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Proclear Day Disposable Contact Lenses

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Brand: Coopervision / Type: Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

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    1 Review
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      27.07.2011 17:36
      Very helpful



      Worth every penny.

      For years I have avoided contact lens, reasoning that my eye sight really isn't that bad and for a lot of the time I don't wear my glasses, only really using them for driving, watching TV and see the back of the classroom. However, the advent of 3D cinema has forced me into a corner because the 3D glasses and my glasses are just not compatable. Still for a long time I resisted. Then along came 'Harry Potter' and the discovery that the last film would only be shown in 3D at my local cinema. We all absolutely had to see it on the first day of release and in the same cinema we'd seem all the others in (my children are creatures of habit). So, 'Harry Potter' - the boy with the round glasses - forced me into contact lenses.

      I arrived at my opticians with some trepidation. I hate eyes. After completing the usual tests we got round to fitting contact lenses. I tried several different pairs. The first lot felt like I had razor blades in my eyes. The second lot were no better and after a few minutes felt like rocks had been sandblasted into my face. 'We'll have to try the expensive ones,' he said and I groaned.

      Out he came with the Proclear One Day Disposable lenses. I duly inserted them and after a few blinks couldn't feel a thing, but I could see. This is what it is like for people with perfect vision, I thought. Amazing. I have now worn them ten times and every time has been better than the last. The first pair I could keep in for only a few hours, but as my eyes have adjusted I have been able to wear them for longer and longer.

      The come in strips of 5 with 30 to a box. Each invididual container is easily ripped away from the strip. Pulling back the foil covering from the clear plastic container can be a bit tricky and the saline liquid inside often squirts out a bit, but if you are expecting it you can turn it away from anything important, like your clothes.

      Getting the contact lens out of the container is easy. It slides onto your finger and is usually already the correct way around. They are very soft and easily squished but hold their shape well whilst balance on the end of my finger. Inserting them is still a bit tricky for me but that's my fault not the lenses. Once in it is almost impossible to tell they are there. Ocassionally I have to blink a few times because my eyes sort of film over, but again, I suspect that is just me. They stay in comfortably all day and when it comes to getting them out again I just grab hold of them and slid them out no problem at all. Even at the end of the day they are still soft and moist. This, apparently, is what they are designed for: to stop from drying out as you wear them, for people who's eyes have a tendency to dry out contact lenses.

      They are a tad expensive. The optician sold them to me for £30 for 30 pairs. Online they are slightly cheaper, or more cheaper if you buy in bulk. But I think, having tried the other pairs, they are worth the expense. It was certainly worth it to see 'Harry Potter' properly.

      Here are some technical details:
      They are made of PC Hyrodgel material.
      The base curve is 8.7mm
      The diameter is 14.2mm

      I still won't be wearing them all day every day, but for the cinema, the pub, or special occassions they will be what I grab first.


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