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Light Pasta Sauces - Anne Sheasby

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Genre: Food & Drink / Dieting / Author: Anne Sheasby / Paperback / 120 Pages / Book is published 1995-06 by HP Books

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    1 Review
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      20.06.2009 14:15
      Very helpful



      One of my favourites

      Many years ago when I left home at the age of 18 my Mum started buying me recipe books. My aversion to cooking and complete lack of skill in the kitchen meant I was always eating either sandwiches or ready meals and my weight was up and down like a yo-yo. The first few books I looked at and then did nothing with them but think about making some of the recipes but a few years into my Mum's plan she bought me this book of Light Pasta Sauces by Anne Sheasby.

      Unlike the other books in my possession this one had two things going in its favour. The first was the fact the sauces were all fairly low in calories and fat and the second was how easy they were to make. I actually started doing some cooking.

      The book is a hardcover about the length of A4 but not as wide and has three pasta dishes on it, as the picture above.

      In this book there are recipes for sauces that contain meat, poultry, fish and shellfish, vegetables and cheese and egg. There is an introduction about cooking with pasta so even complete beginners can get the actual pasta right too!

      Each recipe has a colour picture of the finished dish and a few pictues down the page of various stages of the cooking process. There are calories and fat statistics given for both the total amount of sauce and per portion. The recipes vary and some serve 4 and others 6 so I adjust the ingredients to suit however many I'm cooking for, originally it was just me, then me and my partner. All the recipes are low in fat and calories and the ingredients usually reflect this with half fat spread being used instead of oil etc.

      My book is the first edition and was written way back in 1995 which is when I received it but there has since been a second edition written so it's still available.

      This book is one of my favourites. I've used lots of the sauce recipes from it over the years, some of them time and time again because they are so simple, tasty and low in fat and calories. I don't just restrict the sauces to pasta dishes either, I've used some on chicken, steak, noodles and potatoes to create something a bit different and they've all been a success. I use the mushroom and garlic sauce recipe very regularly because it's so versatile and scrummy.

      The majority of recipes require basic ingredients and usually I have most of them in stock already. At the end of the recipe there is a suggestion of which kind of pasta to serve the sauce with but I just use whatever I've got in.

      The author has since written lots more books and I strongly suspect I'll be purchasing a few as I know she keeps things simple. My book is surprisingly available from Amazon Marketplace for £25.83! I have no idea how much it cost new but it definitely wouldn't be that much! However after further searching there are other Amazon Marketplace sellers who are selling copies for a mere 27p.

      After 14 years of owning this book it is still a firm favourite with me, my copy is a little dog-eared from all the use it has had but I bet I'll still be using it years from now. It's a great addition to the collection of anyone who likes sauces but doesn't like alot of fat and excessive calories in their food.


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