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Ocular Sciences Biomedics 55

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Brand: Ocular Sciences (OSI) / Lens Type: Monthly Disposable

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    2 Reviews
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      30.12.2009 14:05
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      Contact Lenses for Beginners onwards

      Biomedics 55 Contact Lenses

      After wearing glasses for many years since I was a child, and suffering many migraines which the rubbing of glasses did not help with, I felt it was time for a change. Eventually I knew that I wanted to try laser eye treatment, though through lack of money at the time as well as that shaky feeling whenever I thought of having a laser go into my eyes, the only other option was for me to try contact lenses.

      I visited my opticians and had a short discussion on my decision and had a routine eye test before being taken into a back room with a mirror and shown how to put the contacts in my eyes. At first, I flinched every time my finger went near my eye, therefore dropping the contact many times (not a good idea when you can not see well to find it again!). It took me an hour and a half to finally get the first one in my eye that first time, and another 45 minutes to get the other one in, with my eyes watering and my frustration growing, though I am happy to say that I persevered and these days can get my contacts in and out within a matter of seconds without the use of a mirror!

      ******The Lenses******

      I was recommended these lenses for two main reasons; the lower cost and the ease of use for first time wearers. Each contact is stored within special lotion to keep moist and are very soft and bendy (this is a slight problem when the contact flips inside out and you can not quite see which way around it should be). They do have a slightly straighter edge when sitting inside out, though this is not easy to find. A case of trial and error if this occurs - if the contact sits fine in your eye then you know that it is the right way around, if it jumps back out of your eye then good luck finding it!

      The contacts are monthly disposable and you can pick them up in boxes of 6 for a 6 month time scale. Apparently around 95% of opticians and other optical places have these in stock as they are the most popular in contact wear.

      The contacts also say that they have a slight blue handling tint to make handling them easier, but even on closer inspection of my contacts, I am afraid I just can not see this, so it must be very slight.

      These lenses are also packaged as Clinasoft, Mediflex, Versaflex and Ultraflex.

      ******Trial and Error******

      I have now been using these contact lenses for a couple of years and am quite happy with them, though there are some downsides as well as upsides which I will try to cover now.

      The contacts are best kept in a saline solution; best recommended it Opti-free replenish to keep them moist. Once in the eye, the eyes natural moisture keeps the contacts soft and comfortable, though I have found that they tend to become quite irritating when the weather is really hot and have found that I have to take them out and rinse them in the solution at least once a day on these hot days. This could simply be the way my eyes react to heat, though this is something to keep in mind. Also, any tears seem to have the same reaction - possibly due to the salt in the tears and quite often I have got the contact stuck in my eyelid when rubbing my eye too much and that hurts. It also takes forever to try to find it and take it out which leaves me feeling quite panicky and sore, though again, this could be the same with other contact lenses, which I can not say for sure.

      Putting the contact in my eye is extremely easy, though as mentioned above, it will take some time to get used to this if you have never worn contact lenses before. There is supposed to be a blue tint to aid with the handling of the contacts, as well as a slightly straighter edge if the contact is inside out, though neither of these can really be seen. One misconception many people have about putting contacts in the eye is that your findger actually touched your eyeball. This is completely wrong both on putting them in and taking them out. If the contact has been replenished in the solution properly, the contact simply jumps from your finger to your eye without touching your eye at all (no not magic!!). The only time I have slight trouble is when my eyes are extremely tired, in this case I simply stick my glasses on until I have woken up properly.

      When taking the contacts out, again, you do not touch the eye. I find this easy as well, though it may take you a while to get used to it. All you do is get your thumb and finger and slightly pinch the contact and it comes out just like that. I find long nails hinder this process, though, as found out on my wedding day morning with false nails!

      These contacts are recommended that you do not wear all day and allow your eyes to breathe in the evenings, though I have found that I can wear them from the time I get up to the time I go to bed without any problems. I would not recommend this unless you talk to your opticians or choose to do it yourself as it is said that it could interfere with your prescription. After a few years of wearing these, though, my eyesight has only changed once naturally.

      You can not wear these contacts whilst sleeping and trust me; if you accidentally do you will regret it as they make your eyes very sore in the morning as they seem to both dry up the eye as well as move around too much and may even scratch your inner eye lid.

      So can they be seen in the eye?

      For some reason, this is a question many people ask. Does it make your eye look weird? Does it give them a different look? Can they be easily seen? The answer to all these questions is no. Unless someone is looking very very carefully into your eye then they are not noticeable at all.

      Can you feel them?

      The answer to this is also no. If they have been bathed properly and cleaned (see below for cleaning instructions) then as soon as they are in your eye you forget all about them (though try to remember them before you go to sleep!!). As mentioned above, though, when hot or you cry you may start to feel them and they may become uncomfortable, as they would when your eyes get over tired. I have been out for a night out, though, before and I have never had a problem. With the recent smoking ban, you now won't get a problem with smoke in your eyes making them hurt either!

      What about my prescription?

      Your contacts are given to you to match your prescription, so don't worry if each eye is different (mine are) as your contacts will simply be of different strength. Mark the boxes so not to mix them up in this case. My husband believes, though, that these are not as reliable a prescription match as perhaps glasses are, though personally I believe he just has a phobia about contact lenses as I can see perfectly with them in - even better than in my glasses.


      Cleaning could not be simpler. You can purchase the solution at either your opticians, online or in pharmacies. The solution does cost quite a bit (dependent on which solution you use) though this is not really significant as the solution lasts quite a while.

      When you take them out to put in your contact case, simply rest the contact in the palm of your hand to stop it moving, pour a little solution in it and gently rub it with your clean little finger to remove any traces of dust or dirt. Then simply put it in your clean contact case which is filled with a little of the solution to keep it moist when you are not wearing them. Never put them in water - this also dries them out!


      The packaging does not really matter so much with a product like this, though I will add it here for your information.

      You purchase a medium sized box which contains a 6 month supply (6 sets of contacts), most often in two boxes, one box for each eye. The box has a simply cardboard surround and a simple cardboard lid which opens easily (not resealable). Inside, your contacts are each sealed within single small containers filled with a little solution. Make sure these are completely sealed before use. The containers are slightly difficult to pull open and often a little solution spills over you, though you get used to this and soon opening the packs become a lot easier.

      On the box, you have the name of the contacts and some information (as mentioned above) though mainly the same information in different languages.


      These contacts can be purchased for as little as £10 per month which is perhaps the cheapest contacts on the market. A great price for what they do.

      The solution costs differ depending upon what you choose to use, though the costs of these range from around £2.99 for a small 60ml bottle or around £16/£20 for a bigger 355ml bottle (most often sold in pairs).


      I am very happy with these lenses and am not planning on changing them any time soon. The costs are perfect and they sit within my eye comfortably. I do have a slight problem with the heat making them uncomfortable, though this could happen with other lenses and it is a very occasional aspect in lovely rainy England!!

      Would I recommend this product?

      Yes most certainly. Obviously, you will need to visit your opticians and you need regular checks on your eyes when wearing contacts, but these suit those on a low budget, beginners and people who are happy wearing contacts through the day and not through the night.


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        23.11.2008 16:19
        Very helpful



        A great monthly disposable contact lense.

        I have been using Biomedics 55 Evolution contact lenses for about a year and a half. They are monthly disposable lenses as recommended by my optician and they are made by the brand Ocular Sciences. I used to wear Frequency 55 lenses but was advised to try these newer lenses after finding my vision could be improved.

        I recieve my lenses in a silver box with six seperate lenses enclosed. The box has a handy tuck in flap for ease of storage. The actual lens packet is hard clear plastic with a raised end which you can grip whilst peeling back the plastic covering. The lenses are in a saline solution inside the pack and the pocket is big enough to be able to hook your finger in and pull out the lens.

        My lenses are aspheric and are visibility tinted. This means they are very slight blue coloured. This is not obvious when they are on the eye, though. The tint is brilliant for me as I have a high prescription and wouldn't be able to see the lenses otherwise.

        I was surprised when I first started using these lenses at just how soft and floppy they are. I actually asked my optician if it was normal as I was used to much stiffer lenses. The softness and flexibility of the lenses means they provide a high degree of comfort and do not irritate the eye. My wearability time is practically all day but my eyes can be a little dry at the end of a day. The actual time you can wear these, however, will vary from person to person.

        After about two weeks of wear the lenses become a tiny bit tougher and stiffer and become less comfortable. Nevertheless, they still allow long-lasting wear and clear vision. At the very end of the month the lenses are less malleable and their texture seems a little bit gritty.

        I use an all in one solution to clean these lenses and I have been advised that despite the "no-rub" formulas, that this is a necessary part of lense care. Basic high street contact lense cleaners like Complete or Renu can be used with these lenses.

        I currently pay £12 a month to get these lenses from a local practictioner and this includes all eyecare appointments. The lenses are considerably cheaper, however, at websites like:


        but you will need to foward a valid prescription to the company address. Also, be aware that you will need regular check ups to make sure the contact lenses aren't damaging your eyes in any way.


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