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Superdrug Eye Wash

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6 Reviews

Brand: Superdrug / Type: Eye wash with bath

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    6 Reviews
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      15.05.2013 01:37
      Very helpful



      Great value for giving your eyes a rinse through

      =Superdrug Eye Wash=

      I always give an own brand product a try, as generally they can be as good as branded products, and handy to have in the house.

      I have lost count of the number of times that I have been to A+E with stuff in my eye, and I get itchy eyes, I suffer with hay fever, but if anyone is cutting grass my eyes just go off in a world of their own, it feels like someone has poured half a ton of grit into them.

      =Own brand=
      This is an own brand product, price wise I think I paid around £3, you can buy the eye wash without the eyebath, the version I brought had the eyebath included.

      =The Bath=
      The eyebath is like a little cup, almost bath shaped, but it is designed to fir over the entire eye.

      All instructions are clear to understand.

      =To Use=
      You need to rinse the eyebath before use, and between using on the eyes,

      =Now the fun bit=
      You fill the eyebath about halfway up, there are marks inside the bath, you put the bath to your eye, tip your head back, and gently move your eye so the wash can get around everywhere.

      Wash eye bath - and repeat for the 2nd eye.

      =Not the best of movements=
      I will be honest it does feel weird as first as we don't poke our eyes, or naturally pour liquid into your eyes, and it could look like a 80s dance move when you are leaning your head back to put the bath to your eye.

      A few drops do come out, and it does take a few tries to get the hang of the eyebath, but once you figured it out, there is no problem as all.

      =my Verdict=
      This has been a life saver joking apart, with the descriptions, it gives my eyes relief and has been used for different reasons from an eyelash getting into to my eye and the bath has worked perfectly with the lotion.

      =Without the bath=
      I was really impressed with the solution, that I have brought it again, this rime without the bath, as long as I make sure it gets washed as needed, you only really need one eyebath.
      =Would I recommend=
      I would highly recommend this eye-wash, great value for money, and I was really impressed.



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      06.05.2013 18:40
      Very helpful



      A great product for relieving and preventing eye discomfort.


      I get very dry eyes, particularly when hayfever season rolls around. I've used eyedrops for years, but recently I've found myself constantly using them when out and about as they're only effective for an hour or so. Since I wear glasses this is a major palaver as I have to:

      (a) Dig in handbag for eyedrop bottle.
      (b) Take off glasses.
      (c) Find convenient shelf to place glasses on.
      (d) Squirt drops into eyes.
      (e) Mop up excess so Joe Public doesn't look at me weirdly, thinking I've been crying.
      (f) Put bottle away in handbag.
      (g) Squint around frantically to locate glasses.
      (h) Put glasses back on
      (i) Carry on with whatever I was doing, although by now I've probably forgotten what that was...

      In short, it's a pain.

      A few months ago I decided to try a new approach: using an eyewash. At first this would appear to cause another dramatic, multi-step operation, and certainly it's not practical to use when out and about, but using it at home, before I leave the house, has given dramatic results.


      I'd never used an eyewash before, and was a little dubious about giving one a go. But Superdrug is my friend, and their eyewash was only a couple of pounds, so I decided to try it.

      First, a warning. The eyewash comes in a navy box, the same colour, size and design as Superdrug's contact lens cleaner. Only the text on the box is different. And they're next to each other on the shelf in most branches! Come on Superdrug, themed ranges are good but IDENTICAL BOXES ARE BAD!


      Inside the box is the bottle of eyewash and an eyebath. The eyebath is a little, sculpted cup designed to fit directly over the eye.

      The instructions are easy to follow. The eyebath has to be rinsed out before each use (to keep it clean and minimise the risk of eye infections). Next the eyebath should be filled about halfway with eyewash. You then have to hold the eyebath over your eye, tip your head back and gently move your eye around to let the wash do its work.


      Another warning: always hold a wad of loo roll or kitchen roll under the eyebath as you tilt your head up, and keep the tissue there throughout the whole operation! I've had the product drip out of the eyebath on more occasions than I can count, so unless I take preventative measures I end up with drips of liquid all over my shirt.

      On a more serious note, the product has been a great discovery for me. It feels cool and soothing when used, and gives me instant relief from any discomfort.

      I've found that if I use it just before leaving the house in the morning my eyes remain free of dryness and itching for several hours. I've found I don't need to carry eyedrops around with me any more as the product is so effective for such a long time. I may need to use it again when I get home from work, and even for a third time before bed on very bad days, but it's a huge relief not to have to constantly repeat my eyedrop application process listed above.


      I know eyewash isn't for everyone as some people hate anything touching their eyeball, but if you suffer from dry and itchy eyes, and can get over any squeamishness, I'd recommend giving this product a go.


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      25.02.2013 14:33



      Handy bottle for lots of different problems

      Browsing the shelves in Superdrug one afternoon, I spotted this bottle of Eye Wash and decided to pick it up as it would probably be a handy thing to have around the house. As a contact lens wearer, I frequently get tiny particles of dust or grit in my eye and if this dirt gets trapped behind the lens it can cause a horrible scratching feeling in the eye and case damage to the surface of the eye at the same time.

      I am fairly confident at touching my eyes however sometimes these little bits of debris get into places that are not easy to reach, or are too sensitive to go near.

      It wasn't long before I found myself cracking open the Eye Wash in an attempt to tackle this very problem. After taking out my lenses, I applied a liberal amount to some cotton wool and tried to bathe my eye with it that way. This was not overly successful so in the end up, I used this like an eye drop and just popped some in directly.

      I liked the product and found it very easy to use. It was gentle but effective at removing the foreign body from my eye and I was happy that I was using a sterile solution which was not result in any infections.

      Overall, this is a handy thing to have in the medicine cupboard, whether you wear contact lenses or not.


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      05.09.2012 10:36
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Wonderful product

      I have mentioned on here in a few reviews that due to suffering from dry eye, largely due to the fact that I am a wearer of contact lenses, I am always on the look out for a good quality eye care product to give me the feeling of soothing after a long day of lens wearing. Most of the products I have found have been largely ineffective but this on the other hand has surprised me a lot and I have no hesitation in saying the Superdrug Eye Wash has earned a permanent place on my shelf and after a long time searching I may just have found the product I have been looking for.

      For your £2.99, which is every reasonable considering the extensive price of some other products in this field, you get a 110ml bottle and the eye bath itself. This is very good value for money as I have paid treble this price in the past for products which a) don't work and b) are in much smaller doses. Either way this is good value and being from Superdrug it is easy to get hold of either in stock or online.

      In the packet you find, as I have said, the bottle and the eye bath and the way to use this is to fill the eye bath about a third of the way up, tilt the head back and pour into the eye of sorts. Sounds painful? It isn't. The minute the fresh, clear liquid touches your eye the soothing begins and you will feel the difference. The only thing I can equate it to is that feeling at the end of the day when you take off your shoes! Relief!

      This maybe due to the nature of the liquid which is made from natural products, it doesn't sting, its not overly loaded and is very light meaning people with even the most sensitive eyes will find this soothing.

      I have found it fantastic to use, easy to use and effective. My lenses go in at 7am and come out about 7pm and for the rest of the night, after just one bath my eyes feel refreshed and my dry eye problem is going away!

      I have reviewed several products in this category that have done nothing for me but this does everything I need and before you go around like I did trying expensive solutions to dry eye, get down to Superdrug and try this and you won't regret it.

      Also on CIAO


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        05.04.2012 01:58
        Very helpful



        An eye wash that is just as good as Optrex


        It's an eye wash that comes with plastic eye bath, the wash promises to aid dry and uncomfortable eyes.

        HOW DO YOU USE IT?

        Fill the eye bath to around halfway full, position your eye over the bath then tilt you head back. Blink your eyes in the solution for 2 - 3 minutes then repeat for the other eye using fresh solution. If you wear contact lenses you need to take them out before bathing your eyes, but apart from that they're suitable for everyone.

        IS IT ANY GOOD?

        It's a soothing and gentle eye wash and helps when my eyes are dry, it is gentle enough that I use it daily when I have taken my contact lenses out because it refreshes my eyes so well. It doesn't sting or feel viscous against my eyeball, the wash does make my eyes feel less dry and scratchy plus they feel clearer as it rinses away any grime and pollution that may have landed in my eyes.

        The bath is made of rigid plastic and it fits my eye shape perfectly, it feels very universal so I think it would suit most eye sizes. If you have very small or very large eye sockets the wash may drip, but people with average sized eyes will find a good enough seal to keep the eye wash inside the bath.


        You can keep this only for 3 months after opening so I don't scrimp on it, using it most nights and whenever my eyes are not feeling comfortable. It costs £3 for a 110ml bottle, this is a good price as you also get the eye bath.

        5 Dooyoo Stars.


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        10.02.2011 20:35
        Very helpful



        recommended for mild eye irritations

        First to say that I don't know why dooyoo lists this product under contact lenses. This is a product for the general population, whether you wear contact lenses or not. Actually, ** if you do wear lenses, you need to remove them before using this product **.

        A few weeks ago I experienced some eye discomfort. It was not something severe, just a mild irritation, so I decided to try an Eye Wash solution. I visited both Boots and Superdug and I was surprised by how expensive these solutions are. My partner, who used to be a chemist, looked at the ingredients and told me that most eye washes on the market were too mild to do be of any immediate action. He advised me to choose one with Borax in it, and so I chose the "Superdrug Eye wash & eye bath" which came at a price of around £2.99.

        My partner was still shocked by the price; as he explained, he remembered that in the "old good days" his granny used to be able to buy Borax crystals for a few pence from the pharmacy, which she would dilute in a solution whenever she needed them. Unlike the washes, the crystals lasted for ages. Actually, he did approached the pharmacy counter at both Boots and Superdug and he asked if he could buy borax crystals, only to be looked back with shock and horror! It's sad, because a few decades ago pharmacies used to supply a lot of pure ingredients like borax, but nowadays everything is over-regulated and industrialized and sold at 10x the price. Since then I found on the internet that borax crystal powder is sold by some food stores online and it is very cheap indeed, but they sell it for household cleaning purposes, so I would be questioning how pure it is or suitable for medical use.

        So, from what you will have guessed by my protest above, one of my main complaints about this product is the price.

        The "Superdrug Eye wash & eye bath" comes in a dark blue box with a small bottle of 110 ml and a plastic "eye bath" in it. The "eye bath" is simply a small white plastic oval cap.

        * The promises:

        - It cleanses and soothes, with natural plant extracts
        - Helps remove dust and other particles, leaving the eyes cleansed and refreshed
        - Helps relieve eye dryness from smoke, pollution, tiredness, computer screen use and air conditioning

        * How to use:

        It's nothing complicated; you clean the eye bath with eye wash solution before use, then you fill the eye bath 1/3 full with fresh solution; you tilt your head a bit forward and place the plastic eye bath to fit your eye area and then you tilt your head backwards, open your eye and blink to let the solution flow freely over your eye for a minute or so; you repeat with fresh solution and your other eye if necessary.

        * My reality:

        I found the solution easy to use, and unlike harsh medication it can be used as often as necessary during the day. The problem for me is that because I wear contact lenses I had to remove them during the treatment, but usually this is the rule with all eye medications.

        One criticism would be that the plastic eye bath does not fit all eye shapes; as a result, as you tilt your head backwards, some of the solution may start running on your face and clothes if the eye bath does not fit snugly over your eye area. Maybe this could be improved by using a silicone eye bath, or a plastic eye bath with a silicone rim.

        A second criticism is that the bottle contains only 110 ml of solution. This is too little for the price and too much if you want to take it in your hand luggage in a plane (limit: 100 ml bottles). Don't all these marketing people with their degrees think about simple problems like that? A product like this would be ideal for those who get dry eyes and discomfort during long flights. Another price-related criticism is that the solution must be discarded 3 months after opening (which did not use to be a problem with dry crystals).

        So, I deduct a star for the price and the plastic eye bath design. Apart from that, the solution worked well and made my eye feel more comfortable after use. Considering that this product contains Borax and an antibacterial, and it is stronger than many of its competitors, I think it is your best choice for mild eye irritations. If you suspect that you may have an infection (e.g fluid running from the eye, sticky eyelids) rather than a simple irritation, you must seek medical advise. I noticed that Boots sell eye antibiotic ointments without prescription, but they require you to talk to the pharmacist to get them.

        * Ingredients:

        Isotonic solution with Hammamelis (Witch-hazel), EDTA 0.1% (chemical used to dissolve scale), Borax / Boric acid buffer (an Anti-fungal), Polyhexamethylene Biguanide 0.0001% (antibacterial & disinfectant)


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