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Cooper Vision Frequency 55 Toric XR

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Brand: Cooper Vision / Lens Type: Toric

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    1 Review
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      04.09.2010 17:37
      Very helpful



      Comfortable Toric lenses to wear all day long...

      Around three million people in the UK wear contact lenses, I am one of them and have been wearing them for the past 18 years.
      My first experience with contact lenses was one of delight! I had been waiting years to be able to be without my 1980's glasses... Since, I have tried many different brands and types of soft lenses.
      Every year, there is great improvement on various types of lenses and a few years ago, I tried something new: the Toric lenses.
      These are slightly different from the standard ones as the optical surfaces have the effect of a cylindrical lens. Being Myopic (nearsighted) and also having astigmatism (basically out-of-focus vision) in both eyes, toric lenses are the best ones for people like me, but also to people combining hypermetropic (farsighted) and astigmatism. This can also work for people with astigmatism in one eye only, where they can wear a regular contact lens in one eye and a Toric in the other.
      This sounds like a mouthful but they are really worth trying if you are trying new types or are unhappy with your lenses - obviously with the advice of an optician!

      The Cooper Vision Frequency 55 Toric XR:

      For a start, the sight correction is very good, there is a way the lens goes in (you can see a tiny line which should go at the bottom of your eye), however, with the Frequency 55 lenses, I never check how it goes in and within a couple of minutes, it has found its position.
      But my main concern about contact lenses in general is that I cannot wear them long enough in the day and normally need to take them out in the evening as my eyes start getting dry and the lenses become very uncomfortable. This type however allow me to have my lenses in all day as well as in the evening, whether I am going out of even watching television, which is a big plus. It is the first ones I have been able to wear for so long.
      In terms of cleaning, they are the same as regular lenses, you can use any lens solution to leave them in overninght.

      So overall, these are easy lenses to put in with great sight correction and can be in for around 15 hours without discomfort.


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