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The Philadelphia Cookbook

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7 Reviews

Genre: Food & Drink / Dieting / Author: Philadelphia UK / Paperback / 192 Pages / Book is published 2008-06-05 by Ebury Press

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    7 Reviews
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      27.08.2011 23:27
      Very helpful



      A fabulous cookbook.

      At work we have what is known as 'the book man' come round, basically he goes around local businesses and leaves samples of books, toys and various other bits and piece for the staff to look and you can then choose to buy something if you wish, most of the time the items, especially the books are a lot cheaper compared to if you buy them in a bookshop. Recently after one of the book mans visits I noticed that he had brought the "Best Loved Philadelphia cook book, after flicking through the pages and telling my mum about it we decided we had to have it, especially as we both love Philadelphia.

      The Philadelphia cook book is quite a large hard back book, with the front and back of the book being protected by a cover, this cover has exactly the same design on it as the front of the book. Right at the top of the book in large red letters is the words "Best - Love" with the Kraft Philadelphia name written just below this is blue writing within a blue oval, in exactly the same style as on all Philadelphia products. Just underneath the title of the book it says some of the things which the book helps you to make this includes "Appetizers, Dips, Sides, Entrees, Deserts and more. Half of the books cover is taken up with 6 rather yummy looking items you can make including different style cakes and cheese cakes as well as some savoury items as well. The back of the book doesn't really contain any information about it, it has a further 3 pictures on the back of it and has the words "Best loved recipes" written in large white swirly writing and just beneath the pictures is states "For all your occasions Philly makes a Better cheesecake", again this is in white making it stand out against the all blue background.

      One thing I look for when buying a recipe book is that it is clear and easy to follow, after flicking through the pages of the Philadelphia recipe book I noticed that this was definitely the case. The first page you come to in this book is the contents page, as with all contents pages in books this clearly lists the sections that the book is split up into and has the page number of where each section starts written next to it, the page is also decorated with 3 pictures of recipes which can be found in the book, they even put the correct page number next to each picture. There is nothing complicated about the contents page at all, it is clear and to the point making it easy to see what page you need to go to if you are looking for a certain recipe.

      Quite a lot of the recopies within this book are for different variations of cheesecakes (this is not all that's in the book) The first section within the book is "Tips for the Perfect Cheesecake", this is short section and only takes up one page but there is some useful information included in this page. This page is set out in small easy to read paragraphs, each with its own subtitle, these include
      *Use - a short sentence which stated that during tests of New York Style cheesecakes, those made with Philadelphia are rated as better tasting by consumers.
      *Set Out - This gives information about how to prepare your ingredients before cooking, one useful tip which I never actually do but might try is to get all the ingredients out about 10 minutes before cooking in order to get the ingredients all to the same temperature. It also suggests that you cut the cream cheese (Philadelphia into cubes as this allows you to mix the ingredients faster.
      *Use (again) - This is mainly about what tins and trays to use and also a few tips on how to line the tins with foil for easy removal and a smooth appearance once finished.
      *Do Not - The main tip here is not to over beat the cheesecake mixture, and also how to add the ingredients and the order to add them.
      *Pre-Heat - This is quite self explanatory and is all about how to heat the over prior to baking your cheesecakes.
      *No Peeking - This is where I go wrong, they advise that if you are baking your cheesecake you should not open the oven door and peek as it creates a draft and can cause the cheesecake to crack.
      *Loosen Immediately - This suggests that you should loosen your cheesecake from the tin straight away again to prevent cracking.
      Obviously this section goes into more detail than what I have and it gives some handy tips on how to make a successful cheesecake, it is very easy to follow and written in a way that is easy to understand, it doesn't assume that everyone is a chef, but on the other hand it doesn't speak to you like you are stupid either.

      Section 1 - Classic Cheesecakes
      This section contains traditional cheesecakes that are suitable for the whole family, in this section there is something for everybody whether you like your cheesecakes to be fruity or chocolaty, there will be something suitable in this section. Some examples of the recopies which can be found in this section include n
      *Philly Blueberry Swirl Cheesecake
      *Philly Brownie Cheesecake
      *Philadelphia Black Forest Cheesecake
      *Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake
      *Fruity Cheesecake
      *Lemon Cheesecake
      There are many more cheesecakes to make in this section including a variety of New York style cheesecakes. The majority of the cheesecakes in this section require baking, the time for making the cheesecakes in this section ranges anything from 40 minutes to an hour and a half.

      Section 2 - 3-Step Cheesecakes
      This section contains a variety of cheesecakes which are quick and easy to make, this section is useful if you want to whip up a quick desert at short notice or if you are short for time. The average time for preparing and making the cheesecakes in this section is about 40 minutes, so considerably quicker compared to some of the recipes in the previous section, and as the name of the section suggests the process is literally spilt up into 3 sections per recipe. Some examples in this section includes
      *Philadelphia 3 Step Lemon Cheesecake
      *Philadelphia 3 Step Key Lime Cheesecake
      *Philadelphia 3 Step Double Layer Pumpkin Cheesecake
      *Philadelphia 3 Step Chocolate Chip Cheesecake
      The flavours of cheesecakes in this section are quite similar but they are a lot less complicated and a lot easier to make.
      Section 3 - Celebration Treats and Cheesecakes
      This section is made up of not just cheesecakes but also sweet treats for all occasions, again there is something for everyone in this section. The preparation and cooking time for these recipes varies, some deserts are much quicker than others with some of the times being over an hour. A lot of the recipes in this section are cheesecakes, however there are a few others added in as well including
      *Mini Cheesecake Baskets
      *Pumpkin Cake (this is in the shaped to look like a pumpkin)
      *Pumpkin Spiced Snack Bars
      *Chocolate Cream Ornament Cake
      *Philadelphia Snowmen Cookies
      A lot of the recopies in this section, whether they are cheesecake style or not are designed for certain events including Christmas, Easter and Halloween, these would be ideal for parties.

      Section 4 - No Bake Cheesecakes
      With this section we are back to the cheesecakes again, however none of these recipes require an oven or any baking just making the cheesecakes and then refrigerating. There's flavours vary from chocolaty versions to various fruity ones. The preparation time for these are quite quick, however the refrigeration part does take quite a while, I have made a few no bake cheesecakes and whilst I have found the preparation part very quick the refrigerating does take a while, I tend to make mine the day before I need it and let it chill over night to ensure it is fully set. Some examples of recipes in this section include
      *Fluffy Cheesecake
      *Oreo No-Bake Cheesecake
      *Fruit Smoothie No Bake Cheesecake
      *Philadelphia No Bake Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake

      Section 5 - Everyday Deserts
      Unlike the other sections this section does not really contain cheesecake recipes but contains cupcakes, candies, tarts and many more. The preparation times for deserts on this page varied but most are reasonably quick and take less than an house so ideal for a quick last minute desert. Recipes include
      *Short Cut Carrot Cake
      *Summer Berry Trifle
      *Creamy Strawberry Cookie Tarts
      *Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake Sandwiches
      *Philadelphia Dessert Dip
      *Easy Chocolate Truffles
      There are many more deserts within this section, the recipes in this section are ideal for both every day deserts as well as for parties.

      Section 6 - Dips and Appetizers
      This section concentrates mainly on savoury recipes which are ideal for both parties and starters. Preparation times ranges between 5 minutes and 30 minutes making all of the recipes relatively quick to make. There is quite a vast range of recipes to choose from in this section including
      *Philly Cheesy Pizza Dip
      *Blue Cheese Mushrooms
      *Philadelphia Garden Vegetable Dip
      *Savoury Bruschetta
      *Barbecue Bacon Party Spread
      *Sweet Fruit Dip
      There are quite a few dips in this section mainly savoury but there is the odd sweet one as well, I have to admit I haven't actually made anything out of this section but quite fancy trying some of the pizza dishes.

      Section 7 - Entrees and Sides
      This is the last section in the book and contains a variety of different dishes which are made from Philadelphia cream cheese. Most of the recipes in here are main meals and savoury dishes, again there is something for everyone in here. Recipes include
      *Zesty Chicken Pot Pie
      *Creamy Restaurant Style Tortellini
      *Stuffed Fiesta Burgers
      *Easy Cauliflower & Broccoli au Gratin
      *Chive & Onion Mashed Potatoes
      The dishes in this section are for all the family and include both meat and vegetarian dishes. Preparation and cooking time in this section is generally a bit longer as most of the dishes are main meals.

      What I particularly like about this particular cookery book is that it is laid out in a way that is very easy to follow, most of the recipes are spread over 2 pages, one page contains the recipe itself and the other a picture of what the finished product should look like. Some of the recipes are only on one page but they still display a picture of what the item should look like at the end. Each recipe has a notes section down the side, this is divided into prep time, baking time, how many the item serves and also alternatives should you wish to change some aspects of the dish. Some of the recipes also inform you how easily it is to remove the finished product from the dish as well as how to spread the mixture.

      The recipes themselves are divided up into 2 sections, a list of the ingredients and also the method, each step is very clearly explained and it is set out in a way that makes it easy to read and follow whilst you are making the recipe, there's nothing worse than it being written in tiny writing that you can hardly read and also crammed full of useless information, each recipe contains just the relevant information you need to make your desert or meal etc.

      Right at the back of the book is a metric conversion chart, this is particularly useful as it contains volume measurements, dimensions, oven temperatures, baking tin sizes and weights. This is very handy as not everyone measure in the same way and you can list all the types of measurements in the recipes, so this way you can convert them yourself to suit you.

      The book is available in a lot of book stores as well as online, it usually retails from £8.00 to £15.00 depending on where you buy it from. However as I have said mine was brought from a supplier we have come to our works and it cost me just £5.00. I would still buy the Philadelphia recipe book at full price as it does have a large range of recipes in it for all occasions. I would definitely recommend this book especially if you love Philadelphia like me, there really is something for everyone including deserts for everyday or diner parties, party foods and every day meals as well as a variety of dips and nibbles. I was also glad to see that in the savoury sections there were recipes for both meat eaters and veggies like me. All of the recipes contain Philadelphia obviously, although I'm not sure if you could use a cheaper version, I have not actually tried this yet but might have a go. There are a lot of cheesecake recipes in this cookery book, not a problem for me as I love cheesecake, but even if cheesecake isn't your thing there is a large variety of other things to choose from. This is a must have book for me and I particularly recommend the Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake Sandwiches!


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        23.08.2011 20:05
        Very helpful



        A fabulous recipe book

        I love cooking and own a huge amount of different recipe books. Some I use just now and again, some I've only ever flicked through, and there are some that I use all the time, this being one of them. I actually won this book in a competition, and I knew the moment I opened it that it wasn't one that was just going to sit on the shelf gathering dust.

        As I'm sure you can probably guess, this is a recipe book containing a wide selection of recipes using Philadelphia cheese. Now I must admit, I very rarely actually buy Philadelphia cheese, I tend to substitute it for the more purse friendly shops own brand! I'm sure that's not what the people at Philadelphia were hoping for when they wrote this book, but any soft cheese will do, it doesn't necessarily have to be the Philadelphia branded ones.

        The cover is like the one pictured, and the pages are glossy and should wipe clean easily if anything is spilled on them. All recipes are set out clearly with a list of ingredients in a left hand column, and clear step by step instructions in the right hand column. There are glossy colour photos throughout, and although the majority of the recipes do have and accompanying photograph, there are a few that don't.

        Another thing I like about the format of the book, is that the calorie content of each recipe is listed at the bottom of the page. One thing that isn't included but that I would like to see is whether the recipes are suitable for freezing. Until quite recently I was living alone and most of the recipes serve either 2 or 4. Of course in many cases recipes can be halved or quartered, but for those where that's not possible it might have been useful to know if they could be put in the freezer for another time.

        Before receiving this book I would have assumed that the range of recipes in here would be pretty limited - after all, just how much can you do with a tub of cheese? A lot, it seems is the answer, and I was surprised at just how versatile soft cheese actually is.

        The book is split into sections, such as 'soups and light lunches', 'party bites', sweet treats and then 'heavenly dinners' which is broken down further into sections of recipes containing pasta, chicken, fish etc...

        Of the recipes I have made all have been very simple. I consider myself a pretty good cook, but I feel the majority of these recipes could be easily achieved by a beginner, as they are set out very clearly and many are very simple and require little time or effort.

        Obviously I will not go through all recipes in the book, but I'll just give you an example of a few I have made so far. From the Soups and Light Lunches section, I have made the baked sweet potatoes and parma ham and asparagus with philly lemon sauce a number of times, and these have both become regular lunches for me when I'm not working. Both are quick and simple to make with minimal effort and taste great.

        From the 'Heavenly dinners' section of the book, again two of the recipes in here have become firm favourites - the mixed pepper and herb cannelloni and the spaghetti carbonara. I had made spaghetti carbonara many times before receiving this book, but now whenever I make it I use the Philadelphia recipe from this book as it can be made up really quickly and tastes gorgeous.

        Other recipes I would recommend from this book are the stir-fried chicken tortillas and creamy mushroom risotto. I had never really considered using cream cheese in a risotto, but it is now a regular addition to other risottos I make too.

        The only section of this book I haven't really touched is the sweets and desserts section, as I'm not really a dessert person - I will eat cakes or chocolates, but I don't eat cheesecake, (which there is understandably a lot of recipes for in here!) and none of the other sweet recipes really appeal to me.

        Of all the recipes in this book I have yet to have a disaster and touch wood, everything has turned out like the photos!

        The RRP of this book is £14.99 but it can be picked up for £8.79 on Amazon at the moment.

        Overall, I would fully recommend this book. It has a lovely range of recipes which are easy to make and so far have all turned out well. As I said this is a regularly used recipe book in my household and as it turns out, one of the best prizes I've ever won!

        *review originally posted on Ciao under username pink_champagne


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          20.07.2011 21:20
          Very helpful



          Delicious, low fat, versatile recipes, a must have for Philadelphia fans!!!

          I originally bought this Book a couple of years ago, with the intention of making a cheesecake, which I did, and it's sat on the shelf ever since. I paid £6 for it from the School Book Club, the RRP is £14.99 - I wouldn't have paid that much for it. It sells on Amazon for about £7-8 now.

          Anyway, recently I found myself with a 'glut' of Philadelphia, various Supermarkets have had it on offer recently and I've felt compelled to buy it everytime I saw it cheap. So, in a bid to use up said glut before it went out of date I looked out the Philadelphia Cookbook. As I am calorie counting just now, wanted to stay clear of the cheesecakes!

          I was actually surpised at how versatile cream cheese can be. Not Just cheesecake, but pasta dishes, dips, salads, curries, soups, canopies, ice cream, cakes, sauces, plus ideas for bagels and sandwiches.

          Most of the recipes are easy to intermediate, I would say, easy to follow and 90% of the recipe show a picture of what the finished product is supposed to look like. Which I find very helpful!

          One of the best things about this book is that for each recipe it states the nutrional values - Calories, Protein, Carbs, Fat - which I have found invaluable!!!!

          One thing I will say about the book is it gets a bit 'samey', after a while, like they tried to cram as many recipes in as possible. The cheesecake section is a bit repetitive, same cheesecake with different fruit/flavour for example, some of the pasta dishes are bit similar, but some great ideas all the same.

          I've made about 8/9 recipes from the book, some better than others (but that could be down to my cooking!) BUT a few have become firm family favourites - especially the Spaghetti Carbonara - it is TO DIE FOR I've made it several times now! Also the baked Sweet Potatoes went down very well, as did the garlic and herb baked mushrooms.

          The majority of ingredients used are basic things if you don't have in you'll get in the supermarket, I've not come across anything weird and wonderful yet like in some cookbooks!!! This isn't fine dining, it's cheap, low fat, family food that anyone can make as long there is a tub of Philly in the fridge!!!!!!


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          25.02.2011 09:16
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A great book perfect for own use or a present, with recipes using Philadelphia in its many varieties

          I treated myself to this book about a month ago through a book club and only paid £8 for it though I think it can vary enormously between booksellers anything from £8 up to £20 appoximately. I am using it regularly to recreate tasty and easy dishes using Philadelphia which take anything from a few minutes to put together up to around 45 minutes. Most of these recipes and many more than be found on their website though I always think its safer to be cooking with a cookbook than my laptop to follow (though of course you can print out recipes from the net)

          The start of the books gives you an overview of Philadelphia and how it came into being followed by lots of wonderful clear easy to follow recipes. I have found it to be an excellent book with clear nutritional advice for each compete dish and using lots of varieties of Philadelphia from full fat, to extra light, to chive and basil flavours etc. There are starters, soups, meat dishers, poulty and fish dishes, snacks as well as desserts .Most of the recipes are savoury but there are also some wicked sweet dishes using this soft cheese in unexpected ways. Each recipe has a photgraph to accompany it so you can get an idea of the finishing dish - I always like to compare mine to what its supposed to look like!

          Most of the dishes that I have completed have been very quick - for instance Thai Red Chilli prawns with linguine - complete meal in 10 minutes! We have also had some lovely stuffed trout which worked incredibly well. There are of course some recipes which do take much longer and are complex in ingredients but the majority of the recipes use good old standard store cupboard/fridge ingredients.
          I have since purchased two copies of the book for friends and family who also are enjoying using it and are finding that Philadelphia (and indeed supermarket own brands) are making a real comeback into their shopping on a regular basis as they are finding the recipes so good, tasty and easy.

          I hope you enjoy as much as we are contininuing to - if you like Philly - you will love this!


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            30.08.2010 16:03
            Very helpful



            Simple recipes with tasy results

            The Philadelphia Cookbook is a collection of over 100 recipes all of which are made using Kraft philadelphia cream cheese.

            The book is paperback with a plastic cover and has a recommended retail selling price of £14.99. There is a full page picture to accompany the vast majority of the recipes and the recipes themselves are clear and easy to follow. There book contains a good balance of both sweet and savoury recipes, with preparation time for recipes ranging from 2 - 45 minutes.

            The book begins with an introduction into Philadelphia, giving a brief outline of how it has evolved into the brand we all know today.

            This is followed by the recipes themselves which have been divided into 6 sections;

            **Soups & light lunches**
            This section contains 15 recipes which include:
            Spicy parsnip soup
            Baked sweet potatoes
            Garlic and herb baked mushrooms

            **Breads & Bagels**
            This section contains 9 recipes which include:
            Smoked salmon brushetta
            Tuna and olive ciabatta
            Summer fruit bagels

            **Party Bites**
            This section contains 8 recipes which inclue:
            Olive and tomato bites
            Mini philly frittatas
            Sweet chilli philly

            **Heavenly Dinners**
            This section contains a whopping 38 recipes which include:
            Mixed pepper and herb cannelloni
            Bacon and tomato lasagne
            Salmon en croute

            **Sweet Treats**
            This section contains 15 recipes which include:
            Carrot cake
            Summer berry charlotte
            Frosty apricot ice cream

            **Divine Cheesecakes**
            This my favourite section contains 15 recipes which include:
            Honey and ginger cheesecake
            Rocky road cheesecake
            White chocolate and raspberry cheesecake

            All in all I really like this book, it has a good balance of fish, meat, vegetarian and sweet dishes... Something for everyone (providing you like philadelphia of course)... It is well written has great full page pictures and the recipes are so easy to follow.


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            11.06.2010 11:14
            Very helpful



            Great recipe book - if you like Philadelphia!!

            I was very fortunate to win this book when it was released back in 2008. It should have cost £14.99 to buy new, but it is advertised cheaper now on the likes of Amazon.

            The book is basically a number of recipes put together by Krafts Home Economist Emma Warner and with support from Valerie Hemming and Wendy Strang.

            The book is a complete must have, for those who love Philadelphia cheese. It covers everything from Soups and Light Lunches to Main Courses and beyond. There are meat and vegetarian dishes and it also includes deserts such as gorgeous cheese cake.

            There are around 180 recipes in total. Each one is extremely easy to follow and takes up a full page in the book. On the opposite page, like with many recipe books, you will have a photo of how the finished dish should look like. Mine never look as good, but there again my eyes don't have photo shop built in them:-)

            Not being particularly good in the kitchen, I have found the recipes extremely easy to follow. Most recipes only have a couple of paragraphs to follow, and the ingredients are set out plain and clear to follow.

            As I like sweet things the most my favourite recipes have centered more on the desert section. One particular recipe I like doing is the toblerone chocolate truffle. They are simply delicious.

            Would I recommend the book? Well the answer would be yes, although the price tag might put a few people off. There are lots of worthwhile recipes to follow. Lots of ideas for dinner, and more importantly easy to follow recipes.

            I'll give it 5* for quality and 3* for price. See if you can pick up a second hand copy, if you don't want to pay the full price for one!!

            Copyright Stebiz 2010 - also on ciao.co.uk


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              29.06.2009 14:15
              Very helpful



              Not just for bagels and cheesecakes

              Ok I guess by now most people have seen the advert for Kraft Philadelphia Cheese, the one with the two angels, one of them has made a pasta dish from Philly that looks like the others hair.
              If you wish to know how it's made than this is the book that will tell you.

              In all honesty I thought that using Philadelphia with pasta was fine but didn't even imagine it would be so versatile I'd be able to use it any other dishes so I was really surprised when I spotted this book.

              History Of Philly
              The first cream cheese was made in 1872 by a Dairy Farmer, William Lawrence, actually in New York not Philadelphia. 8 years later the name Philadelphia was adopted by the distributers as Philadelphia was judged to be the home of quality food at the time. In 1903 the Phenix Cheese company ought the cream cheese business and later still in 1928 the company merged with Kraft. Philadelphia came to the U.K in 1960 and now is availaible in 80 different countries.

              Chive and Onion
              Smoked Salmon
              Garlic and Herb
              Cracked Black Pepper
              Strawberry (I have yet to lay eyes on this)
              Sweet Chilli
              Philly can also be purchased in Regular (full fat), Light and Extra Light varieties.

              The Blurb
              Discover the secret of cooking with Philly when you try these heavenly recipes and ideas!
              The Philadelphia cook book has over 100 delicious and inspiring recipes for everyday cooking or special occasions: from party bite, bagel classics, soups and light lunches, to salads and main meals, along with sweet treats and divine cheesecakes.
              Simple easy to follow, step by step instructions for Philly novices and cooking experts alike.

              Beautiful colour photography throughout.
              Versitile recipes and ideas for every occasion.

              The Cover
              The front cover of this book looks basically like a pack of original Philly, tha silvery grey background colour with the Philadelphia logo front centre, although so simple it is very eye catching. On the back is a pic of one of the wonderful creations (the layered Greek Salad) that can be found inside (although it wouldn't look like that if I made it).

              Soups & Light Lunches
              Breads and Bagels
              Party Bites
              Heavenly Dinners:
              Sweet Treats
              Divine Cheesecakes:
              10 second Cheesecake ideas

              My Experience
              As some of you may know I work in my local ASDA store, about 4 to 6 weeks ago Philadelphia was on special offer (2 for £1.50 if I remember correctly) loads of the stuff was flying off the shelves through my checkout on the first day of the promotion and I spotted a a flavour that was new in our store. Basil flavour Philly (yum). I decided that after my shift ended I really needed to try the Basil Philly as I'm such a big pesto fan I felt sure I would love it.
              After clocking off I head straight for the Philadelphia but what caught my eye fist was this book placed on a stand next to the Philly. I picked it up straight away and had a flick through, it looked really good especially as the only thing I used Philly for are bagels and pasta. what was even better was the price of the book £3.00.
              So armed with my Philly and my new cookbook off I trotted home very happy with my latest bargain.
              Like I said this experience was only around 6 weeks ago so I haven't yet tried all the recipes in the book, I'm not a great fish lover either so I will probably never get round to making and y of the fish dishes but what I have made from this book so far has been delicious.
              The actual recipes are really easy to follow. Underneath the title of the dish the book tells you how many the dis will serve, preparation time and cooking time.
              The list of ingredients are listed to left of the page while the step by step guide is so very clear and concise you can't really go wrong. There are alos handy little tips under each recipe and at the bottom of the page really helpful info like engery per serving, carbohydrate per serving, fat per serving and salt content.
              All the pages are glossy and wipe clean very easily, which is handy for me cos I'm a bit like the chef from the Muppet show.
              There aren't photographs on every page, the dishes that have been photographed have obviously been styled but look very mouth watering and they do make you want to try out the recipes.
              One thing that I did find though some of the recipes I have tried so far, the book has stated that you need to used the regular full fat Philadelphia but I always opt for the light or extra light version and it hasn't seemed to make any difference to the meals I have made. Also even though Philadelphia is probably the best quality cream cheese I do only tend to buy it if it's on offer the rest of the time I will buy the shop's own brand and use that instead.

              My Favourite Recipes (So Far)

              Baked Sweet Potatoes
              Sweetcorn And Spring Onion Fritters
              Beef And Horseradish Salad
              Spaghetti Carbonara
              Bacon & Tomato Lasagne
              Herby Philly Chicken And Parma Ham
              Creamy Mushroom Risotto
              Pork And Mushroom Stroganoff

              I love this cook book, it's so simple to follow, the dishes are tasty and best of all it was a huge bargain.I would highly recommend.
              Not so great if you don't like Philadelphia though, I suppose.

              Published By: Ebury Press
              ISBN 978-0-09-192282-5

              RRP: £14.99
              ASDA (While stock lasts) £3.00
              Amazon £9.47

              Also on ciao under same user name


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