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Thera Tears Lubricant Eye Drops with Twist-Top Vial

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Brand: Advanced Vision Research / Lens Accessories: Drops

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    1 Review
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      24.10.2010 14:12
      Very helpful



      Eye drops that help those with dry eye and make the eyes healthier


      Dry eyes is a condition in which the eyes either do not produce enough tears or the tears evaporate a lot. This leaves the eyes feeling dry and they lack moisture. This increases dryness increases throughout the day. The symptoms are a sandy-gritty sensation, burning, irritation and sometimes a decrease in vision.

      This loss of water from the tears causes an increase in osmolarity of the tears and so they become more concentrated. This problem of tear osmolarity is addressed with the use of theratears. The solution is specifically designed to solve the tear osmolarity of the tears caused by dry eye. The increased osmolarity means that the tears can't hold onto the water molecules and the theratears eye drops address this problem. Theratears are different to other types of eye drops as they are the only ones to match the complex structure of the tears and restore the tears osmolarity. The osmolarity is restored by electrolytes that are added.

      Those who take certain medications or have certain chronic dieses are more likely to have dry eye. Those that have refractive surgery may notice they develop dry eyes as a side effect. Dry eye disease is also associated with diabetes, long term contact lens wear and diet deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids. The best way to establish whether or not you have dry eye is to see an optometrist.

      These are eye drops that are backed by significant medical research. They are actually designed as a result of the medical research conducted by an American physican and scientist Dr. Gilbard from the US. The formula took 18 years of research to develop and the result is the theratears brand which helps to give much better relief from symptoms and improve the ocular surface.

      The solution is made to replace the natural tears by matching the tears pH, salt balance and electrolyte balance. This makes theratears unique as it is not like other eye drops. Other eye drops relieve symptoms for 15 minutes or so and then the symptoms persist. By treating dry eyes with theratears the ocular surface is also healed and protected. The tears are important for keeping the eyes healthy and they also make the vision sharper.

      The box comes with 24 vials which contain the solution. These vials have a twist top and they can be sealed again. There are approximately 8 drops in each vial as long as the top of the vial has not been contaminated the solution can be used for 12 hours after the cap was first opened. This is because there is no preservative in the solution and bacteria can enter the eye much easily if not used before 12 hours.

      They are preservative free which means that they will not harm the eyes with long term use. Preservatives in eye drops will cause harm to the cornea if used on a long term basis. I have dry eyes with my contact lenses and I get a decrease in vision and my eyes become irritated. This is why I have to use these drops all the time as they relieve the symptoms and make it possible for me to wear contact lenses for longer. The dryness becomes more towards the end of the day and so I find myself using it more then.

      A qualified optometrist can easily make the diagnosis of dry eye disease. Those who wear contact lenses will find that dry eye disease is a common problem for them. I find that when I am wearing my contact lenses my symptoms are much more exaggerated and I find that using theratears helps me tremendously. Not only do I get symptomatic relief but this lasts for longer than other eye drops used in the past such as Optrex and Blink Contacts.

      I have been using theses drops for over 6 months now and my optometrist has said that there has been a great increased in the health of my eye and I have been told to continue to use the drops. The drops are available from mathesons optometrists and they can be ordered online or by phone. You could also go to one of their branches if you live near them but for me it is much easier to order online as I do not live near their practices. They cost £7.99 for 24 vials and if you buy 3 then you get £1.50 off so it works out as £7.49 for one box of 24 vials. I get 3 at a time because I use them regularly and also it is expensive to buy one at a time because of the postage cost. These may seem expensive but given that they really work and Blink Contacts cost £5 for only 20 and they have to be used once open as they have no lid this is not expensive.

      Highly recommended to those with dry eyes and those that wear contact lenses.


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