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Tesco Tear Mist Eye Spray

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Eye Spray

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    1 Review
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      12.09.2012 10:27
      Very helpful



      Does it's job well.

      I got this eye spray as an alternative to eye drops after I got pregnant - being addicted contact lenses wearer I need to have a moisturizer for my eyes ready all the time and I heard I shouldn't use eye drops while pregnant. As Tesco own brand was significantly cheaper than the only other brand they had (and that I know of) I decided to get this one, although at £8.50 for tiny 10ml spray it was still quite an expense.

      It comes in a cardboard light blue and white box with a leaflet inside. You can find all the useful (and some useless) information there - how to use it, how much, when, when not, etc.
      The liquid is in a clear plastic non-pressurized spray container with white and light blue label and a clear cap. Bottle is 10ml - well, not exactly generous, but lasts for long and it's very handy to carry with you on the go. All packaging seems to be recyclable.
      You can buy it in Tesco stores in non-prescription medicine aisle, normally among eye drops and contact lens solutions. With regrets I wasn't able to find it in all stores - may be a bit difficult to find.

      Spray is called Tesco Tear Mist Eye Spray Triple Action - however to this day I did not find out what that triple action is supposed to be! It's clear liquid, smelling very slightly of chamomile. When you start to have dry eyes feeling, you're supposed to spray small amount on closed lids on your eyes - it's easily done as spray dispenses just the right amount of mist to the right area. Sounds a bit daft that you're supposed to have your eyes shut, but it actually works - your eyes immediately start to create more tears, and surrounds of your eyes are pleasantly refreshed at the same time. That's it, I don't find it having any other effects or actions.

      So why pay more when you can have tear drops for £2 instead? Well, it's obviously much more convenient on the go, at least after all these years I'm still spilling my drops all over me, and trying to target my eye not always successfully, so eye spray sorts this out for me. Also, a major advantage for me - tear drops have to be disposed of within 3 months of opening. This tear spray is supposed to be used within 6 months, so a bit of added value there.
      By the way, "use by" date is only printed on the pack, not on the bottle itself, which is a bit annoying.
      There is a little disadvantage that the ones mastering the art of applying tear drops without damage can find - the spray will almost definitely affect your eye make up.

      Ingredients are: Liposomade Isoflavonids, Sodium Hyaluronate, chamomile extract, N-hydroxymethylglycinate, Isotonic (pH 7.2)
      A plus for me - even it's a kind of medicine - and obviously a chemical, I prefer products containing less ingredients, so this does it for me.

      I find this spray good value for money considering how long it lasts, and as it does it's job should I will gladly give 5*.


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