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Be-Ro Home Recipes: Scones, Cakes, Pastry, Puddings

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5 Reviews

Genre: Food & Drink / Dieting / Edition: 18th / Paperback / 48 Pages / Book is published 1930 by Thomas Bell & Son Ltd

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    5 Reviews
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      22.11.2011 16:42



      A essential cook book for any collection.

      Before I went off to university I raided my grandad's cupboards for an egg poacher and a blender. I also saw this little gem, and since I used my mum's on a regular basis, I thought this would be quite a good thing to take away with me.

      And I have to say I am so glad I did. It has basic recipies, from scones, to pancakes, to pastry, as well as homey meals, such as pies, quiches and sausage rolls. The recipies are so simple to follow, and are all quick and easy to make. They also don't use fancy ingredients that you have to go out and buy specifically - most of the ingredients are the sort of things you'll find lying around the cupboard.

      What I will say, is that some of the recipies are different to the edition that my mum has, and I have to say, the ones in her book seem to work better. Through making a few of them i've also found that some of the recipies seem to be a bit off, so my book is covered in notes and annotations.

      There is a reason that the be-ro book has been around for so long, and has so many editions, and that is simply because it is the best cook book out there :)


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      22.05.2011 14:00
      Very helpful



      Fantastic no nonsense recipe book, with lots of those favourite childhood eats.

      I remember my mum having this book when I was child, so when shopping in Morrisons, I was so pleased to see it on the shelf on the baking Isle, just above the flour.

      I cannot recommend this little book enough, mine is falling apart through use.

      It has every day basic, straight forward, no nonsense recipes that taste good. Good old fashioned cooking, in a handy little book, I have only seen these on sale in Morrison's in the baking section for 99p, plus you can order it from their site but for £1.50 including postage if you fancy it but cannot find it anywhere.

      The website has tonnes of fee info, and recipes also so if you don't want to buy the book the web site will do just as good, http://www.be-ro.com/f_rem.htm however it only has selected recipes on there.

      It has everything from how too guides, such as making pastry, coversion charts, and different sections from cakes, cookies and biscuits, pies, puddings, and there is a good mix of savoury and sweet. This is the one recipe book I go back to time and time again, and i have almost every recipe book going from Nigella, to River Cottage, yet this little handy A5 book, beats them hands down for good non nonsense, home cooked food.

      Obviously Be-ro want you to use their products, but I don't, I just use cheap flour and ingredients as usual and still get great results.

      I have even had to buy copies or my brothers who live at the opposite end of the country so they can try to recreate some of the recipes my mum used to make us as children, and this books helps us get pretty close.


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        01.08.2010 22:49
        Very helpful



        Step back in time to your school days favourites

        I use this book with kids as I find the recipes are very basic without any unnecessary messing around or weird ingredients needed (Heston Blumenthal take note please). The foods you will make from this book do not have the wow factor (except the nut ring) - yikes.

        Seriously though, the pictures of some of the food are hilarious. You feel like slapping on a pair of platforms and a cord waistcoat and stepping back into the seventies. Everything is slightly soft focus and sickly looking.

        It was in the early 1920's when plain flour was most commonly used and people bought it straight from the millers. Self raising flour was only available from small independant grocers. Be-Ro, who are a flour company, decided they wanted to encourage the use of their self raising flour and so exhibited a range of recipes from scones and biscuits to pies and flans. The public loved them and so Be-Ro produced a free recipe book with food to feed hungry families on a low budget.

        Recipes included are traditional sweet and savoury dishes using flour.
        You will find scones, biscuits, cakes, bread, tealoafs, Yorkshire pudding, dumplings, crumbles, sweet dough like donuts, Danish pastries, pies, flans, pasties , seamed puddings and gateaux to name a few.
        Some recipes I have tried and love are corned beef pie, quiche Lorraine, Fruit scones, Be-Ro brownies, gingerbread cake, swiss roll, and Madeira cake. All the recipes I have made are successful except the choux pastry. The mixture is too runny to use with a piping bag and the end result is simply not choux pastry.

        Apart from this, I would highly recommend you own one of these pocket sized publishing's. To buy the latest book brand new you can visit their website which is www.be-ro.com and write to an address provided to request your copy. They cost £1.50 and cheques or postal orders must be payable to Be-Ro recipe books. You must send your payment with a note to say how many books you require and the address they are to be delieved to.

        This book is handy to have if you enjoy the classics.


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        28.03.2010 04:12
        Very helpful



        the best baking cook book ever made with all the old time favorites



        Thomas bell start out life in his grocery store at the tyne quays railway station more than 100 years ago. two of his top selling products were baking powder and self raising flour,both under the brand name Bell Royal,and was later to be called BE-RO.

        Self raising flour was a bit of a novelty in the early 1920s, and one of the very first modern day convenience foods!
        In a bid to sell BE-RO flour Thomas Bell would go to exhibitions with freshly baked scones , cakes and pastries, and would sell them for a shilling each.
        his baking became so popular that customers insisted they have the recipes so they could bake these cakes at home.
        as a result a little book was produced and handed out free in the streets, door to door and at exhibition's.
        When the first BE-RO book came out in 1923 it only had 19 pages, it has now grown to 86 pages and has reached its 40th edition and sold over 38 million copies.


        I've been aware of BE-RO flour ever since i was a very young child, where on a Sunday afternoon i would help my dad bake scones , tarts and other delicious cakes.
        i must have only been 5 years old or so, that was my earliest memory of the BE-RO recipe book.
        I'm now 37 years old and have been a owner of a couple of these books over the years and i really recommend that all house holds should have one.


        Well, the BE-RO recipe book is a thin narrow 86 page recipe book containing recipes only made with BE-RO flours. The BE-RO recipe book is split up into

        colour codes for the type of pastry or d'oh you are making,the first section is dark blue, and covers "oven management" "weights and measures"

        "metric/imperial" measurement converter, and one called , "other use full measurements" just in case you don't have any scales this tells you how you can

        measure weights by teaspoons & tablespoons.

        all the recipes are again colour coded for there ease. example: yellow = easy baking. orange = more involved baking. red = skilful baking.
        there are also other colours highlighting each section, the other colour sections in this book are :peach = "scones,tea loaves & biscuits"
        blue = "pastry" purple = "cakes" jade = "quick & easy section" yellow = "puddings & batters" green = "microwave cooking"
        royal blue = "children's cooking" orange = "sauces.icing & fillings" sky blue = "batch baking & freezing" red = "index"

        All the pages are colour coded at the top of the page so you see the section you want even with the book closed

        just about every bun cake and puddings you remember as a child are is in this recipe book , and there is nothing that isn't impractical to make. Everything

        is down to earth and good honest food.
        with the BE-RO home recipe book I've learned how to bake many of its recipes. example: treacle puddings, fairy cakes , walnut cake, chip shop batters,

        chocolate eclairs, scones and biscuits, pancakes, muffins, yorkshire pudding. and now it is me who has my children in the kitchen helping me bake using the same techniques as generations before.

        The BE-RO home recipe book is a brilliant book , every household should own a copy.

        The best thing about the BE-RO home recipe book is the price, at £1.25 it will be the best money you have spent.

        so go on try something different and start baking. you will not regret it!

        please rate my work , thanks

        you can buy copies straight from BE-Ro, www.be-ro.com

        this review was written by bruvs247, this review is also on ciao, bukisa, dooyoo under the same user name.(bruvs247)

        The review i have written contains facts taken from my experience, and from the be-ro recipe book,
        in this review the BE-RO history was researched by myself from wikipedia and from the BE-RO home recipe book 40th edition & www.be-ro.com
        all information was based on the be-ro 40th edition home recipe book only.


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        16.01.2010 19:33
        Very helpful



        A cookbook which evokes memories

        I am reviewing the 40th edition of the Be-Ro Flour Home Recipes cookbook.

        First, a little history about Be-Ro. Thomas Bell started a grocery firm in the 1880s in Newcastle and amongst his top sellers was a self raising flour, which at the time was not usually bought by customers, who found it to a novelty item. They preferred buying plain flour and baking powder.

        Attempting to make self raising flour more appealing Bells Royal staged several exhibitions of baked goods with self raising flour which were then sold. So popular were these baked goods that the recipes were asked for and as a result a free recipe book was produced and handed out. Originally published in1923, it had 19 pages and contained recipes for low budget family food.

        It became a firm favourite, for its easy recipes and simple fare. Many generations of families grew up with a copy of the Be-Ro book. (Be-Ro becoming the name after Edward VII died and the name Royal was now illegal to use).

        The 40th edition has 86 pages and includes many more recipes than the original, though some recipes have been omitted over the years. Sections now include General; Scones, Tea Loaves & Biscuits; Pastry; Cakes; Quick & Easy (new); Puddings & Batters; Microwave Cooking; Childrens Cooking; Sauces, Icings & Fillings; and Batch Baking & Freezing.

        Be-Ro also has a website (www.be-ro.com) which contains the recipes found in the book, but there is something nice about having the actual book in front of you. Whether it be that after a time the book begins to smell of baking (flour dust and vanilla going a long way to helping with this) or the fact that it is far easier to have a small book in the kitchen than a computer, I'm not sure, but at the cost of £1.50 (including P&P) its hardly an extravagance.

        My favourite recipes include Rich Scones (pg 5), Dropped Scones (pg 9), Banana Tea Bread (pg 12), Swiss Shortcakes (pg 20) and Moist Orange Cake (pg 50). All of the recipes are easy to follow and it contains so many simple dishes you can knock up a lovely cake or pudding quickly and easily.

        My Grandma (born and raised in Tyneside), my Dad (likewise) and now me have all adored this book and my Dad and I continue to use it regularly. Whenever I take my copy down, it reminds me a lot of my Grandma and for that I am grateful.


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