about to rip the idea to shreds and didn't want anyone to think I'd actually bought this myself.

      You see, a Contact Lens Handler is just a stupid idea designed by someone who knows that us lens wearers will try any old gimmicky product because contact lens use is the dullest and most boring thing in the world.

      The Lens Handler is a small item, only 5cm long and shaped to resemble a small cotton bud. Describing this thing will be useless so look at the piccie above - the flatter end is the part you use to pick up your contact lens and the knob at the other end is the handle. The idea of it is that you use the Handler to both pop your lens into your storage case (after cleaning) and also to pick the lenses back up again the following morning, saving the pristine lens from contamination from your fingers. Good idea, right? Well, no.

      The problem is that you need to use your fingers to insert the lens, so having a handler to keep the lens sterile is a bit daft really. It just adds an extra step to my contact lens routine; open storage case, use handler to fiddle around lifting the lens up, transfer to finger (and hope you don't drop it mid-transfer) then insert - before it was just 'grab lens, insert and run'. The Handler makes life that bit more awkward. For one it doesn't pick the lens up as smoothly as you think it's going to even though it looks exactly the right shape, you have to kind of dig underneath the lens and even when you've captured it it'll sometimes slide back off into the solution. The short shape of it doesn't make it particularly easy to grip either, I have quite small hands but the handle would bump against the side of my fingers and this made it feel unstable as I was holding it.

      The silicone end means it's unlikely your lenses will be damaged while using the Handler, oddly on the blurb on the packet it says this product is ideal for contact lens wearers with long fingernails - why? I don't really understand this statement, I know it's easy to rip a lens with your nails but this product doesn't solve that particular problem anyway as you still need to handle the lenses yourself (with your long, contact lens shredding talon-like nails)! They must think we're stupid!

      I don't even think this product helps with keeping your lenses clean. Let's be honest, I think most of us are sensible enough to clean our hands thoroughly before touching our eyes or anything that needs to go into the eye. Even people who don't specifically wash their hands before removing or inserting their lenses are not likely to be harbouring blinding germs - we're adults, we know how soap and water works. And even if we didn't the Handler is unlikely to help due to the fact that (repeat with me!) you still need to touch the bloomin' things to put them in your eye! Pointless product.

      Y'know, the first thing I noticed about this 'amazingly hygienic' product is that it doesn't in fact come with a storage case. So you stow your Handler where? On the dusty bathroom shelf? In a mucky make-up bag? Next to the junk on the window sill? Wherever you decide to put it you'll be a) hunting for the tiny wee thing next time you come to use it and b) using a dirty implement to handle something that is going to go in your eye. Even rinsing it under the tap is unlikely to clean it to the standards of your just-washed hands, so once again this product just isn't worth the bother.


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