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Ocusoft Tears Again Night & Day Dry Eye Relief

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Brand: Ocusoft / Lens Accessories: Drops / Dosage Form: Drops

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    1 Review
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      26.02.2011 18:58
      Very helpful



      Effective relief

      Since I have started wearing contact lenses, and probably something that is aggravated by my problems sleeping and long days on the computer at work, I have been suffering from dry eye and my optician friend recommended this Ocusoft Tears Again Night and Day Dry Eye Relief which cost me £5 and has had a noticeable effect.

      Of course with any products like these, problems you are having with your eyes, particularly if related to your contact lenses should be brought to your opticians attention. I did this and she stated there was nothing wrong with my eyes and recommended a similar product but I went with this one, basically as the other was out of stock when I went shopping and my friend has suggested this.

      Now, I used to be really funny about putting things in my eyes and never ever thought I would come to the stage of wearing lenses and inserting eye drops but hear I am.

      These drops come in a small tub which is difference to most eye drops. This is more akin to a toothpaste tube only requiring much more pressure to get the darn drops to come out.

      The product is designed to be used both during the day and before sleep and to get your eyes moisturised and avoiding dry eye. They are not to be used when your lenses are in or when you are going to be putting your lenses in within 60 minutes. That is the advice I have been given and will stick too.

      It is suggested also you use two drops per eye once on a morning and once on an evening but due to wearing lenses I have been doing this once when I take the lenses out at 4pm and once before bed.

      And the results have been great. My eyes were getting horribly dry and itchy and within a few days of using these that has gone. My eyes feel brand new. The drops are a lightweight, non-stinging and clear fluid which drop into the eye easily and begin work right away. Within a few minutes you will the difference and the eye feels more alive and the effect lasts hours.

      Particularly overnight, the days of waking up with dry and sore eyes have gone. On a morning now, using this 30 minutes before bed, my eyes feel refreshed and ready for a day with the lenses.

      All in all this product will last a long time as only a few drops a day will suffice. I have been using the same bottle, two drops a day, for 7 weeks thus far and there is still another 3-4 weeks in there.

      This has revitalised my eyes and given me a relief from the days of itchy and sore dry eye.

      All hail Ocusoft


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