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Murine Dry & Tired Eyes Eye Drops

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    8 Reviews
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      07.10.2014 23:01
      Very helpful


      • "help with your sore and drained eyes"


      • "no disadvantages"

      eye drops,help with your dry eyes

      What exactly could it be?
      A 10ml plastic bottle of eye solution containing 0.012% naphazoline hydrochloride costing 3 to 5 pounds from all good chemists.
      You will need to ask the chemist , and there's a couple of various kinds of Murine accessible depending about what the issues you might have. For me the Murine Tired and Dry Eyes works well with me in my own experience and cannot extol the merits with this enough.

      Less Protein in my own eyes means what this basically does is rehydrate the eyes and so giving a bloodshot look that is fitter and murine are dryer. I've talked to some individuals who use this to help by using their hayfever before purchasing the product, but I'd consult the pharmacist. Minor discomforts are cleared by this and reduces redness.

      how to put it to use?

      For ocular use!Really user friendly and also the bottle's design means it doesn't gush out into face and your eyes and does not leak after cap is on. I find enough hydration is provided by two drops and keeps my puppy dogs eyes alluring and brilliant.
      It's also worth noting the Murine needs to be properly used within one month opening, it is not shouldn't be refrigerated or frozen and to be kept above 25c.

      I have not been in a pharmacist that doesn't carry this, but with no set price, anything can change.

      This actually works. For their best my eyes come back within 5 minutes of use. Any redness is finished along with the puffiness dies down nearly instantaneously. Little enough to fit in bags and pockets, this is a really simple procedure of use. The effects last for one daily morning dosage and hours will work for the remainder of the day.

      Slightly more pricey than other eye drops; this is just an aesthetic alternative from what could possibly be a critical eye trouble. It does not supply a long term alternative to any eye difficulties you might have.

      Since this was found , my eyes have not been worse and despite my through utilization of the product I don't have any awful things to mention regarding the Murine product.But if you're looking to attempt something for eyes that are sore and drained afterward I'd definitely recommend you give this a try.


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      11.11.2013 22:14
      Very helpful



      Ease discomfort. Moisturise eyes.

      My eyes sometimes become quite dry and especially so if I am tired. Last week I had been a little more tired than usual and one morning I woke up and my eyes felt gritty and sensitive. I popped to my local pharmacist who advised this product would be a nice one to try because I didn't have an infection.

      It comes in a cardboard box which has the name on the front and so can easily be spotted on a shelf. Inside the box there is a plastic bottle which is quite small. The bottle amount is well enough to treat dry and sore eyes for the time to improve them and help them feel much better.

      To use the drops all you need to do is to firstly wash your hands to make sure they are extremely clean and as germ free as possible so not to transfer and bacteria into the eye area. Then simply tilt the head back and opening your eyes using your fingers and dropping 2 drops of this product into each eye. Well I am a real baby when I have to used eye drops and for some reason I dislike any liquid dropped into my eyes even though it doesn't hurt or feel too uncomfortable I just hate any eye drops dropped into my eyes but this product doesn't feel unpleasant or irritating.

      Once the drops of liquid which is just a clear liquid gel and like water but a little richer is dropped into each eye, I can feel a nice soothing feeling almost immediately and a slight stinging feeling because of the soreness. When I have dry eyes my eyes tend to water continually but after a couple of applications of this product my eyes feel a whole lot better and my eyes don't tend to water so much and it is more of an instant relief.

      These drops don't sting the eyes too much when the drops fall into the eyeball. It does feel a little cold and like a splash of cold water and does feel a little cold. As the product works after a couple of applications and the soreness has improved, the stinging feeling isn't apparent anymore and the drops just feel cold when dropped into the eyes.

      This product is designed for dry eyes and lubricates them to give them moisture and to refresh them. Is also a nice one for gritty eyes which feel irritating and kind of itchy. This product works well for both dry eyes and gritty eyes. Also for tired eyes which tend to be uncomfortable and the feeling when you may want to rub your eyes when tired, these drops just help soothe tired eyes and help them feel really refreshed and bright again.

      Sometimes central heating dries my eyes and makes them feel very uncomfortable, at this time of year I often have gritty eyes because of the heating being on more than in the less colder months. These eye drops have been a god send for helping my eyes feel more comfortable and have helped to remove the gritty feeling in my eyes which can be really annoying. They just ease the discomfort perfectly so I can see more clearly and they also improve the brightness of my eyes too.

      One or 2 drops can be dropped into each eye. I tend to wait a couple of minutes before dropping the drops into the other eye just because I find it easier and I can see from at least one of my eyes because my eyes do tend to feel a little cloudy for around 20 seconds or so after applying the drops. This time scale just helps give me some vision.

      1 or 2 drops in each eye every 4 hours for up to 4 times a day. The lid must be replaced and the bottle stored in a cool dry place.

      Contact lenses should be removed and can be placed after around 15 minutes or so of using the drops.

      Children under 12 years old cannot use these drops but anyone aged this age can use them.

      Pregnant women, anyone with heart disease, eye surgery patients, eye disease, and diabetics should consult a doctor or pharmacist before using these drops. Or anyone who is having treatment for depression and other illnesses.It is advisable to ask the pharmacist if you are on any medication before buying these eye drops just to make sure they are suitable with any medication you take an to be safe.

      These drops have worked a treat for giving my eyes moisture and helping to remove the gritty feeling in my eyes. I am pleased I bought them because my condition improved the first day I used them. I only had to use them for 3 days and my eyes were back to normal again.

      Any unused drops should be binned and not used and not saved for a later date.

      For a 15ml bottle it cost £4.59 and I think this is a really good value price for the way they work and the quality of the drops is really good too.

      I do recommend these drops if you are wanting to buy a product which works well and eases soreness and refreshes eyes. I will buy these drops again in the future.

      Also appears on Ciao under my username pinky50.

      I give them 5 stars.

      Thank you for reading my review and I hope it has been of some help.


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        17.03.2013 17:20
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Easy to use & they work.

        I'm reviewing MURINE eyedrops for Dry & Tired eyes.
        They come in a small plastic bottle containing 15ml of liquid eye drops (as opposed to an ointment doctors tend to prescribe).The plastic bottle is just under 9 cms high & 3cms wide .

        The cost varies from just under £4 to just under £5,depending on where you buy.
        Ingredients.Purified water, boric acid, sodium cellulose gum, sodium borate, glycerin, disodium EDTA, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, stabilised chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, hydroxyethylidene diphosphonic acid, polyhexamethylene biguanide. pH adjusted for comfort with sodium hydroxide or hydrochloric acid.

        First WHY I use these. Two years ago I developed mild but unpleasant hay fever which was leaving my eyes watery at some points and then intensely itchy & irritated at other times, so I sought something to relieve this and started using eye drops regularly.
        This is NOT the brand I normally use,but it was on offer at a bargain price of £2.39 so I bought it and find it just as effective as my previously preferred brand.

        Using this is easy. Simply lightly pull the skin under the eye down to reveal your inner lower eyelid. It takes the merest light touch to do this,so DON'T be rough. Once this is done you just gently (very very gently) squeeze two drops from the bottle into the lower lid & then blink (again gently) to disperse the drops across the eye.I can't stress enough....everything needs done lightly. You don't want to be dragging at your lower lid harshly or squirting copious amounts of the drops into your eyes till the fluid runs down your cheeks. In using these, less is most definitely more . I have this routine down to a fine art using one hand to expose the lower lid & drop in the liquid, while holding my hand mirror with the other.

        I use these nightly as part of my night time routine before bed & find them cooling, pleasant and most importantly, soothing. Plus I use them at other times of the day if my eyes feel dry & uncomfortable.

        One added bonus for ladies is that they make your eyes look shiny & healthy & carefully using just one drop soothes dryness, but doesn't affect any eye make up.Plus the bottle is tiny enough to drop into your bag & take to work for day use.

        They aren't magic,but they DO soothe dryness & irritation as much as any other brand on the market.
        So yes,I'd recommend them.


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          01.01.2012 18:41
          Very helpful



          Does what it says


          For anyone that may have read my other eye care reviews, you will no doubt be aware that I suffer with dry sore eyes quite frequently so using eye drops/ gels is part of my daily routine.

          I am a big fan of the more gel based artificial tears type of products and a favourite of mine is Viscotears (see separate review). I recently had my eyes tested and my optician mentioned a different variety that may suit my eyes more called 'Murine' for dry and tired eyes. I took all the information on board that he mentioned, but as the price at my local opticians exceeded £5 I decided to stick to Viscotears for now.

          On a recent trip to Superdrug for something unrelated I happened to notice that they stocked Murine drops and were half price at £2.39 (normally £4.79 at Superdrug) so I decided to try them as the price was quite reasonable.

          *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*

          Murine comes in a standard thin cardboard box which houses the small 15 ml bottle securely. There's nothing overly decorative about the packaging, suffice to say it's predominantly white and green with a close up picture of an eye on the front with the logo in a bold blue font. It certainly stands out compared to say Optrex for example which tends to be a plainer blue packaging, but that's about all there is to say except that the box does seem sturdy despite being thin so seems to protect the bottle adequately.

          Once opened there is a white plastic bottle inside. The bottle varies from the usual cylindrical fare as it is flatter from the side angle whilst from the front it as a more tear shaped design (very apt) and is quite basic being mainly all white with just the logo and relevant information printed on the front and the back. There is a small fiddly lid covering the nozzle and this needs twisting firmly at first to break the seal then it is quite easy to remove and replace for the following times it is used.

          Availability wise, I had not particularly heard of this brand until my optician mentioned it, but after buying it in Superdrug I have since seen it in various pharmacies and even the odd large Supermarket. If in doubt about certain stores it's best to head for your local chemist where it's more likely to be stocked.

          As mentioned in my opening paragraphs, this is usually around the £5 mark, though this is entirely dependent on where you shop as it was nearly £6 (£5.89 to be exact) at my opticians so it's worth looking around if interested in buying it.

          *~*What are they, what do they contain and who can use these?*~*

          Murine have been designed entirely for people suffering from tired and dry eyes (sums me up perfectly) and is formulated from 2 lubricants for the eyes. Because of this, they state that the gel is quite thick to help stay in the eye area so they may make vision blurry for a longer period than just regular eye drops.

          Murine is made purified water amongst other tongue twisting ingredients which if interested can be seen on the side of the packaging though I will state it does say that it is PH adjusted for comfort with Sodium Hydroxide.

          The usual applies here that once opened they are to be discarded after 28 days and they are to be stored at room temperature of below 25 degrees.

          The directions are simple enough and require no degrees as such to use:

          Tilt head back and apply one or two drops to each eye. It states that these are suitable for both children and adults though there is no mention of what age children can use these from so I suggest if wanting them for children it's advisable to check with a doctor or pharmacist before applying.

          *~*My experience of using this*~*

          I am a big fan of Viscotears as it creates artificial tears and is a gel based product so I was a little wary when I was originally recommended this particularly as I hadn't heard of the brand before.
          On picking up the box in Superdrug and scrutinising it thoroughly I was pleased to see that though these are actually drops they are made from a gel based substance so I did like the sound of them the more I read on. If I have one qualm with my beloved Viscotears it is that the gel is rather thick and whilst it works effectively at soothing my dry eyes it can also take quite a while for the gel to disperse leaving my vision blurred for up to 10 minutes sometimes (which as you can imagine is quite inconvenient). These drops claim to lubricate and moisturise the eyes whilst soothing and helping eradicate discomfort.

          So the question is..do they work?


          On following the directions of applying one or two drops I personally found that two drops per eye seemed enough to suffice as one drop seemed to make little impact. The actual liquid itself is colour free and there is no fragrance at all - not even the usual witch hazel based aroma that seems to accompany such products such as these. The consistency is relatively thick for an eye gel - thicker than an average water based eye drop, though compared to my usual Viscotears it seems very thin and watery in comparison.

          On applying the drops to each eye I felt an instant cooling sensation and luckily there was no stinging on each occasion, which I have experienced in the past with similar products.

          My eyes didn't seem too blurry afterwards either which was a surprise as these type of gel eye drops seemed renowned for this, but Murine seems to differ here.

          My eyes go through stages of feeling drier than normal over different time periods which is when I reach for these type of products. Recently I seem to have been using my laptop more than usual, and my eyes seem to have been obviously suffering more because of this so using Murine has been a perfect antidote the the drying and tired effects.


          I have just finished using the small bottle of Murine eye drops and I have nothing but praise for this product. The drops are thick enough to 'linger' on the eyeball enough to coat it thoroughly whilst not causing much blurriness to vision at all (well not to me anyway). My eyes have felt instantly soothed, moisturised and instantly refreshed when using and I will definitely buy theses again in the future despite the price being full or on offer.

          If you suffer with tired, gritty or dry eyes (or all 3) then these are highly recommended by me as the gel doesn't run away down your cheeks before getting into your eyes like some water based drops can do.


          A fantastic eye gel in a drop from that soothes and refreshes and because of the compact size can be easily stored in your bag or pocket whilst out and about. Personally I store these overnight in my fridge and they feel even more refreshing when applied first thing the next morning, but that's just my preference.


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            08.10.2010 17:47
            Very helpful



            Eye Eye

            I have suffered with dry, and tired eyes for a long time now, and although I do not wear glasses or contact lenses, I feel that my eyes get very tired, dry, and sore, probably due to spending too much time on the computer (Dooyoo!!!!!), but also because of everyday unavoidable irritants like dust, air, heat, air conditioning, fans, smoke, fumes etc.
            This dry and sore feeling is the start of a viscious circle, causing me to rub my eyes, which makes them go bloodshot, and even more sore and dry!

            To try and help my eyes out, I have used eye drops for about 10 years now, and Murine Dry and Tired are the best I have tried.

            They are a simple eye drop, coming in a cardboard box, containing a small pocket sized, white squeezable bottle which has 15 ml of eye drops inside it.
            These drops are designed to hydrate and lubricate the eyes, and protect them from the irritants which cause the dryness and tiredness.
            The cost of these drops from my local Boots store is £3.99, and this tends to last me a good few months (although the bottle does say that you should discard them after 28 days from opening).

            To apply the drops, it is just a case of tilting your head back, and squeezing one to two drops into each eye, and then rolling your eyes from side to side, and up and down a few times, to help spread the solution across the whole eye.

            The botle is a great design, which allows you to have a very accurate squeeze on the drops, and it is very easy to ensure that you squeeze it hard enough to get a drop out of it, without squeezing too hard and flooding your eyes with half the bottle!! Although I think that this is partly down to the fact that the drops have quite a thick consistency to them, and are almost like a gel, than a liquid, which probably helps them to last on the eye for a long period of time.

            There are a few warnings displayed on this product that I must point out, which are as follows:

            Do not use if wearing contact lenses.
            Do not use the drops all the time.
            Consult your doctor if you are pregnant, have an eye disease or have had eye surgery or if you are receiving treatment for high blood pressure, depression, heart disease, diabetes, or a thyroid disorder.
            Discontinue use if you experience eye pain, persistent changes in vision or continued redness.

            Also something that I often experience when I first put them into my eyes, is that very often the drops can cause temporary blurred vision, which I find does clear within about a minute, but the warning advises you to not drive or operate machinery until you can see clearly again. In my case, it should perhaps say 'Do not stand on he cat'!

            Overall Opinion

            I think Murine have a great product here, the drops provide a nice refreshing, lubricating feel to my eyes, which reduces the dryness, soreness, and also stops me from rubbing them. They are simple and easy to apply, and for the cost of £3.99 they are well worth the money.

            Thanks for reading

            © L500589 2010


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              26.01.2010 22:42
              Very helpful



              Quite dull but they do make your eyes feel a bit more lubricated

              I have had conjunctivitis several times and I know it is really unpleasant. if your eyes feel nasty, your whole body feels nasty. Although I do not wear glasses or contact lenses, I do work full time in a very hot office (27 degrees according to the thermometer on my desk!) and I use a computer all day at work and tend to sit at my laptop when I get in, so my eyes often feel dry, tired or look a bit glazed or bloodshot.

              I stopped buying Brolene as I did not think it was good to use a product intended for eye infections when I did not have an eye infection. So, I have been looking around for something cheaper and designed for dry eyes and I saw these Murine drops in Boots priced at £3.99 for a 15ml bottle.

              For the price you get a white bottle with a screw lid inside a box with a leaflet. The bottle has a plastic cover over the lid so you can ensure it is sterile and unopened. I like this product as it is intended for dry and tired eyes caused by heating, computer work, over-work (!), smoke, wind, dust, air conditioning- it is designed to combat all the things that I knew were making my eyes less than sparkly.

              The product is easy to use- you just tilt your head and squeeze in one or two drops. It feels cool when it goes into your eyes and does not sting when used. I have a cotton bud to hand when applied to soak off any excess if I apply too many drops I find they do not disperse and I just have water logged eyes so have to soak up the excess!

              Murine drops state they contain two lubricants to moisturise and refresh and they are a thicker consistency than other eye drops to help keep the product in your eyes. I have found this to be the case and I would recommend this product if you have dry eyes or find you feel as if you want to rub your eyes after a day in the office. It is not designed for eye infections or conjunctivitis- it is just supposed to ease dry eyes, so if you are getting any yellow discharge in your eyes or have a scratchy feeling, you should see your pharmacist and try something like Optrex infected eyes instead.

              Purified water, boric acid, sodium cellulose gum, sodium borate, glycerin, disodium EDTA, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, stabilised chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, hydroxyethylidene diphosphonic acid, polyhexamethylene biguanide. These ingredients may mean something to some readers, but to me all I can recognise is purified water! so I cannot comment on what all the above things are o if they are bad/ good etc.

              *Pack Warnings and Considerations*
              The pack does state: DO NOT USE WHILST WEARING CONTACT LENSES. It also notes you should not use this all the time (every day), consult your doctor if you are pregnant, have an eye disease or have had eye surgery or if you are receiving treatment for high blood pressure, depression, heart disease, diabetes, or a thyroid disorder. You are told to discontinue use if you experience eye pain, persistent changes in vision or continued redness. Sometimes the drops can cause temporary blurred vision-you are told to not drive or operate machinery until you can see clearly.

              *Do they do anything?*
              I would say I use these drops once every few days. Sometimes if I wake up in the morning and my eyes feel dry, I will use them then too- or whilst I am at work if the office is particularly hot and my eyes are itching from the heat. In these instances I have found them to be refreshing, but they do not do anything remarkable. They do not turn my slightly bloodshot eyes into brilliant white sparkling eyes... But they do give my eyes a little more fluid to make things a bit more comforatable.

              I am giving them a 3/5 as they are nothing special. But they are cheap, I like the thicker consistency as it does make the drops stay in your eyes- if you are not good at putting eye drops in to your eyes this will be of benefit to you as it will reduce the risk of you just squirting them all over your face and blinking them out! These are middle of the road, I haven't had a life changing experience using these, but I like having a bottle handy for those times when my eyes feel uncomfortable.


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              21.11.2008 14:15
              Very helpful



              Murine - Dry and Tired Eyes

              It has been said that the eyes are indeed the windows to the soul. If that is the case then I am in need of a good pair of net curtains... I have a protein deficiency in my eyes that means any late night, any contact with smoke or swimming pool chemicals and my eyes balloon like Ferne Britain pre gastric band. They swell, go red and give me a look that says.... Rehab. Which despite Amy making it quite en vogue is not the look for a professional financial adviser (professional...honest)

              To combat the haven't slept for three weeks look I have tried and tested just about every eye drop either in front of the counter or behind it and the only one to guarantee a level of normality is the Murine Dry and Tired Eyes.

              What is it?

              A 10ml plastic bottle of eye solution containing 0.012% naphazoline hydrochloride costing between 3 - 5 pounds from all good chemists. You have to ask the chemist for it as it not out on the shelves, and there is a few different types of Murine available depending on what the problems you have. In my experience the Murine Dry and Tired Eyes works best for me and cannot extol the virtues of this enough.

              Why use it?

              The lack of Protein in my eyes means they are dryer than the Sahara desert and what this essentially does is rehydrate the eyes and therefore giving a healthier less bloodshot look. I have spoken to some people who use this to help with their hayfever but I would consult the pharmacist before ordering this product. This clears minor irritations and reduces redness in eyes.

              How to Use it?

              For ocular use only!. Squeeze 1 or 2 drops into each eye up to 3 times daily. Very easy to use and the design of the bottle means that it doesn't gush out into your eyes and face and doesn't leak once cap is on. I find two drops in each eye every morning provides enough hydration and keeps my puppy dogs eyes so bright and alluring.
              It is also worth noting that the Murine should be used within one month opening, it is not to be stored above 25c and should not be refrigerated or frozen. There is a use before date and generally one bottle will last about 6 weeks with daily usage


              I've not been in a pharmacist that does not stock this, but with no set price, the cost of this Murine can vary anything between 3 and 5 pounds. The most I have had to pay was at an independent chemist and one 10ml bottle cost me 4.69.


              This really works. Within 5 minutes of application my eyes return to their very best. Any redness is gone and the puffiness dies down almost immediately. Small enough to fit in pockets and purses, it is a very simple process of application. The effects last for hours and one daily morning dosage will work for the rest of the day.


              Slightly pricier than other eye drops; this is only an aesthetic solution to what could be a serious eye problem. It doesn't provide a long term solution to any eye problems you may have. My doctor does not recommend this product for long term usage, in his words it contains chemicals that over a lengthened period of time, if built up in the eye would cause more harm than good, but I was told that for occasional use this is fine.


              I do suffer with my eyes and can't even swim in the sea, or go out in the sun without my eyes flaring up and it can be an absolute nightmare. Since I discovered this, my eyes have been a great deal better and despite my over use of the product I have no bad things to say about the Murine product.Maybe I am a little too dependant upon them but if it aint broke dont fix it!. Oh... do not get any into mouth as it is one of the most powerful laxatives known to mischievous man....two drops in someone' tea and they will be breaking land speed records to reach a toilet..... Apparently :) But if you are looking to try something for tired and sore eyes then I would certainly recommend you give this a go.

              Thanks for Reading


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                15.08.2008 01:52
                Very helpful



                definitly worth a try

                The Murnine range of eye drops are really fantastic. I have only ever used eye drops for hayfever before which when used really sting and are ineffective so I was pleasently surprised that when I used these eye drops they didnt sting at all and you cant even feel that you put them in except for the extra amount of liquid. As with all eye drops you have to make sure you throw them away 1 month after opening so its a good idea to use a permanent marker and write the date it should be thrown away on the bottle as a reminder.

                I have tried the Dry & Tired Eyes eye drops, the Bright & moist eye drops and the irritation and redness relief ones and they are all great. the irritation and redness relief ones are amazing, withing about 3 minutes your red eyes turn pure white and it lasts all day! Really makes your eyes stand out more and look prettier.

                I highly recomend the murine range and use them daily


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              • Product Details

                Murine dry & tired eyes is specially formulated with two lubricants to help moisturise and refresh dry, tired eyes and to soothe the feeling of discomfort. Plus, the eye drops come as a liquid gel, a slightly thicker consistency helping them to stay longer in the eye.Murine dry & tired eyes is perfect for dry, tired, gritty eyes caused by environmental factors such as heating, air conditioning, wind, smoke, dust, computer use, driving, overwork or swimming.For dry, tired, gritty eyes.Murine can not be used whilst wearing contact lenses. If you wear contact lenses, take them out before using Murine dry & tired. Contacts may be inserted about 15 minutes after applying the drops.

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