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Cooper Vision Frequency Xcel Toric

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Brand: Cooper Vision / Lens Type: Toric

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    2 Reviews
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      17.02.2011 14:36
      Very helpful



      Not the most comfortable soft lenses on the market

      I have been wearing contact lenses now for almost 18 years and have always puchased through my optician and although I have tried several brands I found this to be the absoloute worst. I have had some really bad experiences with contacts (most of them caused by this particular brand). I have quite a complicated prescription (I wear monthly disposables) and so am weary when I have my contacts brand changed by a new optician.

      The lenses:
      Frequency Toric Excels are soft lenses specifically designed for people with astigmatism. Apparently they use a uniquely shaped lens to deliver long lasting comfort to wearers. The lenses deliver better end of day comfort ratings than similar soft lenses (allegedly). They are designed to be cleaned and stored away each night and replaced every month with a fresh pair.

      My prescription always came in a box with three lenses for each eye as I could only ever order them on a quaterly basis (with the excedption of spares) and my prescription was fr monthly disposables but I am not sure if this is standard or just because of my personal prescription.

      What Is A Toric Lense:
      Well I am no optician so my expertise on this subject is limited to the following; The surface of a toric lens has two different curvatures (cylindrical and sphere) that help to correct astigmatism. Toric lenses also have a definative "up" and "down" so if they shift around or move vision can become distorted or wearing uncomfortable.

      Who Are Coopervision:
      One of the worlds largest leading lens manucaturer and the number one manufacturer of toric lenses.

      My Experience:
      When I changed opticians my prescription was changed slightly and so to were my lenses. I tolerated and persavered with these torics for a year before I finally gave up on them. Firstly, when I began using these I had been wearing contact lenses for almost 10 years and so my eyes were well adept. I had three main complaints with these lenses as follows:

      1) Uncomfortable To Wear:
      When I first put these on my eyes I noticed I could feel them (simular to the feeling of when you first ever try a contact lens-you are aware that it is there but after a few days you become used to it and no longer notice) and that feeling never really went away. It was not painful more annoying (especially when I blinked) and they would dry out really quickly so I used to buy a solotuin from my optician to drop into my eyes to keep hydrated (more expense) or take them out and rinse in solution half way through the day.

      2) Shifting And Movement:
      These lenses were constantly moving and shifting around my eyes which made my vision blurry and so to compensate I would be rubbing my eye lids to try to shift them back into place (I was doing this sometimes every five minutes or so through out the day!) and I also noticed that if I glanced around quickly that they would take a few seconds to focus or that I would have to again shift into place. On some ocassions they would actually shift and drop out of my eye!

      3) More Tear And Not Enough Wear:
      Even though I only wore for a maximum of 8 hours a day (sometimes more but not often as I was usually glad to take them out) and cleaned in the soloution I would still notice that after sometimes one week, generally two that the lenses would be quite marked and smeared and would tear really easily (sometimes when I rubbed my eye I could feel they had torn) They should have lasted me one month but they very rarely did.

      My Verdict:
      I would never bother to use these lenses again. They are not (at least for me) comfortable to wear or very long wearing. At the end of the day my eyes would be red and bloodshot from constant rubbing (a contributing factor to them wearing out quickly I am sure). I was assured by my optician that mild movement was not unusual but what i was experiencing was excessive. There are better torics on the market (I am currently using Coopervison Proclear and have no effects like i have mentioned).
      If you are a first time cintact lense wearer I do not think that these would be a great intriduction into contacts and would advise that you speak to an optician about others available for your prescription or alternativley you could ask for a trial run before you commit. I personally could not recommend them what so ever, if I could have marked zero out of ten then I would have.

      Prices vary for these and other lenses so I have paid anywhere between £15 per month including solution to £28 so it depends on your optician. I no longer buy through my optician, I prefer to buy online direct from the manufacteuer as the price difference is amazing. Where I was paying almost £300 a year I now pay just over £160 by buying direct! Make sure you check and double check your prescription before you order on line yourself though as the slightest mistake in your prescription is costly and not to mention any damage you could do to your eyes.


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      17.02.2011 10:03



      I wish I could give it a minus rating. Even 1 star is a waste.

      I have been wearing contact lenses for 9 years and have gone through several brands. This one is by far the worst. I got a pack of 3 + an extra pair. I had to chuck away the first 3 pairs after a week because one of the each pair chipped for no apparent reason. The last one actually lasted me two whole weeks. But during the entire two weeks I had constant problems with it. First off, it sticks to my eyes like it's super glued. I felt like I was pinching my eyeballs when I took my lenses out. It also makes my eyes very, very sore. The first few times I cleaned my lenses thoroughly as I though there was some dirt on it. This didn't make it any better. I'm not sure what the problem is. I finally threw them away one night when they made my left eye sore as hell and it started tearing up badly.

      Don't waste your money on this one. It's a crappy product.


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