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Brand: Beko / Type: Gas / No. of Hobs: 4

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    1 Review
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      22.03.2011 14:10
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      A brilliant budget cooker

      Before moving to our current home we had been using a very posh but electric hob and oven that was fitted into our kitchen. As smart and expensive as it was, I hated it, I mean I really loathed it. It just took far to long to heat up, it was almost impossible to be accurate as to what temperature it produced and then it took too long to cool down again. So as I love to cook and bake, I was absolutely thrilled to find that our new flat had a connection for a gas cooker. Unfortunately our actual budget was quite low, meaning that I couldn't buy the cooker of my dreams, but what we did buy was the Beko DG584 and as I've been using it for the last ten months it's about time I reviewed it.

      ==The Styling==

      The DG584 (henceforth known as the cooker) is a very plain looking white gas cooker. The main body is stark white, while the oven and grill doors are smoked glass surrounded by black trim. The hob top is once more white, while the burners and pan supports are again black. One aspect that really drew us to this particular model is the glass lid that covers the hob area. This is a standard single cooker and so require a large space for installation. In fact at 56cm in width, 70cm in depth and 98.5cm in height it's quite petite and fits easily through a standard door.

      All in all while fairly basic the cooker does still look quite smart and is very shiny when new. While I would have been perfectly capable of installing this myself (I have installed many gas cookers in my time), legislation now requires that all gas cookers must be installed by a Gas Safe certified engineer (used to be CORGI), so don't forget to figure that fee into the cost of the cooker. Personally I really begrudge the £40 that we paid for the few seconds it took for the engineer to plug the cooker into both the gas and electric supply, but the law is there for a reason.

      ==Cooking With Gas Again==

      Although this is a budget model, from a budget brand the cooker does have a fair few rather nice functions, so I'll split this part up into the different parts of the cooker, starting with.

      Safety - Apart from being gas powered the aspect of this cooker that really persuaded us to buy it was the thought put into making it as safe as it possibly could be. There are a couple of different aspects that make this far safer than any cooker that I have owned before. Firstly the toughened, heat resistant lid is fantastic, not only can it be lowered to cover the hot rings, but doing so will also cut off the gas supply to the rings meaning that, as long as the lid is down, it's impossible to leave a ring burning by accident. As a further plus, this glass lid provides a fantastic smooth surface for kneading bread and rolling pastry.

      The other main safety aspect can be a little annoying at times, but under consideration is fantastic. When switching any of the various parts of the cooker on there is a safety override, where rather than just turning the knobs and then the ignition, you need to press the knob in, ignite the gas and hold the knob in for fifteen seconds. While I do find it annoying that I have to hold the knob in for so long, and if I forget and let go the gas supply is cut out, I think it's brilliant that should a child manage to get to the cooker and attempt to turn it on it's most likely that their attempts will be thwarted.

      The Hob - As is normal with cookers there are a total of four burners on the hob. These burners come in three different sizes, one large, one small and two medium, there are also two pan supports. All of these pieces are easy to remove for cleaning and in fact easy to clean with hot soapy water, as is the actual surface of the hob. As I've already said there is a very specific process to safely turn on and ignite the gas. What I haven't said is that the ignition is powered from a standard plug socket, so as well as a gas connections you do need to make sure that the cooker is placed near an electrical socket (not cooker). Each of the burners can be set to one of nine different intensities, although how large a flame you get will depend on which burner you are using. The largest burner does get extremely hot, bringing a large saucepan of water to the boil in about 5 minutes, but can still be lowered to a slow simmer. The smallest burner doesn't get nearly as hot, but does have an extremely slow simmer, suitable for very gentle re-heating. Between the three different size burners with their various levels of intensity, I have complete control over what temperature I'm heating or cooking my food. And being powered by gas, as soon as I turn the burner off the pan starts to cool.

      The Grill - First things first, the grill in integral rather than eye-level and even though I am quite short I do still need to bend to see in it. Even so I still prefer this as I can never quite reach to see in an eye level grill. This isn't the largest grill in the world, but perfectly adequate for my needs. As is common with most cookers a easy to clean grill tray and wire rack is included. The handle is separate to the tray and attaches via a sort of claw affair, I must say that I do struggle to attach the handle sometimes and it slips occasionally if I'm in a hurry. As with the hob, turning the grill on does require bypassing the safety feature, but once lit the temperature is adjustable from barely warm to blistering hot. One thing I'm not keen on is that the grill door cannot be closed while it is in use, but that's a very small problem.

      The Oven - The oven is a standard single size with two adjustable wire trays and a supplied oven tray. The supplied tray is identical to the grill tray, easy to clean and will comfortably hold enough potatoes for a family of four. There are a total of four different shelf positions, which covers most areas in the oven, although I would prefer a more central position. As is standard the temperature can be adjusted from slow (below gas mark one) and gas mark nine, although in my experience the thermostat is slightly inaccurate and I tend to need to turn it up to just above the required temperature. There is a handy light for checking on cooking progress through the glass door that is easy to operate via a button on the control panel, although I do occasionally accidentally press this by accident instead of the ignition.

      I've baked, roasted and casseroled all manner of different foods in the oven and after spending a relatively short period of time getting used to the oven I've found that in the main it does a good job. The door seal is good and tight meaning that there are no cool or hotspots, so I am able to utilise the whole of the oven space. I've successfully baked many different types of bread, pastry and cakes and find the light fantastic for checking on them without risking that they flop. Although the oven space doesn't appear to be that large, appearances can be deceptive, I roasted a twelve pound turkey last Christmas and there was plenty of space.


      Almost as important a factor as the cooker's ability to cook food is how easy it is to keep clean. I will say that on a scale of one to ten, I'd put this at about five, simply because there is always going to be a bit of elbow grease required until the day that someone invents a cooker that cleans itself. The hob is easy to take apart and clean, I really don't use anything more than hot, soapy water and a bit of elbow grease and it comes up sparkling in no time. The interiors of the grill and oven take a little more effort, but the enamel surfaces are still easy enough to clean with plastic scourers. As I've already stated the grill and over trays are easy to clean, and the wire rack and oven shelves benefit from a regular scrub. The glass in the oven door is removable for easier cleaning, but to be honest I've not quite got the courage to try this. Instead I use sponge scourers and soapy water and so far so good. The glass lid is easy to wipe clean but dirt does seem to collect along one edge that is encased in plastic, I also find dirt collects around under the knobs, which are not removable. Basically, this cooker is easy to clean as long as you keep on top of it, I wipe it down after every use and clean the oven and grill weekly and have never needed to resort to strong chemicals. I would imagine that if it were left for long periods between cleaning then it would take a lot longer.


      Now only having owned the cooker for ten months, I can't really comment on long term durability other than that I'm so far impressed. The cooker is used daily to prepare family meals as well as extended periods where it is used to bake and make jams. So far it actually looks as good as new, especially after it's weekly clean. None of the numbering has worn from the control knobs, the glass has shown no sign of cracking and the seals show no sign of deterioration. So as far as I'm concerned this cooker certainly feels as if it going to last for the foreseeable future.

      ==Price And Availability==

      We bought this cooker about ten months ago from a local retailer for about £160 and then paid another £40 for installation. A quick look on the web tells me that it's now available for around £250 (don't forget to add the installation fee of £40-£50), which tells me we got a real bargain.

      ==Final Words==

      I love this cooker, it was just such a huge step up from the £1000+ built in electric cooker we had had in our old home. For a very reasonable price we got a cooker that is perfect for a family that eats a lot of home-cooked and home-baked foods. I love the way that I can be precise with what temperature the oven, grill and hob is set at and how easy it is to clean. I also love the safety features, as although the kitchen is firmly out of bounds, should a little someone manage to bypass the gate, he won't be able to turn the cooker on. I also love the glass lid, anyone how cooks pastry will know how helpful a cold work surface can be, and glass is inherently cold and so the lid is perfect for rolling pastry. I'm trying to think if there's anything I really don't like about the cooker, and there isn't much. I would perhaps have liked a choice of colour, and sometimes press the oven light on instead of the ignition but that's about it. And so I'm giving the Beko DG584 a hearty five stars out of five and recommending it to anyone on a budget that is looking for a new gas cooker, as long as you don't mind white.


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    • Product Details

      This attractive Beko DV555AS Electric Cooker delivers a variable grill to cater for all your eating requirements as well as a 4-ring hob to accommodate your pots and pans, in addition to the large main oven, which uses a fan to acheive quicker cooking, at a lower temperature / The A-rated main oven energy efficiency of the Beko DV555AS Electric Cooker means that it will be better for the environment, as well as keeping your running costs down / The 23-litre top oven that accommodates the grill includes a pan and removable handle / As well as this the Beko DV555AS Electric Cooker includes double-glazed viewing windows in each oven, an interior light in the main oven, and easy-clean enamel interiors for minimal cleaning effort in the kitchen! Sleek and stylish the Beko DV555AS 50CM Electric Cooker can easily deliver your family's meals, along with great value for money / Overview Type Freestanding Fuel Electric Hob Electric Number of elements 4 Oven Electric Number of cavities 2 Controls Timer Yes Digital/LED display Yes Hob Safety features Hot-hob indicator Ovens Heat 1 x fan oven 1 x conventional oven Capacity 53 main, 23 top Energy rating Main Oven A/ Top Oven B Energy consumption 0.79 kWh Viewing window Yes Interior light Yes Ease of cleaning Easy Clean Enamel Grill Separate No Features Variable Other information Minimum distance required 600 Dimensions 900 x 500 x 600 mm / Short name: Beko DV555AS

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