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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Belling / Range Type: Free-Standing / Element Type: Halogen / Additional Elements: Grilling

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    2 Reviews
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      23.01.2012 13:22



      works okay for a while

      Had this oven for a few years now, about a year ago, the timer beeper, stopped working, well i say not working, it worked if you put your ear on the display it was that quiet.

      The main oven, lower oven, has always been dodgy in terms of evenness of cooking, it seems to cook much hotter on the right hand side, so it means i am constantly moving things around to stop it being half burnt/half raw, like pizzas and things.

      A couple of months ago, the front left hob is now faulty, it just heats up to a ridiculous heat whatever setting you have it on, e.g. if you put it on 1/2 to simmer it just stays on full heat for ever and doesn't regulate it self, so you end up with burnt food, this can also be quite dangerous.

      A couple of weeks ago the back left hob now does the same thing, doesn't regulate itself, so now only have 2 working hobs and a dodgy main oven.

      I can only imagine this will happen two the other 2 at some point in the near future.

      It's also hard to see what temperature you're setting the oven, so you have to bend down to see, or have a stab in the dark, not suitable for people who have difficulties moving. There is also about 25 degrees slack in the oven temperature, as in when you turn it you get about 12 degrees each way before you can physically feel the inner working moving. So not very accurate if you plan on doing some hardcore baking.

      The oven door handle falls off constantly as it manages too loosen itself all the time.

      We have got through 8 hob control knobs on the front, very poor quality, and there £10 a throw every time. so that's £80 for some plastic, worth bearing in mind.

      Update>> Forgot to mention that the main oven light broke a few months ago, pitch black inside now....

      Avoid this oven, at all costs


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      07.11.2011 21:14



      good reliable cooker

      I purchased this cooker several years ago for around £250 and overall it has performed very well. During the last few years I have had a few problems including, the handle of the oven falling off and the oven itself breaking. However both were easily repaired and at a far lower cost than buying a new cooker.
      The cooker is free standing and stainless steel, it is electric with a ceramic hob, there are 4 burners on the hob.
      It measures 60x90x60cm
      It has 2 ovens and the smaller top open also functions as a grill. There are 2 adjustable shelves in the larger oven.
      The inner door is glass and is removable for cleaning.
      The timer is electric and is easy to programme
      The controls are easy to use, with a range of oven functions. It is a fan oven and is easy to heat.
      The cooker performs very well, it cooks evenly and it is easy to control the temperature.
      The hob is quick to heat and there is a warning light to let you know that it is still warm after use.
      The grill is efficient, however the elements did burn out and had to be replaced.
      There is very little noise and the stainless steel facade makes it fit in well to any modern kitchen.


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